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1. We have an entry in the Urban Dictionary – schmalfeldt. I believe we need a definition for the medical condition “schmalfeldtitis.” I’m sure the Zombies will come up with some terrific symptoms.
2. If Bill really wants to Photoshop a different Lickspittle/Zombie every day until we stop using the pictures he has made public, I suggest we do the same with his until he leaves the Internet.
3. I don’t yet have assent from Mr. H on this, but I offer A.B. a post at TMZ to publish his documentation of Lardass’ military records, and I think a simultaneous post at Hogewash! would really put his dick in a knot (My Wisconsin). I’m following @schmeltdown on Twitter but he’s not following me yet, so anybody who wants to share with him privately, please do.
4. I thought the post I published at TMZ this morning was going up here, but I think no harm done regarding point 5…
5. Please continue to NOT EDUCATE THE MONKEY.


Author: Paul Krendler

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  1. Symptom #1: Persistent faildoxes


  2. # 3. Left untreated, the patient will develop features resembling a penis; and/or their feet will become testicle-like.

  3. schmalfeldtitis: An infection of the portion of the brain most often associated with self-awareness and shame. Left untreated the infection can destroy that part of the brain leading to terminal narcissism.

  4. Who the f**K is Bob Albee? Only the Schmalfeldt knows!

    BTW Billy.... posting a LOC you "forgot about" or found in a "filing cabinet" is not proof of anything on your behalf.

    But it sure is fun doing comparisons.... and oh my oh my oh my.... some of the things that have popped up recently!

    Good times ahead.

      1. Something just struck me as pretty funny.

        Gotta wonder if The Big BM has realized that the dude owning him with regard to his military claims has the exact same initials as a nemesis of Blob's.

        Wait for it. Wait for it.

        Andrew Breitbart.

        Heh. Having your ass handed to ya repeatedly kinda feels like #WAR, don't it, Blobby Boy?

  5. Blacking out a persons name (PII) and using a document for comparison of what right looks like = stealing someones records.

    Fail doxing them and posting the persons records without PII covered up on social media = what exactly?

    Way to blast someones PII all over the internet Bill! Did they teach that one in JO "A" School too?

      1. And, the most pathetic.

        "@weltschmerz2015: When ya ain't got nuthin', ya got nuthin' to lose. So I intend to spend whatever time God has allotted for me to MAKE... YOU... PAY!!!"
        2/8/15, 7:47 PM

        Good grief. This dude is whack. Only an obsessed, delusional freak would spend the rest of their life attempting to seek vengeance for butthurt on the interwebz.

        Blob needs to partake in some serious self-reflection and soul searching. Has he ever stopped to contemplate the reasons as to why he "ain't got nuthin'" and "ain't got nuthin' to lose?"

        Who the hell wants to live like that? Has he bothered to ask his "beloved" if she's on board with his demented plan for how he intends to spend the remainder of their time together?

        What a selfish and hateful prick.

  6. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 11m 11 minutes ago
    And now, on @brainsrfood's website, he's ENCOURAGING people to send false documentation of my military service. How will THAT look?

    What the hell is he talking about?

    Willy is OFF THE RAILS.

  7. Wanna know the very best part of these hyper-manic feldtdowns? The crash is near and we'll have all new nonsense to mock.

    Soon it'll all be in the "woe is me" part of the schmycle where death is nigh... I'm thinking there may be yet another tearful goodbye twitter, FOREVER. Maybe even two or three.



  8. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention. I will ask for the ISP addresses of everyone who posts comments on Hogewash and "Krendler's" blog.

    Hey Willy, you useless POS. Have you noticed how many more people are posting on TMZ and Hogewash this past week? Doesn't look like anybody thinks much about your pathetic, useless threats, moron.

    Bill, you don't suck at life, you suck at EVERYTHING.

      1. Dianna -

        Has he ever reffered to "that handsome guy in the mirror" or words to that effect?

        That would count as a Faildox in my book.

    1. Yeah. I, too, noticed that Blob's threats and attempts at intimidation aren't really having the desired effect I'm sure he was hoping for and expecting.

