Hey, Guess What?

Some deranged cyberstalkers think that if someone writes ABOUT them, but not TO them, then that’s STALKING!


I wonder what WJJ HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! III would think about that?

Watch the monkey dance when it finds out I shared his mighty LOGICFAIL & SELFAWARENESSFAIL.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Hey, Guess What?”

  1. But, but, but!.... according to Bill if anyone has placed a picture on the internet, it is fair game for anyone to use for any purpose. And it's not like he had that hidden among a bunch of craft pictures on a decade old photobucket account. Just saying.

    I note I haven't had a visit from the authorities to investigage whether I'm still beating my child. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

  2. Latest uncleaned blog site link: http://bloodmike.blogspot.com/?m=1

    Speaking of clean, how sanitary is your sanatorium if there's dog shit and bovine excrement and human turds and urine littering the place?

  3. BS has an imitator:

  4. The Rectal Mouthpiece just won't accept that, in fact, his every visit here, every F5 hit, every cut and paste of this site, is in fact him stalking us.

    Bildo: you actually have to make a intentional effort to see things on this site, where it is clear you are not welcome (being banned from commenting is a blatant sign everywhere else on the web). Since YOU have to perform an act, the responsibility lies with you.

    1. If A says B is stalking when B does something, A should realize it means that A is also stalking when Z performs the exact same action.

      Logic is not a strong suit over there.

      1. I guess the migrainee isn't completely gone; that last line should be "when A performs the exact same action. Feel free to clean it up and delete this post.

  5. Give the Admiral a break.

    He is just taking a time out from constructing the tribute site for his "beloved".

    Hopefully there will be more disgusting flabby-arm pix. They've been a photoshop HIT on the interwebz....

    1. Yes, sir -- my fellow Zombie in FUN.

      And, keep those photoshops comin'. My lulz muscles are good and limbered for 'em. 😉


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