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  1. He looks like he just got off the floor in one of those fights he keeps telling us about (the ones he's never started, but always finished), slightly dazed and maniacal, and about to charge whomever he thought knocked him down. An odd picture to post just to show an injury from a fall.

    1. I'm just impressed BS actually posed for a pic wearing something other than his gravy-stained jammies for a change.

      But, that expression? Sheesh. He was either practicing his Deranged Cyberstalker look in an effort to have his appearance match that of his well-earned and well-deserved moniker -- or, the habitual over-sharer was just sharing his "The Big BM" pose. (IYKWIMAITYD) It's not like he hasn't posted pics of himself like that before. *shudder*

      But, ya gotta give props to his caretaker for ensuring the windowlicker's non-pj articles of clothing have his name printed on them. This way when his StageEleventy PD Dementia is conveniently acting up, all his "beloved" has to do is remind The Large One to look down at that tub 'o tummy he hauls around.

      "It's a Schmalfeldt Thing"

    1. Can I be the only one that's horrified by the idea of a "Bill Schmalfeldt Nation", yet fascinated by what its foreign policy might be?

      1. You could try creating one on Nationstates.net and see what happens.

        I just saw his new twitter header image, and I would suppose that he wants us to think he did the damage on that poor microphone?

  2. Anybody else listening?

    What an abomination. A 5 minute intro and he, well, faceplanted, and had to pull the plug.

    What a putz.

    1. I thought he'd lost his voice last year, which was why he couldn't do this sort of thing anymore.

      I had errands to run and anyway horrified fascination isn't enough to make me listen. What exactly happened?

      1. Sounded like "technical difficulties", or he didn't have his mike plugged in the whole way. Anyway it was so screwed up he just restarted the program 20 min. later.

        It's about as bad as you'd expect.

  3. A three hour live "radio program"?

    Doesn't he want to talk to his wife?

    1. Speaking of wives... I've heard that some of them (at one time) actually thought it a decent enough idea to actually marry a Deranged-Cyberstalker-In-The-Making even after two whole years of knowing them.

      Um. Major Mental Health Evaluation on Aisle WTHuh?!

  4. In that picture, it looks like he got drunk, picked a bar fight and lost, got tossed in the gutter by the bouncer, and then had a dog come by and pee on him.

    1. Ya know... he did do that faceplant in his tincasa hallway after he bent over in an attempt to pet one of his dogs -- then gravity simply took over and did the rest.

      Maybe his dog... Just sayin'.

      1. I do not have to bend over to pet my dog, have to pay attention so he does not use me for a tackling dummy.

  5. Why, it seems like it was only last summer that William's broadcasting career was finished forever due to Parkinson's and HOOOOGEEEE! stealing his voice.

    1. Yea, there was that day he lamented he could barely talk. The same day he "fall-down-go-boom" due to slipping on a cough drop wrapper.

      Guess he got over his cold.

  6. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/578325645924679680

    Of course he likes dead women, Blob! People are attracted to their own kind. And I'm sure that he, like I, believes the children are the future if you teach them well and let them lead the way. Unless they're dead. In that case, BRAAAAAAAAINS!!!!

    Also, even if they're the offspring of your excellent pedo bomber pal, you shouldn't be skeeving on them, so knock that shit off, ya pervert.

      1. https://twitter.com/BloodontheMike/status/578325326679433216

        It also isn't libel if you're only talking to yourself and the voices in your head, which is what Blood on the Microphone essentially is.

        But I'm sure that the Incredible Shrinking Woman appreciates the break from her "loving husband."

      2. Well I listened to some of it today and midway thru I had a horrible thought, "My God, Bill really thinks this stuff is funny!"

        It wasn't.

      3. Um. Yeah. About that...

        It just so happens that in the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt's VERY OWN WORDS -- he has CLEARLY declared he wholeheartedly believes AND knows the "pseudonymous person Paul Krendler" IS...

        ... WJJHOGE.

        Oopsie Poopsie. The Internet is forEVAH!

        Associating "fascination with necrophilia and children" with Paul Krendler/WJJHoge?!

