Question For The Deranged Cyberstalker

F5 Jackhammer

I was just wondering…other than having your eyes glued to this site, Hogewash!, EDBSD & Twitter, and replacing your broken F5 key six times, do you and your “beloved” have anything especially romantic planned for Valentine’s Day?

Or is it just gonna be microwaved tubed meat at the computer again?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “Question For The Deranged Cyberstalker”

  1. BTW - If someone has been repeatedly informed, in writing, that something is untrue, and they've acknowledged receipt of that information; but they keep repeating it over and over again, is that what is meant by, "reckless disregard for the truth"? You know, "reckless disregard for the truth" being the legal standard for actual malice.

    1. In a word... Yes.

      Every time that pathetic POS backs his fat, disgusting ass into a corner he starts lashing out horribly at Lee and Lauren.

      I can understand the Stranahans wanting absolutely nothing to do with that filthy, vile Deranged Cyberstalker. Blob has put that beautiful family through so, so much, and continues to do so. But, if they ever decided to again take a legal route to holding that seeping sack of garbage accountable for his libel, IMNSHO (IANAL, mind you) -- I believe they would have quite the leg and proof to stand on to prove a reckless disregard for truth, malice, false light, etc.

      You know... all the crap the big, fat liar dishonestly claims is being inflicted upon him.

  2. Bill have you finally F5'd your way into the greybar hotel?
    Bill that last email should earn you some cooler time. What if in your stoney lonesome time, a certain recording about a underage girl etc. made its way to your fellow inmates. Would the mayonnaise truly run free? Will you finally end up in some dark, mysterious, sweaty place that you were truly meant to be in? Is the real fun about to begin for you?

  3. Somebody said something nasty about Bill, so it's time to go public after a long absence and climb back up on his cross. (anybody got a highlift?)

    He. just. doesn't. get. it.

  4. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 10m 10 minutes ago
    What's the fucking point of going on when the truth is so easily wiped away by the sheer attractive power of stupid hatred? Why endure this?

    Here's a tip, Bill. If someone posts something about you you don't like and don't want repeated and don't want to turn up on the first page of Google results, DON'T FREAKING REPOST IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

    Christ are you dumb.


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