16 thoughts on “Maryland Doesn't Want To Send A Parkinson's Patient To Jail!”

      1. Heck, Florida had a guy on death-row that they gave a heart transplant to, just to be able to finish the legal delays so they could let him "Ride the Lightning" on 'Ol Sparky' (now retired)

    1. Well, at least in Florida a PD patient wouldn't have to worry about being cold (BRRR!) -- as I've heard Florida jails are not air conditioned.

    2. Yes.They will. In a peace order case in my family, when the subject got pulled over for speeding in NM, they sent 2 detectives driving out to pick him up, bring him back, and sit him in front of a judge.

      For a 500$ warrant.

  1. Could someone please refresh my memory?

    Was "The Watchful Avenger" on "Breitbart Unmasked" the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt at one time?

    1. Mr. Bill's byline at Breitbart Unmasked was The Liberal Grouch.

      The Watchful Avenger was the "publisher" back then. We know his identity, and we suspect he isn't amused with our new Twitter handle @WatchfulAvenger.

      BTW, Mr. Bill sure has been quiet for a while ...



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