56 thoughts on “Bloviating Bill Blasts Blog Back To Oblivion In Butthurt Blowup”

  1. BS said that when he goes to jail some time on or just after April 16 there is NO WAY he will let anyone put ANYTHING in his butt. No way! No How!

    But if they want to dip anything else into some mayo he might be able to accommodate that in his mouth.

    1. He's not going to LET anyone put anything in his butt?

      I am given to understand that one is not usually offered a choice in such matters.

      Don't ask how I know this...

  2. Gee, William's still hiding? How can that be? How often has he told us that he never backs away from a fight? Or that he never starts one, but always finishes them?

    Could he be using Kimberlin's latest humiliating defeat to let us know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he's a liar and a pussy?

    Don't worry, dipshit. If WJJH does what I think he will, you'll be yanked out of your hidey-hole soon enough. And all of your little friends, too.

    1. I would wager a gentle gentleman in Westminster is far from humored at this point.

      I would, too, wager that a certifiable dumbass in Elkridge knows as much, but instead will opt to lay low for a few before he proudly steps up once again to be led around by the nose ring firmly implanted by his master, and will happily continue down his self-created path of destruction.

      Hi, Bill. F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5

    2. A message from Team Dumbass:

      "STOP USING OUR TACTICS AGAINST US!!!!1!!!1111!!!!eleventy!!!"


  3. Really? I mean... REALLY? Blob has been crowing all week about some sooper seekrit thing that was supposed to happen this afternoon after the PO hearing...

    Now? *crickets*

    Roly-poly, rolly-sitty-walky-rolly-sitty-walky-rolly rat bastard.

    1. He's a liar and a pussy, and all he has left in life is a fatally flawed lulzsuit, the prospect of jail, and a half-necked wife who probably wants him to vanish more than we do.

      1. A fatally-flawed lulzsuit that the "liar and a pussy" has alluded to dropping a few different times this week.


        And, speaking of his "beloved" caretaker -- courtesy of the over-sharer, I've seen fairly recent pics of her. She's rolled her eyes at him so many times... 0.o


  4. It seems as though Team Kimberlin are having a hard time getting the legal system to bend to their agenda. It would help them if Eric Johnson would JUST GO and accept that service so Se-Man Willie can sleep at night.

    Of course, if BK would just use one of his lawyers (plural), that would help...

    1. You have to exercise a little trickeration, but the two missing followers are PatOmbudsman and RadioWiseGuy (both suspended). So, tweeting at 1 person...might as well pick up the fucking phone.

    1. Hockey...Henri Cabot, the promising new enforcer on the Penguins 2nd line. The talent is getting younger every year.

    1. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunited in "Barely Legal Pawn"


    1. Nothing like receiving good news from the maryland Court System, topped by hilarious parody after a long week working for a living.

    1. I suppose we should give Bunny Boy a little credit for not crawling into his hole and pulling everything back in after him.

      Or not.

      If Matt had actual evidence of the stalking, he was extremely remiss in not providing it to the court to help prove the case. Since he didn't hand anything over, the only logical assumption is that he didn't have anything to hand over. He might want to stop with the libel, especially around lawyers.

      And if he's so worried about the safetly of minor girls, has he ever expressed any concerns about Mr. Gillette?

      1. To the contrary, Bunny Boy Matt Osborne is an apologist for convicted child porn felon Craig Gillette, seeking to minimize his crimes.





        The Internet: it's forever.

      2. Yeah. That conversation with Bunny Boy was very eye-opening for me. He went on for a long time defending his friend Craig Gillette -- the convicted child porn USER.

        I needed a scalding, hot shower after that exchange. Feel like I do again after being reminded of it. These Team Kimberlin goons are the most evil and soulless of creatures. They have zero concerns for children, and children being harmed. In fact, one Team K goon in particular uses his very own child as a human shield to further along his depravity.

    2. Did Matt Osborne truly just double-down? Post- Peace Order hearing? Wow.

      There are numerous individuals who have hundreds of thousands of dollars to wage battle against libel suits. Bunny Boy certainly comes across as one of them.

      1. Well, allowing your useless progeny to use your property to commit torts against others is enabling behaviour, which opens up the parents to suit. Or they could kick him onto the kerb. Either is good.

  5. It's not Bill. The tweets are not Bill's style. That is his sister in Milwaukee.

    "Since he went off the deep end and won't talk to me, I have been so worried."

    Does that sound like anyone we know?


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