Predictions For #109

So, I think it’s time we started an open thread for tossing about prospective Twitter handles for…

The Inevitable Return.


Your thoughts? Comments are open!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. @placeholder

  2. @iwantitallbutnowthatihaveitwhatdoido


      1. @dyingwifebroadcasting

    1. @pwnedrepeatedlyradio
      ...I could go on all night, but I think I'll go make sweet, sweet love to the Rule 5 wife.

  4. @theunsellables

    1. Since the "demand" was totally "ignored" (except for the pointing and laughing), it appears the "alternative" was that he would yet again tearfully quit twitter forevah, and he'd memory-hole his latest FAILED blog.

      Hey, it makes sense if you apply schmalogic - by memory-holing the blog, he won't be able to use it as evidence that he doxxed himself, when he finally gets around to suing himself. You know that's where this is eventually going, right?

  5. @focus
    @MisterDownTwinkles (sung to the Mr. Bojangles tune)

  6. @whatwhatthebutt

    So many options!


  7. @AnalRapeRadio

  8. @HelpStopPDNow

    Because he's due for a "I'm giving up internet 'flame wars' in favor of advancing PD research" in his Sybil-cycle of personalities. Of course, that would last less than one week. So after his PD research phase, I suggest @BoomGoesTheBIGBM

  9. My bet:

    31 March: Gone all day.

    01 April, back with @AprilSchmalFools and @SchmalFoolsRadio. Does one podcast, forgets to plug mike in, nobody notices. Ends with a burst from "You're killing me" Bill.

    02 April gone again.

    03-05 April: back for the weekend with @PDWarrior, ostensibly with a new mission to fund PD, but oddly enough half his posts are attacking John and PK, the other half are either promoting his new F5 novel, "Hoge is a big meanie" and condemning the comments being left on Amazon. Total sales: 2 books.

    06 April: Hoge files DMCA. Bill goes dark. Amazon pulls the "book."

    10 -14 April: Having licked his wounds (well, he had heard mayo had antibacterial properties, so he used it like neosporin, then got to reminiscing about the Bobber...) he is back with @FootLongsAndJustice. "All shall feel my wrath" Bill does podcast after podcast, typing away madly on Twitter, and neglecting his wife. The lack of attention makes her happier than she has been in years. He doesn't notice.

    15 April: Dark.

    16 April: A poor, feeble, stuttering shaking man in a rolly walker wheezes and whines his tale of woe to the Judge. Hoge pulls up a podcast from two days ago and shows that Bill's condition has deteriorated significantly in the last 48 hours. The judge sentences Bill to a stint in lockup, he must report to the sherrif's office by 5 PM on the 17th to start his sentence.

    Defeated, broken, and somehow outsmarted by the tricksy Hoge, Bill contemplates his life, and asks "How could this possibly get worse?"

    17 April, 2015: Freak spring tornadoes rip through a trailer park in Elkridge, MD.

    OK, it's a long shot, but near as I can guess the odds are exactly a million to one.

      1. My guess is that we'll be hearing about that at the end of the week. It'll be hilarious.

        It will basically be the same as the last federal lulzsuit, complete with the inclusion of John Hoge, if only because William just can't quit him.

        The resulting anarchy will be hysterical!

  10. "This whole thing, as displayed by the hundred of pages and thousands of comments on the one “sooper seekrit” blog (there are four others) shows a distressing level of obsession and outright craziness."

    He'd know!

    Actually, Bill, most of that content is generated automatically. We know how, you don't.



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