In Re: A LOL Suit

While I know that we really and truly shouldn’t help the poor dear (or his handlers) I thought it might be awfully Zombie of me to take a stroll through the Introduction to his LOL suit and help him out in letting him know where he went wrong with things. It’s amazing what a little bit of reading comprehension and having a firmer grasp on reality can accomplish. And they say I’m the one with the rotting brains? Sheesh!




  1. Plaintiff William M SCHMALFELDT, Sr. (“MEEEEEEE”) hereby brings this complaint to recover damages inflicted by Defendants, defined below, for engaging in inflicting god-awful butthurt upon me, including but not limited to (1) repeating things that I’ve said about myself in the past, (2) making fun of things I’ve said in the past, (3) bringing me to task when I’ve done something wrong, (4) hauling me to court when I’ve broken a restraining order, (5) not letting me have my way, (6) given me bad reviews for my crappy books, (7) talked together and (8) totally not taken my butthurttedness and special snowflake status into account.
  2. Defendants did, individually and severally, engage in conduct to libel MEEEEEEE by making totally factual and true allegations about him in their various blog posts and Twitter accounts. As a result, MEEEEEEE is permanently damaged since a Google search of his name will come back with the plain and utter truth told online by Defendants. This qualifies as repeating things that I’ve said about myself on the internet and in published books in the past that I’ve deleted in my head and should have gone away permanently but they kept them and keep publishing them over and over again so that they could permanently cast a person in a negative light. These truths were spread willfully, with malice, knowing the effect such truth would have on MEEEEEEE’s reputation as a writer, as an active member in the Parkinson’s Disease Fundraising Community, and as a shitstain on the underpants of humanity.
  3. Defendants did, individually and severally, encourage their blog readerships to spread these truthful facts about MEEEEEEE in order to increase their readership in the right wing blogging community and increase the revenue they receive in donations.
  4. Defendants did, individually and severally, contact agencies and freelance employers of MEEEEEEE and flooded their inboxes with defamatory truths about MEEEEEEE to the extent that one organization, the National Parkinson Foundation, which MEEEEEEE has raised hundreds of pennies for through book and merchandise sales, asked him to remove their name from MEEEEEEE’s promotional material because they realized what a tub of shit I am. Defendants contacted editors of online publications to smear and defame MEEEEEE as a “deranged cyberstalker” because I am one who would bring disrepute to their publications. At least one publication, “The Examiner,” discharged MEEEEEEE long before some of these Defendants heard of MEEEEE. MEEEEEEE left “Digital Journal” after their editor asked why he was receiving all these truth-filled emails about what a “bad person” Plaintiff was in my own words. Plaintiff resigned to spare him having to further deal with these online truth spreaders. There is no telling how many freelance opportunities Plaintiff applied for that never responded to MEEEEEEE’s application due to the online truthfulness of MEEEEEEE’s reputation because the Defendants wouldn’t let things that I said go away like I wanted them to, or in the case of one job because I kept applying for it over and over and over and over again like the deranged cyberstalker that I am. Defendants also, individually and severally, wrote truthful negative reviews of books available for sale on Amazon, books that Amazon doesn’t care if they purchase or read before making a review, for the purpose of making sure MEEEEEEE’s rating was at the appropriate “1-star” level because they are awful pieces of turgid crap that would be used in place of toilet paper if only they weren’t printed on awfully scratchy paper instead. Just ask me how I know.
  5. Defendants did, individually and severally, place MEEEEEEE under a truthful light by claiming online in their logs and Twitter posts that he was engaged in creating and selling pornography and “making audio tapes of child rape”, a charge that is completely true because the Maryland statute for child pornography specifically uses the words “using a computer to depict or describe a minor engaging in an obscene act, sadomasochistic abuse, or sexual conduct” which is precisely what I did with those “comedy sketches.” They also cast a false light on MEEEEEEE by portraying him to the public as a “deranged cyberstalker,” a moniker that I liked so much I even made it into the title of one of my eleventy billion websites that I then used to promote my child pornography, and as a villain under any number of other appellations as will be disclosed in the course of trial.
  6. Defendants did, individually and severally, engage in a course of conduct designed to cause intentional and extreme emotional distress and butthurt to MEEEEEEE, as will be demonstrated at trial.
  7. Defendants did, individually and severally, conspire to obstruct justice in Defendant HOGE’s two-year long effort to stop MEEEEEEE from contacting him because I am totally obsessed with him, through the introduction of stuff that I actually sent HOGE but am now saying that I didn’t because it was really, really stupid of me to do so in court, and by truths told under penalty of perjury on peace order petitions that I think are lies because I don’t want them to be true, so there.
  8. Defendant HOGE did, with the assistance of other Defendants, engage in conduct designed to prosecute MEEEEEEE for crimes and civil torts MEEEEEEE did totally commit.



And that’s just for starters. I don’t know that I have another 16 pages of corrections in me, but perhaps we will get there.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. I think butthurt has only been recognised as a cause of action in California and maybe the People's Republic of Massachusetts. Fail.

  2. I wonder just looking through some unsold books and all the images on thousands of someones once website pages if they got permission to use the images or were they all posted on Twitter which grants and encourages users to use its royalty free licensed materials as denoted in the (apparently unread) terms of service.

  3. And this, boys and girls, is an example of how one can prove himself to be a liar, and/or demented:

    If he blocked the person, how does he see their current tweets? Did he LIE about blocking?

    If he has taken to stalking the person's twitter feed, then he isn't justified in blocking. And he's creepy.

    Does he want to see their tweets or doesn't he? Only the many voices in his head know for sure, and apparently they're still arguing the point. hahahaha

    1. He tells @juicyjoe1 "die" but gets upset when Howard suggests he take the cure. Typical Smell Ballsfeldt.

  4. But wait - as part of the exchange, the demented daisy's delicate sensibilities allowed him to tweet:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@weltschmerz2015 Jan 14

    @juicyjoe101 Die.
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites


    BTW - am I the only one that sees a deeper meaning in almost all of his tweets bearing the stats, "0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites" ? It's the perfect metaphor for his entire life, don't you think? hahahahaha


  5. I decided to reply here for reasons that will become apparent.

    At Hogewash!, agiledog wrote:

    It is a real pity he can’t be sued for idiocy. It would be the only real slam-dunk case in this whole battle between Team Lickspittle and Team Kimberlin.

    I'm hopeful that before it's all over the MD legislature will definitely take up the issue, agiledog.

    Hey you MD lickspittles and zombies, please be sure to contact your state legislators and encourage them to support this important legislation:

    SchmalFOOL's Law

    SUMMARY: This law will make it a criminal offense to faildox, and strengthen current laws against releasing private information, including publicly available information, about private individuals where the release is intended to punish, intimidate, harm, or facilitate harm by others.

