What A Nice, Quiet, Peaceful Day

Not much happening today, except for some disappearing Twitter accounts. Seems like our Cabin Boy™ has crawled into a hole and pulled it in behind him.

Maybe he’s writing another federal complaint for butthurt – LULZsuit 2: Electric Boogaloo!

But hey, as long as he’s quiet for another thirteen and a half day more days, of his own free will, I’ll shut this blog down and stop mocking him.

So you just stay nice and quiet, you Demented Oedipal Cyberstalking Freak, and you’ll get all the LEAVE. ME. ALONE. that you can handle.

There’s a good lad.

Peace, my new best friend!

Be well.

“Paul Krendler”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

38 thoughts on “What A Nice, Quiet, Peaceful Day”

    1. Nice demonstration of McCain's maxim:

      "All that is necessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt." - RSM

  1. This oughta be good. He often comes out of hiding full of piss and vinegar (or mayo?) with a new lolsuit or some other but of insanity with which to entertain us. Given the length of quiet this time, it's bound to be a doozy.

  2. It's too much to hope, I suppose, that Twitter's permaban hammer has finally hit the target.

  3. Perhaps after getting his ass served to him AGAIN, he has learned that it does not pay to mess with those better educated, or more wealthy, or more intelligent, which effectively includes almost everyone in the country over the age of 12.

    Who am I kidding? Witless Willie wallows in his trailer as we speak, diddling himself in delirious dreams of mayonnaise, righteous revenge, and respect, until his always slight self-control snaps and sends him soaring into yet another epic misadventure of misanthropy and self-inflicted misery.

    My wife suggests that mocking the Laughable Lackwit is akin to murdering baby seals, but then baby seals do not try to snatch children from their mothers or torment cancer patients.

  4. So Bill is busy trying to delete all the foul droppings he's left on twitter, he has mass deleted his blogs, and even his "friends" are scrubbing mentions of him from their twitter timelines. Too little too late. Besides, didn't I hear that scrubbing evidence is a no no?

    Eh, Bill has a sick need to be the center of attention. I give it until Thursday and he'll pop back up.

  5. Perhaps he's busy seriously contemplating the cure, so his widow can collect eleventy-billion dollars from HOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!

  6. Sounds like someone could use this to replace their broken F5 key.


    Too little too late, indeed.

  7. Reminder: There's a sign-up sheet in the breakroom over at the Sooper Sekrit Site.

    So far -- I'm bring the cake, and KREEENNDDLEEERR is bringing the PUNCH. There is still a need for cups, napkins, pointing, and laughing.

    Tis right around the corner. Let's party on, Zombie Horde!


    1. I am bringing a fine selection of cylindrical meats. Also several flavors of cheese in pressurized tubes.


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