      #StreisandEffect #Dumbass

      1. Yes. Wasn't he threatening to keep using photoshopped pictures of us Lickspittles, changing them daily until we crept away whining in fear with our tails between our legs?

        It's been over 24 hours and no new avatar! I am disappointed.

    2. Has the court given him a fishing license? His filing has not even been certified as a lawsuit yet.

    3. Most services, and heck, most courts as well, will balk at such an open-ended grant of supoena powers. At most, you would have to identify each post, what was said, why it is an offence, and request the IP data for that post and that post only. Lather rinse repeat.

      This post would not qualify, as everything is either legal analysis or my protected opinion, based on observable facts, that Bill Schmalfeldt is stupider than a box of rocks.

      Oh, and also my protected opinion, that in the prior sentence, I horribly slandered boxes of rocks everywhere.

  9. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 5m 5 minutes ago
    And I'm just getting started. There is nothing you can do to me that you haven't already done. There's LOTS I can do to each of you!



    1. What, you mean make me laugh harder than I have the last Schmycles? And what I haven't already done to you? OH Billy boy, I haven't even begun.

  10. "Your Honor, the only thing I am guilty of is living rent free in Bill's head. But to be honest, your Honor, have you seen the place? HE should be paying ME!"

  11. Bill writes: " I will ask for the ISP addresses of everyone who posts comments on Hogewash and “Krendler’s” blog."

    Everyone? On what legal grounds? "Jane Bill, you ignorant slut."

    1. I was wondering that myself. "I want it ALL Judge!" Sorry Bill, that's not a legal argument. But then again, you are a very stupid man.

  12. "Schmalfedt (sic) has falsely claimed a website belonging to Tumblebug is his. Schmalfedt has also lied about a post concerning an invite to a certain section of Tumblebug's website which requires a username and password. Schmalfedt has lied because he does not want certain information leaking out on how he enjoys harassing innocent people by lying to law enforcement & government officials to get them in trouble. Plus, Schmalfedt likes to lie about his relationship with Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin"

    the above quote is from BiT'S HACK

    It would appear that BM is earning quite a reputation on the Internet and yet he continues to maintain that "sHe" is a "private person. #LIAR

    1. Love the tags on that one...

      schmalfeldt, snitch, troll

      Looks like a lot of people are going to be reminded that Bill is up to his old tricks. I don't think Bill is going to like the Streisand effect too much.

    2. BM:

      Do you have any idea what happens to snitches in prison?

      "Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 13h 13 hours ago

      Always keep that in the back of your mind. For every word you write, YOU are RESPONSIBLE."

      You must know that you will be 'ingesting' lots and lots in both ends..........and it won't be the Bobbers'.


  13. Primary symptoms are bloviating self pity accompanied by unwarranted self regard. Initial signs are rectal and oral incontinence.

      1. Which name....



        Petty Officer Robert "Bob" Albee?

        *future candidate for fail doxing name goes here*

    1. Looks like someone just noticed... https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/564902741605376003
      I expect he'll be filing numerous reports from all his sock accounts momentarily.

  14. Schmalfeldtitis can include symptoms of being an Oedipal Troll who followed his dreams until deranged cyberstalking became illegal.

  15. Perhaps Twitter would like a montage photo spread of the dozens of accounts Bill has used..... along with some of the choice tweets he has made to other users.

  16. At some point, several question should be asked of Twitter. Does Twitter show favoritism toward friends of Brett Kimberlin? Is the reason Twitter has not permanently banned Bill Schmalfeldt because he's Kimberlin's toady and/or a friend of Neal Rauhauser? Does Twitter think it's ethical to suspend people based on the deranged ravings of a child pornographer/pedophile apologist/supporter of a domestic terrorist and proven lying deranged cyberstalker like Bill Schmalfeldt?

    1. His response:


      This is an admission he violates the TOS.

      1. He's also quite the liar, shocking right? Quite a few of those are suspended individual accounts. The majority of those names on that list were not from the same account. There was a bunch of accounts he went through to make all those names. That would a 100% false statement from him.

    2. And the Big BM pops up to express faux sympathy with John for finding all those names confusing. All that "sympathy"/snark tweet does is prove, for the gazillionth time, that the Big BM can't comprehend the written word.

