123 thoughts on “Teh Twitterz Iz ALIVE!!ELEVENTY!11!1!”

  1. The investigation rolls on!

    In Part Two, we talked about how the abuse Heide and Britten fought was recreated less than a year after the suit was settled by some clod using a variety of handles in his personal war against someone named Deborah Frisch.

    Oh, yes. Dr. Demented, victim. Run with that one, Blob.

    We alluded to information concerning an ongoing harassment of a young lady who has not yet given us permission to use her name.

    That would be the woman you just d0xxed on your blog, yes? The woman whose name, picture and social media accounts you've already published, yes?

    Krendler, you've been outed. How? Eleventy, that's how, Mathew!

    Come for the crazy, stay for the lulz: https://web.archive.org/web/20150216202242/http://theelkridgeinciter.blogspot.de/2015/02/well-that-wasnt-very-polite-at-all.html?spref=tw

    1. Isn't using "!!!11!eleventy!1!" (or something close to that) what nearly everyone 14 - 25 does on the internet these days?

      So he has narrowed it down from eleventy billion people (see what I did there) to P. Krendler.... aka.... Leroy Odswatch.... aka Roy Schamlfeldt.... aka A.B..... aka Mathew C. Ryan of Austin, TX based on a turn of phrase?

      Is this a continuation of the earlier further narrowings from random internet video game/anime kid.... aka Petty Officer Robert "Bob" Albee..... aka "Andrew Ballard"?

      There's just so many.....

      1. Hell, I'm 53 and I know most of the internet lingo. You'd think a bozo who is online ALL HIS WAKING HOURS may have caught on to one or two of these...

    2. Is he even aware of how really deranged Deb Frisch is?

      If you listen to a voice-mail she left for some unfortunate, you will have absolutely no doubt.

      I mean, the transcript is bad enough: http://tehdailysqueak.blogspot.com/2015/02/deb-frisch-tantrum-caught-on-tape.html

      But if you listen to her, she's ranting and panting, and I think she must have been foaming at the mouth.

      1. "Is he even aware of how really deranged Deb Frisch is?"

        Hell. Blob probably considers her a kindred spirit. A soulmate of sorts.

        Frisch and Blobby could start their very own Deranged Cyberstalkers Club.

    3. I'm so confused.

      Who is Blob claiming is this Matthew character?

      Krendler? Roy? Howard?

      Oh. And, it was awfully nice of Blob to share the @ handles of the two ladies he's attempting to reach via his tweets -- considering one of them is probably the Doe mentioned in the filing screencaps he keeps posting. What a clueless and heartless POS he is.

      "You can check my bona fides at theelkridgeinciter dot blogspot dot com."

      Bwahahahahahaha! There he goes again! The Big BM is using words he doesn't understand. "Bona fides" translates to "good faith." Bwahahahahahaha!

      1. Gotcha. Thanks, Roy. So, I'm not confused after all. It's just the Deranged Cyberstalker and Demented Freak raging and flinging poo again. IOW -- SSDD.

        So, what? He tripped over a case where someone had been harassed, stalked, and defamed so they sought a legal remedy and filed a lawsuit. And, he has now decided that the alleged guilty party in THAT case is one of the Zombie Horde who calls Blob on his shit and challenges his lies, harassment, stalking, defamation, threats, and abuse?

        Is that about right?

      2. Yes, Grace, you nailed it.

        He has so few (read "none at all") clues about who we are that his fevered imagination fills in the blanks.

        Who in his right mind would think that a rude, rough young pup like Mathew C. Ryan would be any of the three of us (Roy, Howard, or Krendler)?

        Honestly, it's insulting.

  2. So Krendler; are you Leroy Schmalfeld (formerly known as Leroy Oddswatch), A. B. aka Andrew Ballard, "Howard Earl" or some poor sap named Mathew C. Ryan.

  3. "I just called someone at work, and was ever-so polite! We were chatting quite amicably until I mentioned my name and asked if it rang a bell with him. There was a pause, followed by..."
    --Bill Schmalfeldt

    So we know from his very own lying keyboard that he does call people at work or their workplaces.

    1. Someone should create a graphic (chart?) showing all the real people BS has contacted by phone/email and who he thought they were. Put a red slash through the ones that were wrong and a green check mark on the ones he got right.

