An Interesting Contrast

Many folks on Team Good Guys have chosen to remain at least partially anonymous.  I’m sure the reasons vary, but one thing remains consistent, and that is Bill Schmalfeldt’s willingness to attack them, their friends, their neighbors, their loved ones.

It’s a very respectable reason for staying anonymous.

On the other hand, Bill Schmalfeldt’s name is out there, big as life.  If we were of his caliber, with his sterling reputation, we could attack his friends, his neighbors, his loved ones too.

If he had any.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. Okay. I'm actually Chris Heather. Who sometimes goes by Howard Earl. No, really.

  2. Yes, if we were of his caliber, we'd be out of luck in trying to harass his family, because even his own children want nothing to do with him; and he's so vile and repugnant he has no friends.

    If he wasn't too stupid to engage in reasoned debate, he wouldn't resort to such cowardly and vile tactics. Then again, he's so stupid that he never understands that it's that kind of behavior that causes the world at large to despise him. He gets no "win" or even "revenge" - just more people seeing what a monster he is and joining Team Free Speech.

    1. It is the act of a coward to attack those around someone rather than to debate the person you have an issue with rationally.

      Unfortunately Bill has involved his lovely bride in this debacle by using her name to send a summons to someone BILL chose to sue. Not that she was suing, that he was suing. That brought her into the fray in my opinion. He has unlocked the portal, so to speak. I hope it doesn't hurt too badly. Or maybe it will get him to learn what not to do. Hope springs eternal, but my faith is weak in this situation.

      1. Exactly, ashterah, except that I think he's brought in caretaker into his demented idea of a fray repeatedly, and in many other ways as well. Of course, we only have his worthless word for it, but according to him, she's not only supportive of his efforts, she's active in pursuing his demented goals.

        It's not only an admission that his intellect is decidedly inferior, it's the mark of abject cowardice to attack children. Minor children and adult children who require guardianship are about the most defenseless creatures God made, which is why it's the mark of abject cowardice to threaten, attack, or even imply anything about them.

        No one, not even those who purport to be on the side of the freakshow can see those actions as anything other than 1) the tacit admission the freak is too stupid, even stoooooooooopid, to hold his own with the adults he wishes to best; or 2) that the freak has again proven his own abject cowardice.

        It's not as if he's proven anything we didn't know, but I'd bet he's opened some other eyes. No decent person uses their spouse, and especially their child as a shield, and no zombie lickspittle did so. No decent person could support what the freak did in reference to minor children and adult children with challenges requiring guardianship. There can be no excuse, no legitimate reason, no cause other than stupidity, cowardice, and demented, fear-pee-soaked desperation for what the freak has done in attacking and threatening children.

        1. In the very near future, William will know what it is to be defenseless. The captive caretaker will abandon her mortal coil, and he'll be left with no one to fetch his footlongs and mayo, let alone file his many lulzsuits.

          Because he's been a malicious prick his entire life, William M. Schmalfeldt will know what it is to be alone and defenseless soon. And he will be painfully aware of it as he starves to death or bleeds out after slipping in the shower.

          I doubt that he survives a week. His bloated body will be found only after the neighbors complain of a ranker than usual odor, the state will dump him in an unmarked pauper's grave, and that will be the end of him.

      2. No doubt, Neal. And lest anyone feel even the slightest pity, may I remind you that he has brought this upon himself, deliberately and with malice. He's been offered help and advice all along the way, but he chose a different, evil path to walk roll.

        Without her there to see to it, the odds of his "last wishes" being fulfilled are somewhere around zero or less, so yes, Neal, an unmarked pauper's grave is his likely final ignored, rejected, place.

        1. I'm interested in how precisely William intends to finance this last wish of his. Cremation costs more than he has, and I'm quite sure that he's blow through any life insurance money there might be on blog hosting, internet radio services and anything else the furthers the exhibitionism of William Schmalfeldt.

