Poor TJO

F5 Jackhammer

Poor TJO.

Poor, poor, TJO.

Poor, mayo-gobbing TJO.

Poor anal-rape obsessed TJO.

He’s all butthurt over a picture with his face photoshopped on a guy who he thinks is having anal sex. I wish the guy who made that had photoshopped a real forehead over the thing that actually sits up there in the picture.

Poor, TJO, who calls people “tard.”

Poor TJO, who posts a nearly naked picture of himself in S&M gear from work computers on work time. Naughty, naughty! I wonder which of his boyfriends took that picture? I hope I don’t ever have cause to re-post it under the Fair Use Doctrine of U.S. Copyright Law. I mean, yikes!

Poor TJO, who probably had a very great deal to do with getting @brainsrfood gulaged. Didn’t slow me down one bit.

Now he can’t find me. Boo hoo. Unintended consequences and all that.

Until a couple of days ago, I thought he had only been a complete online loser for a couple of years. Now I find that the EPIC LUSERHUD goes back almost a decade, and maybe even more?

What a STERLING REPUTATION you had…8 years before I ever heard of you.

Come and get me, LUSER. Ryan, theaprilfool, jtdude0 and all your pals that I found are waiting.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

33 thoughts on “Poor TJO”

  1. O Prince of Parody (may FUN always be upon you), I bet you just put a hole in his flotation device. hahaha

  2. Oh, look! He found me! JENIUS TJO musta phoned a phrend! Excellent?

    He deleted the old Tweet, because he thinks that will solve his "Wow, that makes me look like an idiot!" problem.

    Pro tip: Stupid tweets, and the deletion thereof, are not the cause of the problem. They're an enhancement. The source of the problem is in the mirror. Always has been.

  3. Mark in MD is the flimsiest of threadbare socks. What exactly do you get out of that exercise, Blob?

    1. @kimberlinunmask.com is currently down as are all the other sites hosted on the same server. The techies at our ISP in Holland are working on it.

      We note that Mr. Bill and Ankle Biter Willie are doing a happy dance on Twitter.

      1. Although I could quibble on some points, I think the major theme of your essay was persuasive and compelling.

      1. You're all mini bastards. I've seen mention of of the sooper sekrit site plenty of times. I thought it was a joke. I still don't know what TJO is.

        1. Shhhh... the freakshow believes it's real. TJO is the acronym of a nickname he has used in the past - The Jovial One.

        2. Do you have a Twitter account? Follow me @brainsrgulag. Then "[you] must prove that [you] wish to aid in the personal destruction of SCHMALFELDT before [you] are allowed entry."

          Or some such horseshit that Cabin Boy has concocted in his fevered, palsied brain.

        3. And it does no harm to tell you that TJO is shorthand for "The Jovial One," the most prolific (ZOMG!) of several handles he used at the XMRadio fan forums before he got banned for being the insane jackass he has always been...LOOOOOOOONG predating his first encounter with HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! and Team Free Speech.

  4. I'm just here for the lulzs. It's the longest running episode of the honeymooners I've ever seen on teh webz.

    But twitter, for realz? Isn't that facebook for kiddies? I think it's funnerer to laugh here, Keep those komedy kreations koming krendler!

    1. I am certain that the Prince of Parody (may the FUN be upon him!) will keep the komedy kreations koming. It's just way too much fun for all involved. lolz

      1. It's unbelievable! Keeping up with the story is tough enough. It never ends. Blobba the Hut keeps chasing Paul Solo, Qui Gon Hoge and Howard Earl around the galaxy of lulz. The weirdest blog I've ever seen. I keep thinking it all has to be an elaborate hoax.

        1. That's what I thought in the beginning as well. It is the craziest thing ever. But nope! It's real! There really are whack-a-loons like Blobba. SMH

      2. Yea, for the longest time I thought it had to be some elaborate Internet reality show, but unfortunately I have seen/heard too much(wish I could unsee/unhear) to know that it is disgustingly and unfortunately real. I'm not sure I can handle following this much longer. I am so sorry for everyone having to suffer through this evil.

    2. Tell me about. I've been following this story since way back in 2010 when Mandy Nagy warned me about the big slob and his creepy cohorts.

  5. Wow. Had no idea this goes back to 2010. That's a long illustrious history of flail. I can't read all that history to catch up. There's this place and the Hoge place and now I've been told it's on teh twitterz. Is it on 4chan yet?


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