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  1. *snicker*
    He needs to read the handwriting upon the wall that ram hit: "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin" (look just below the graffiti: “acquiret avunculo william rectalis orificium est nocere crepito”.

  2. The poor baby. A motion to dismiss before service was effected. Just proves how ridiculously easy it was to see the flaws in the complaint.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 32m 32 minutes ago
    I fear Hoge has gone and pooped in the nest this time, and smeared it all over his co-defendants.

    Seriously what is it with Bill and man ass and poop? He really does have a sick fascination.

    1. Plus we have to save this one for when Bill loses again. Maybe if he keeps seeing his failures in his own words he'll finally learn.

      1. His mother never loved him. Look it up. Coprophilia and mother issues. It's all documented.

    2. Well, consider the odds. 30/70 [optimistically] at any given moment, he's sitting there with a full diaper. It's bound to affect the thought pattern [for sufficiently generous definitions of thought.]

  4. Whenever Bill starts giving legal opinion I just picture his poor departed father sitting in hell doing this....


  5. Whack-a-mope:

    Bill's Twitter feed has vanished.

    Somebody finally get through to the Twitter abuse squad on this?

    Because that's going to spoil a lot of FUN!

    1. Sorry, Roy - he's still projecting, projecting, projecting; each more stupid than the last:

      Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 2m 2 minutes ago

      Hoge can stop the defamation and lies right now. But he needs the adulation of the lickspittles because his own life = meaningless + empty.
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      John Hoge - Has loving family, many friends; is an elder in his church; has many hobbies and is a well-liked, respected member of hobby clubs; highly educated; employed as a quantum mechanic by NASA which is a position requiring superior intelligence; Mr. Hoge tried to retire but his services were still needed so he went back; and he has a lovely home.

      Mr. Hoge is also well liked on the internet, enjoying the respect and affection hundreds of friends and admirers, with a website and following that grows every year.


      Bill Schmalfeldt publicly admitted that he has dementia. Bill Schmalfeldt publicly wrote that his own words can't be trusted, and is a known and frequent liar. There are webpages about his lies. Bill Schmalfeldt has repeatedly written about his lonely, virtually solitary life, and how his own children want nothing to do with him. Bill Schmalfeldt claims he graduated from high school, but he also says his own words can't be trusted. Bill Schmalfeldt lives in a tiny trailer and under penalty of perjury described himself as a pauper. Bill Schmalfeldt wears diapers and has publicly written about crapping himself.

      Bill Schmalfeldt has multiple restraining/peace orders against him from multiple states. Bill Schmalfeldt is facing a ruling for violating a court order.

      Bill Schmalfeldt has been banned from left wing sites like the Daily Kos where the comments showed those left wing people found him repulsive. Bill Schmalfeldt has been banned from more sites than many have ever even visited. Bill Schmalfeldt has been fired from writing "jobs" that paid little or nothing, and under penalty of perjury admitted the National Parkinson's Foundation doesn't want to be connected to him. (Basically, fired from promoting and soliciting donations for a charity. That's a special kind of repugnant.)

      Bill Schmalfeldt publicly wrote that his wife gets angry at him when he cries.

      Bill Schmalfeldt has wee willy.

      TL;DR If Bill Schmalfeldt believes even half of what he's written today, and it's not just another pack of the lies he's known for, it's clear that his dementia is getting worse.


      1. A very thorough and accurate depiction of the Life of John Hoge vs. the Life of Bill Schmalfeldt, Jane.

        Bill Schmalfeldt is so obsessed and envious of John -- John's intelligence, his employment, his friends, his wife, his manor -- you name it. The Deranged Cyberstalker's preoccupation and jealousy drips from every word he types and every action he takes.

        BTW -- Does anyone have a SS of that "Day in the Life of Blob" drivel the over-sharer posted awhile back?

      2. You crack me up, Krendler!

        I so didn't know where you were going with that #FiftyShadesofGrey sentence. I was relieved as I read to the end. LOL!

      3. Place yourself on a jury, who are you going to believe? Fine upstanding member of the community or the adjudicated harasser and stalker--known associate of a convicted bomber, forager, perjurer, and drug dealer?

  6. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015
    Actually, I know a way Hoge can get out of this mess relatively easy.

    If a demented freak show who really into murder, rape fantasies, and neophilia posted a video suggesting I listen to the song Reach Out (I'll Be There) by the Four Tops, I believe I would view that as a threat. Bill is ever the demented freak show proving how far from reality he really is.


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