    This law will also cause require bodily attachment for the purpose of psychological examination and treatment when a prima facie case of extreme derangement is made before a court of competent jurisdiction, pursuant to Hoge's Law, annotated. This would include making false claims of being stalked or harassed by others who have not contacted the one making the false claim in any way; and claims of being stalked or harassed when the offending statements are not presented to the claimant but sought out by the claimant.

    This law will also require criminal penalties for anyone who tries to make a federal case out of their own butthurt.

    This law will also...

    IRL calls - y'all will have to finish.


  6. We received this from Twitter Support:

    "Hello, Your account was suspended because it was found to be violating the Twitter
    Rules (, specifically our rules around participating in
    targeted abuse. Your account will not be restored. Thanks, Twitter"

    1. Well, you have no other choice but to get at least 75 other accounts.

      It worked for William.

    2. Some tweeps may want to tread lightly with their reporting of "targeted abuse." There are a few Twitter accounts/users that come immediately to mind that could be suspended/taken down in relatively short order.

      Just sayin'.

      Might be time to take a Twitter lesson from the Deranged Cyberstalker and build yourself an army of accounts. Blob has easily had upwards of 100 different accounts. And, I wouldn't be surprised in the least to learn he still has many, many accounts that he uses solely for reporting and shutuppery purposes.

    3. Is there an appeal process? Seems like complaints from someone with dementia and multiple restraining/peace orders, and who has been kicked off twitter dozens of times, shouldn't be taken seriously.

      1. I'm not sure there is an appeal process for an account that has been permanently suspended, Jane. I could be wrong, but for some reason I'm thinking not.

        But, it's just too, too bad for the Delicate Demented Daisy as KU's website lives on, and as the Deranged Cyberstalker knows all too well... Twitter accounts are a dime-a-dozen.

        Shutuppery FAIL.

        Oh. And, we can't forget -- "Everyone Draw Bill Schmalfeldt Day" is right around the corner -- where much butthurt and much hilarity will ensue.

        13 Feb 15 -- Mark those calendars, Zombie Horde!

      2. In addition to some Shakes the Clown originals, I will also be debuting:

        "The Admiral's Dead Relatives" exhibit.

        Whether KU likes it or not.

  7. "Of course, you realize that FOIA cuts both ways. I can find out who requested the records."

    Oooo, very scary, and not useful:

    Under the FOIA Exemption 6 regulations, you might get a name, but will be denied any other information, such as an address.

    And there is no requirement that the name be a full legal name, so you might get "A. B. Smith", and nothing else. The address, even if you were to get it, might be a PO Box, and you'll need a subpoena to get those records.

    Or someone might use their lawyer, or one of their cop friends, to make the request.

    Besides, I'm pretty sure those who are pursuing your military records aren't terribly a-feared of you, Bill.



    Welcome to asymmetrical warfare, Cousin Bill.

  8. "I had my right kneecap removed in Feb. 1985 at the US Naval Hospital, Yokosuka, Japan. Medically d/c with 10% disability, 10/4/85."

    Am I the only one thinking, "Slipped in a pool of used lube while up on stage."?

  9. "Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 26m 26 minutes ago

    I have never claimed combat service, nor do any of my awards indicate such service. I did go to Lebanon in 1976 to assist in the evac."

    That's quite a walk back from just last November when he was claiming all kinds of wild stories of hitting a beach unarmed in a war zone with the Marines. Or just a few months prior to that claiming pulling a body from rubble. Or before THAT saying they were under fire.

    He doesn't get that the internet is FOREVER.

    "Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 25m 25 minutes ago

    I am proud of my service, and am happy to discuss it. It was exciting enough without having to make shit up."

    Oh Bill. Bill. Bill.... but you have been making up stories. Stories that are easily proved false. And like any liar you are now trying to walk back your claims.

    Which will be nice to read in my .pdf when I put screenshots of your tweets and blog posts of bullshit up next to the ones you are tweeting now.

    And even better when I put direct quotes from some of the people you have worked with over the years ho remember you telling them some wild stories of "heroism" in the Navy.

    "Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 2h 2 hours ago

    Anyone questioning my military service should raise those questions with ME. Not drooling sycophants."

    Why? I have your bullshit stories you posted of your own free will.

    And I have the documented historical facts according to the Department of the Navy, NPRC and the DoD.

    I don't have to raise anything with you. I just have to publish YOUR claims alongside the FACTS. And then let the people decide what to believe.

    And there are some folks who will take serious issue with your claims. You can take it up with them.

    1. the tweet was disparaging a decorated combat marines service - Bill said he was ashore digging bodies out of the rubble, all his tweets are saved - just more admissions against interest

      Somebody needs to tell Bill Schmalfeldt that someone named William Schmalfeldt is writing stupid books about his life and departing all sorts of unflattering pictures of him on the twitter and on all these websites

      Bill should sue that guy who's also making and doing bad things on audio too..

      1. oh and the things this William Schmalfeldt keeps saying about Bill private life on twitter to - as Twitter put it - "the entire world" really puts it out there for everyone to see and comment on....

        1. Here's an idea for anybody who it for "Everybody Draw Bill Schmalfeldt Day."

          Show a tweet or blog post of his detailing something inherently private. Above it, use a graphic that says "Bill Schmalfeldt, Private Citizen!"

      1. Not any more!!!

        One of the first things I realized when I started working with computers, back forty years ago, is that they are amplifiers.

        They amplify good activities.

        They amplify bad activities.

        They amplify mistakes.

        They amplify community.

        And they amplify mental illness, as demonstrated by Deb Frisch, Crystal Cox, Barrett Brown, Robert Schuler, and by our very own Bill Schmalfeldt.

        You can make more mistakes with a computer in one second, than you can otherwise make in a lifetime.

        You can raise more allies in an hour with a computer that otherwise in a lifetime.

        Cousin Bill would be well advise to print off this comment, unplug his computer, and spend a couple weeks contemplating these pearls that I have laid before his swinish person.

  10. Looking at XM radios posted Bill DD214 - guess how much that signature had changed in 30 years?

    1. There's a simple explanation for that. Hoge went back in time and forged it!


      Occam's razor, BPO. Occam's razor.

      1. that would take quantum mechanics - Hoges just a garden variety rocket scientist...

      2. But that implicates (imputes?) Kyle, NnB... Was there horse pony poop in evidence?

  11. "4. Defendants contacted editors of online publications to smear and defame MEEEEEE as a “deranged cyberstalker” because I am one who would bring disrepute to their publications. At least one publication, “The Examiner,” discharged MEEEEEEE long before some of these Defendants heard of MEEEEE."

    Ahhh. Yes. The infamous "Examiner" lie that The Big BM trots out from time-to-time in a quest to play the perpetual victim, and to attempt to deflect from what a vile, harassing, threatening jackass he is (and, has been for A VERY LONG TIME). This "Examiner" whine has repeatedly come back to bite the Deranged Cyberstalker in his ginormous ass. Slow learners be slow.

    Let's all take a little walk back through the Internet days of yore, shall we? (Join us Blobby, won't you?)

