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    1. well Bill would know all about that, being such a huge mangina himself.

  1. He's been trying. Oh how he has been trying.

    But the legal hurdles are set a little too high for him to overcome each time. But darn it he is a special potato and just keeps trying.


    1. I'd pay good money to see the amorphous sack of mayo attempt a non-metaphorical hurdle.

  2. Hardcore.
    Golf clap.
    Time for a cigarette.
    Seriously, you guys are intense. One question though. [redacted] Do you have an email?

  3. He doesn't exist. He is a fart in a wind tunnel.(..whom I am so desperate to identify that my friends and cooked up a cockamamie, sure-to-fail scheme to manipulate a man who is smarter than all of us put together and multiplied by 72 into giving up information that he doesn't even have!!! Yeah, that'll work out well. Remember, you dim bulb, the rest of the planet and I can point and laugh at you so much and so well precisely because you a) are not anonymous, b) are monstrously idiotic on the public street corner of the Internet EVERY. SINGLE. DAY., c) the Internet is forever and d) you have left a trail of THERMONUCLEAR self-destruction all across the planet. Did you know there are foreign language blogs out there that tell of your epic self-immolating humiliations?

    Remember, I can peg you right this very second within a circle 30 ft across.

    And you? You're trying to do the pointy/laughy at thin air! It makes a cute little whoosh! as it passes by. You're trying to argue with, and are desperate to identify, a ghost. You're right. I don't exist. I'm just one of your hallucinations.

    You're going to die without ever finding me. On your schedule, suffering butthurt of your own design the whole time.


    Be well.


  4. In a way, he's lucky he's such an abject failure. Otherwise, he'd be in danger of learning his greatest failure was in not heeding the warning, "Be careful what you wish for."

    1. the last 2 years prove that wont last long.

      I call dibs on thursday morning in the pool

      1. Neal, his command will not be pleased with his performance today. Sooner or later, they're going to take that shovel away from him.

  5. ??? I'm not Bill. I'm not the bunny gun or the other guy or fergie or brett or any of those people. I was just asking about how to contact krendler and saying hello to jane. I think she's brave.

      1. Well Jane, I think, but I'm not sure reader#1 doesn't like me. Also I got a down twinkle, part of my post got redacted which is frustrating because I don't remember exactly what I wrote. And, lastly, the post are showing up in weird places.

        But this is awesome! I've never seen one of these epsiodes in real time! Sort of!

        1. Oh, you haven't seen anything yet. There's going to be a major feldtdown soon. Those are huge FUN. And we're coming ever closer to my favorite part of the schmycle. We may even get a tearful "Goodbye twitter forever and i mean it this time unlike the hundreds of others when I was just joking cos I'm a comedian and that's why people laugh at me even though I don't understand why."

      2. McBastard -

        Reader #1 used to be a Reader. Somebody (no idea who, but someone on Team Evil) started posting things under his handle on other blogs. Lib-friendly blogs where any honest questions from outside would be ignored as right wing "wingnuts" because they are so open minded... IIRC, that was the source of the Pedo-Bear image that TK complained about in court but I could be wrong about that. I know they complained vehemently about the images, which were posted (IIRC) after A Reader had changed to A Reader #1 while pointing out the fraud happening elsewhere.

        Assuming you are an honest newcomer, and not a sock (if you stick around you'll see plenty of reasons to raise the question...just make it until the weekend) you will see that Reader #1 has LOTS of reasons to have these questions.

        It's a friendly, albiet vicious and slightly paranoid crowd. And the paranoid has reasons, and the vicious is no more than my siblings exchanged as we grew up. But the stakes are a bit higher than on other blogs, and any paranoia you see towards newcomers is not unjustified.

  6. While we wait.... I thought this was interesting.


    1. This was also interesting.... I'm sure plenty of these employees have various bits of acrylic and polished wood cluttering up there walls for their "service."


  7. Okay I'm all caught up. Sort of. All I have to do now is figure out which tweeter feed is currently working. But that one will get dumped and somehow I have to figure out the new handle or come here to see what new name, like 80 so far, this guy is using.

    GamerGate is easier to follow.

      1. I'm not neal either. And I'm pretty sure neal n. bob isn't either. I found this place because someone who knows first hand about schmalfelt showed me this site. That's it. No conspiracy or mystery. It's a fun site. Mostly. I'm asking questions because you guys are VERY self referential and its hard to follow who did what to who. sheesh.

        1. Having seen what happened to LG today, you will surely understand that I take security and access pretty damn seriously.

          Most of the people who comment here with high frequency are people that I am certain I could trust with my true identity if necessary. Thus far, it has not been necessary.

          But you can understand why I, and by extension my friends here (yes, Jane, you qualify), have a collective, overdeveloped mistrust of new folks. TK, with one or two obvious exceptions, is devious and clever. No defense is strong enough, and suspicion is a watchword.

          I will make the mistake of keeping a new friend at arm's length 10,000 times and sleep well at night, before I risk a hug punctuated with a blade under my ribs.

          Don't take it personally. Have patience, and earn my trust.

    1. Oh, I see what you're up to there, O Prince of Parody (may FUN be upon you), and no, I'm not going to help you collect that big "reward $". 😉 hahahaha

  8. https://twitter.com/OsborneInk/status/575473199367917570

    Bill ran away and Matty has to do his chores.

    Popehat isn't invited anymore.

  9. https://twitter.com/OnlineRadioSRN/status/575465251673522177

    Nope, no anal or fecal fixation at all. Not here. And anyone that suggests otherwise will be be a party to the lulzsuit ... just as soon as William figures out how to serve one.

    Pardon the pun, but what an asshole!

  10. I found a few old comments at my blog... Approved them, and responded to them... Including one from our good friend Bill Schmalfeldt:

    [Bill's text is in quotes]

    “What is your fucking problem?”
    Can you read? My “problem” with you is pretty clearly outlined.

    “What have I ever done to you?”
    Irrelevant. I don’t have to be personally attacked by you to consider your actions reprehensible.

    “What is your reason for this blind hatred?”
    Hatred blah blah blah. Does vomiting forth this boilerplate bullshit help you avoid acknowledging the fact that you’re a creepy stalker, a hypocrite, and a total asshole to boot?

    “Have you examined your OWN life?”
    My life isn’t a topic of discussion. I’m not the one who insists on oversharing. Pooped your pants lately?

    “Tell me, coward.”
    You’re awfully brave, Mr. I’m Dying As We Speak. Your false bravado fools no one. You’ve nothing left to lose, but still piss yourself when someone serves you.

    “What is your fucking problem?”
    Right now? You, dumbass. You.
    But there’s a cure for my current problem. Feel free to take it, it’s not like there’s a single soul left on the planet that will mourn your passing.

    1. William can't pay a fine, but he can afford the filing fees for specious lawsuits.

      I'm sure the judge will be thrilled to hear that.

      1. What I found interesting is the dumb bastard is talking about withdrawing another lawsuit ("if I decide to pursue it"). At what point is Captain Dick Dents going to be declared a vexatious litigant?


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