As Our New Friend Has Said…

…it does appear to be his turn in the barrel.  I do hope he is as unhappy about it as he sounds.  I hope he is sufficiently motivated to follow through.

And I hope he appreciates this comment left by the Big BM in my Spam queue this morning, in response to D.Edgren’s suggestion.

If you need evidence of INTENT, I think you might not want to overlook that.



Author: Paul Krendler

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17 thoughts on “As Our New Friend Has Said…”

  1. You are hereby on notice that any further defamatory statements made by you about me on either Hoge’s blog or Krendler’s blog or any other online venue will be litigated under a Diversity Question in the US District Court of Maryland in Baltimore.

    This was the opening of the email he sent me on the 16th.

    I am quite positive that in his mind I have already defamed him online. I suspect that he considers the simple act of posting on Hogewash or TMZ to be defamation, no matter the subject matter.

    1. Library, I think that's Acme Law at its finest...anything said about him is wrong and should be taken to court. No one listens to the mayo'ed one and that's where he gets butthurt...

    2. The best way to defame Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.

      As opposed to the best way to defecate Bill Schmalfeldt is with Slovenian horseshit.

      But barring that, quoting his text, or using his pictures which he has released from all copyright, or defacing said free reign pictures, or mentioning his wife, or mentioning him, or mentioning his "most excellent friend" Brett, is LIBEL!!! BUTTHURT!!!! (wait until prison, then reply...) TOTS TORTS!!!!

      Oh, and "Oh noes, Mr. Bill!" so I'm on the list for teh Death Threats!!!!

      Yeah, Kinda like that, but imagine if a law abiding citizen did this. Now imagine you were that citizen. Now imagine the level to which I quake in my booties. Rhicter is log scale, so zero is minus infinity.... yeah Richter zero sounds great, kay thanz by...

      1. Is Slovenian horseshit really the best way to defecate Bill Schmalfeldt?

        Has Slovakian horseshit been tried? What about Samoan? Senegalese? Serbian? Somali? Spanish? (Save that for bullpoop!) Sri Lankan? Sudanese? Surinaman? Swazilandish? Swedish? Swiss? Syrian?

        Hey, maybe horsepoop from the Seychelles would be perfect?

        How can we know?


        We need more experiments!


    3. And can anyone explain exactly what the Diversity Question is? I've been able to find all sorts of stuff about "Diversity Jurisdiction" and "Federal Question, but nothing about a Diversity Question? I can only assume it's something Acme knows all about but the actual Courts, not so much.

      1. Just mayo brain talking about the fact that each of his victims.....err.... defendants live in places other than Maryland so based on diversity of "state citizenship" a Federal court has jurisdiction.

        Which is interesting if he keeps asserting that Krendler is Hoge then there is NO diversity of citizenship because Mr. Hoge lives in Maryland.

      2. In short the Diversity Question is what Marvin Mayopants thinks allows him to sue from the comfort of his hovel, forcing you to come to Maryland, while at the same time allowing him to sit in the comfort of his hovel and force you to come to Maryland to file suit against him. Because it's cold out. Or something.

        And PARKINSON'S!!!


      3. Federal courts generally lack jurisdiction over state law, but one of the exceptions is a suit between persons who are residents of different states. If none of the plaintiffs live in the same state as any defendant, then diversity of citizenship exists, and the court may have jurisdiction over a state matter even if there is no federal question raised.

        As to trying a case in Baltimore, maybe and maybe not. If there is only one defendant, the trial must be held in the district where the defendant resides. If there are multiple defendants from the same state, the trial has to be held in a district in that state where at least one defendant lives. The only way to pull the case back to Baltimore would be to have defendants from multiple states. In that case the trial can be held on the plaintiff's turf.

      4. I figured that was what he was talking about, and just using the wrong term. I figured I'd ask to make sure.

        As usual my research skills are just fine, and I was indeed trying to find a term that didn't really exist.

        Really, if a dim librarian can find the correct terminology with less than two minutes of google-fu, you'd think a crack investigative reporter could do as well.

      5. But, Harkonnen, wasn't Hoge Paul last week? He's always getting to be Krendler. I'm starting to get irritated. It's not fair. If HOGE IS KRENDLER and KRENDLER IS HOGE (oops, HOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGEEEEEEE) Then who the heck are you? Maybe YOU ARE KRENDLER? Then just who is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGGGE? Could it be that Bill; is HOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and therefore also KKKKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNDDDDLLLLLLLEEEEERRRRR?

        Wouldn't that make us all a figment of The Great BM's mind?

        Oh, crumb, I'm gonna have another drink.

      6. He is a "crack" investigative reporter. Just not the kind of "crack" you were thinking about. 🙂

      7. Oh geez... what a perfect opening for a "Reading Comprehension" infomercial... and here I am empty handed.

    1. I think you're being a bit unfair here, darling Howard. Absolutely no one buys the freakshow's demented ramblings these days, and I'd be surprised if anyone of any intelligence or worth every did.

  2. Downloading William's idiotic "show" where he asserts that he hasn't harassed Mr. Edgren "yet" might prove to be extraordinarily helpful in the future.

    Best hurry. The obese one has a history of destroying potential evidence, which he appeared to learn from his misfit friends.

    1. Tis been downloaded courtesy of a fellow Zombie Lickspittle. So, he can spoliate away all he'd like.


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