          Why would I say such a terrible thing, you wonder? Well, his entire family history makes a reasonable case for it. William didn't get along with his first two wives, so he left town and played the victim when his own children took exception to it. He journeyed halfway across the continent to live-tweet his own mother's death rattle, which I'm sure Marilynn couldn't have been more thrilled about. Dear old dad, the older brother and the Bobber must have felt lucky, slipping their mortal coil in an age before social media.

          Having said that, it would be interesting to see how our bouncing, broadcasting boy spins any of this as "false light invasion of privacy", given that they're all things that I shouldn't know in the first fucking place! Were I in his position, I can assure you that I wouldn't be putting it out there for the entertainment of strangers. And if Gail knows that he's doing it, she's tacitly approving it.

          The only reason I can offer fair comment on any of them is that Schmalfeldt is an exhibitionist, on top of being a maniac and a moron.

  3. He's evil. He can never, ever be anything but that. And most people who have become aware of his evil know to avoid conversations with him. We may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous. He is a liar. And a psychopath. He will lie to confuse people. But he will also mix lies with the truth, but mostly he lies. And it is psychological, and can be powerful. So don't listen to him. Remember that - do not listen.

      1. William lacks the requisite intelligence to be evil.
        He’s a spoiled idiot man-child that was never forced to grow up.
        And Marilynn must have died ashamed, knowing that the last thing she saw was her life’s most abject failure, nose in his iPad, tweeting away.


      2. He lacks the intelligence to be successful at anything, but his intent to do and be evil is one of those rare instances where intent suffices to consider him that which he aspires to be, imo.

  4. Heh. If I had it to do over again, I'd have created a special account for this crap. Too late now

    Oh, wait, do socks count? I've got this WJJ Hoge account that Bill loves, and Krendler!!! Well, we all know the story behind that one.

    Except Bill 😉

  5. Perhaps Cousin Bill doesn't realize *just how many* of his family members are part of Team Lickspittle...

    I know of three, not counting myself...

    Excuse me, I have to go cuddle with the Rule 5 wife...she gave me the high sign from the doorway!

  6. So it was my turn in the barrel today. After I posted what I now intend to be a daily "Billy Sez:," this showed up on Bill's @bloodonthemike twitter feed:

    The image is from my facebook news feed, and the information, except for the notion that I "enjoy" mocking people with Parkinson's disease, can be found there too. Had he taken any time looking at my facebook page, he would have discovered that I retired from a 25 year career practicing law at the end of 2013, and now have a lot of time on my hands (hint, hint).

    He, of course, had no business tweeting a photo of me on his twitter feed, so I wrote twitter @support the following:

    [i]Mr. Schmalfeldt (@bloodonthemike) has now targeted me for harassment and online abuse. He has no business putting up a picture of me or tweeting any of my personal information. I assert ownership and copyright (the picture is an altered image from facebook, where I routinely inform persons viewing my photos that they are copyrighted) over the photo in question) as to this image he has posted.[/i]

    I receive the standard email back stating that the twitter powers that be are looking into the situation.

    Now, I have chosen to be me on the Internet, wherever I go. No alter ego, no socks- just me. That's not saying that those of you who don't wish to "be you" on the 'net are doing something wrong. Being David Edgren here and elsewhere is just my own personal choice. If Bill wants to dox me, he won't have too hard a time. He'd better watch out, though. Alaska, unlike some other jurisdictions I'm aware of, takes a very dim view of harassment and defamation, Internet-based or otherwise. And, after a quarter-century of practicing law up here, I would not blush in noting that I know my way around the court system pretty well. It's around a 5,000 mile trip, Bill, up here from Maryland- and that's one way. If, let's just say, I decided I needed to obtain a protective order against further harassment by you, I would certainly ask the court to require your attendance up here in person so that the judge could observe your demeanor first-hand. Maybe you'd have the opportunity to read him or her some of those cute stories you wrote... that'd be entertaining, eh?

    So dick around with me at your peril, bub.

