Memory Earworm Wednesday!

As I was driving to work Monday, I heard a song from my misspent youth.  It conjured a memory picture – the face of someone I once knew who left too soon.  I changed the station, because the memory was not a terrific one.  The idea remained, and for several minutes I thought about how many memories, good and bad, are tied to particular songs.

So this morning, I thought we could share our musical memories.  I’m going to share a bittersweet time in my high school days.

It was the one time in my life I remember being in the awkward position of dating someone I really liked and having a great time, and then meeting someone I wanted to date even more.  Sharon lived a couple towns over; we had met at a performance competition where we were on our schools’ respective teams.  We’d been dating a little over six months when I saw Denise.  She was local, a couple years behind me at my high school.  She went to the same church as my family, and I literally could not take my eyes off her.

Unfortunately she had a boyfriend. But I had a girlfriend.

As it happened, the prom at my school fell on the same day as Sharon’s.  How convenient!

Until Denise broke up with her boyfriend…

I didn’t know why they broke up, and I didn’t care. All I knew was that a tiny window had opened, and I went for it. I don’t remember if it was the same day I found out about it or the day after, but it wasn’t longer than that.  Suddenly I had dates for two proms in two towns on the same night.

I had to break up with Sharon.  Who I really liked, who was really fun and who really liked to dance, whose only drawback was that she wasn’t Denise.

I felt like an utter jerk for about a week.  Because that’s what I was.

Denise and I were steady for 18 months until she tore my heart out, stamped it into little pieces and set what was left on fire.

And she never danced like Sharon and I did, to one of these songs.

I have told many lies about myself in service to anonymity.  This is not one.  But only one of the songs below has significance to me, because Sharon and I burned the floor whenever it came on.

So, if you have a song that

  • Reminds you of your dad or your daughter,
  • Was playing when you proposed to your wife,
  • Was on the car radio when you lost your virginity in the backseat,
  • Was the favorite of your sister who died of cancer,
  • Was your wedding song,
  • Or whatever special moment you get pulled back to…

Please post it and share your memory in the comments.  And if you want to lie, make it a good one!



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Memory Earworm Wednesday!”

  1. 3 videos of Michael Jackson's Beat It? You didn't grow up around Kimberlin did you?

    For sad I give you this. It was playing when my first HS girlfriend broke up with me. How appropriate.

  2. After my second deployment I remember hearing this song for the first time. I would tell my leftwing nutjob extended family that it would be easier for them to just listen to this song then for me to waste my precious time on leave between deployments fisking them.

    Pump up song my squad listened to before patrols on my third deployment:

  3. For Mrs. Hoge and me "our song" is As Time Goes By, but the connection to Casablanca isn't what you're thinking.

    Shortly after we moved to Santa Ana, California, we were awakened one morning by cries of "Help! Help!" I turned out that there was a flock of parrots that occasionally roosted in our neighborhood, and several of them would squawk, "Help!" around dawn every morning.

    When we moved to Maryland, Mrs. Hoge wasn't looking forward to missing her friends on the Left Coast, and she was a bit teary-eyed as we walked out of that house for the last time. As we walked across the front porch, I gave her a hug, looked her in the eye, and reminded her, "We'll always have parrots."

    1. “We’ll always have parrots.”

      I smiled and groaned at the same time.

  4. Was on the car radio when you lost your virginity in the backseat,

    I was not such a late bloomer.

    But, ironically, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" was playing when my back seat was first christened.

  5. A specialy song that reminds me of girls and days gone by? Easy peasy.

    This song. For every significant event in my life. Life, birth, death...this song has always been there for me. Through tears and joy, laughter and sadness. Nothing touches the human soul like this jam.

    1. I have always loved the interplay between the percussion and the string sections in this piece. And the soaring crescendo at the 2:45 mark stirs the soul.

  6. First dance with my better half:

    1. Aww. Beautiful, A Reader.

      I had this first "groovy" dance with my bestest friend and better half:

  7. It's amazing how a song can hold so many memories. In my years at ND, the Michael Stanley Band was huge among the Cleveland losers (heh, they had a quota). All they could talk about was Cleveland's latest attempt to rebrand the Mistake on the Lake as "America's North Shore", and the MSB (a Cleveland band) was part of that campaign. So we quickly tired of hearing them.

    Except for one song:

    Other than the obvious reason (Cindy), I remember the trips back and forth from home driving the interminable Ohio Turnpike, ALL OF IT, listening to the line I'll never forget:

    "Thank God for the man who put the white lines on the highway."


      1. Three days of Net Neutrality and we're already fucked...

        Next time, click the 'Share' button on YouTube and copy the highlighted URL:

  8. My sainted Momma used to sing us to sleep with this one:

    In later days, Daddy would sing this one:


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