So, 4th Time's the Charm?

According to a comment left yesterday in the Spam folder by Demento Sorry…

The only thing between Krendler’s identity and me, is either a subpoena, or asking Hoge under oath. So laugh it up, Funny Boy.

Keep talking, Bildo Ballfeet. You’re  lot closer to a year of trying than you EVER have been of actually finding me.

You are the Johnnie Walker Blue of mental defectives…the VERY TOP SHELF.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

26 thoughts on “So, 4th Time's the Charm?”

  1. While Witless Willie flings about
    His toothless threats of legal might,
    The zombies know, without a doubt,
    That Acme Law is never right.

  2. It's like The Jerk where the sniper flips open the telephone book at random and declares "You random son of a bitch!".

    "Bow before me" Bill is hilarious.

      1. "Don't call that internet doctor "lifesaver;" call him "shithead"."

        And so we shall!!!

  3. Let me fix that phrase for you Dumbass:

    "...either a subpoena, or asking Hoge under oath, or the impenetrable wall that is my stupidity which usually sends me careening off into wild detours based on ridiculous logical fuckups and daredevil conclusion jumps which I am never smart enough to recover from..."

    embrace the And Dumbass, embrace the And.

    Be well. Or don't, here's all the shits I give to that ........

  4. He's a fucking moron. I cannot believe that a human being is that wilfully idiotic. Because God gave him a brain. He just chooses not to use it. SMDH

  5. "This user does not exist"

    He took his twitter account down again?

    I've never seen a bigger coward on the internet.

    1. Did that 800lb sack of Failshit unhide... or is he still playing the simpering, quivering pussy?

      Bring it, coward.

  6. Could we add another nickname for him? I's like to call him Iron Mangina Cody and envision him standing by his trailer with a big slo-mo tear rolling down from his mangina every time he cowards up and plays Run Silent Run Deep on the Twits and his blogs.

  7. Maybe he want's you to scoop out some more of his brains. Or maybe he want's to put the lotion on your skin. It's hard to tell with people once they've eaten their weight in mayo.

    1. hmm, let's see. Because in order to remain ethically consistent, YOU may no longer consider him an awful person because he has 'served his time' much like you consider BK to have 'served his time' - notwithstanding that BK still remains on parole unlike PL being released from probation. Goose, Gander, all that jazz.

      Oh, and, Hi Biwwyy! Go pound sand mmkay?

    2. I gave this an up twinkle because I believe in encouraging honesty and self-reflection. The admission that he is mentally defective shows rare honesty and self-awareness and deserves heartfelt support.

      1. I respect your perverse and ironic humor, but it does not compensate for the fact that there is no justification of any kind for up-twinkling a comment from the Demented Cyberstalking Turd-Burglar. Even if the other up-twinkle belongs to it.

        Therefore, I down-twinkle your comment. Because I must.


    (Bill, you're an idiot. In the unlikely case that you're not Bill, be sure to let Bill know he's an idiot. You want to play by by a new set of rules, I'll just rewrite them.

    Oh, and you just reset the clock again. You'll never make it.

    Be well.


    P.S. You misspelled 'speaking,' freak...or were you leaving a bread crumb?)

  9. If the woman who visited me in my shop and advised me to change my commenting name could put in good word for me with Paul, I'd appreciate it.


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