Can You Guess Where This Bit of Genius Came From?

Logic Self Awareness Fail. If you serve your time and continue committing crime, such as trying to bilk peope out of their money for a false churchforging service documents in the course of a civil action, you’re still a bad person. And no, I can’t pound anymore sand because every orifice is already full to bursting.

No, really – guess!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Can You Guess Where This Bit of Genius Came From?”

  1. I'm guessing it was little Fergie. He's so precious when he tries to be intimidating. Grrrrr little fellow, grrrrrr

  2. Heh. He doesn't seem to understand that the federal court's investigation found no merit to that accusation. You cannot bilk anyone out of money when you do not accept money. I solicited donation of material goods necessary for a chapel: altar cloths, service items like candle sticks, chalice set, used vestments or even cloth to make vestments, etc. If someone wanted to donate money, I would dissuade them, preferring they purchase needed items and donate those. The paypal account was created so I could transfer money in from my personal account to purchase items from Ebay.
    False Church?
    The Orthodox Church started when Christ began His public ministry at age 30. All other Christian Churches descend from her. I have an Exarch (Bishop) over me and there is a Metropolitan (Archbishop) over him and over them both is a Patriarch. Unbroken line (known as Apostolic succession) from the Apostles to me. My Exarch has granted my request to engage in a ministry to ex convicts and to open a small chapel in conjunction with the ministry. All to be financed from my pocket. If a congregation develops and is larger than 10 adults, I am to sponsor an election to a mission council to take over the administration of the chapel and determine how to grow the mission to a parish and to control all aspects of the mission church (with the exception of liturgical practices) to include fund-raiding for the needs of the mission and a building fund to build a church. All out of my control, of course. Just the way I like it. No control of finances except my own personal finances, a treasurer elected by the members of the mission church from among themselves. All in keeping with the canons.
    If he wants to see a fraudster he only has to look close to home for two examples: one inside his tin can and the other his excellent friend. No need to cast aspersions on someone who hasn't done anything improper nor illegal.

  3. Interesting that Team Kimberlin thinks they understand what a "Church" is considering the only religion they seem to understand is the Mosque of Islamic Radicalism and take every opportunity to belittle Christians in general.

  4. Fergie the poodle really wants to move up the scumbag ladder.

    Be patient, son. Your horrible, rip off music is more than enough to earn you the scorn of real men.

    Don't try so hard, boy.

  5. What if you return to molesting children? How about if you bilk stupid but rich people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars with fake charities?

    Does that sound criminal, Wilie?


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