Here We Go Again


No, this case will be tried before 4 Twitter followers and a tweetbot approximately 647 times before being dismissed.  

Hey, remember when the Demented Cyberstalking Freak said he wasn’t going to try his case on Twitter?

Me neither.



Oh, yes…well excuse me for not taking comedy tips from a high school dropout who calls other people “microcephalic half wits” and thinks that Boy Scout rape is the very height of humor.

Your dad beat you with a crescent wrench when you were a kid, didn’t he?  It would explain so much…



Dance, monkey, dance.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. Don't be silly - that was before WJJH ignored (or didn't know about), the demented stalker's assurances that he wasn't going to pursue his LOLsuit. So it doesn't count. You know, just like any other thing he writes or says - can't be relied upon for the truth of the matter, and doesn't count. 😉

  2. I don't think it was a wrench his Daddy was touching him with. It would explain SO much about young William. IYKWIMAITYD

  3. Sorry, AV, based on those dents, I'm guessing:

    1. What you have pictured is a pipe wrench--aka monkey wrench--not a crescent wrench.

      1. Uhm, well a pipe wrench, but I like the monkey connotation.

        sotto voce Ugh, if you have to explain the joke, Bailey, it wasn't that good. 🙁

  4. "...when you were a kid"
    I doubt the age of majority put even a slight crimp in that action.

  5. Remember when Jabba The Schmalfeldt said he wasn't going to pursue this suit? Guess his word just doesn't mean much.

    Long before his suit gets "in front" of anyone, it will likely be used as evidence of his continued harassment/violation of no contact order at Bill's criminal trial.


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