      Then put up the ones who have restraining orders against him.

      It might make a nice court exhibit one day.

      1. Remember the film "A Beautiful Mind" when they discover the room covered in newspapers with yarn connecting pictures and words? It's crazy connected to crazy.

        That's Schmalfeltian. If you made a chart trying to cover all of this stuff, you would end up mad.

      1. A clue!!!!111!!!1!!!11eleventy!!!1!!1!

        Quick! To Encyclopedia Dramatica to compare writing styles!

    1. I had a favorite phrase from an old National Lampoon issue call something like the Adventures of OC & Stiggs. Updating it for CB: "It was then that he decided to take the 100ft dumbass cliff dive into the lagoon of bad judgement."

  4. Get it right, Cousin Bill:

    My name is Roy Schmalfeldt. I used to use "Leroy Oddswatch" as a pseudonym.

    I don't know who the hell "Leroy Schmalfeldt" is...

  5. "For the information of Lickspittles. I do as I like without giving a moment's consideration as to what THEY might think of it."

    Oh, and we appreciate THAT!!!

    Because it leads to FUN at your expense!!!


      1. His doesn’t give a moment’s consideration at all--just jumps right in then later trys to see if their is water in that thar pool.

  6. I'm just getting caught up but it seems like Bill, in what may be his biggest Faildox ever, has decided Krendler is this Mathew Ryan because both have used "Epic" "teh" and "Eleventy"? And nothing else.

    Have I got that about right?

      1. Now, to be fair, I didn't start using PONIES!!! until I stopped choking on my beverage from laughing so hard at Popehat and his obsession with the coming pony apocalypse, which would be worse than the zombie apocalypse if allowed to occur.

  7. Bill, Bill, Bill...I already knew you were kind of old and out-of-it, but really? You may really be the dumbest of all possible fucks. You ever think to google "eleventy", you sub-literate dope? How about "teh stoopid." Do you think we invented "lol" too?

    1. Alright. Alright. I'll fess up. I'm Matthew Ryan. After all, I use "ELEVENTY!!1!!1!" quite often in my comments about Blobby.

      Come to think of it... many members of the Zombie Horde do -- as in Stage Eleventy Parkinson's Disease (which makes me LOL whenever I read it).

      So, the bottomline is: WE ARE ALL MATTHEW RYAN! Suck it, Blobby Boy!

      Man! He is going to be busy, busy, busy filing and managing a LOLsuit against so many of us Matthew Ryans.

      1. What would be hilarious would be if one of us was totally coincidentally named Matthew Ryan, as it's a fairly common name.

  8. https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/567443119642533889

    Apparently either you are the sole contributor to Encyclopedia Dramatica (based off your writing style) or everyone copies you (based off your writing style).

    BS probably should have browsed some of the articles on Encyclopedia Dramtica (aka the Paul Krendler Style Manual 5th Edition) to see just how common it is.

  9. Oh, this is *epic*.

    Another faildox in progress.

    My question is, do Howard, Krendler, and I all get to "count coup" when this blows up in Bill's big, stupid face?

    Or do we have to split it equally?

      1. God help me, I think he's going to actually have this Matt Ryan fellow served based only on his intertoobz sleuthing skills, which would it the Best. Faildox. Eveh!

      2. There's that - fortunately, we've laid most of the groundwork for Mr. Ryan to be able to whack Cousin Bill on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, without too much problem.

        Plus, Mr. Ryan appears to be a veteran of an Innartubez kerfuffle or two in his short days...

        I guess I should be flattered that Cousin Bill thinks a man of my advanced "wisdom" could actually be such a young pup...

  10. Dear, sweet, baby Jesus! Just when you think he can't get any worse, he does this! Entertainment such as this? Incredible! Remarkable!


    (Besides, we all REALLY know it was the Bobber with the sweet blow job gig. Thus the nick-name.)

    "Good. I got your name from these court filings and..." LMFAO! He's NOT going to hang up?? Flipping hilarious! Comedy gold, indeed!

    I love this... he's offering to provide contact information on this Mathew dude! And, he's reached out to the two women! Wow.

    What a nut job!

    The cure isn't for the Parkinson's, William, old boy. It's for your irreparable insanity.

