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Time with [She Who Must Be Off Limits, unlike Mrs. Hoge, Mrs. Stranahan, Mrs. Grady, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. McCain, the Daughters Johnson and the Daughter Gryffon…oh, for fuck’s sake – GAIL! Her name is Gail! Gail, Gail, Gail! Sue me!] is the most important thing to me, now more than ever.

– W.M. Schmalfeldt

This quote will remain at the top of this blog until one of the following (in approximate order of likelihood):

    1. He dies
    2. He starts to behave as if he believes what he has said
    3. He leaves the internet for two whole weeks

I’ll be over here not turning blue.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. Bill's latest blog post was about the most transparent cry of "pity me" he has ever uttered. He cannot possibly, in light of the past things he has said, have written that with a straight face. It is clear that poor Gail is just another prop in his ongoing dumb show, ready to be trotted out whenever he needs to haz a sad.

    Bill, you are on notice that people who are not your friends have the ability to refer to and quote complete with backup screencaps virtually everything you have posted on the Internet for most of the past decade. Blogs, facebook, Twitter, various forums: we have it all, and it ain't pretty. If you are not very, very careful, my guess is that this overwhelming record of verbal diarrhoea, vomit and spew will in fact be the only evidence of your pitiful insignificant life after you shuffle waddle off this mortal coil. I, for one, am through trying to be nice. Your exploitation of your wife's sad state just makes me sick.

  2. It would be great if all family members were off limits. SCHMALFELDT took the pictures of a child and made abuse allegations on line based upon what he said were bruises. The odd thing is -- that's not even the worst thing he's done so far. SCHMALFELDT is a serial jerk, committing acts of stupidity and classlessness all the time.

    Sadly for him, those episodes are documented and catalogued.

    1. William has ensured that family is in play and always has been.

      My only regret is that I'm not better at photoshop. I could draw arrows to Gail's scars and wonder if they're really from surgery,or from something more nefarious. Much like William has done with innumerable family members over the years.

  3. I'm sure Bill would just love to know what some retired Navy guys thought of his "journalist" and "would-be-blackmailer" skills (not to mention how they felt about having to call him a fellow sailor) at Subvets last night.....

    1. I've known some military types too and can easily imagine the reasons they could think up for his feeling the need to protect the privacy of a guinea pig. Shall I just say, you wouldn't repeat anything they said, especially about size, in front of children?

      1. I believe it is either a 5 year or 8 year statue of limitation.

        18 U.S. Code § 2156 - Production of defective national-defense material, national-defense premises, or national-defense utilities

        (a) Whoever, with intent to injure, interfere with, or obstruct the national defense of the United States, willfully makes, constructs, or attempts to make or construct in a defective manner, any national-defense material, national-defense premises or national-defense utilities, or any tool, implement, machine, utensil, or receptacle used or employed in making, producing, manufacturing, or repairing any such national-defense material, national-defense premises or national-defense utilities, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

      2. Sadly, yes there is. Remember, I say this knowing that I am in disrepute with most military types for my unconscionable actions as a military imposter in Iraq.

  4. hahaha – What did you say her name was? haha

    Yes, we should all agree to never, ever, ever, never, mention GAIL SCHMALFELDT. It’s only right and proper to not mention GAIL SCHMALFELDT because the cyberstalking freakshow has always refrained from mentioning the family members of those he hates and stalks.

    Well, except for publishing photos of his victims’ children, along with derogatory comments about the offspring and/or their parents. And publishing photos of his victims’ wives, but those were just straight up available on the internet, well, except for those times he photoshopped family members into p0rnographic imagery. But that’s all. It’s not like he filed reports with protective services in an attempt to cause trouble for the parents, possibly even causing the children to be removed from their homes while the parents were investigated. Well, except for those times he did exactly that.

    So, in summary: GAIL. GAIL, GAIL, GAIL, GAIL, and GAIL. Oh, and KARMA.

  5. Sorry. I've been done playing nice with this asshole for years.

    Fuck him.

    And fuck Gail.

    Right where they both eat cake.

    She is as complicit as her psycho fucking tin can mate.

    1. Billy thinks she's hot 'cuz she's got


    1. Well, to be fair, he did say he wouldn't be turning blue.

      Green, however, remains an open question.

