Wait A Minute!

If John Q. Citizen wishes to sue multiple parties for libel, defamation, aggravated butthurt and general douchebaggery, and argue that he is a private person, “just ask anyone – no one’s heard of me…” then how can he also argue that his reputation has been damaged, when no one’s ever heard of him?

Likewise, are not the notions of both celebrity and notoriety somewhat narrowly defined, especially in our internet “Streisand Effect” culture? Celebrity or notoriety can be defined in very narrow fields. Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners could be eminent in their fields but unknown generally. “Literary” authors enjoy much less acclaim outside their fields than “popular” writers, but they are still famous. The concept of fame is very much related to the community in which a person is famous.

Bill Schmalfeldt is famous within a very particular community – the Internet. It is here where his primary fame has been made, and it is here too where all criticism of him has been made.

His butthurt is his own responsibility, and he has no legal grounds to put that responsibility on anyone else.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. Bill Schmalfeldt
    Nancy Gilly logic. "Schmalfeldt is a public person who has never sold a book."

    One, determining if you are a public or private person has nothing to do with book sales.

    Two, remember when Bill used to brag about all the books he's sold? Good times, good times.

    Three, we KNOW he's sold at least a few books, for evidentiary purposes.

    Yet another SCHMALFAIL.

      1. It's been said that Bill Schmalfeldt pretty much sucks at life.

        But, sshhh. Don't dare say as much to him. Mr. "Private Citizen" will see to it that you are faild0xed post haste, and you will undoubtedly be threatened with a subpoena for his LOLsuit.

    1. gmta, Perry. How can someone be so infinitely deluded to not allow even the possibility that they're not seeing the big picture, or that their logic could be flawed, to cross their demented mind? Especially when others point out, again and again and again, the flaws in that "logic"?

      Not that it matters, or that any of the respondents would be likely to spend much time on the issue, if there was actually a valid case instead of it being an LOLsuit.

      Truth is an absolute defense.
      Opinion is protected speech.
      Many of the comments the idiot complains about don't even refer to him by name or nickname.
      Many of the comments he complains about are not about him, but he claims offense obo of others. Those allegedly defamed would have standing; Oliver Wendell Jones does not.

      I'm glad the prevaricating plaintiff is so incompetent, and that the respondents are very, very unlikely to be troubled very much by the LOLsuit. OTOH, in a way, it's slightly disappointing that the LOLsuit won't be going anywhere. Maybe a few more adjudications would get the demented creep some much needed "serious psychological help," as one avvo lawyer suggested would be a good idea.

      1. And Jane, as I pointed out yesterday, my pal the Witless Wonder of the World has paid no attention to the concept of limited purpose public figure.

        Even the degraded mind of a zombie seems to have given that concept more serious thought Witless William has.

        But then my pal is always good for FUN.

      2. Amazing, isn't it, JeffM? The average zombie hasn't spent nearly the amount of time considering the issue as any non-frivolous plaintiff should have put into it before filing. It's not that difficult to understand.

        The only explanation I can think of is dementia + Ahab wannabe.

        BTW - "Witless Wonder" is not only accurate, it's funny!


      3. Thanks Jane for the compliment. By the way, I am granting a non-exclusive license to any Lickspittle or Zombie to use William the Witless Wonder of the World (or W4 for short) or Witless William or Witless Wonder or any and all variations on W4 for purposes of mockery and parody.

    2. BS Logic "Nancy Gilly is a public person who has never sold a book".

      Given that Bill thinks NG is a public person, since he wrote about her in his book Axis of Weasels (using copyrighted materials without permission) it is interesting that he equates "public person" with book sales, since unlike Bill, she has never even written a book, never mind sold one. (Unless you count working in a book store, but I don't think that's the kind of bookseller he has in mind.)

      So by BS logic, there is absolutely no way that he can consider her to be a "public person".

  2. The things you learn on twitter - I had no idea that one must sell a book to become (in)famous, or to cross the line between private citizen and public figure. Millions around the world could read freely distributed works, but that doesn't count. I imagine there will be many celebrities who will be greatly disappointed.

