34 thoughts on “Oh, I Do Hope I'm Not Being Unclear”

  1. Heh. Truth gives the sinner bruised feewings and epic butt-hurt. Now, he should go to confession and be honest with the priest.
    If the priest survives his confession, the priest will have some (who are we kidding) a lot of conditions that have to be met before he can receive absolution.
    Check back with me then. That should only take him a year or two.

  2. Anything you can sing, I can sing softer! I can sing anything softer than you.....

    And yet still project all the way across the room.

    Ahhhh, memories of high school! 🙂

  3. "My Twitter account is wide open. There are some people I don't want stinking the joint up. That's my choice."

    @BloodontheMike 4:34 AM - 24 Mar 2015

    There you go. The account is wide open, until it's not - which is immediately. Almost instantaneously. And only until he takes it private. And then opens it back up again because the blob needs more attention. And if that isn't stupid enough, then he'll say or do something even more stupid and have the account suspended.

    Stupid stupids have to stupid. All the time. Every time.

  4. Let us suppose, for a moment, that someone submitted a comment which is now sitting in my spam queue. Let us further suppose that this comment was submitted from behind an anonymous server. Also consider that the content of this comment is of precisely the nature which Bill Schmalfeldt has now threatened to produce.

    If the content of that comment should happen to appear anywhere else, I think I could be - RELUCTANTLY - convinced to respond in kind to the type of photoshop that Team Kimberlin has already produced.

    What a shame it would be to have to do that.

    1. Better to make the monkey dance than to respond in kind in retaliation.

      However, having said that, we have not seen what you have seen. Your call.

    2. If it looks like some of the things I've received with Mrs. Hoge's face poorly photoshopped in to a inappropriate image, I wouldn't publish such a thing even in retaliation. The only time it might see the light of day would be as evidence in a court proceeding.

    3. I propose an Everybody Use Gail as an Avatar Day. Would a need a few days to set it up. I think it would be most appropriate.

    4. If the cyberstalking freak were to use a pic of Howard's junkie skank, or the spouse of anyone who uses his caretaker's photo ( but not a minor child ever), in a way similar to how his caretaker's photo is used, no one could fault him for that.

      But he can't control himself, or hide who/what he really is, of course.

      Even if he could find a photo of Howard's actual spouse, he wouldn't just draw a black circle. He would go over the top repulsive, because that's who and what he is, and anything he touches he makes repugnant.

      It's very interesting to me how he totally freaks out over an obvious black circle. You know, in a guilty conscience kind of way.

  5. Hey, everybody! Look what happens when I try to comment at Thinking Man's Zombie!

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mLAcg8HfJA&w=560&h=315]

    1. How did the blob kill it's victims? Did it just roll over them? I can't remember.

  6. Am I the only one that's noticed that the Feldtdowns are much more condensed that in previous months and years?

    I rather miss the good old days when they last three to eight hours!

    1. Maybe John can relate it to a dying Neutron star for us; something about expending more and more energy with fewer results, spinning faster and faster and getting nowhere?

  7. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/580566141036290048

    New furniture, multiple promised lulzsuits, new blog registrations, radio stations and a boatload of copyright registrations to file.

    And to think that just a few months ago, he was a pauper.

    Someone won the lottery!

      1. The stress of threatening litigation against the known universe must be getting to the old boy.

        But don't worry, he'll rationalize a way that it's everybody else's fault.

    1. It is a damn shame he didn't break his neck when he fell.

      Hey, Jabba the Schmalfeldt, while you were lying there crying and in pain, like the sad, pathetic excuse for a human being that you are, did you get even a glimmer of insight into just how pitiful you really are?

  8. You'd think someone with testicle-feet would be a lot more careful about shooting himself there. You would be wrong. He actually wrote:

    ...You are a pack of morons who will make the price Hoge has to pay for your filth go ever higher.

    1. We're all much smarter than the freak, so if we're morons...
    2. Stupid, er, I mean Nice of him to admit he doesn't attack WJJH for anything WJJH does, but because he can't get at the ones who actually inflict his butthurt.

    1. Yeah, talking about mashing himself in the balls... oh wait, feet.... over and over again. He doesn't seem to realize that neither Hoge nor Krendler are responsible for the comments. Commenters are responsible for comments. I believe this has been determined in several court cases. I don't think it has gone to the Supreme Court, but there is enough out there already saying that to make the Blob's proclamation stupid.

      He just thinks he will get everywhere with his exortionate threats. The problem is that we are no longer afraid. Go ahead. Take me to court. For what? Butthurt in the first degree? Pardon me while I die of laughter.

      1. It doesn't need to go to the Supreme Court, as there's no disagreement in the lower courts. The law is quite clear that commenters and not website owners are responsible for comments.


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