    Although the following is beyond ripe for a full fisking, I've simply highlighted just a few of the more interesting (read: BS projection and lies) portions.

    "Hell Hath No Fury like a Woman who Knows the REAL You!"
    by: The Latter Day Iconoclast (Bill Schmalfeldt)
    Published: December 10, 2011

    [emphasis added]

    "As one of the founding member of two Facebook pages dedicated to interfering with the legal gathering of petitions in the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, Innis USED HIS TOUGH GUY BLUSTER TO INTIMIDATE, THREATEN AND BULLY PEOPLE WHO DISAGREED WITH HIM."

    "I was unceremoniously dumped from the Examiner's cadre of 60,000 or so independent contractors. Here is Staunton's E-mail to me in that regard.


    I am YET AGAIN, forced to discuss your column after you continued to (1) MAKE YOUR (OBN) ARTICLES PERSONAL, rather than talking about what such an organization is attempting to do and its potential implications, and (2) CONTINUED TO REPLY IN AN ANTAGONISTIC MANNER WITHIN THE COMMENTS SECTION / Facebook.

    DUE TO THE CONTINUED DISREGARD FOR PROJECTING YOURSELF IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER, I am forced to suspend your access to our publishing platform AGAIN.


    Best regards,
    Kevin Staunton
    Director, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Regions
    p: 303.291.8899'"

    "Then, Roy Innis poked his head up out of the turd pile that is Operation Burn Notice and THREATENED ME. HE WAS GOING TO SUE ME. HE WAS GOING TO TAKE EVERYTHING I OWNED. He had fought for this country and god damn if some low life journalist was going to BESMIRCH HIS GOOD NAME.

    OF COURSE HE HAD NOT BEEN LIBELED. EVERYTHING I WROTE ABOUT HIM WAS TRUE AND VERIFIABLE and I suggested if he planned to sue me, he'd best pack a lunch. Then I published a story on my blog about the whole scenario, and invited him, I believe, to "BRING it."


    There is much more. Yada. Yada. Yada. Blah. Blah. Blah. (Be sure to read further down in the article for an interesting take from Blob on those who embellish their military service. Heh.)

    Old Blobby Boy here likes to label his journamalism asshattery as a "reporter with camera" approach. I'd wager platforms such as the "Examiner," and especially the numerous victims of Bill Schmalfeldt's "techniques" would label his approach as something entirely different: HARASSMENT. STALKING. THREATS. ATTEMPTS AT PERSONAL DESTRUCTION. ETC.

    Per always... Bill Schmalfeldt is his own worst enemy. And, the Internet is forever -- A truth the Deranged Cyberstalker just cannot manage to get through his thick, fat skull.

    As an aside, I'm sure most of you Zombies already know, but MUCH, MUCH more is available on the interwebz that entirely shoots down another one of Blobby's false claims -- His "private citizen" declaration.

    Here is but one example. Oh, what tangled webs he weaves...

    Bill Schmalfeldt, "The Latter Day Iconoclast", Opinion Writer

    "The Latter Day Iconoclast," Bill Schmalfeldt has seen enough. Retired from his duties as a writer-editor for the government after 12 years with Parkinson's disease (he was diagnosed in 2000 at the ripe old age of 45), Bill now has nothing but time on his hands to keep an eye on the Right Wing Loonies and report on their madness.

    A veteran in the military and journalistic sense, Bill was a broadcaster, talk show host, columnist and satirist for more than 30 years. He does not suffer fools gladly, and is determined to right the wrongs of the right wing by writing."

    30+ years of "private citizen" I tell ya. /sarc

  12. Bill Schmalfeldt is the most thin-skinned mook to ever pollute the worldwideweb.

    Just look at this seeping 'roid threatening a lawsuit for LIBEL!!ELEVENTY!!1!1! because someone dared to tell him he sucks at life.

    Get over yourself, Blobby. Damn near anyone-and-everyone who has had the displeasure of becoming familiar with you and your demented antics on the Internet pretty much hold the same opinion...

    Bill Schmalfeldt sucks at life.

  13. Guess who said this in 2006 come on Guess!!!!!!!!

    Your quivvering red ass over my knee isn't a sexual thing, Casey. It's punishment. Was your daddy gay for spanking your naughty, unwiped ass?


      The very first post -- Bill.....were you saying such naughty, naughty things on a website to people while a Federal employee? Tsk. Tsk.

      Oh and nearly EVERYONE knew you were an employee of the NIH and posted on the political forums? Ouch.

      And some of the things you say.... oh my.

      I might have to ask your former colleagues if you ever had any out bursts at the office tht were.... err... inappropriate.

      1. That's some good, old-fashioned investigative journalism, right there, William!

        Just like Woodward and Bernstein used to make!

        Of course, if A.B is doing anything wrong, you'll let us know, right? Isn't this an art you perfected with the Stranahans?

      2. I'm no Brian Williams, Dan Rather or Bill Schmalfeldt when it comes to presenting the facts.

        They are what they are.

      3. He may not have been at NIH yet at that point? He stopped off to fail at talk radio after failing at playing show tunes for people who weren't interested in his political views.

        Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2003 11:20 am Post subject: Reply with quote
        Found this on the broadwayworld web site chat forum from Broadway Bill Himself:

        Aufwiedershen! А bient�t! Good night!
        Posted On: 10/8/03 at 12:56:11 PM EST

        Just a little note to say adios! As of Oct. 10, I will no longer be program director of the On Broadway channel at XM Satellite Radio. I've signed a three-year contract to be the host of the nightly syndicated "Taboo Talk" radio program, coming soon to a city near you. To keep things simple, I'll be re-adopting my old air name of Bill Matthews. Best of luck to one and all, and thanks to Rob for giving me the space for the column ... which I understand four of you have actually read.

      4. He started at the NIH in February 2005. Some of his messed up comments/threads on start in 2006 and continued until he was eventually banned from there:

        Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 8:11 pm Post subject: Is Jovial Gay?

        Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 12:57 pm Post subject:

        Here is one from 2006 talking about him working for the NIH:
        Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 12:57 pm Post subject:
        "Bill Schmalfeldt, from NIH Health matters, and author of "By The People", AKA "The Jovial One" who post in the political forum."

        People talking about his banning and how AWFUL he was online:

        1. I can't speak to federal rules in the United States, but in my country, if you're a public servant, you don't publicly express political views involving the level of government that employs you.

          The thinking is that you have a right to free speech, but not a paycheck.

      5. Bill started working at NIH in February 2005 and left in 2011. He was an active poster on but was finally banned from there sometime before 2010. His avatar/handle was "A Jovial Crew".

        He was posting some awful, awful stuff in the political forums while working as a writer-editor for the NIH as a GS-12. People on the forum knew in 2006 who is avatar/handle was and where he worked and in what capacity. -----
        Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 12:57 pm Post subject:
        "Bill Schmalfeldt, from NIH Health matters, and author of "By The People", AKA "The Jovial One" who post in the political forum."