    I suppose the technicality that his hero didn't actually write his own biography is how the freakshow has determined that someone who made headlines, was nicknamed "Speedway Bomber," by the press, etc., isn't a public figure.



  3. "Good luck with that argument, Krendler."

    How precious. He believes you are going to actually need that argument in a courtroom, Paul.

    Hello, officer.

  4. Gee. by BM's logic, many people, such as John Rich of Big and Rich or Daniel Radcliffe can't be a public figures because they haven't sold any books either.

    I'd hope even the Big BM can see the #logicfail in that statement. I wouldn't count on it though./smh

  5. Preliminary report on the Despicable Fail-doxing Pasty-Faced Cocksucker Bill Schmalfeldt:

    An experiment in anti-social engineering...

    Google a popular war-themed game + "forums"

    Go to the most popular site for that game, and look for an off-topic forum section.

    Spend 30 seconds finding someone with lots of posts, is an obvious Lib'tard asshole, and has an interesting nickname.

    Google that nickname, and make sure there's plenty of potential faildox ammunition. Twitters, facebook, real names... And obvious and easy enough that even an utter fucktard can find at least one target.

    Find a free e-mail site that has that nickname available, and create an account anonymously, using technical means to obscure your identity... Methods I won't describe because I don't want to educate the rat-fucking monkey.

    When the impotent lying sack of shit heroically chall... um.. pathetically begs for some breadcrumbs towards one of his self-made enemies, give him that e-mail.

    Wait for the lying shit to announce that (big surprise) he's discarded the supposed reason he "needed" that contact information, and proceeded to use it in yet another faildox. Hilarity ensues, and hopefully another peace order to add to the collection results.

    Every tweet Bill Schmalfeldt makes is an additional lie added to his endless list. This inflamed hemorrhoid on the anus of the Internet wouldn't recognize the truth if it was whittled into a 2x4 and smacked upside his dented penis-shaped head.


    Moron, we can lie to you, just to fuck with you. For the fucking LOLz. We have no duty or obligation towards you. By your words and actions, you have forfeited any right to demand cooperation, civility, courtesy, deference, respect or even the most trivial acknowledgement of your dubious membership in the human race. Your list of crimes (figurative and actual) is too long to chronicle, but fortunately THE INTERNET IS FOREVER.

    We know you think you're some noble defender of truth and justice, but in reality (ever heard of it?) you're just a particularly loathsome example of a failed, bitter, willing little cog in the bureaucratic machine who has worn out and been spat out to live your (hopefully few) last days in a shitty (literally!) little tin can.

    While the Internet is indeed forever... Thank God YOU ARE NOT.

    Jeebus, please grant this goat-turd a moment's clarity and a sacred task to perform: FUCK OFF AND DIE ALREADY!

    1. http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk143/faeini1/whip-smiley.gif

      If he wasn't so demented, that smackdown would leave a permanently painful mark, viewfromnl.

      I have written many times that it would destroy him to be cursed with self-awareness. Can you imagine him someday waking up to the realization of who and what he really is?

      1. This is where I become a lapsed atheist and point out to him (because you know the syphilitic seaman semen slurper is F5ing this page like mad) that no matter how self-deluded he is, one day VERY SOON he will stand before his final judge AND BE FOUND WANTING.

        Just have a seat in that handbasket marked "Down."

  6. Bill apparently has FOIA’d some stuff from google about me.

    Can’t wait to see what it is!!

      1. Howard, your comment has me extremely confused. If Bill said, four years ago, that he got your identity from Google, why is he now offering a reward for that information? Shouldn't he already have it? Maybe, he lost all the documents Google sent, and he can't remember what they said because his brain is rotten, so now he's back to square one. What a dumbass.

        P.S. It don't really think that, I was being sarcastic


    Lord, this idiot exhausts me. Too bad I'm sick this weekend and haven't the energy to fisk him even further.

    1. Oh, and if you choose to be butthurt OVER THE THINGS THAT YOU ORIGINALLY SAID, perhaps you need to reconsider the sorts of things that you say. Because this is really getting old. Unfortunately it also proves his dementia which is sad, but I have little pity for him.

    1. Wow. Just. WOW.

      Apology? Methinks not.