    Anyway, back to Bill's observation about me and "mocking" people with PD. Au contraire, Billy. I don't care that you have Parkinson's. That condition means nothing to me either way. I assume you mean, in saying I'm mocking your disease, that I'm not doing so by quoting you. Hell, you said all the things I intend to publish, maybe every day for the rest of your sad little life (or mine, I'm a couple of years older than you- maybe you'll luck out). So it's the picture, eh? The scars? The dents?

    Nupe. Wrong. I don't care if they drilled your frickin' head all the way down to China. Obviously whatever they drilled for turned out to be a dry hole, though, as by your account (and we'll hear more about that, won't we Bill?) your PD is rounding the Stage IV turn on its way to- dare I say it?- Stage Eleventy!!11 and DEATH!!). Not mocking that, big guy. It's a sad state of affairs and I'll kick in a little bit extra this year in donations to the Parkinson's Disease Foundation, as I have now seen firsthand the devastating effects PD can have. I mean, you didn't get the way you are today all on your own, did you?

    So what is it, Bill? Why that pic if it's not to evoke the horrors of Parkinson's and the heroic braveness (well, maybe not) of a pioneering volunteer (well, maybe not) for cutting edge (well, maybe not) surgery? Well, I'll tell you. It's the eyes. Those piggy, beady, nasty little eyes. You had me at those eyes the first time I saw that photo. They are pure. unadulterated. evil. The world needs to see those eyes, Bill, and automatically associate them with the rest of you and all those things you have said over the years. Through the wonder of Internet meta tags, Bill, it will.

    Do I feel bad about that? Well, after I saw this... Hell, no. I'll let my initial communication to twitter tell you what I think about your pathetic Photoshopping efforts.

    [i]Mr. Schmalfeldt (@bloodonthemike) has posted an image belonging to me that he has Photoshopped in an effort to obscure that fact and to publish scurrilous defamatory statements that he seeks to associate with me. The original of the photo is on facebook here:


    Mr. Schmalfeldt has removed the "© 2014" notice from the lower right hand corner of his image. If you compare the shape of the clouds and other corresponding features, however, it is easy to determine that he has altered my photo by solarizing it and changing the text on the sign. He has also put a small (also copyrighted) picture of my face in the lower right hand corner of the sign, which he has altered to state his usual homophobic and gay-baiting slurs. I take this as an apparent attempt by Mr. Schmalfeldt to associate me with the things he has said on the sign. If this image is left up on his twitter feed for any material time after your receipt of this message, I will take the position that twitter is a party to the defamatory nature of the altered image and to Mr. Schmalfeldt's infringement on my copyright rights and proceed accordingly.[/i]

    Here's the original, as I have broken the above link on purpose:

    I've written Bill Schmalfeldt a cease and desist from any contact, further harassment, copyright infringement, etc., etc. tonight that will go out in the mail to his address tomorrow. It'll be certified, restricted delivery, return receipt requested. Turn it down if you wish, Bill. But ignore what I demand at your peril. I don't make threats. I don't hide the ball. Don't f-ck with me.

    1. Annnnnnnd, the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt steps up yet again and goes at someone he knows nothing about. Good luck with that -- BS is going to definitely need it this time. He just can't stop digging at those holes, the dumb, dumb, sob. *smh*

      Have at him, D. As you are well aware -- he deserves and has earned every ounce of what he gets. No quarter, my friend.

      1. At least he chose a lawyer this time, and not Vinnie or Guido or one of their friends. Remember how panicked he was when he realized the Tom he had doxed was a) the wrong Tom and b) seemed to be Jersey union guy who like hunting? Or when he thought "Kyle the felon" might actually come up to MD for a visit? Good times, good times. 😀

        He loves to dish it out, but he just a coward and a pussy himself if it looks like things might get physical, for all his 'I was always the last guy standing" crap.

      2. IMO -- It is long past due for the real Florida Kyle to know what BS has been posting about him for a very long time now.

        Oopsie Poopsie.

    2. Mr. Edgren,
      Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. IANAL (nor do I play one on the internet), and I don't live within 200 miles of BS, but I offer whatever assistance I can provide.