        Bill talking about some awful stuff:

        He knew what he was doing.

      6. I think Taboo Talk was probably just a lie to cover having been fired by xm. If it ever existed, Google has forgotten it existed, and there's no way the BM wouldn't have left a trail of internet promotion if there had been an actual show to promote.

      7. Would be interesting to know, as well, if The Big BM was ever called on the carpet for making one of his frequent insults to fellow employees who were homosexuals and/or fellow employees sporting an "African tinge" to their voices.

        Blob loves him some slurs.

    2. "quivering" if that ain't some purple prose straight from a pulp fap novel I don't know what is.
      Attention Creepy Phraseology Department! Creepy phrase pickup on aisle three. Bring the mops and hazmat suits!

    3. Yep. The comments in that xmfan thread concerning Blob certainly sound like the Bill Schmalfeldt we've come to know and loathe.


      theaprilfool wrote:

      "No I didn't. When I found out he was sick, I stopped with the name calling, but he continued. When I ignored him for six months, he continued, so no I didn't deserve it.

      I didn't desecrate any logo, and I was going to take it down, but, Twitchy went apeshit, claimed he was on the board of PDA. So I looked it up and his name wasn't even on the damn website, so I left it up. Then he went into a classic meltdown.

      As for despicable acts,
      1. He openly claimed that I was a child molester.
      2. Claimed that I jerked off to my Mom's dirty underwear.
      3. Claimed that I was dirty, never took a bath, lived in parents basement, and that I was obsessed with him.

      None of these are true, and none of these he apologized to. So why should I apologize for something that wasn't even remotely despicable?"


      Bill Schmalfeldt is such a disgusting creep.

      One of the funnier comments was in response to someone asking what Blob's book was called. A commentor responded: I'm pretty sure it wasn't called " How to win friends and influence people".

      No kidding. Typical Bill -- acquiring self-created enemies everywhere he goes.

      "Sterling Reputation," my backside. *SMDH*

  14. Here is to a 40+ year history of failure -- Bill Schmalfeldt this is your life!

    WMS Broadcasting
    May 2014 - Present

    Voluntary Writer
    February 2014 - Present

    Self-Published Author
    July 2004 - Present

    Writer, Blogger, Author, Professional Wiseguy
    Deep Brain Productions
    March 2011 - January 2012 (11 months)

    Breitbart Unmasked
    November 2012 - June 2013 (8 months)

    Freelance Journalist
    Digital Journal, Inc.
    October 2011 - November 2012 (1 year 2 months)

    NIH Clinical Center
    September 2008 - March 2011 2 years 7 months)

    Writer-Editor, Farm Service Agency, USDA
    Federal Government
    December 2007 - September 2008 (10 months)

    Information Development Specialist
    February 2005 - December 2007 (2 years 11 months)

    Morning News Anchor
    WNAV Radio
    June 2004 - February 2005 (9 months)

    Midday Talk Show Host, Program Director
    WHBL Radio
    October 2003 - June 2004 (9 months)

    On Broadway Program Director
    XM Satellite Radio
    April 2001 - October 2003 (2 years 7 months)

    Program Director, Morning Show Host
    WGUF Radio
    August 1999 - April 2001 (1 year 9 months)

    Morning Show Host, Operations Manager
    KZEG Radio
    July 1998 - August 1999 (1 year 2 months)

    OTR Truck Driver
    February 1995 - July 1998 (3 years 6 months)

    Program Director, Operations Manager
    KZEG/KCLN Radio
    September 1993 - February 1995 (1 year 6 months)

    The Clinton Herald
    City Hall Reporter/Columnist
    January 1991 - September 1993 (2 years 9 months)

    The East Troy News
    June 1990 - January 1991 (8 months)

    Clark County News
    November 1989 - June 1990 (8 months)

    Arcadia News-Leader
    September 1988 - November 1989 (1 year 3 months)

    City Hall Reporter/Columnist
    The Manteca Record
    November 1987 - January 1988 (3 months)

    Managing Editor
    The Coalinga Courier
    May 1986 - November 1987 (1 year 7 months)

    News Director
    WTTN/WMLW Radio
    October 1985 - February 1986 (5 months)

    Journalist Second Class Petty Officer
    US Navy
    January 1981 - October 1985 (4 years 10 months)

    Morning Show Host
    KROS Radio
    October 1978 - January 1981 (2 years 4 months)

    News Director
    WAUK Radio
    May 1977 - October 1978 (1 year 6 months)

    Hospital Corpsman
    US Navy
    May 1973 - May 1977 (4 years)

    1. So his longest two terms of employment were military service? In other words, he couldn't hold a "real" job, where they fire you for being a screw-up - what a loser. And why did that second stint end at 4 years, 10 months? That is an odd length enlistment, isn't it? Did he get caught doing something nasty with the Admiral's dog?

    2. So his longest thing at anything productive was Dick Checker for the Navy? Bwahahahahahahaha

    3. You know.... such short employment histories usually are either a sign of:

      a. ineptitude or the "Peter Principle"
      b. something is occurring at work that management can no longer tolerate happening

      Now... I wonder, based off nothing but Bill's online shenanigans and receiving the ban hammer routinely EVERYWHERE since ~2006, what it is about Bill's personality and actions that could cause people to question his.... er... stability.

      I mean it's not like we have any records of his online behavior --oh, wait. Ok, I have just been informed that we in fact DO have such records.

      Well then it's not like we have the dates and lengths of his employment -- no wait those are posted above.

      Well... I guess we will just have to draw conclusions from the posted facts. Isn't that something.................

      PS: Before Bill goes all warble garble about his lengthy Federal employment -- I know what it takes to get a GS employee fired. So don't give me any bullshit about how great you were there and how they never canned your ass.

      1. Do you think @weltschmerz2015 has figured out that I'm not blustering here.

        BTW Bill check your twitter thing. I left you a message!

  15. All that chatting on xmfan website - thank goodness it wasn't on the governments time..

    1. OMG, look at the number of posts Willy has on that site.


      25 THOUSAND posts. Good God Bill, get help.

      1. If he spent just 1 minute writing each post that would equal 419.15 hours of posting.


    2. Better yet, thank goodness Cousin Bill can't memory-hole it!

      The Internet is Forever, Cousin. Forever!

      Why is this important?

      Well, it illustrates his "sterling reputation," for starters.

      1. Blob's lies about the "Examiner."
        Blob's lies about being a "private citizen."
        Blob's lies about his "sterling reputation."

        The fact Blob filed that lulzsuit just gets funnier and funnier, and more-and-more ludicrous.

  16. Bill Schmalfeldt
    Hilarious, but very, very weak, A.B. Ya got nothin' because there IS nothin. But if you suddenly grow a testicle and want to put your money
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    2:31 PM - 6 Feb 2015

    Bill Schmalfeldt
    where your lying mouth is, drop me a line. Coward.
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    2:31 PM - 6 Feb 2015

    Oddly, no threats of libel action against A.B.

