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      1. Even I'm stunned by his latest tweets. As much as he sucks at doxing, he sucks even worse at trying to appear to be nice. I haven't seen that many "I"s since Obama's last presser. I've seen this act of his before.

        " I could probably be more help if I knew whether the cancer was localized, which vertebrae were involved, and how much it has spread."

        I mean........WHAT?!

      2. And John won't hold it against him.

        Preening nitwit.

        Just what Hoge needs, a freaking flunkie who wrote websites for the NIH pretending he's a doctor.

  1. I am beginning to believe that the Cabin Boy really is a Zombie, always returning from the dead. Or not. Creepy either way. Maybe the Law, in just a few more weeks will end this Internet Zombie Apocalypse, once and for all.

  2. Bill just doesn't get it:

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 2m 2 minutes ago
    Because I would not feel right sitting on this information, I wrote a polite e-mail to Mr. Hoge offering to assist navigating thru red tape

    Everything's about him. EVERYTHING.

  3. Let's assume for a (very brief) moment Bill really wanted only to help, and not stoke his already gargantuan ego. This is what a normal human would have done:

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 2m 2 minutes ago
    John, I know we've had our differences but I'm willing to put them aside in order to help your wife. Having worked at the NIH, I may still have contacts that would help you if you decided to enroll in a clinical trial. Just email me at XXXX@schamlfeldt.org if you want info.

    Simple. No violation. No histrionics. No ego stroking.

    1. The "assume good will on Bill Schmalfeldt's part" train has left the station, LONG LONG AGO.

      When Bill Schmalfeldt drops his bullshit suit (which even he knows cannot end well for him) and quits his lying, faildoxing ways I'd be the first one to praise him for turning over a new leaf.

      Of course, that's about as likely as Obama getting an honorary lifetime membership in the NRA.

      1. That's going to happen sooner rather than later.


        Once again, Blob's mouth has been writing million dollar checks while his ass can't make change for a quarter.

    2. He is so dicpicable! He makes me sick!

      He fancies himself a brave hero when in reality he's just a disgusting, pathetic piece of garbage and when John doesn't respond the way he wants he'll use that as an excuse to attack and be even more dicpicable.

      He hasn't gotten me mad in a very long time but right now I could just spit on him.

      1. Lauren, spitting would be too kind.

        He really is dreadful. Were it not that I wish to (as far as a stranger might) shield Mrs. Hoge from his malice, I would actually cut loose with some fairly awful invective. There may come a day when I do not restrain myself.

    3. Exactly, Perry - and then an actual human, instead of an obscenity failing at trying to appear human, would not have mentioned the name "Hoge" again. Period.

  4. https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/566400345837162497

    Fuck you, you sand-encrusted cunt.

    I've never said a single negative thing about your wife, you drain-bramaged fucktard! Perhaps you're confused by all the sock-puppets you wield, but we "people" are more than one person.

    How hard is it for you to comprehend that all ANYONE wants from you is for you to GO THE FUCK AWAY? Actually, I know you comprehend it.. You just can't HANDLE IT.

    You can't help in any small way. You wouldn't know sincerity if it bit you on your shit-smeared ass.





  5. How does insulting me help Hoge's wife? How does it help Hoge deal with this horrible time in their lives? - Bill Schmalfeldt

    You have NOTHING TO OFFER. Your bullshit is just that: BULLSHIT. You are a nobody, a LESS than nobody, you are a quasi-human bounced check.

    Hoge is not your friend. NOBODY among the Lickspittles is your friend.

    YOU ARE NOT WELCOME. The court orders are a SUBTLE HINT.


    Or, admit by your actions you're a fucking psychopath who insists on inflicting himself on people who want nothing to do with you, and make that fact clear in no uncertain terms.

  6. "This implies a level of blind hatred that I just cannot understand. " - Bill Schmalfeldt

    "Blind hatred"? Because someone jokes about compiling a list for you of folks deserving of an apology, and I riff on the joke by implying that everyone you've spoken to in your life is on that list?

    What a whiny cunt you are. Pity poor Bill Schmalfeldt, blindly hated by those meanies! Because, after all, it's always about you, right?

    Asshole, you've harassed a man who has displayed all the good character you lack.

    I don't know about your twisted mental processes, but over here in SanityLand, when you frivolously and vexatiously sue someone you are no longer their friend.


    GO AWAY.

  7. "Focus that hatred into positive energy and turn it toward Connie Hoge." - Bill Schmalfeldt

    Fuck you, Bill. When I want spiritual advice from a asinine deranged cyber-stalking asshole, YOU'LL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW.