      And to BS: you should make a note of this, not because I am any particular threat to you or anything, but because it shows a stranger is willing to help someone that you are bothering. I have never met David Edgren, and most likely never will. My little offer above is probably the first time I have ever attempted direct communication with him. But it is all because of you and your vile behavior. Let that sink in, and if there is ever any spare time between your hatred and jealousy, contemplate that complete strangers are willing to help each other against your evil.

      1. Ditto, and indeed.

        It's sort of astonishing how BS' behavior drives mild people to offer every assistance to his victims.

        Oh, btw, I had a quarterly board meeting yesterday, thus the silence of the last few days.

    3. Gosh, he really and truly is interested in collecting restraining orders in all 50 states, isn't he? What a jackass.

    4. Oh! And if you have the need to effect personal service on Billy, I have friends who have volunteered for the job. We aren't that far away, and it would be payment enough to see the look on his face and be able to walk away after he signs.

    5. If you don't mind, I believe I will.

      (I thought I would let this one slide verbatim, in case any interested Alaskans were interested in collecting evidence of INTENT. - PK)

    6. You know, I never have understood why he insists that he should get special treatment because he has Parkinsons. I mean, his actions are the same sorts of actions he has been doing for decades. Long before he had Parkinsons. So, why shouldn't he be taken to task for things that OBVIOUSLY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PARKINSONS?

      Like you, David, I could give two rotting rat corpses that he has Parkinsons. It doesn't enter into my equation. I only think it is the stupidest excuse a person could have as to why they should be speshul and snowflake-y.

      Methinks that Biwwyyy looooooves to have an excuse to demonize people. Because picking on someone with Parkinsons disease is soooooo heinous as to require their removal from society. No, actually Bill, YOU need to be removed from society, with or without Parkinsons disease, because cancers like you should always be eradicated. With prejudice and malice aforethought.

      1. Amen, ash. Just look at the idiot's timeline. I don't mock Blob because of his PD either. I mock him because he is a cruel, abusive, and evil sob that I cannot wait to see held accountable for his illegal behavior and evil.

        It. Will. Happen. And, I will throw a party, or buy the Zombie Lickspittle Horde drinks, or make tshirts to commemorate the event, or hit all of BS's victims' tip jars. Hell. Maybe all of the above. I look forward to it!

        Oh. And, now that he willingly disclosed that his wife is undoubtedly a willing participant in his evil, I have no problem mocking her either. And, it has nothing to do with whatever ails her.

        Maybe she should have kept her head down, eh?

        1. Oh yes, Grace, she really should have. I mean, her husband seems to like to give that advice to pure strangers. Why wouldn't he want to protect the one thing in the world that means everything to him?

          Oh wait. That would be Shiloh. M'bad!

      2. Yep. She really, really should have kept her head down, Ash.

        Oh, well. Considering BS has NO problems with attacking, mocking, and posting images of spouses (and, children!) who have absolutely NOTHING to do with him nor anything to do with Team Kimberlin's persistent abuse, threats, and lawfare -- then BS should have NO problem with HIS spouse, who has VOLUNTARILY inserted herself into the BS/Team Kimberlin EVIL, being on the receiving end of what BS has so gleefully and relentlessly dished out (and, continues to dish out). And, if BS does have a problem with it? I'm pretty much of the opinion -- Too. Freaking. Bad. YMMV.

        Now... IF his spouse did NOT voluntarily insert herself, and she is NOT a willing participant, then that just opens up a whole new set of questions (and, concerns) now, doesn't it?

        With that said... and, lest we forget -- BS has screeched and raged and gone on record many times that he is NOT a spouse abuser. Therefore, I think it's very safe to assume his spouse has willingly brought herself into the evil and abusive garbage her husband has instigated, and has become a willing (possibly even eager) participant. A partner-in-crime, if you will.

        I mean, good grief! The woman willingly posed for -- And. Then. Gave. Her. Permission! -- for BS to post a half-naked picture of her online! They obviously did that solely for us Zombie Lickspittles so we would see it, and be proven wrong or shown she's lost some weight or shown she's dying ELEVENTY!!1!!1! or some such nonsense (which, btw -- NO ONE denied, questioned, or even gave a shit about).

