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  1. UH OH!


    And you know William's serious because this is only the 412th time he's made this proclamation!

    Oh, but how that demented moron makes me smile.

    1. *yaaaaawn*

      But, I will say... this part of the Schmycle is always so much FUN to re-visit at a later date.

    2. "No you!" is the best rejoinder he can come up with? I'm beginning to think he was overpaid at... Well, every job he's ever had.

  2. https://twitter.com/OnlineRadioSRN/status/575029779017003008


    Hello, Mr. Schmalfeldt. Why don't you have a seat over there?

    1. https://twitter.com/OnlineRadioSRN/status/575099367100674050


      1. I have never witnessed anything like it... NEVER. My dog has a better grasp of the English language than members of Team Kimberlin do.

        Wee Wee Willy FiFi Fergie has NO idea as to the meaning of "adjudicated" -- therefore, has engaged in an extraordinary degree of libel. And, as we all know courtesy of years worth of his evil and vexatious lawfare -- the sawed-off, Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin has nary a clue as to the true meaning of "defamation" (amongst numerous other words).

        NOW, we learn that the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt believes the definition of the word "courting" to be "porked." His dishonest and revolting screenshot?

        (1) BILL SCHMALFELDT is the one who twisted that blog post in order for it to fit Team Kimberlin's contrived and evil efforts with his "sordid masturbatory fantasy" comment.

        (2) BILL SCHMALFELDT is the one who took an innocent comment correcting someone's age, and turned it into something foul and disgustingly perverse.

        (3) BILL SCHMALFELDT is the one who took a comment about courting (which normal and sane people know as dating -- and, more specifically... dating WITHOUT sexual involvement), and made an incredibly deviant comment regarding a minor.

        (4) BILL SCHMALFELDT purposely and entirely IGNORED the very specific stipulation that was the FIRST thing mentioned in the statement -- (Courting) IF... OF AGE.

        (5) BILL SCHMALFELDT is the sick-and-twisted creature who put out there exactly where HIS demented and perverted mind went when he claimed that the innocent act of "courting" meant getting "PORKED."

        I find that screenshot he created -- with those trumped-up and vile comments he added -- to be horribly, horribly disturbing. I feel in need of a scalding, hot shower after that beyond disturbing glance into Bill Schmalfeldt's demented and depraved mind.

        Good-and-decent people everywhere should be incredibly thankful that a monster like Bill Schmalfeldt is (for the most part) housebound.

        TL/DR: Bill Schmalfeldt is the scum of the earth. Team Kimberlin is a repulsive and lawless mash-up of goons and freaks.

        1. Well said/written, Grace. Exactly.

          There are a few in my family that don't miss an episode of the reality show about the Duggar family. Due to their religious beliefs, when their children reach a certain age, and with their parents permission, they are allowed to engage in courting with one person. The idea is the courting will lead to marriage. It's a pretty big deal, from what I understand.

          When courting the young couples may hold hands. They don't kiss until they're married.

  3. So what's going to happen is that the guy who filed the peace order against Mr. H (can't remember his name) is going to have Hoge on the stand where he will FORCE him to REVEAL THE TRUE NAME of Krendler. Everyones IP's will be revealed and employers will be contacted.

    Is it just me or did someone write something almost exactly like that four or five months ago?

  4. https://twitter.com/OnlineRadioSRN/status/575062226312167425

    I believe this is the fourth time that Hoge is supposed to give Krendler up to William.

    - The abandoned lulzsuit of last May
    - The copyright debacle where William won three million dollars!
    - The "VENUE! PAPERWORK! HORSESHIT!" peace order show cause hearing.
    - The most recently dismissed federal lulzsuit.

    I may have missed at least one. As a matter of fact, I'd bet on it.

    I also believe that there's a saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    1. Sorry, this would be the FIFTH time that William was supposed to get Krendler's identity from Hoge under oath.

      But it never, never gets old.

  5. My brain hurts. No way has there been that many lawsuits actually filed. 4 TIMES!?!? Okay, I believe it but it seems a little crazy. Admittedly I don't even know why Shakes want's Krendler. But it must have been epic. Is there an origin story in the making?

    1. Once upon a time there was a demented fat man in Elkridge. Let's call him "Bill."

      Bill was a violently stupid and arrogant prick his entire life. So much so that every time he logged into a computer, somebody made him look like an asshole. There tens of thousands of such entries on one satellite radio fan forum alone.

      Bill didn't like being made fun of by satellite radio fanboys, so he threatened to sue them, when he wasn't taking about homosexual rape with the younger ones. And they all laughed at Bill. They all laughed. And then Bill was banned for being a dickhead. Bill got banned from a lot of places for that reason, but never made the connection that people really don't like dickheads.

      After being humiliated by at least three groups of people, Bill started suing. The only problem is that he isn't very good at it. Not having any brains or balls will do that to your career as a fledgling amateur litigator.

      But Jesus God is it fun to watch!

        1. No, the dwarf is the Head Dick. They named the team after him and everything.

      1. ...every time he logged into a computer, somebody he made himself look like an asshole.


    2. Start with the very first post on this blog: http://wp.me/p4z3WM-2

      For Bill, everything follows from that.

      For me, everything follows from this: http://wp.me/p4z3WM-a

      1. Is there an emoji for when you get creeped and out and exasperated at the same time?

      2. "366 charges and the only thing that stuck was an unenforceable peace order."

        THAT speaks volumes. He truly believes he is teflon-coated.

  6. Why isn't this a movie or book yet? It's real. And if it was a book it would help to straighten out the timeline of all this. I guess what I want to know is how does Shakes fit in the Kimberlen and Hoge lawfare? I get there's a fued between those guys but I never see anybody post stuff about Shakey that makes him go nuts. It's like out of the blue.

    1. Bill seeks attention, Bill gets attention, Bill then hates the attention he gets. Because he is an asshole. And stupid. And people just point and laugh at him. Bill gets all butthurt, demands to be left alone and memory holes his vile twitter account and blogs. Bill gets tired of being left alone and starts up again.

      Lather, rinse, repeat. He's been doing it for clone to 10 years. He never wins, he never learns.

    2. It's not a movie because Bill is unbelievable as an antagonist. No writer could create such a vile, stupid, disgusting POS and have a producer/director buy it.

  7. The mayo'ed one has definitely thought he could win his LOLsuit with hotdogs and mayo! Can't wait to see him lose it again when it gets thrown out!


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