4 thoughts on “Earworm Wednesday!”

  1. Given the amount of "singing" William does on his "show" (rather a lot for a man whose broadcasting voice was gone forever less than a year ago), he should start a band.

    It could be called Fall Down & the Go Booms.

    1. bwahahaha!

      And their signature cover could be Instant Karma, with a few of the words changed, of course.

      There's your challenge, zombies: Tailor the earworm to better fit the freak.

      1. Be careful what you wish for, Jane!

        Instant Karma's gonna get you
        Gonna knock you right into your bed
        You better get yourself together
        Or next time it might be your head

        What in the world you thinking of?
        Mocking the very face of love
        What on Earth you gonna do?
        It's up to you, yeah, you

        Instant Karma's gonna get you
        Gonna mock your beloved's face
        You better look into the mirror
        Join the human race

        When are you ever gonna see?
        Laughing like a fool at me
        Doesn't get you very far.
        You're no superstar. Well, right we are!

        Why in the world do you think you're here?
        Surely not to inflict such pain and fear
        What on Earth are you doin' there
        When you're gettin' nowhere?
        Gonna get your share

        But the lickspittles shine on
        Unlike the loon, the subpar, and the dunce
        'Cause y'all whine on
        Like a goon, all fubar, that's what you are.


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