        That sure sounds like a willing player to me. So, all I can say is... welcome to field of battle.

    1. I heard that he went down on more than 14 every time he was on a ship that crossed the equator.

      Or any random meridian.

  7. I knew I should have used a pseudonym! Oh well. Jeeves! drive down to the front gates and lock them forthwith!

      1. Actually, the fat dude floats, the rolly-walker sinks, and you get the "beached whale" effect. Fat man gets to shore sans walker, and just lays there cursing life and HOGE.

        Just pick a polearm from the display in the great hall and dispatch the foul beast.

        1. Oh no, Bill converted to aquatic mode:

  8. Exactly. If I was the only person BS could (or would) bother, I wouldn't be anonymous. I have no fear of his lawfare. If I had a common name, so he couldn't identify other people of that name as necessarily connected to me, I'd use it. However, literally every living person in the US with my surname is no more distant than a 2nd cousin once removed. I choose to prevent the odorous pustule of Eldridge from harassing my family because of his well-documented history of harassing his opponent's families.

  9. Mr. Edgren,

    He's just a jerk who nobody believes. His comedy skills are zero, his life skills are poor and he is now relegated to doxxing people who use their own name.

    Bill Schmaldeldt isn't worth the pixels. But if you want to sue him, cause him grief and drag him to court, I hear the weather is getting warmer.

    1. Shit, "doxxing people who use their own name"?

      I use my own name, am related by blood, and he still can't find me!

      So far, I've been accused of being Dan Foreman, Don Foreman, Kirk I. Hays, Paul Krendler, Howard Earl, John Hoge, and probably a couple of others I've forgotten!

      I'm Roy Schmalfeldt, none other!

      Cousin Bill seriously sucks at doxxing, life, and just about everything else.

      Truly, Cousin Bill is a supperating galled hemorrhoid of a sub-human being, whom I've had the extreme misfortune to know for 50+ years. He's fucked up every opportunity, fucked over every friend, and fucked up every relationship he's ever had.

      Everyone improves the world. In Cousin Bill's case, by being a cautionary tale for children, and, soon enough, in the natural order of things, by shuffling off this mortal coil, mewling and whinging the whole time.

      Bill, as one Schmalfeldt to another, you disgust me.

      1. Hey Roy, as family are you the one that gets to live tweet the death? Maybe take a few pictures.

      2. What! You're Dan Foreman? I love those radio commercials you do for that invention company where you talk about your cooking grill. I didn't know you also were here. What a small world.


    William's playing the tough guy again.

    That always ends well.

    1. Remove the extortionate threat from the Internet? How, by getting his connection cut?

  11. I see Bill put on his lawyer pants again. I'm sure that will work out just as well as it has in the past. And I see he's posting pictures of other people's children again. Hmmm...this creepy obsession with other people's children. Makes me wonder..

    1. I think he's going to be a little busy in the foreseeable future to go out picking new fights.


      Truer words were never spoken.

    3. The picture of the young man Bill posted was that of my adoptive son Tristen, who is now an adult. Tristen is profoundly mentally and emotionally disabled, as is his brother Joshua, who we adopted at the same time. My wife and I are now Tristen's guardians, and have the full capacity to act on his behalf, to include filing a complaint with twitter about the use of the photo. We will do that today.

      1. The only thing Bill Schmalfeldt enjoys harassing and abusing more than his victims' spouses... are his victims' SICK spouses.

        The only thing Bill Schmalfeldt enjoys harassing and abusing more than his victims' children... are his victims' DISABLED children.

        Those innocents really sink the creep deep, deep into his sweaty-palmed, happy place. Sick freak.

        EVIL -- Thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.

      2. Grace -- ^^^ THIS ^^^

        I have seen no other (non DMCA 230 protected so suck it) comment which so encapsulates the truth of the flail fail which is Bill.