    William's threatening Krendler over it, yes, but he's covered by the Communications Decency Act. But all A.B gets is bluster.


  17. This feldtdown is brought to you courtesy of - No Reading Comprehension. Yes, No Reading Comprehension... because if you have No Reading Comprehension, you can see words that aren't there, you can believe words mean something totally different from what any dictionary says, and for a limited time you can also file suit in federal court based on your No Reading Comprehension.


  18. And after that bluster to the amazing A.B., he's back to playing Pop Goes The Demented Weasel. hahaha

    WTG, A.B.! Keep playing Whack-a-Fool every time the adjudicated stalker pops back out.

  19. Bill besides being an adjudicated harasser by a Maryland court of law, you could be well on your way to being an adjudicated child pornographer/pedophile apologist. But the again, I sure you just dying to demonstrate your Oedipal-ness in front of a judge. Oedipal on, stupid troll.

  20. Do you think @weltschmerz2015 has figured out that I’m not blustering here.

    BTW Bill check your twitter thing. I left you a message!

  21. Wow, Willy's "fans" over at XMfan really had him pegged early on:

    Is The Jovial one Gay?


    Jovial wants D to suck his ass, and brags about spanking us constantly.

    Jovial, come on, admit it, your Gay. If you confess, mayne you'll feel better about yourself.

    Makin' friends, huh Willy? Looks like you've been a loathsome person for a long, long time. Who's fault was it back then?

    1. It appears that William has always been a "people person."

      I wonder if A.B can interview any of his schoolmates.

      1. My intention has to go after his military service embellishments that he has made over the years. I will respond to as many claims as he has made with the facts -- the truth.

        As I have already stated in a previous post he had a plain jane vanilla career and there is nothing wrong with having a career like that. But if you start shooting off at the mouth and embellishing your career... well now we have a problem. It disparages what other veterans have done. It makes ALL veterans look like embellishers and liars.

        And I will uncover as much evidence as I can to expose his claims for what they are -- LIES.

        I have given Bill the chance to come clean about his embellishments and he KNOWS what embellishments I am talking about. We have seen his reaction to that today on Twitter. A man who watches certain blogs like a hawk fromt he moment he wakes up for any word written about him managed to avoid MY POSTINGS for several hours! And then tries to play it off as "oh, who? That?" Mmmm. Hmmm.

        Actions speak louder than words Bill.

        Bill knows why.... and I know why. And I'm giving Bill the chance to come clean. But he wants to keep digging a hole. So I'll keep handing him a shovel.

        I will continue searching for evidence Bill. If that means more FOIA's and time and money spent.... well shucks. I'm not hurting for it. If it means contacting previous co-workers or supervisors then so be it. But it also means that when it get's published it's forever, Bill.

        The Internet is forever. It's forever.

        1. That's why I brought your posts to his attention in public. Otherwise, he would have ignored them indefinitely. It's almost certainly why he started the day with a faildox crusade against Juicy Joe. He usually saves that for the evening Feldtdown.

          And there's something else in plain sight that William could have used today, and didn't. I have a theory about why.

    1. Two enlistments in the Navy(Never Again Volunteer Yourself) and no SEA SERVICE Ribbion?

      1. Hmmmmm.....

        I wouldn't know anything about his records..............................................................................

      2. No doubt, Minemyown.... the lack of a sea service ribbon kind of puts the whole "I was off the coast of Lebanon... digging bodies out of the rubble.... blahblahblah" in a new light. (~cough~bullshit~cough~)

        Pretty scant ribbon rack ya got there, Admiral Pecker Checker.

      3. The SSR requires "the change from a cruising approach or contact disposition to a disposition for battle" lasting 90 consecutive days, or at least two periods of 80 days, etc. Not the sort of thing a guy with honorable but vanilla service would very likely receive. Or so i gather, not being a Navy vet myself.

      4. Now this is the sort of thing a guy with over 9 years active duty really ought to have been awarded, unless he had a habit of being bad at whatever duties he was assigned.

      5. AJ... any Med Cruises (i.e. ships ending up off the coast of Lebanon) would have been ships homeported on the east coast (most likely Norfolk... but possibly Mayport for small boys). Just getting over to the Mediterranean Sea would have taken weeks, and then cruising on station... then getting home... not to mention ports of call. Almost all Med Cruises were 6 month deployments and ALL awarded a Sea Service Ribbon.

        So unless Capt. Doucherocket jumped aboard for only a few weeks and left just as quickly... his whole story is highly suspect.

      6. Just some reminders folks:

        1. Bill has TWO DD-214's in his NPRC records. (1973 - 1977 and 1981 - 1985)
        2. Awards from his first term of enlistment (and on his first DD-214) would not necessarily be added to his second terms DD-214 (there is a caveat there but what for #4)
        3. Certain awards in his file are "blanket" awards
        4. I would wait for the .pdf to come out for the full story of his military shenanigans..... just saying *wink*

    2. We called the Good Conduct Medal the "I Didn't Get Caught" Medal. All it means is that Admiral Asshat didn't go to Captain's Mast or a Court Martial in a four year span. Big whoop.

      I guess he's lucky he didn't get reported for his self-admitted "banging a whore/tranny/whatever onstage" thing... definitely actionable under the UCMJ... and then he would only have one itty bitty little ribbon.


      1. Doesn't even mean that. Low-level UCMJ action wouldn't preclude a GCM, per my own DD-214. Court martial, well, you can beat that even if you're guilty, given a little luck.

    3. I asked my husband if he had any idea how someone could get through two enlistments, 8 years, of Navy service with just those medals, and the only response I could get out of him was a loud, derisive, choking snort.

  22. Bill Schmalfeldt
    Hilarious, but very, very weak, A.B. Ya got nothin’ because there IS nothin. But if you suddenly grow a testicle and want to put your money
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    2:31 PM – 6 Feb 2015

    Bill Schmalfeldt
    where your lying mouth is, drop me a line. Coward.
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    2:31 PM – 6 Feb 2015


    Huh. I dropped him a line here: at about 5:30pm or so.

    Bill.... you've been awfully quiet. I thought you wanted to talk? So I spoke and....

    You were saying something about testicles and cowardice? Oh... look he banned me.

    1. No one would have guessed that would happen.

      Oh, wait. I've been drinking. These Kooky weekends!

      I meant to say everybody guessed that would happen.

      Next, he'll try to have your account reported.

    2. Speaking of cowards with lying mouths (Yep. Looking at you, Bill Schmalfeldt.)... here is yet another person on the www who claims The Big BM has embellished his military service:

      3 years ago
      "That guy has a terminal disease, from what I understand. Last time he started in on Chris Loesch, i had a go at him and busted his chops. He tried iying and saying he was a navy corpsman in Vietnam when in fact he was a PAO and the only combat he ever saw was in the bathroom after a night of his wife's cooking. Dude lies so much it ain't even funny."