  6. According to Bill Schmalfeldt using a piece of a picture of him in a clearly transformative work (everyonedrawbillschmalfeldt) is the exact same thing as using a picture of a child to accuse someone of a crime.

    I'm so glad he thinks family are off limits.

    Wish me luck when I see the lawyers today!

    1. Rest assured LG you have all of us wishing you luck and praying for you. Thanks for being strong against the bully.

      1. I see he is on the attack again this morning. Great, more stuff to add to the pile for LE. ◔_◔

        Let's see. Did I complain when he used my photo on his blog without permission? No. I only took action when he used it in a book being published for profit.

        Did I complain when he gave me a crappy Day of the Dead makeup job? No. I laughed and found a nicer one to use for my avatar.

        I'm only complaining about this one because it's my child, and he's invading her privacy (because those bars don't obscure her identity at all) and accusing me of child abuse. But to be completely honest Mr. Nibble's doesn't care. If someone in Maryland wants to crop the photo to show only the piggie, I'm fine with that.

        Oh, and there are more pictures of the "rodents" or "rats" because I wasn't as concerned about them as ones of my kids. (I guess folks can prove that I have uploaded every single photo I've ever taken to that particular site and that there is no way that I could have more photos on my hard drive or other, onsite, storage media.) You don't normally have to worry about stalkers going after your piggies. And those actions prove that. He had to have gone through every single photo I had online looking for something he could use for an attack, however false. I wonder if that's why he's so offended that I made the account private? How dare someone do that and prevent him from finding stuff to use against them! It's totally different when he takes his account/website private!

        Due to an underlying medical condition my kid has extensive medical records. It will be extremely easy to prove to the authorities that my accuser is LYING (and all his posts about me over the last year can prove that lying is intentional). Assuming he has the balls to call them.

  7. LG -- I am keeping you in my prayers. As a mother, this situation makes me livid. If ever anything/anyone should be off limits, it's children. No matter their age. I hope you are successful in your efforts at seeking justice, no matter how long it takes.

    1. I have to admit the bastard is lucky he isn't within an hour or so's drive of here. Livid is a mild description of my reaction last Tuesday.

      But then if he lived that close to me, he probably wouldn't have had the balls to do it, would he?

  8. Today, surprisingly enough, the most important thing seems to be HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!

    The second most important thing appears to be librarygryffon.

    If I had to guess, I'd say the third most important thing is his excellent friend, the tiny diddling terrorist.

    Gail must be somewhere on the list. Right? Has she no place in the schmycle?

  9. OK. Just got back from the court house where I had what can best be described as a very informative and helpful talk with someone in the SA's office as well as the Clerk's office. I have to go back tomorrow or Wednesday when I have a few hours free to see about the next step.

  10. Oh, got an email this morning headed:

    A note with a legal purpose, therefore not subject to any "cease and desist" demand.

    Funny, calling me stupid and accusing me of committing or covering up various crimes is just fine, but I state opinion covered by the 1st amendment, and I'm the one who has to shut up or be taken to court? I think it is time to contact Ken White.

    1. Ah, so Blob is threatening another LOLsuit? His level of love and concern for his wife couldn't be any more evident.

      1. Has he mentioned her at all today? He didn't have the time to deal with the courts last year because of health issues, but now with both of them with the same or maybe worse problems, he is too busy attacking Hooooge!! and Kreennnddllerrr!!

  11. Hey, Large One Who Made The Big BM,

    I just read the comments you left in my spam queue...

    Maybe I am alone in thinking this, but it sure doesn't seem like you LOVE YOUR WIFE MORE THAN YOU HATE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! All the people you've been attacking today while your long-suffering wife waits for you to get off the computer and just sit next to her on the couch for a while and hold her hand probably agree with me.

    But don't let me tell you what to do. You go be your own "man," in whatever warped manner you define that word. You just do your thing while Mrs S continues to waste away from loneliness.

    1. Hey, it's not like he's completely obsessive!


      Sure, he filed and served that with a peace order in place against him, but as long as he didn't really intend to follow through with his LOLsuit...again...all that means is that he violated the PO again!

  12. The mayo'ed one only like to talk about himself and the Lickpspittle Army because he doesn't have one following him...it hard to be liked when you're a turd!

  13. You know, I don't think this post was a good idea.

    Do you really want this as your header until The Big BM takes a dirt nap?


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