        You could strike back? Modest criticism.

        Your parents could strike back? Modest criticism.

        Your best friend is a terrorist pedophile? I don't understand where you are going with this.

        Your wife/enabler has cancer? How dare you comment on my private life.

        You are a minor child whose parent has angered me? FACE THE WRATH OF FAIL!! I MEAN BILL!! I MEANT FAIL!!! (points for accuracy) I MEANT HOOOOGGGGEEEE!@!

  12. I see Bill is showing his great legal skills, as well as claiming that a statement of fact (remove the copyright infringement or I'll sue) is extortion, and himself making a threat (Dave, told you to keep your head down), all in the space of 5 tweets.


    A work does not enter the public domain simply because it is accessible to the public online. Copyright attaches to a copyrightable work the moment it becomes fixed in a tangible medium of expression. 17 U.S.C. § 101-102. This means that the author of the work does not need to take any formal steps, such as registration, to receive a copyright. Copyright is automatic, and thus a work cannot enter the public domain until its copyright has expired. However, note that the author must register his or her work with the United States Copyright Office before initiating a lawsuit. See Cosmetic Ideas, Inc. v. IAC/Interactivecorp., 606 F.3d 612, 621 (9th Cir. 2010). Furthermore, if an author registers his or her work within five years of creation, the copyright registration serves as prima facie evidence that the work belongs to that author, and is original. 17 U.S.C. § 410(c).

    It is incredibly difficult nowadays to inject work into the public domain. Essentially, an author must explicitly waive his or her copyright in the work. See If you are feeling particularly generous, you can find a waiver and public domain dedication here:


    If you would like to learn more about this topic, I suggest reading Dr. Stuart’s article on social network copyright infringement, available at

    So, where has Mr. Edgren explicitly waived his copyright?

    I suppose there might be a "transformative work" argument, but that's not something Twitter will worry about, that's going to be something the IP lawyers will hash out, no?

    1. To wquote from the linked ask an expert article:

      The question is, does it just become public domain by virtue of being posted on facebook? Of course not.

      No wonder he didn't last long as an editor anyplace. I've just never seen him prove his total lack of understanding of copyright law so thoroughly before.

      1. “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

        ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

        ’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

        That sums up Bill's approach to life in general. Laws mean what he WANTS them to mean, not what they actually mean. And if he wants the law to apply to us but not him? That's fine too in his world.

    2. No, as we have seen with all of Bill's self-publishing platforms, they just take that shit down, get out of the middle and let the lawyers fight it out.

      1. Exactly, and when the original owner of the photo is a lawyer, it makes it so much easier, especially a retired lawyer who presumably has some time on his hands.

        Bill does realize that if his argument is true, that by posteing something online it is now public domain and can be used by anyone for any reason at all, then all of his podcasts are now public domain, all of his "songs", all of his "satire", anything he has ever put up on the web, all public domain? Does he really believe that? (I think we know the answer to that rhetorical question! 😀 )

    3. Isn't there a place where books are available to any member of the public? Not a book store, but a place where you can read and even borrow them for free?

      Must be imagining that. Why would authors or publishers make their work public domain by letting them be in such a facility.

  13. What is wrong with this? It is a direct quote, with no commentary. He is using the full photo, which Bill Schmalfeldt insists upon. Yes, insists - he went after Stacy McCain and claimed that he "dishonestly cropped" the photo when he left out the incisions. So, what is the problem? A direct quote plus use of the photo as BS has demanded. I thought professional authors liked to be quoted.

    1. Damn that guy is a moron. He can swipe any pic he finds and scream it's public domain just because it's on the internet, but use one of the pics he put on the internet, it's the world's biggest crime. What a leaky vagina. What a pussy.

      1. Repeatedly.

        Too fat to run, too stoopid to make the connection between shooting his mouth off and having his ass handed to him...

        ...packed with sand.

  14. Well his twitter following has increased by 40%! in just a couple days. Now 7.


    Blood on the Mike @BloodontheMike · 2h 2 hours ago

    Dear Mr. Edgren. As a former attorney (just not a good one), you understand you have made an extortionate threat?

