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So are you gonna call into tomorrow’s show, Patrick? Bill posts the number to call into the show, so you should do it. Confront him man to man. You can’t be afraid of him. Are you? Are you afraid of him? HA. You are. That’s so cute. And don’t pull the i’m too busy crap because this blog is evidence that that’s bullshit. Call in and talk to Bill, big man. Show your son how a man handles his disputes.


Let’s get one thing clear right from the start – you’re wrong, Bill is wrong, everybody is wrong. 

You do realize, do you not, that there are now at least three self-authenticating court documents floating around various Maryland courts asserting I am three different people, and all of them are wrong?

Bill Schmalfeldt’s perjured, retaliatory Peace Order from November 2014 identifies Patrick Grady as me. How interesting it would have been if Bill had shown up then – this notion that I am Patrick Grady would no longer be an issue, but Bill has publicly demonstrated his dishonesty and cowardice many, many times.  It’s why he’s no longer welcome to comment on my blog.  It’s why after blustering for weeks that he couldn’t WAIT! to get Grady under oath, he shuffled, weeping, just as fast as his sticky little legs could carry him – though not quite as fast as HIS children ran from him – for the hills above Elkridge with skirts held high.  The Big Girly Girl had everything he’d begged for – a man-to-man confrontation, under oath, in open court – and what did he do?

He pussied out.  Like the coward he is. And even worse, he TOLD EVERYONE WHAT A COWARD HE WAS AHEAD OF TIME!  Oh, sure, he painted it as some magnanimous gesture (just like when he pussied out in June), but he does that with such regularity and predictability that no one ever believes him.  He’s pussied out so many times he could be a Baltimore streetwalkerroller.

That’s a man who OWNS his cowardice. Must give props for that!

That was some terrific entertainment, watching him humiliate himself!  There’s not much he can do with BBs as small as his, but he’s the best coward a zombie could ever hope to make dance.

Good stuff!  Though I had to rest my LULZ muscle for a couple days after that.  Well, we all have to make sacrifices…

When John Hoge posted the Cook County IL Stalking No Contact Order, and Bill called Pat Grady not two minutes later to ask if he was me, the tale was pretty much told, wouldn’t you say?

Not to be dissuaded in his desperate obsession, he tried again.  In his recent Federal LOLsuit he named me and Howard Earl as anonymous defendants, then in the complaint he rererred to us as one and the same. So, obviously I’m not Patrick Grady (unless I’ve been pwning Bill as part of Knot My Wisconsin for 5 years – COOL!)…I’m anonymous again! Yay, me! Everybody celebrate with a Salt Monster avatar – WHOOO!

(Of course that was just one of a couple hundred fatal mistakes, but Not Educating The Monkey is sort of a thing around here, so…sorry.)

Or perhaps poor dumb Mr. Bill (on the tool bench, with the Sawzall!) is just fishing!

But me and Howard?

Our writing styles aren’t similar at all!

Even I must admit that if there’s one thing Bill knows, it’s writing styles.  Well, right up until it comes time to admit that he wrote, in his very unique style, and signed, in his very own hand, a letter which was mailed to and received by WJJ Hoge III, one of several direct violations of a standing Peace Order by a deranged, adjudicated cyberstalker and harasser.

And coward.  Let’s not forget about that.

And now, with Copyright Registration in hand – well, TDPK’s hand, if we’re speaking God’s honest truth – Bill has gotten placed in the public record an allegation that I am WJJ Hoge III!

Bill stinks of desperation. And fear. And where there is fear, there must be fear-pee. Stained sweat pants and stale diapers pungent with sulfur and natural ammonia.

And the ever-present cowardice that must not be forgotten.

Confront him man to man?  How would that happen – does Bill even know any men he could bring with him? Grady tried it in November, and we all know how that turned out. Brave Sir William of Tincasa Skirtsflap, Lord High Duke of Cocksnogging and the Seventh Earl of Boyscout Buttsex scuttled off whimpering for a hiding place leaving a great snaily trail of greasy twat-sand leaking from his overfilled mangina.  So I ask you, why bother trying again? He had his chance at the truth and ran like the…what, class?  That’s right!  – like the MEWLING CRYBABY COWARD THAT HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN, THE COMPLETE FUCKING EMBARRASSMENT TO THE ELDER BROTHERS WHO CONSTANTLY BAILED HIM OUT OF THE CORNERS HE BACKED HIMSELF INTO, BROTHERS WITHOUT WHOM HE IS A FLY BUZZING AROUND EAGLES.