        Do it! *dig* Do it! *dig* Do it! *dig* Go for it, dummy.

    1. OHNOES!


      He's going back to slandering fictional zombies.

      Gonna try to draw my fake name into the sphere of the massive, thoroughly spread, completely undeniable, exhaustively detailed and documented fetish for all things related to the human butt and all its wonderful by-product? The fetish which forms the basis for your 'sterling reputation?'

      Go right ahead!!

      I'll bet you can riff for 14 hours without a break on that subject, can't you? Just please be sure, as you descend to your purest and most sweaty-palmed happy place, DO NOT FORGET ME! It will be easy to leave me behind while you wallow in your sick inner world. Please don't. Really, my right hand to the Prince of the Walking Dead, Jesus Christ...I'm looking sooo forward to your listener becoming a new reader at TMZ.

      Don't let me down.

      Unless you're just fuckin' with me, you cowardly lying pig:


      1. Please, please, please let the Cowardly Lying Pig do his show tomorrow based on nothing but the first most vengeful and sickest thought that popped into his deranged and demented mind!

        1. It wasn't even five. There were four people in the show's chatroom, one of which was Bill.

          Would you like to see the activity for the entire show? I thought you might.


      2. MJ: 5 followers don't necessarily equal 5 listeners. I would not bet on any of them listening in except maybe fifi and harada.

      3. Let the ass-covering games begin! *wheeeee*


  7. I was going to write a detailed post on my suffering through Bill's "radio program" today, but I have neither the energy nor inclination to go through that again. Suffice it to say that is was nothing more than a verbal Feldtdown with his "comedy" bits about boy scout rape interspersed.

    And yes, the "federal document" containing the evidence that Krendler is Hoge is the copywrite.

    But the one thing I heard that humored me was his discussion of the Frey case. Hearing him discuss it better clarifies how utterly clueless Bill is concerning the law. If I were Kimberlin, I too would drive Bill to all his legal proceedings, knowing the LULZ that would be coming. His discussion of the case starts around the 1:25 mark of the "show". He first makes the assertion that he is reading from the "judge's decision". Bill thinks that the order issued by Judge Hazel is a finding of fact. Indeed at around the 1:27 mark, Bill reads from Hazel's order that Kimberlin's allegations "must be accepted as true" and actually thinks that is some kind of triumph, rather than SOP for a complaint.

    If you want some LULZ, go to that part for the cluelessness and bluster, but avoid the rest, you've heard it before.

  8. I'm thinking of doing a series of these and capturing Biwwy's most unhinged rantings and best admissions against interest. I'm inspired by Stacy McCain's take: "The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt." As I'm a real person here, I could go through the whole TOR thing, I guess. Or, I'll just post them here and, if you see the need, use one.

    I'm always looking for good BS quotes. Keep 'em coming.


  9. March 14, 2015:

    FUCK WJJ HOGE! FUCK THE STUPID LAWSUIT! FUCK PAUL KRENDLER. FUCK EVERYBODY WHO READS THEIR FILTH AND ENCOURAGES IT! The lot of you are not worth a hair on my wife's beautiful head. And I am not going to waste any more time and energy with you.

    March 18, 2015:


    In other words: "To hell with my wife! There are fictional windmills that need me tilting at them!"


  10. So. First he was positive that Paul Krendler was Patrick Grady, and he seemed to be using this as a way to talk directly to and attack Patrick in spite of the peace order (or does Patrick have a restraining order?).

    He is now going to use Krendler to get around John Hoge's peace order.

    When is he going to decide that Robin Causey is Paul Krendler?

  11. He does seem to have a fixation on Nancy G, along with Krendler and Hoooogggee!

    I didn't read her comment as suggesting any worry, just some mild surprise, but Bill can't leave well enough alone. Why does he insist on talking to her like he would someone who was mentally defective? He doesn't even go after Hoge or Krendler like that. I guess it's his misogyny showing.

    1. Bill hates women. More correctly Bill hates women that he can't intimidate.

      1. It's ok, though. Most women wind up hating him right back, based on my decades of observation.

        He's everything women don't want in a man...

        Hi, Cousin Bill!


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