    You should look in you mirror.

    1. Oh! Forgot to include this.

      BILL a reasonable person can conclude that you are a lying hypocrite.

      1. The "promise" to go running to the Alaska Bar Association is a classic demonstration of just how dumb William is.

        "Retired" implies that one no longer practices. It them stands to reason that one longer pays bar fees, which puts one out of the reach of the association even assuming that something untoward has been done.

        Another federal lulzsuit would just prove that he didn't learn the lesson from his last one. And it being the sixth suit that he's filing (seventh action, if you count the Grady peace order) in just ten months, I don't think it'll end the way he expects it will. The clerks will just seeing William the way the Howard County Sheriffs Office does.

        How is he going to get through the day when he's all alone?

      1. Sure, Paul; next you'll be telling us that, "These are not the droids [we] are looking for."

  16. I'd like to re-emphasize the derivative nature of his work by noting that his current Twitter handle and Blog are nothing more than an old Barney Miller plot device.

    What with this and the Batman steal earlier I'd ask him to at least get into this millennium you out of date old puff of dust.

  17. As the comment I put up yesterday did not see fit to include the original "Skinny Dick's" photo I took last summer complete with the copyright notice in the lower right hand corner, here it is.

    Skinny Dick's, as Kyle noted, is an Alaska institution of long-standing (notorious) repute. It is located about 15 miles west of Fairbanks on the Parks Highway. My understanding is that local folks up there don't know whether to be amused or appalled.

  18. I have taken my twitter account private because the usual suspects are stinking up the place.

    1. Sir, I give you a thumbs up in solidarity. Mencken had it wrong, the red flag meant "no quarter". Should you find your self in need of assistance, I'm not as hard to find as the 'A'-Team, but my lack of a corporeal form limits my potential to do actual physical harm. and no, I can't turn your van into a tank.

    1. The best way to make Bill Schmalfeldt foaming at the mouth mad--is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.

      Me 2015
      H/T to Stacy McCain

  19. Here's Bill's dox photo of my son Tristen posted on his twitter feed this morning.

    Here's the original photo from Tristen's facebook account.

    Here's what I wrote twitter @support a few minutes ago about the situation.

    This photo that Bill Schmalfeldt (@bloodonthemike) has posted in his twitter feed is part of an ongoing effort to harass and defame me. It is of my severely mentally and emotionally disabled adoptive son Tristen and refers connected with the photo to my obtaining a restraining order against my children. Mr. Schmalfeldt has no idea of the damage posting this photo could do to Tristen, who is now an adult and is under the court ordered guardianship of my wife and I. He has invaded Tristen's privacy (apparently in the hope of hurting me) by taking this photo without permission from Tristen's facebook news feed, as shown here:

    I took this photo, and claim ownership and copyright of it. Mr. Schmalfeldt has also thus, by continuing to post the image on twitter, violated my intellectual property rights in addition to wronging Tristen. This is my demand that you (twitter @support) cause this photo to be removed from Mr. Schmalfeldt's twitter feed immediately. If it is not removed within a reasonable time after the sending of this message, I will take it personally and on behalf of my disabled son that twitter is a party to this sort of wrongdoing.

    I also request that you look into the mountain of complaints of a similar sort that have been made about Mr. Schmalfeldt's use of his twitter account to abuse and harass and take appropriate steps to limit his ability to do so in the future.

  20. Wow. Almost speechless. ANd we're all here to see how this started. Bill went after this guys kid, just like you've all said he's done before. This is sick. Fuck this guy. So he doesn't like people using his picture? I know over 100 gam devs. This is gonna' be fun.!

    oh wait, that's the slogan around here. ALL WE HAVE IS FUN!

    1. Bill already showed up in a game last year...

      ...he was all bloviating butthurt about it.

      Krendler and I had nothing to do with it.

      Of course not...

      1. Link? I would play that game all day. I was hoping the happy hell game could find a place for him.


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