      This comment was made on Twitchy when Twitchy saw fit (July 13, 2012) to highlight Blob's disgusting @DeadAndrew Twitter account the vile POS BS created to mock Andrew's passing, and use as yet another vehicle to attack the domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin's critics.

      And, this hypocritical sack of garbage can't quite seem to grasp why others don't take his whining seriously when he declares dead family members should be off limits.

    3. A.B. - thanks for all of the FUN so far, and TIA for the big FUN coming soon, I hope.

      This will be even funnier when you post the proof in your pdf:

      Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 12h 12 hours ago

      The nice thing about telling the truth, Lickspittles? You don't worry about shit like military documents.
      0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites


  23. Off topic but fun!!

  24. I need to step up and thank A.B. For the excellent work he has done here today. I'm so very sorry to have missed it in real time. I'll be sure to review the Feldtdown when the Weasel next goes Pop!

    If I were a female zombie (and really, who can say for sure?), I would cry out to have A.B.'s zombie children.

    Unless A.B. is a woman (and really, who can say for sure?), then I would want her to have mine.

    Highest Zombie Praise and Kudos for A.B.!

    1. As a female Zombie (That's a fact, Jack!) very happily married to a humanoid hubby (who would be most displeased) -- having A.B.'s Zombie children is certainly out of the question.

      With that said, if ever afforded the opportunity for a real-life Zombie Horde meet-up, A.B.'s drinks are on me!

      Highest Zombie praise and Kudos for A.B., indeed! BRA. VO!

  25. Cousin Bill makes two interesting tweets:

    "What is Defamation in Maryland? A defamatory statement is one ‘which tends to expose a person to public scorn, hatred, contempt or ridicule"

    "hereby discouraging others in the community from having a good opinion of, or associating with, that person. -"

    Now, assuming that is a valid summation of the law, the person whom Cousin Bill should be suing is...


    Nobody does more damage to his reputation than he, himself.

    What is it RMS says? (Rhetorical question)

    1. Too funny. After the years of vile, disgusting crap he has put out there for all the world to read and see he actually believes someone, anyone, could possibly expose him to more scorn, hatred, contempt or ridicule than he has himself is amazing.

      There is a diagnosis for folks who can't look in the mirror isn't there?

      1. Neal, you really should start a blog or three. Hundred.

        I recall your stirring cri de guerre in this thread from last summer:

        1. William never mentioned the Widow Malone again. I'm a man of my word. Also, incredibly lazy.

          But this project would just be displaying William's "sterling character", so the work would be minimal.

          Of course, I'll stay out of the military stuff, so as to not step on A.B's toes.

          This could be FUN!

    2. You should, Neal! Heaven knows you would have more than enough material.

      One blog post after another showcasing -- IN HIS OWN WORDS -- how The Big BM built his "sterling reputation."

  26. Oh dear, more trouble for the very, very "private" Bill Schmalfeldt:

    Huffman's alleged New Year's Eve post became Internet fodder when it caught the eye of the website Vile Tweets and was noticed by blogger Bill Schmalfeldt, a Maryland journalist with 30 years of experience and the webmaster of Turning Over the Rocks website.

    Bill goes on in an interview to give an epic self-tongue bath.


    1. "Laying down the marker..." I predict someone will run across an interview or something he wrote himself wherein he claims to be a public figure. Maybe humble/bragging about the price of "fame" or going on about his "credentials" - possibly even a "do you know who I am" thing - but I'd bet it's out there. Probably more than once.

    2. Good grief. Blob carries on as if he did some kind of heroic, detective work.

      Blob only managed to pull it off because someone attached their real name to a social media account. The ONLY reason, even to this day, The Big BM is ever able to successfully "d0x" someone.

      "I'm sure he (Huffman) wasn't serious, but people need to stop doing this stupid stuff," Schmalfeldt said of irresponsible online behavior.

      Bwaaaaaahahahahahaha! Bill Schmalfeldt lecturing anyone on how to behave online is freaking hilarious!

      Wait! Wait! Bwaaaaahahahahahaha!!!

  27. Gryf, it sure doesn't sound like Bill's thinking of himself as a "private citizen" in these posts:

    Found this on the broadwayworld web site chat forum from Broadway Bill Himself:

    Aufwiedershen! А bient�t! Good night!
    Posted On: 10/8/03 at 12:56:11 PM EST

    Just a little note to say adios! As of Oct. 10, I will no longer be program director of the On Broadway channel at XM Satellite Radio. I've signed a three-year contract to be the host of the nightly syndicated "Taboo Talk" radio program, coming soon to a city near you. To keep things simple, I'll be re-adopting my old air name of Bill Matthews. Best of luck to one and all, and thanks to Rob for giving me the space for the column ... which I understand four of you have actually read.


    Now that I'm no longer at XM (which was the best job I've ever had -- until now!), I am able to post on this website. I have no idea who will eventually get the nod to direct the channel. All I can say is that I did the best I could to make as many Broadway fans as happy as possible -- not an easy task when you consider the wide gamut of music that falls under the category of "show tunes." Thanks to the folks who frequent XM FAN for spreading the good word about "Radio To The Power of X", thanks to the folks at XM who let me play with their spectacular toys for nearly 30 months, and thanks most of all to the listeners. Best wishes to you all!

    Bill Schmalfeldt
    The Former Impresario
    STILL a subscriber!!!



    Hey Willy, there's a lot more where these came from. Want more???

      1. Reams and reams. But why put all the cards on the table?

        Not to mention I went looking at his past interactions with commenters online and I've seen posts from 2003 where he's just as much of an ass as he is now. It's almost like he's.........always been like this.

        It is stunning how big his online history is. He's got quite a colorful past.

      2. Yup, give someone enough rope to hang themselves...

        Then make it AVAILABLE FOREVER...

        And, suddenly, it's really, really hard to lie about who you are...and have anyone believe you.

      3. Yes, a colorful, publicized past and present. hahahaha

        He's a private citizen who values his privacy because he's very private. Entering "Bill Schmalfeldt Maryland" into the Bing search engine only returns 26.6 million results. That's how private he is,

        What a buffoon.

      4. 26.6 MILLION?!? For the love of Pete!

        Hey, Blob? Looks like your messiah was wrong (again!). That "sterling reputation" you got there? YOU built that!

        Another trip down Internet Memory Lane reveals old Blobby Boy excitedly declaring:

        "MAN. I'M FAMOUS!"


        "Schmalfeldt credited himself as being “the first person” to respond to Rush. One of Schmalfeldt’s fellow travelers credited Schmalfeldt as the person who called out Rush, and told Schmalfeldt that she had gotten his screencaps in an email from People from the American Way. Another Twitter user told Schmalfeldt that his tweet had appeared on Turkish TV, to which Schmalfeldt replied: “Man. I’m famous!”