      1. Hahahahaha! That's great, AJ!

        Ya know... I have no idea why I own so many television sets. The trainwreck that is the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is the most entertaining thing to watch EVAH ELEVENTY!!1!!1!

      1. The usual.

        He'll treat them as mortal enemies, say rude and hurtful things, and stop only when the cops show up, or his handlers jerk his leash.

        You know, the usual.

  11. "Too bad the little coward hung up on me. I had stuff I wanted to ask him about."

    Geez, Bill, are you some kinda pussy, taking "click" for an answer?

    Call him back! About a hundred times! Keep at it until he cracks!

    And you call yourself a "journanimalist"! Bah.

    1. With his The Wednesday, Midnight "journanimalistic" School degree, I think I might figure this one out!

  12. Bill, pedophile Deborah Frisch postings about an underage girl led to a physical harassment
    charge.Your vile recording of a underage girl should have led to your incarnation sometime ago. Your latest fail dox is probably going to fix you in ways you can't imagine. Bill, there should be enough screencaps and captured blog posts to put you away for a very long time. Remember, making veiled threats about putting someone in a woodchipper will comeback to haunt you. It's all documented Bill. You know Bill, you and teh pedophile Deborah Frisch seem very much alike.

  13. And his twitter is gone again.....

    this feels like the ending of "Flash Gordon" with the "???"

      1. Bill - a-ah - Dumbass of the universe
        ScmalFeldt - a-ah - he'll dox everyone of us
        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
        Bill - a-ah - he's an irritant
        Schmalfeldt - a-ah - Failure of all competence!

        Sorry Freddy, I just had to do it.

    1. BS jumped the shark and just compared himself to Mahatma Gandhi.

      Oh my. Oh My.

      April 16th?

  14. Sounds like Bill got served:

    "Hoge has taken out his 368th criminal charge against me for violating the no contact provision of his peace order."

    Has there ever been a better Monday? Eh? Eh?

    1. "I imagine the Lickspittles are clucking and gobbling in glee. Fine. Let them. I did the right thing and my conscience is clear."

      I imagine that will serve you well in the clink...


      1. But Bubba, my conscience is clear! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! (To a certain rhythm).

    2. However, I don't see John's name anywhere on that peace of paper. John merely reported the violation. The Carroll County authorities are the one's who filed the charge, no?

      1. That's how it works.

        You present to the authorities evidence showing contact in violation of the order. The la enforcement agents review the evidence to see if it warrants a charge and then file with the state attorney.

        Kind of hard to overcome evidence like an email that has his name on it, all kinds of digital identifying information and then bragging about sending it on twitter.

      2. So Bill is, as usual, overlooking how things actually work, that in this case someone in Carrol County had to agree that a violation had occurred, and is blaming everything upon Mr. Hoge, although it's entirely his own fault, and if he wanted to get that info out there, there were plenty of ways which didn't involve direct contact.

        Typical Bill./smh

  15. "And yes, apparently Hoge hates me more than he loves his wife. What else am I supposed to think?"

    False choice. John can easily love his wife, and hate you, with no conflict between the two emotions.

    That said, John clearly doesn't hate you. No, the actions I've seen by Mr. Hoge more closely resemble someone scraping dog-crap off their shoe with a stick, with all due respect for the crap.

    As for "think", you might want to do more of that, and less of the mayo-foaming rage that you've been exhibiting.

    "Think." Heh, yeah...no.

    1. He has no concept of what emotions others feel for him. Because it's his own little universe, as warped and twisted as it is. SMH That plus the projection is out of this world. But we won't talk about that, now will we? lolz!

    2. Bill Schmalfeldt is so vile. Only a monster would be making the comments he is making regarding John's love for his wife who is battling cancer. And, all this coming from a "man" who claims he is sooooo compassionate because he's the husband of a woman who has battled cancer. He truly is the spawn of Satan.

      @weltschmerz2015: Hoge shows no respect for his wife's life, no respect for his readers' intelligence, and certainly not for what's left of his humanity.
      2/16/15, 7:20 PM

      Yes. Let's talk about "respect for life" and "humanity," shall we?

      Who was that again who blogged about his wife's battle with cancer, but managed to make pretty much the entire experience about himself?

      Why... that would be the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, of course.

