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    1. I really have no idea if that's one of Henny's or not. I don't recall having heard it before. It felt original when I used it in a conversation about smoking today. I was proud of it, but I don't claim that it's original.

      Just funny.

    1. Heh, he claimed she is just being "smeared" if I recall correctly. Posted this to the Twitter so Bill won't miss it.

      1. Ya know -- nothing Teh Big BM does or says should surprise any of us at this point, but when he stated that Frisch was "smeared" -- I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

        It just tells me that Blob is either entirely clueless (wouldn't be the first time) as to Frisch's years-long abuse of others -- or, he is quite content willfully ignoring the degree of her lawless and abusive behavior (read: condones it).

        I know. I know. Embrace the power of "AND."

    2. Pablo, now why you gotta go take a simple joke and make it all about that guy?

      You know how much he hates that!

      I'm not going to ;Delete this comment or any others, but ;Do try to control yourself going forwar;D.

  1. Wonder if Blob has yet taken teh time to fully familiarize himself with teh years of lunacy that is teh Deb Frisch. Her favorite pastime is using teh interwebz to harass, stalk, and threaten a plethora of innocent folks she mindlessly turns into her enemies, too. Frisch, as well, is a big fan of litigious litigation as she believes it salve her butthurt (her track record sucks, too).

    And, as far as her "sterling reputation" -- Yep. She built that all by her lonesome, as well.

    Teh parallels between teh two of them is actually quite astonishing. But, whereas Blob should take heed, and use this demented loon as a prime example of what NOT to do -- it appears he is hellbent on following in her cray-cray and lawless footsteps.

    Oh, well. *SMH*

      1. I have often thought (And, no, Blob. I'm not saying I'm glad you have PD, so shut up before you even start.) that The Big BM's lack of mobility -- coupled with the lazy -- has been a blessing for many of his victims (specifically HOOOOOOOGE). I could definitely see Blob stomping into a courthouse flinging vileness and expletives, or "just dropping by" Hoge Manor (But, but, but... it was for legal reasons, blah, blah, blah.).

        And... wow. This jumped right out of that Court Order link:

        "I find that in her response to the order to show cause, Ms. Frisch admits that her behavior is inappropriate, but does not indicate that she is willing to curtail her abusive behavior."

        Sounds familiar, eh? (I know I shouldn't have sent an email to the man who has a Peace Order against me. But, I would do it again.)

        Sheesh. It's like Frisch and Blob were separated at birth or something.

      2. Wow - Are we sure they're not the same person?

        ...In many cases, the emails threatened that if court employees did not take certain actions, Ms. Frisch would engage in some unwanted behavior...

    1. Her favorite pastime is using teh interwebz to harass

      Hey, get off Deb! The only people he's harassed are people who harassed her first! And just because harassing is all you know, doesn't mean that the only thing in her arsenal.

      Uh, what?!

      1. I was a regular at Protein Wisdom when she started stalking/harassing/threatening Jeff. It came out of the blue, had no connection to the topics being discussed, and the only rationale appeared to be she didn't like the politics of the site owner and its regulars.

    2. I can't believe I just now got what *SMH* means; I'd even tried looking it up once, unsuccessfully. Thanks, Grace, for writing something that made it the perfect reaction.

      1. LOL! You are welcome, wpdavidd. There are numerous opportunities to employ *SMH* where the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is concerned.

        One can also use *SMDH* -- and, my all-time favorite for Blob's most mind-blowing and spectacular stupidity -- *SMFH*

    3. There is one striking difference: At one point in her life, Little Debbie Snack-Cakes actually had some real accomplishments.

      Did you see her booking photo? She's clearly a drunk, these days. I can't believe how badly she's deteriorated.

      1. I was (and still sporadically am) a Protein Wisdom reader back in those days, and I was curious enough about what motivated Frisch to poke through some of her (many) blogs. If memory serves, she actually wrote an essay on the Monty Hall problem that I really enjoyed. I'm not saying she was a leader in Decision Science by any means, but her descent into online harassment and teh WTF vodka still struck me as a waste of potential after reading that. Don't get me wrong - it was pretty clear that she wasn't the most stable or pleasant of people even before the PW incident from some of her other writings - but she seemed capable of some decent writing within her field when so inclined. I don't know if the same could be said about our favorite Cabin Boy, but perhaps if he could get away from his stalker behavior and fascination with the scatological, he might have something worthwhile to say about life with Parkinson's disease. But like Frisch, I don't see him stopping his harassment until the courts stop him. It is a shame.

      2. It is a real shame what the Cabin Boy has chosen to spend his time doing (and, the time that could be spent with his "beloved"). IF he ever did have the "sterling reputation" he claims, he has certainly done everything imaginable within his power to destroy it.