      5. Heavens! If you type in my name and state, even though I've run for public office, and held public office, both appointed and elected, you get 7, that's SEVEN hits. A single digit.

        If you take away the state, you get two hundred thousand odd, about 10% of Bill's total. But a significant number of those aren't me. Some relatives on my husband's side, and a bunch of totally unrelated folks. So maybe 5%.

        But I'm a public figure he can ridicule in books, while he can't even be talked about online?/snort

      6. @Jane
        "Yes, a colorful, publicized past and present. hahahaha

        He’s a private citizen who values his privacy because he’s very private. Entering “Bill Schmalfeldt Maryland” into the Bing search engine only returns 26.6 million results. That’s how private he is,

        What a buffoon."

        That is an awful lot of Bull**** to have left lying around.

      7. Ding! Ding! Ding!

        Grace wins! hahahahahaha

        Can't wait to see how the multiply adjudicated harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt, hand-waves that one away.

        "Oh, when I used the words 'I'm famous' I didn't mean famous like a dictionary would define 'famous.' Nooooo, Noooo, Noooo. You see, it's an old journalmalist's trick when they're going after a story...."

        Or maybe, "Well, you know I have dementia. Like so many other words, it turns out the word 'famous' doesn't mean what I think it means."

        Or maybe, "It's very unfair to hold me to my own words, you mean bully, er, I mean, your honor. On top of stage eleventy PD, and dementia, I'm really, really stupid. Obviously, I mean stoooopid. Always have been, always will be. And I can prove it with real forensics."

      8. Arrrggh! I'm having an "I need to go to bed soon because I can't do basic math" day. 200K is 1%, not 10% of 20+M.

        That makes me even more obscure than I thought for a public figure. LOL

      9. Very sorry all but there is something odd going on with my browser, with Bing, both, or something else. The 26.6 million figure is not accurate. Because of wide discrepancies, I don't know what the real number is, only that it's somewhere between 4-7 digits - a lot more than are returned with most "private citizens."

        Again, my apologies for posting what is almost certainly inaccurate info.

  28. To raise money for charity I am going to copy every single reckless blog post, tweet or forum post where Bill defamed, libeled, slandered or used hate speech against someone else. I will include just enough commentary in it to ridicule his double standards and hurdle the "fair use" bar and then I will offer it for sale on Amazon for $1.99.

    Hell... 25,000+ posts just on XM fan sites of his.... colorful language. That's gotta be at least... what.... 50+ pages of material. And oh the tweets! Such interesting ones he posts!

    I'll probably have to break it down year by year.

    What fun!

    I will need help in coming up with the name of such a book though...... *now accepting suggestions*

    1. The Life and Times of William Schmalfeldt Sr. Sometimes your purpose in life is to be warning to others.

    2. A.B., you can probably get 50 pages just listing his known aliases. hahaha I wish you the best of luck. A few of us have considered similar, smaller efforts. Just today Neal mentioned it, and I've been kicking around the idea myself. There have already been a few great names suggested above, but below are some names I thought of which any zombie is welcome to use:

      Bill Schmalfeldt - In his own words

      The Real Bill Schmalfeldt

      Did You Know Bill Schmalfeldt Has Parkinson's? Here's what he doesn't want you to know

      Bill Schmalfeldt is not a lawyer, and other lessons he should have learned

      Parkinson's and Memory - What Bill Schmalfeldt Deliberately Forgot

      And finally, my favorite is... drumroll please...

      Parkinson's Is No Excuse For Being Bill Schmalfeldt


    3. If you are collecting, then Dumbass has some nice things to say on my little blog and I captured a few of his tweets that caught my eye:

      Theres more but these are some of my fav's.

  29. Oh I almost forgot!!!

    Bill! Oh Billy boy!

    Would you care to comment on the tweet that was posted showing your DD-214 and awards? Specifically any comment on how someone who was the Distinguished Honor Graduate of two DIS courses and the winner of the the Navy Chief of Information Merit Award in 1983 for Editorial Writing does not have even a Letter of Commendation listed on his DD-214?

    Just curious.

    1. Well this is awkward…..
      Additional Honors & Awards

      Navy Chief of Information Merit Award, Editorial Writing
      Department of Defense Information School, Distinguished Honor Graduate, Journalism
      Department of Defense Information School, Distinguished Honor Graduate, Broadcasting
      Department of Defense Information School, Award for Excellence in Radio Production
      Navy Chief of Information Merit Award, Radio Entertainment Programming

      And yet not even a Navy Achievement Medal, Letter of Commendation or Certificate of Appreciation in his DD-214 about those awards.

      You would think that the Navy Chief of Information (a rear admiral mind you) would be able to give out some sort of tangible benefit to someone winning such a prestigious award.

      I mean my Carrier Strike Group commander (a rear admiral at the time also) managed to sign his name to a Flag Letter of Commendation for my being a good supervisor! And yup it’s on MY DD-214…..

      1. The last 36 hours have been quite the experiment in behavioral modification, haven’t they?

        Yesterday morning, Juicy Joe properly stated that William sucks at pretty much everything, which there appears to be no shortage of empirical of. For this, Joe was faildoxed and threatened with stupid, pointless and utterly fantastical litigation. It was a sight, but in no way remarkable We’re all used to the sideshow of utterly impotent rage and transparent self-importance by now.

        Then A.B wandered into our lives and, most importantly, Schmalfeldt’s. Not only did A.B have a mission, he has documentation!

        Am I the only one that has noticed the change in William’s demeanor since then? I trust that I’m not..

        Yes, the wholly unwarranted braggadocio is still there, but it’s been toned down considerably from just Thursday evening. Why, it’s almost as if he’s gotten shy!

        And that says more than Bill ever could.

        That lad is done.

      2. Thanks Neal N. Bob

        And I am on a mission!

        As posted on twitter @schmeltdown I can imagine Bill struggling to NOT mention any of those at an interview for a GS-12 position as Writer-Editor at the NIH.

        And I can imagine those awards were NEVER on any application or resume sent to the Federal Government for consideration in his hiring.

        And I can imagine he has NEVER used those awards to justify his hiring at any of the dozen or so other media organizations he worked for over 40+ years.

        And I can imagine that if he DID have those awards the Navy would have seen fit to put them on his DD-214. Because all of my awards are on mine from my lofty single Navy Achievement Medal (ha!) to my two Flag Letters of Commendation (one from a one-star admiral and one from a two-star admiral) to my lowly Plane Captain of the Quarter and Safety Professional of the Month commendations from my commander (a poor ol’ O-5).

        But I’m sure Bill has some awesome story explaining away why those honors and achievments he blasted all over the internet and in resumes and applications are NOT on his DD-214. I just can’t wait to hear why they are not on there.

      3. So JournaMakeStuffUpism is losing two of it's brightest stars in the same week...

        h/t - Popehat, James_M_Perry


  30. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 3m 3 minutes ago

    "I wonder if @Schmeltdown has noticed that everything he has posted completely matches my description of my military service."