      Isn't it past his bedtime?

      1. When he finally passes, I'd like to see everyone show up to his funeral and instead of tossing in handfuls of dirt they throw in Tupperwares of crap in a 21 poop salute.

      2. Paul - somebody would have to do a "half-assed" job for a "21 bun" salute!

        Reminds me of Steve Martin talking about the first Las Vegas topless review he went to:

        "I bet there's - 47 tits up there!"

        1. Maybe it's like a firing squad - somebody shoots a blank but no one is sure who it is but that analogy doesn't work with dropping dookies so shut up, Krendler.

      3. One guy with just bad gas?

        This all sounds worse for the squad than the corpse, anyway. To hell with the dookies, just lay down a dance floor on the plot.

    1. LOL! I was thinking the same... unless "real money" to Admiral Asshat is half eaten footlongs and mayo stained wifebeater T-shirts.

      And even if Krendler turns out to be as Captain Douchrocket described... he still will be 1000x a man than Blobby could ever hope to be. Smarter.... has a life... has a scroat that he doesn't have to retrieve from his wife's purse.... etc.

      Bet that really chaps your ass, huh Senior Tons-o-Fun?

      1. William seems to have developed a thing for male virgins. Perhaps the only men he hasn't tasted on his wives.

      1. Between A.B and Howard, they might establish that Gail is the Schmalfeldt with the most naval experience.

  17. "My "reputation" on the "webz" is a total fabrication. It bears no resemblance to the facts or my actual life. But, GOSH, pretending is FUN!"

    GOSH, Cousin Bill, why don't you just put down the computer, and waddle away?

    If we're so wrong, and so unimportant, why don't you just ignore us?

    It's not like you are making enough coin off of book and CD sales to cover your costs, right?

    Oh, and you owe me another faildoxx, and $500 to cover the injuries caused by laughing so hard at your three faildoxes from last week. SHOW ME THE FUN!!! I WANT IT ALL, BILL!!!!!!!

  18. One thing that probably is worth repeating occasionally to ensure that the record obviously contains the proper context. This is a parody site, not a news site. For example, the person who started calling other men's wives whores was Witless Willy while asserting that he was a journalist reporting news. And now the Witless Whiner whimpers that a ZOMBIE site is impugning the honor of his wife as though anyone in his or her right mind comes here expecting a veridical record.

    He keeps threatening people with lawsuits. He had best hope that none ever gets to trial because, to explain why he is so invariably mocked, it will be necessary to demonstrate what is being parodied, namely his own life and utterances, which deserve far more mockery than it is possible to give.

    The complicating factor will be that all it takes to mock the Witless Wonder is to report the facts of his usually absurd and frequently malicious behavior. It can be hard to know with him what is mere reporting and what is hyperbole. Is he is or was he a wife beater? I don't know. What is patently demonstrable, however, is that he is a bully and a misogynist. Whether the cowardly bully ever took that misogyny all the way to raising a hand to one or more of his wives will be an interesting topic for discovery. In the meantime, cracks about Irish sunglasses by self-described zombies cannot be considered by any reasonable person as factual statements. Williless Willie's lawsuit is as stupid and hopeless as everything else in his ridiculous and disgusting life.

  19. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 21m 21 minutes ago

    "Last year's monthly income -- $2,412.83 Last year's monthly expenses -- $1,862.50 Surplus -- $550.33 to deal with other stuff that comes up."

    Vaseline, mayo and Depends really breaking the bank in 2014, huh?

    1. Sell the car, and any other possessions you no longer need.

      Adopt out the dogs.

      Apply for food stamps, if you haven't, already. Stop buying pre-made food, and cook. Even you can manage a stew in a crockpot.

      Shop at Goodwill.

      You've got plenty of money, Bill. Yer just an idiot in how you spend it.

    2. Someone just doesn't understand "in pauperis" does he? That's a whole lot of money for someone who isn't a pauper, you know? Paupers don't have any extra. Just sayin...

  20. "I fear Hoge has gone and pooped in the nest this time, and smeared it all over his co-defendants."

    Always, ALWAYS, with the buttstuff.


    There are days when I'm ashamed to be a Schmalfeldt...


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