  8. "First, I'm going to wait and see if the court will approve my IFP motion. If they don't, game over. If they approve it, then if Hoge will permit it, and his wife's condition is as serious as it seems to be, I would be willing to discuss dropping him from the lawsuit, given certain conditions are met. In fact, if Hoge wants to discuss this sooner rather than later, he knows my e-mail." - Bill Schmalfeldt

    How fucking magnanimous of you.

    "Given certain conditions"? Really? You're going there?

    Bill, I say this with the utmost sincerity: You are the most profoundly persuasive argument for retroactive birth control I've ever encountered.

    Hopefully you'll get that IFP crumpled into a ball and tossed in your face before the cops come to arrest you for violating the Peace Order AGAIN.

  9. "I just love it when people who have never met me, never spoken to me and don't know the first thing about me" - Bill Schmalfeldt

    Yes, poor widdle misunderstood Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Fucker, we know you from your words and your deeds.

    We know about your incontinence, your impotence, that fact you've been cuckolded by multiple wives, your harassment and stalking of so many innocent people... BECAUSE YOU HAVE TOLD US!

    Quit expecting us to pity you, Bill. Your life is not our fault. Own your failure, you worked hard on it.

  10. "Here's a new rule I'd like to propose." - Bill Schmalfeldt

    Here's my rule, and your input isn't being solicitied: Bill Schmalfelt can fuck off and die, and the rest of the world can carry on just fine without you.

    "If I have personally harmed you, please contact me"

    I would, but you've blocked me on twitter... and when anyone e-mails you, you drop whatever pretense you concocted in favor of trying to use the e-mail in one of your infamous faildoxes.

    Thanks, fucktard, but I'll pass.

  11. "use the occasion to apologize to me." - Bill Schmalfeldt

    Bill, I'm really sorry that you're such a worthless cunt of a deranged cyber-stalking fail-doxing psychotic nutjob that's too stupid to simply leave people alone who have informed you they want no contact from you.

    It pains me so to have to point out your lies, your hypocrisy, and your meandering forays into Bat-Shit-Crazy-Land.

    Please accept this apology in the spirit in which it's offered. And... Eat shit and die, cocksucker.

  12. "because my life is none of your fucking business" - Bill Schmalfeldt

    When you respect the boundaries of other people's private lives, you can complain about people invading yours.

    Until then, enjoy life under the microscope, Ms. Schmalstreisand.

    1. Seriously? He said that?

      Because I am given to understand that, today, he decided to make a number of personal remarks about me (I haven't actually perused them, though I have the link, and have seen screen-shots of at least two remarkes) which are, frankly, irrelevant to the general public.

  13. In other words, if he hasn't rained on our personal parade, but he has screwed with people we like and admire, then we should stay quiet. Yeah. That's really not going to happen. The very public Bill Schmalfeldt, writer and parodist will have his writing and actions critiqued. People will comment on his public Twitter rants. Folks will chuckle over his very painful books. And when he tries to make light of anal rape involving unwilling adults or underage Boy Scouts, people will take notice. Learn to deal.

  14. "Any further harassment will be dealt with through legal channels." - Bill Schmalfeldt

    More impotent threats, you impotent cuckold?

    You can be left alone any time you choose. I can't count the number of times that you've gone off on a butt-hurt sulk... and been utterly ignored.

    But you can't handle that, can you?

    Because the ugly truth is that the Lickspittles are the only thing you have to keep the vast abyss of utter irrelevance and solitude at bay. That's why you keep acting as if you expect us to sympathize with you, even to help you along.

    You're so fucking deluded you can't distinguish your friends from your enemies... and since you've no reliable friends you cling to reliable enemies.

    Pathetic. If you weren't such a useless and vile piece of shit, I'd pity you. Instead, you can only inspire revulsion and contempt.

    Go away, Bill. You have no friends here. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

    Just enemies, handlers, and those who don't know you enough to despise you.

  15. "Or get on with your lives." - Bill Schmalfeldt

    What an arrogant cocksucker you are. You flatter yourself that you'd be able to interrupt our lives.

    You're a freak, and freaks belong in SIDESHOWS. That's all you are to us. A source of amusement, something to be jeered at.

    As you've said yourself... You'll be dead soon enough. And you know, and we know: You'll be missed by NO ONE. Your life is nothing more than a pebble tossed into a pond, which will disappear with nary a ripple.

  16. "I'm tired of fighting with people I don't even know, people I could care less about."

    Bullshit. Strangers are all you've got. Even you've admitted that those that know you want nothing to do with you.

    "Deal? Deal."

    Are you so deluded as to think you're dictating terms to anyone? Or is this just your way of being pissy and annoying because you know your impotence is obvious to all?

    No deal, Bill. GO AWAY. Nobody will stop you, nobody will miss you. Oblivion is calling for you: Embrace it.