    None of the DIS or CHINFO awards and recognition he has ever posted about are on his DD-214.... other than that everything matches what Bill said.

    Ok then.

  31. Bill.... couple things you should know:

    1. Saying "I don't have to post my DD 214 to prove yadda yadda yadda" is an AUTOMATIC red flag on Stolen Valor/military embellishment.

    2. You already posted your DD 214 you big lummox. So according to your own self posted DD 214 you don't have ANY of the awards you mentioned.

    3. Significant awards like Distinguished Honor Graduate also come with things like.... oh, Letters of Commendation from the school house. And BIG awards like CHINFO merit awards also come with things like.... oh NAM's. You don't have any of those and if you did they would be on your DD 214.

    4. Thanks for the screenshots! You have no idea where I am going with this documentation or why.

    5. Fair winds and following seas.

  32. "@schmeltdown does not HAVE my DD-214. Either one of them. And I am not going to scan and post to prove shit to a troll."

    You are cornered, fuck stick!

    1. Bill Schmalfeldt will whip out and post in a heartbeat a 30-year-old letter (he not only kept, but went so far as to bother to scan) from one of his ex-wives, but won't scan and (re)post his DD-214(s) when he is being directly challenged on claims he has made numerous times in the past.

      Curious that.

      Especially in light of a case of "Stolen Valor" being made against him due to the fact: (1) he is a notorious liar, and (2) his military-service claims differ greatly from information that has been obtained, and has clearly been brought to his attention.

      Bill Schmalfeldt will go 'round-and-'round-and-'round relentlessly defending himself against the smallest of slights -- but, shuts down when it comes to defending and proving his military record -- which IF the truth is on his side should be a cut-and-dry, shut-the-Zombies-up, simple enough exercise.

      Things that make ya go *hmmm*

  33. Everything appears to be in order, Seaman Slurper.

    We will fast-track your lateral appointment to Chief-Pedo Officer in Kimblerlin's glass bottom boat navy.

  34. Bill is under the impression that no one except him knows how military awards, personnel files and documentation works.

    And you know what? I’m fine with him having that impression.

    “Oh look. A triple-double!”

    1. Uh Oh, don't look now A.B., but Bill is doubling down....AND starting to threaten you. You must be getting close judging by his behavior. Of course what he is saying matches nothing that he said before except that he busted his knee being a klutz and decided it was a good chance to start sucking the public tit for money.

      1. Every. Single. Embellisher. Has. Said. This. To. Me.

        Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 52m 52 minutes ago

        @schmeltdown does not HAVE my DD-214. Either one of them. And I am not going to scan and post to prove shit to a troll.
        0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites


        Just another screen shot for.... my evidence file!


        "@weltschmerz2015: Wanna see 'em? Glad to show 'em. What's your e-mail address?"
        2/7/15, 9:03 PM


        Blob tweets damn near EVERY detail of his life... except for his DD-214(s), and information that can easily be posted to Twitter, but for "some reason" all of a sudden can ONLY be emailed to A.B.

        And, on the heels of threatening to add A.B. to his lulzsuit, and threatening A.B. with a subpoena no less.

        Captain Obvious is obvious. *SMH*

        1. Here's what I think! I have to emphasize that this is just a theory, lest Jihadi Matlock go for an imaginary international law degree to match his state and federal ones.

          I believe that if you throw a link at William that potentially impugns his "sterling character" (and I can't tell you how much fun it is to use that phrase), he fucking well clicks it!

          Accordingly, I believe that Captain Stuebing opened that link and knew that the DD214 was there. God knows, enough people referenced it for two days for him to have noticed it.

          Look at the comments from William's XM "fans" immediately after his posting of the form back in Ye Olde Days. Then ask yourself when Our Hero has ever not used potentially exculpatory evidence to beat his adversaries into bored exhaustion with.


          On a completely unrelated note, what is that he's accusing John Hoge of again? The memory fails as the years advance ....

      3. Grace, there's another detail he'll never, never, never, never tell: His book/CD sales. Oh, he'll tell you about the kajillion places he's uploaded them to, but he'll never admit that his friends and family won't even buy one of anything.

      4. You are absolutely right, Pablo.

        I had actually forgotten about the efforts to get Blob to share the sales of his books/CDs.

        And, you're right again. I, too, believe it has much to do with the fact that doing so would shine a light on the reality that even his "excellent friends," and maybe what -- the two family members that still have an interest in him and his life -- won't pony up the few bucks needed to purchase his drivel.

        Sad. Sad. Sad.

  35. Amazingly, no sooner than I mentioned that A.B turned William passive, he gets all aggro and blustery again.

    I'm far more influential than I thought.

  36. I posted my email on twitter for Bill to send.... whatever.

    I wonder what it will be:

    a. a virus?

    b. a trojan?

    c. some other executable software??

    d. nothing

    e. signing me up for spam?

    f. trying to dox me?????

    g. greeting card? (including subpoenas???)

    h. his DD 214 (ahahahahahahahahaahhahaahah....... yeah right)

  37. Holy Crap.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 10h 10 hours ago
    How much do you want to dig up dirt on someone that you would sift through a forum I took part in 7 fucking years ago? Nothing better to do?

    Really Bill? You really want to go there?

    The guy who has done nothing the last decade but "dig up dirt" on people, including FIVE FAILDOXES in the past 36 hours, which means hours and hours and hours spent following Deb Frisch links all over the internet, is complaining someone else is spending too much time "researching"?

    Epic self-awareness fail.

    1. Some idiot with over 100 twitter identities

      100 accounts x 1000 tweets each x 15 words eh = 1.5 million words written on the internet up to half of it about himself. Add in the 25,000 posts on XMFAN and 1500 pages of autobiographies and you have some guy talking about himself on the internet

      800,000 words in the bible
      1,500,000 written about himself on twitter and also about others
      500,000 on XMFan
      Plus the autobiographies

      You have the equivalent of 3 bibles of original material he volunteered to the world about himself

      3 whole every page different bibles who knows maybe up to 4 whole bibles written by this guy on the internet invading his own privacy and really casting himself in a negative light

  38. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 11h 11 hours ago
    ...USS Midway (CV-41) where I served until early 1985 when I fell down a ladder (stairwell to you land lubbers), requiring the removal...

    We've found photographic evidence of the Captain's reaction from the time of Bill's injury!

  39. Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@weltschmerz2015 2m2 minutes ago
    Now, would you like to see my evidence that @schmeltdown, aka "DesertFox1991" isn't a vet of anything but fucking VIDEO GAME WARS?

    Give him an email address and he'll find any bread crumb to be CERTAIN of who you are. Well he'll be certain after the 5th or 6th person he is certain is you. What a maroon.

    1. I'm still waiting for him to post his "proof" of who I am.

      And waiting.

      And waiting.



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