      Who was that again who sat by his Mother's bed as she lay DYING, but thought it was FAR more important and FAR more appropriate than comforting her to be waging an online battle with critics of his "excellent friend" the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin?

      Why... that would be the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, of course.

      So, it only stands to reason that the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt hates his wife Gail and hates his deceased Mother Marilynn. What a horrible husband, and what a disgusting and terrible son!

      Again... the spawn of Satan.

  16. Shoot.... he might be able to go ahead in forma pauperis:

    Violation of a Maryland Peace Order: misdemeanor, up to 90 days incarceration and $1,000 fine

    1. Ah, but his filing says he has >$2,000 in the bank, so he'd still have over half of it after paying the fine. As someone pointed out, he had the money to pay a professional voice actor to read his books; he's a lot less broke than many of the rest of us.

      1. True that, and if he's in jail, doesn't that also help with his claim? Though I'd think they'd make the determination off of the info he's already given them. Or would he be allowed to refile with the new "I'm poor!" info from a jail cell?

      2. I think it looks bad if you have one written order incoming (possibly?) for a peace order violation and awaiting a court date for another peace order violation.... all against a guy who you are now suing.

        I think the judge might actually take a pretty dim view to BS antics.

    2. Heh. Plus the fact that on the 61st day of incarceration he loses his Social Security and federal pension. Those usually take about 8-10 months to get restarted after release.
      Oopsy Poopsie!

      1. Grace, you were at the meeting where we planned this, AND you were copied on the meeting minutes...

        Sometimes, it feels like you don't even listen to me...

      2. My sincere apologies, Roy.

        It's that darn Kyle and his darn time machine. It doesn't have me attending that planning meeting until a week from tomorrow.

        And, that silly pony ate my copy of the meeting minutes that I was supposed to receive by snail mail two weeks from this Friday.

  17. In case anyone missed BS has a cure for cancer:


    1. That shitbag. Millions die every year who don't have restraining orders against him, and he's withholding a cure?

  18. If only hoge talks to Bill then Connie will be saved! Surely only Bill has access to physian referalls.

  19. "If I was the person these idiots think I am, would I offer help? Or would I sit in a dark room and chortle over their misfortune?"

    Yes, on both items, as you are a treacher.

  20. "The poor woman hasn't written on her FB account since 2011. I don't believe she is on Twitter. Does Hoge allow contact with the world?"

    Umm, writing on Facebook doesn't constitute "contact with the world".

    Quite the opposite, Clueless Bill.

    Nice attack, though, had you not spoiled it by being a horse's ass for the last sixty years.

    1. "Well, bedtime. Pray for Mrs. Hoge. Not allowed to contact the outside world, a seeming prisoner in Hoge House. Pray for her."

      Keep digging, Bill. We're capturing it all for the Judge as proof of your intent.

      More, please...

    2. I wouldn't doubt she posts regularly - and does so via posts that can only be seen by friends, not globally. You know, what most people do.

  21. "Otherwise, how does someone KNOW with enough certainty to issue a summons, that I violated the PO? How do they make that determination?"

    They look at the evidence, dipshit.

    You'll get you day in court, wherein you can claim "FORGERY", though that one is wearing rather thin...

    1. Roy, this is what ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SLAYS ME...

      His current five-way Faildox is based on nothing more than "very similar writing styles" IOW everyone uses teh epic ELEVENTY.

      He's yet to mention the "very similar writing styles" displayed in everything ever attributed to him, and the "forgery" that he sent to John.

      I wonder why that similarity so escapes him.


  22. "I guess I must care more about his wife than he does, since I'm risking my freedom and what's left of my health with the offer to help."

    False premise leads to false conclusion. Plus, there is no reason to believe that you know anything that could help, or that you are actually trying to help.

    Hey, three hots and a cot, same as they gave you in the Navy.

    Probably better food, and cleaner bedding, than you get at home. Plus the captive nurse will get some time off.

    She might even be there, when you get back.

  23. More sad news for BS.

  24. "Well, bedtime. Pray for Mrs. Hoge. Not allowed to contact the outside world, a seeming prisoner in Hoge House. Pray for her." - Bill Schmalfeldt

    What an asshole.

  25. Hey, Shakey- you ready for the international attention on you? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2956508/Woman-53-ordered-stay-away-young-family-outbid-dream-home-moves-just-ONE-MILE-road.html


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