      I believe the correct term for it is: Self Pwnage.

      Yet another mind-blowing addition for the "You Just Can't Make This Shit Up" file.

      Good grief. The Deranged Cyberstalker simply needs to Hang. It. Up.

    2. I don't see anything in his document dump that backs up his beach-storming and rubble-searching in Lebanon.

      I also get the impression his docs don't quite match his linkedin profile. The phrase 'distinguished honor graduate' seems not to appear.

      If he didn't fake the docs, it appears he probably didn't suck at one of his many jobs. Consider my mind boggled.

      1. It could have been an Distinguished Honor with which we are not familiar and of the sort that doesn't get listed on a DD-214. For instance, his class might have voted him Most Likely to Set a Bad Example or Most Likely to Become an Internet Verb.

        I don't find it difficult to believe that Blob distinguished himself, especially while he's doing it again.

    3. That really shut him up.

      So What's with that LoC? Bill says he never got one, but then posts a copy of one with his name on it. Did he make it up?

  8. So Bill has posted a "letter of commendation" that he "forgot about." Imagine that.

    I figure the Yeomen (YN's) in the X-1 Division (Executive Department - O Admin) on the Midway forgot to place it in chronological order with your other awards on your NAVPERS 1070/604.

    And I figure the YN's also forgot to put a copy in your NAVPERS 1070/600 Enlisted Service Record (ESR) -- which OBTW is where you would find your NAVPERS 1070/604. You know Bill.... an ESR which was a brown folder full of your service information you would receive when departing a command and hand carry to your next command and turn in with about 10 copies of your orders when checking in?

    You know that ESR that would be reviewed by the YN's and contained all manner of administrative goodies!


    But wait a second... how could the YN's forget to do all that for your purported LOC when all awards or award recommendations have to go through them first? A YN would be assigned to review the award recommendation for clerical errors (spelling, service number or SSN, etc). Then the recommendation would be forwarded to the chain of command for signatures/approval. The final signature in the case of Bills purported "letter of commendation" being the Midways skipper.

    Before it goes to the Commanding Officer for HIS signature it would have had to get through his staff -- or in this case YNCS J. E. Sanders. And I don't think Yeoman Senior Chief Sanders was a slouch.............................. you fuck wit.

    Once signed by the skipper a copy would be made - one for the recipient and one for inclusion in his ESR. The award would be typed on the service members NAVPERS 1070/604 IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and a copy of the document two hole punched and filed in the ESR.

    Now then.

    On your 1070/604 there would be chronological, typed entries for each award you received from the day you started your term of service to the day you discharge. Those typed inclusions would include things like a Navy Achievement Medal, a Good Conduct Medal, a Letter of Commendation, or a Certificate of Merit. The 1070/604 is the SOURCE DOCUMENT for generating the DD 214 awards block when you are preparing to discharge.

    We know there is a 1070/604 with awards on it -- TWO Good Conduct Medals and ONE National Defense Service Medal -- because we have seen your self posted DD 214. You lummox.

    So Bill?

    How do you have an LOC in your hands that one day prior you "forgot about" but the next day you managed to find and scan and it still is not on your DD 214 or on your 1070/604?

    And OBTW Bill ---

    I would think looooooooooooooooooooooooooong and hard about how you want to answer that because there are only TWO people who know the truth about your military records -- and one of them is me.

    1. Alright. Alright.

      I'll have your children, A.B. LOL!

      All kidding aside... watching all of this play out is an amazing sight to behold.

    1. Appears active to me. Now threatening to change his avatar daily until lickspittles stop using his photos. And if that doesn't work, he's gonna go all stompy foot. Also changed the top image to books titled Hoaxes by Hoge or something like that.

      Let me be the first to sympathize with the hurt and shame such titles must cause the brilliant, generous, kind, thoughtful, and all around wonderful man, Mr. Hoge. Oh... wait... Hoaxes by Hoge? I'm sure that made John chuckle remembering some pranks he's pulled off irl. hahahaha

      1. PS - None of the "books" were titled, The First Rule of Holes. Someone should get that one for him. You know, as a gift. bwahahahaha


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