        I have read a lot of BS's postings with regard to Parkinson's Disease, and his diagnosis, and such -- and, I will say some of it is pretty good.

        Tis too, too bad he opted to go down the Deranged Cyberstalker path. He might have actually been a pretty decent "Citizen Journalist" blogger.


    4. I was a regular reader/occasional commenter at Protein Wisdom when Deb Frisch was harassing Jeff Goldstein and I remember his efforts to get law enforcement to put a stop to her escalating behavior. What a nightmare! I hadn't realized she picked up where she left off once she was back in circulation, though with different victims. I'm beginning to think this is another behavior for which there's no effective solution.

  2. LOL!

    Debbie leaves harassing, threatening voicemail after being
    pwned on Facebook

    Eugene (Feb 14)--A threatening, vulgar voice message has surfaced, leaving no doubt that Deborah Ellen Frisch has learned nothing from her incarcerations in 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

    Image Credit: serr8d
    The 2 minute, 42 second message was left by Miss Debbie
    on or about Feb. 10, 2015. After introducing herself as an "independent journalist and researcher"

  3. I just posted something requested by the Zombie hord. In doing so I noticed the extortion letter ended with "hugs." I ended my response with "Be well." In the style of WJJ Hoge, I do not expect to have any comment on this in the near future:


    1. Well, now THAT'S a big pile of #fail!

      Dave, do you have any trouble with us pasting some of the more, um, problematic portions of that communication and pasting them here to discuss (and LULZ)?

      1. An educated guess... the "Investigative Journamalist" and Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt most likely meant our dear Jane -- not Jill.

      2. I agree that he is probaby thinking of Jane, but last year at one point he was referring to me as "Jilly" since it rhymes with (or as he is probably mispronouncing it, is the same as) my last name. So he's probably confusing the two "J" names he's been dealing with.

        Or else there is some poor zombie, out there in the cold, without the support of the zombie horde, who needs to be found stat.

    2. Well... um... that was entirely threatening and extortionate in nature -- no matter what the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt claims.

      I WANT IT ALL, DAVE!!! OR, ELSE!!!


      BTW -- Thanks for posting the email, Dave. As I mentioned, I have a good friend who is more than interested in reading it.

      Oh. And, Dave? You can return my Tupperware container I brought the Taco Salad in and accidentally left at your house after the party any time now. Sheesh.

      Be well,


    3. And of course Bill has acknowledged your request for no further contact, and has agreed to abide by it "partially." So any contact will be in breach of your request, because journamalism and totes not because he is teh stalkerz.

    1. I still what to know who Jill is, and do you have pictures.

      (Willy can't even send a threatening email right)

  4. Now I will decide what I am going to do and who I am going to do it to after the judge rules on my IFP motion.

    I LOLed at this.

    I guess this means you will do NOTHING Willy. Now go away.

  5. But you might want to show me some good faith by answering the questions I’ve provided for your consideration.
    I’m guessing by 7pm tonight would be good. Does that work for you, Dave?

    It wouldn't be a Bill Schmalfeldt #faildox without a DOOM CLOCK!!!

    And Bill, you complete dope, how do you put a doom clock on an email? How do you know how often someone checks their email? #Schmalfail

  6. I'm getting the requests for the original email. Shouldn't use this computer. Will be home by 8 tonight and I'll forward to everybody I can Sorry. U have to wait.

  7. I guess ukuleledave did NOT make it clear enough that BS should not contact him (see comments)....


    Again -- Screen cap. Print. File a police report.

    1. Have a hard time denying notice when the do not contact is part of the post to which you are replying.

      1. Interesting thing about NY protective orders -


        They can require the bad guy to not own a gun. I have seen what certainly looked like, the neighbor down the block was surrendering his weapons to an older relative because his (wife? girlfriend? Not sure) took out a PO against him.

        I doubt NY could make that carry in MD, but MD is so gun-unfriendly I wouldn't bet money. And we know Bill has an AR.

        I'm opposed to the idea, myself; this is siezing constitutionally protected property _prior_ to any adversarial hearing. I complain about you, you aren't there in court, and the judge says "Grab his guns." But what is "legal" and what I think is "just" overlap very little.

    2. Apropo of nothing, and everything, Bill managed to misspell "ukuleledave" as "ukeleledave" in his #Schmalfail extortion letter.

      FFS Bill, if you're going to threaten someone, at least get his name right.

      1. he couldn't even spell his own name right in a federal court filing, what makes you think he do any better in a threatening email?

    3. Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt asks:

      "Why won't he answer my questions?"

      Because. He. Doesn't. Freaking. Have. To. Dummy! Seriously. Who the hell does this demented freak think he is?

      Tis more than apparent the Brain-Damaged Troll is not content with just four Restraining/Peace Orders.


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