Easiest Monkeydance Ever

Schmalfeldt admits, nay – DEMANDS!! to be recognized as a deranged trailer-dwelling cyberstalker.





Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “Easiest Monkeydance Ever”

  1. he's just pissed because Krendler stumbled onto his deepest, most secret wish ever.

    Just picture an hideous thing cavorting across the mountain meadows of Bavaria singing " If I had a cat up my ass" at the top of his lungs.

  2. If it's a threat, he should file a police report.

    "So... the guy that threatened you, was he holding a cat?"

    "I don't know. He's in a different state."

    "Sir, you do realize filing a false report is a crime, right?"

  3. You know he does have this little problem with reading comprehension.

    For an example of not comprehending what he himself has written, in the same document see:
    safe link

    1. No no no. His reading skills are so great after serving as the governments top writer/editor for uninterrupted decades that when he reads he can even read the words that aren't even there, such as Schmalfeldt and cat and ass and Dumbass.

    2. "2. Please share the examples of the "many times" I have displayed dishonesty."

      Good grief. Not this again. The following is exactly how the lying liar's Show-Me-My-Lies routine plays out Every. Single. Time:

      1) BS the Liar challenges others to list the times he has lied.

      2) Others oblige by listing example after example after example after example after example after example after example after example after example (you get the point).

      3) BS the Liar ignores the plethora of examples, and the proof to back them up -- and, then declares it's everyone else who has lied (For instance: Every single person who has obtained a PO/RO against the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt lied under penalty of perjury to acquire one. *eyeroll*).

      4) BS the Liar remains a lying liar (and, a bad one at that) -- and, continues on his merry, lying way telling more-and-more lies because dishonesty is the air he breathes.

      5) Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
      (Well, not so much the repeat part because others tired long ago of repeatedly listing his multitude of lies -- which truth be told are far, far too many to ever document in their entirety. But, that doesn't stop BS the Liar from requesting his lies be listed every time his back is against the wall because he has lied... again... repeatedly.).

      BS the Liar's lies are very well-documented all over the interwebz, and are there for the taking -- simply Google Bill Schmalfeldt.

      Oh. And, does anyone else hear what sounds like a very unhappy cat howling from deep within the bowels of a certain sandy mangina?


      1. He also makes a very important mistake with his little PROVE IT! game.

        He initiates this and then acts like everyone/anyone has to prove it to him.

        Nobody does because it will never be admitted no matter the proof.

        What he misses is that we have been laying the proofs and examples so that others will know as soon as possible what he really is and be on guard against him.

      2. Bill Schmalfeldt is genetically dishonest. No reasonable person should be expected to fully his lies. They are many, for they are legion.

        But here's the current one. Between last Friday and Thursday, he wasn't going to sue anyone because his time with the Incredible Shrinking Woman was too precious to him.

        Then, when he managed to keep his show on the air for five uninterrupted minutes, he mused about exhuming Oliver Wendell Jones for another ultimately dismissed federal lulzsuit. So he either loves being humiliated in court more than he loves Gail, or he was lying all along. Neither reflects well on him.

        If, at some point, William started telling the truth, he'd probably die of a stroke. What passes for his brain couldn't tolerate it.

      3. Indeed. BS the Liar refuses to ever own up to the lies he has told. Even in the face of unassailable proof, he deflects, projects, and simply lays another tier of lies on top of the mountain of lies he has already told.

        Truth is as foreign a concept to the Deranged Cyberstalker and Rectal Mouthpiece Bill Schmalfeldt as logic, success, and a life well-lived.

      4. ANOTHER vexatious federal LULZsuit? Has he yet figured out a way to extricate himself from the vexatious state LOLsuit he filed?

        And, that poor, poor Incredible Shrinking Woman. No one to hold her "paw" as she withers away to nothing because creating defamatory routines and horrible, childish songs for a podcast are far more important. No one with which to spend the limited time she has remaining because writing and managing vexatious LULZ/LOLsuits over butthurt takes precedence. No one to buy thoughtful flowers or trinkets, or put money aside for a rainy day -- because filing fees are the priority, and cat food is cheap.

        Oh. And, speaking of the cost of filing fees and cat food... funerals aren't free either. Oh, well. Oliver Wendell Jones most likely figures a pine box and a shallow grave behind the tincasa will suffice for his "beloved caretaker" (the only woman who has ever stuck by him!) because HOOOOOOOOOOGE and KREEEEENDLEEERRR must suffer and pay, dammit! And, there is a "sterling reputation" to defend, and revenge ELEVENTY!!1!!1! to be had!

      5. Here's an easy to prove, no way to spin it as anything other than the ugly lie he repeatedly tells:

        He has many times claimed that the 300+ charges were dropped by the prosecutors without input from WJJH, which is directly contrary to what he claimed at the time. As is the case more often than it's not, one of the tales told by the demented cyberstalker must be a lie.

        Both of the freakshow's stories regarding this event cannot be true, so he was either lying then, or he's lied ever since.

      6. “2. Please share the examples of the “many times” I have displayed dishonesty.”

        Just another tactic of his to initiate a dialog. Lying trolls gotta troll.

  4. The mayo'ed one looks exactly like the monkey dancing in the video, but I would be insulting the monkey!

  5. Why waste a perfectly good cat?

    I would have gone with a mink. Or a wolverine.

  6. Just remember. Bill Schmalfedt isn't preoccupied with anal sex.

    His preoccupation is with anal RAPE.

    It's how he and his "beloved" met.

    1. Howard, do you suppose that he was wearing a mask?


  7. Cabin Boy is exactly how old? 12 or 12 and a half? He reverts to using the term "mongoloid microcephalics" as an attempt to insult a group of individuals, when all he has done is denigrate those innocents who are actually living with Down Syndrome and Microcephaly. And Cabin Boy? The use of the term "mongoloid" in reference to a human being's intelligence is considered a pejorative by most intelligent people. No surprise then that you use such an insult with no discrimination.

    1. On World Down Syndrome Day, One Mom Shares Her Journey to the Perfect Child


    2. So now due to being shamed online forever and ever,for all to see, due to his past hateful, denigrating, terminology regarding those with actual Down Syndrome or Microcephaly, the Cabin Boy now uses the politically correct term, "developmentally disabled". Too late, you monstrous human being. (I give the absolute random chance that you are somehow related to the actual world of human beings,). You have shown your colors. Nuff said.

      1. You're being much too generous, imo, and risk a class-action suit brought by actual human beings. Whatever humanity it may have ever had somewhere in the distant past, it's more than clear to me that it has willfully, even gleefully, discarded the very idea in favor of choosing evil and becoming a monster.

        No objective person could possibly read his words and come to any other conclusion. No protected class, whether legally recognized or recognized morally are exempted from his evil. The less his target is able to defend themselves, the more gleeful are his attacks, including young children.

      2. So three days after denigrating those with the developmental delays, Down Syndrome and Microcephaly the Cabin Boy continues to denigrate those who actually suffer from developmental delays by using such depreciative insults against ordinary individuals who he happens to disagree with online. Again, how old is this child? While he hopes to insult strangers that he is feuding with online, he actually only insults the children, young adults, and adults; whose dear relatives have cared for, supported, and loved for their entire lifetimes.

        I guess it is understandable why Cabin Boy would have no empathy with such a population.


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