  17. You know I was going come here and make my first post about the human debris' tweets this evening but I see viewfromnl pretty much covered it for me. Well done! (Love the avatar BTW)

    1. Welcome, wffoley. Don't worry about whether the ground has already been covered - it wasn't covered by you. 😀

  18. "climb out of my ass because nothing I've done is any of your business and two years of being bothered by morons"

    Yeah, Bill. You're just a totally innocent bystander who has been persecuted for years now.

    Please. How stupid do you think we are? How stupid and deluded and lacking in self-awareness are YOU?

    None of our business? But, Bill! We're JOURNALISTS! We're just ASKING QUESTIONS! What do you have to hide? We're just following the Bill Schmalfeldt Rules of Journalistic Ethics.

    We can't help you if you won't help yourself, Bill. Think about all you have to lose, and for what? WE WANT IT ALL, BILL!

    BWHAHAHAHA. I crack myself up.

    1. There is iron in your words of hate, and so there must iron in your words of like.
      So should it always be between men.

      from "All I learned at MTSU I learned from paraphrasing movie lines"

  19. I am not going to apologize to Witless Willie because I sincerely believe that he has been an evil, worthless excuse of a man. However, I shall stop writing about him if he stops writing about the Hoges, who have more important problems to deal with, AND if he stops bringing suit against the Hoges. That one decent thing would be enough to divert my attention to worthier targets.

    1. He tweeted that he doesn't believe in his LOLsuit enough to pay the fee, so when the court rules he has to pay, he's dropping it.

  20. Bill, there is one way to show that you're sincere:

    Repudiate Brett Kimberlin.

    You call him your friend. You say he's paid his debt to society and just wants to live his life.

    He hasn't paid his debt. He still owes Sandra DeLong. He took her husband's life. He took away a father and grandfather. He took away Carl DeLong's future.

    I believe you love Gail. If some asshole took her from you and refused to take any responsibility for it, how would you feel? What if a court found them responsible and then they sued you? How would you feel about that? What if they told you they just wanted to get on with their life, that it was all in the past and people should just move on. How would you feel about that? Would you call that person your friend? Would you stick up for that person?

    For most of us, our beef is with Brett, not you. He's a scumbag. But you, and Fergie and Osborne don't get it. You don't think Carl DeLong's life mattered. You don't think his wife, children and grandchildren matter.

    I do. That's why I'm pissed. And until you man up and call Brett out, you're sympathies ring hollow. I don't believe you. I can't take the word of anyone who would call Brett Kimberlin their friend.

    1. I like this comment (Dear WordPress, still waiting for the infinite like button), but that would not be enough to make me leave Bill alone.

      He knows what he must do. He is incapable of doing it.

  21. What did the Stranahans, the McCains, and the Walkers have to do with him? Nothing. He interjected himself into their lives because of BK. They had never done anything to him. This proposal is nothing more than the equivalent of a Hamas cease fire: meaningless, offered for the purpose of buying time to regroup.

    1. What did the Stranahans, the McCains, and the Walkers have to do with him? Nothing.

      Notice how much Bill responds to any perceived slight with volumes of tweets, yet every time this point is brought up he ignores it completely.

      That says everything we ever needed to know about Bill, with or without personally meeting him.

  22. How shocking. The Dick Dented One is weaving his usual empty threat / cajoling mind muddled mush. Trying to be both agreeable and intimidating. We all know he is neither.

    One would think James Taylor was en-route to Westminster with an acoustic guitar.

  23. Oh my goodness... the abject stupidity of the delusions is breathtaking. The freakshow not only thought he'd found an ugly-face saving way to get out of his doomed LOLsuit, he also expanded his hallucination into the RICO suit.

    But the good news is, he's going private again, so we'll have a new pool on when that stops. If he actually does it, of course. Lying liar again claimed he was leaving twitter earlier this month, but we see how that worked out.

  24. It's the only thing that may finally get through the dementia and narcissism, Howard.

    It's just incredible that with his history, with all of his own words and deeds a matter of the internet record - FOREVER - that even someone as stupid and demented as he would think there was a chance of anything other than more humiliation when his best laid plan blew up in his face - AGAIN.

    Just because he doesn't remember yesterday, doesn't mean the rest of us don't. Again, the internet is FOREVER.

  25. The idiot has lost whatever mind he has left. To get to know the real him and prove what a great guy he is, he post press releases that he wrote about himself! Dear God how tone deaf can you be???

  26. Remember to pray today.
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      1. Heh. Great timing. Our pastor just sent a message to parishoners telling us, because of the bad weather expected, that we should stay home if we doubted out safety. When I expressed doubt, my wife pointed out we have a Suburban.

        I hate it when she's right.

  27. "Dear John, I write with some very important tips to get help. Tips that only I know about. First, you call this lady in public relations, she'll write a press release (make sure she mentions me), then you go to this website and search "bone cancer"."

    Gee, thanks. Oncologists the world over swoon.


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