24 thoughts on “Self Awareness #WIN!!”

  1. I wonder what Gail was thinking when she took that new avatar pick?

    I bet Howard knows ...

  2. Looking forward to your DOOM CLOCK!!!!!one!1!11!!! but if it doesn't measure up to this, heck you're only a poor undead creature who hungers for the warmth and creativity of true life.

    Kinda like Bill, but with more warmth, more creativity, more humanity and more FUN!

      1. Oh, Howard! hahahahaha

  3. As your local law enforcement, we advise you to piss up a rope, Fuckstick.

    1. A little Floyd the start the morning - excellent choice.

      I was going with BOC, "Godzilla", with John's head photoshopped on the rubber monster...


  4. So after about 2 weeks of everyone telling Bill that his case lacked both diversity and a federal question, plus many pointing out he would not qualify for pauper status, the judge ruled exactly like we said but somehow Bill equates that with not getting justice. Justice was served. The suit was decided on it's merits, of which there were none. Bill, just because you once again failed to read and understand the law doesn't mean you didn't get justice, it just means the judge pointed out to you, again, how mistaken you are about what you think it means.

  5. Waiting 4 The Worms @justplainbill15 · 14m 14 minutes ago

    Question re: "Jail." Do they give you a rusty tin cup, or do you gotta bring your own?

    When you enter your cell, you'll see your stainless steel multipurpose cup at about knee level next to the stainless steel sink.

    Multipurpose??? It's a combination toilet, cup and drinking fountain. Just stick your head in real deep and suck it in, Snitch!


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