Me, afraid? So sorry.  Asked and answered, counselor.

The phrase you’re looking for is Smarter. Than. You. And him, and Brett, and surely Wee Willy FiFi. Did I leave anyone out?

Could I call him? Sure, I could make the time to call in, run rings around him, and make him look more foolish than he does his ownself, but what would be the point? It would be like trying to make horse manure smell bad, like trying to make mud dirty, like trying to make a trailer park a less attractive place to spend your golden years.

Why bother?

And as far as having a dispute with Bill, I would say it’s less of a dispute than a difference of opinion.  He aims to get some sort of misbegotten revenge on me, because he made the mistake of writing something vile and filthy about another man’s wife and called it comedy, which I pumped up with steroids, threw back in his face and gived him sadz and butthurt. That he read it to his wife and upset her, too?

Not my problem.

I, on the other hand, aim to mock him until, one way or another, he goes away.

And besides, usually when a guest calls into an internet-chat show (radio? Hardly. This is WNBE, Radio Wannabe!), he GETS something out of it – he’s there to promote a product, a book, a movie, and album, a play, a business.  Tell me, what does Paul Krendler GAIN from calling in to talk with world-famous former XM radio host and banned xmfan forum contributor, The Jovial One, Broadway Bill Schmalfeldt?  Certainly not another opportunity to mock him mercilessly; those are as common as sand on a beach, and easier to find.

There’s nothing in it for me.

But if you and Bill are so sure that I’m Patrick Grady, isn’t the solution obvious?  It’s a matter of public record that he has two phone numbers he can call to reach the man.  Call him up.

…hmmm…would this be a good time to remind you…Coward?  Yes, I think it would.  Suck it up, man.  Poke them digits.

Zombie’s can’t have children, but if I did they would all know Krendler’s Rules of Conflict Resolution:

  1. Bleach destroys DNA.
  2. Never forget Rule #1.

There are a hundred other reasons not to call.  Most of them have to do with the fact that you and the rest of the non-existent yet transparent Team Kimberlin are both desperate and stupid, and I am neither.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

55 thoughts on “Fun With Moderated Comments”

  1. Heh. A stellar and well-deserved verbal smackdown. What a pathetic and cowardly Team Kimberlin goon. Wonder what Bill Matthews or Matthew Lillefelt or Lester Klemper would say about this seeping coward attempting to comment on a blog anonymously. *crickets*

    But, how nice that a "friend" of Bill's took time away from playing video games in Mommy's basement to beg someone to listen to and call into BS's (short-lived) podcast. My questions is: When the heck would the Wannabe Radio Star even work in a caller? His podcast yesterday was full -- narcissistically full of terrible self-tributes to really, really bad pre-recorded voices and amateur attempts at humor, Typical Bill whining about his "innocence," totally ripped-off content in the form of a REALLY lengthy news segment (obviously just to fill airtime as he lacks originality and interesting content), and wait for it... wait for it... HE HAS PARKINSONS DISEASE! SAY WHAAAAAT?! Yep. Per always... PD completely defines BS as he was barely into his joke-of-a-podcast before he (of course!) just had to mention it. *yawn*

    And, I agree with you, Krendler. If this mouthy mook is so interested in BS having a guest on -- let BS do the calling. As you mentioned, BS has access to numbers he can use to call Patrick Grady since you are or were him. Or, better yet -- since BS and his Tiny Terrorist of a master are now so convinced you and Hoge are one in the same -- Bill should call Hoge. Since Bill is 100% convinced that the powers-that-be in Maryland will never, ever, ever punish or jail him for PO violations, he should simply reach out and call John. And, if John is working during BS's podcast... no biggie. It's not like Bill hasn't called Hoge's place of employment before.

    If Bill Schmalfeldt were a real investigative journalist and a real reporter and a real radio personality concerned about interesting content for his podcast -- he would reach out to a guest. But, he won't. Because...


    1. Yes, yes, and YES! Well done, per always, dear Grace. Much applause.

      Every disabled person I've ever known, including those who are now zombies, refuse to let their challenges define them, or even to affect their lives any more than absolutely necessary. Every disabled person I've ever known does all they can to not draw attention to their personal challenges. But then again, they have self-respect, not malignant narcissism. They're also well-respected and beloved, unlike the demented cyberstalker, Bill Schmalfeldt, who is so vile and repugnant his own children want nothing to do with him.

      1. Jane/Grace/Howard, it really is creepy when you self congratulate like that. 🙂

  2. I liked the part where Hoge called him a crybaby coward. IN ALL CAPS. That has to drive him crazy, knowing that Hoge is mocking him on eight different websites while monitoring his every phone call.

    It's like HOGE AM LAW.

  3. And all of Krendler's people said: "Amen!" "Azombie!"


  4. "Most of them have to do with the fact that you and the rest of the non-existent yet transparent Team Kimberlin are both desperate and stupid"

    And, I might add: "Your mother dresses you funny."

    1. Hmmm, a suicide pact...except if Gail went first, Bill is too much of a coward to hold up his end of the deal.

      Nope, Gail needs to dispatch Bill, first.

    1. I thought it was Jim's turn to be PK today? I am so out of the loop (or is it so loopy?) Definitely in need of a better quality of brains for my pantry!

      1. I discovered a nice supply over in my corner of the world here. I find that it makes my memory much better so I distinctly remember that Eric had the turn today. Jim is Saturday and Grace is tomorrow. Mark your calendars accordingly!

  5. "Krendler’s Rules of Conflict Resolution:

    Bleach destroys DNA.
    Never forget Rule #1"

    ROFLMAO !!

    Sometimes you kill me. Literally, you kill me.

    1. Sounds exactly like the spew that spills forth from the majority of the militant atheists on Twitter. You know -- the ones who don't believe in nor care about God, but for some reason that's all they can manage to intiate conversations about and discuss.

      And, as all "shitheels" know -- Bill Schmalfeldt certainly practices his very own brand of... um... um... "Christianity."

  6. I dunno, the whole thing seems to me to be nothing more or less than a fairly transparent attempt to get a phone number from our undead host.

    Which, fatboy would certainly never do anything nefarious with that tidbit of information. No, never.

  7. How do we know that William isn't starving Gail himself?

    The Munchhausen seems strong in that one.

    1. I thought that...I also didn't think the picture of her in her undies looked all that emaciated, but hell, what do I know?

      The Rule 5 wife can pass for 35, so I'm counting my blessings! Hubba hubba!!!

      1. Gail is not emaciated. And, BS pie charts, graphs, whatnot won't make it so. Gail made herself fat. Gail lost a bunch of weight because... commitment. Gail skin only has so much elasticity. Gail now has excess skin hanging off a 50+-year-old, formerly-fat frame. The end.

        In case anyone has forgotten, Gail's over-sharer-of-a-husband proudly proclaimed (not all that long ago) that his "beloved caretaker" lost her weight the hard way -- via diet and exercise and time.

        BUT, NOW? Well, lo and behold -- Bill Schmalfeldt wants out of yet another LOLsuit he vexatiously initiated. So...

        (1) He alludes to/then just outright announces he's going to drop his LOLsuit;
        (2) He blames his "beloved caretaker" for doing so;
        (3) He selfishly hijacks Gail's hard-earned weight loss in the process;
        (4) He carries on about useless gestures and "paw" holding.

        BS also managed (in the midst of all of his "worry" blogging his "beloved's" private health information and taking/posting a very personal picture) to spend hours-upon-hours-upon-hours preparing material for and hosting podcasts obsessing over Paul Krendler and John Hoge.

        But, Gail is really dying. And, Bill really means it. And, Bill really cares.

  8. Proof of why I call Bill The World's Stupidest Man™

    We mock him for the stupid things he says. He is SO stupid he then goes on a twitter rant that we are picking on him for his PD. No you big dumb oaf. You say S.T.U.P.I.D things. CONSTANTLY! That is why you are mocked.

  9. What I want to know is why his new Twitter avatar looks like a used tampon.


    And you're the pussy who can't follow through on an LOLsuit, right? Yet another of those fights you didn't start and aren't walking away from, right, you diseased heap of cow shit?


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