30 thoughts on “I'm A Bit Late To This”

    1. Well I can't hear it, but I can imagine it, and it feels delicious. The Ludicrous Loon completely misunderstood diversity (and the rationale behind it) as well as what is a federal question.

      He has given indicia from time to time of liking things up his asshole: a really large judicial boot was just forcefully placed there so maybe he has a consolation prize of sorts.

  1. I love his new twitter name:
    Just a Loser with PD

    What's The Point?

    Fucking bitch slapped.

    And deserved.

    1. I think that was in regards to "tip jar" money or raising money to support someone or for some other purpose. I forget which though.

  2. https://web.archive.org/web/20150218231705/http://theelkridgeinciter.blogspot.com/2015/02/justice-is-for-hoges-of-world-not-for-me.html

    Justice is for the Hoges of the World. Not for Me.
    This is my final post.

    Ever? THE CURE, Shakey?

    Promises, promises...

    1. April is just around the corner. Plenty of time for Schmeltdowns.

      Plenty of time for his antics. Can't wait.

    2. Cant tell for sure from the archive link, what time does the DOOMity clock point to? And can we hope that it is him really, truly leaving the internet, or at least leaving people alone? Though, yes, we all know that will last 7 days, absolute maximum, and probably closer to 7 hours....

    3. He is never going to take the cure because that would deprive the world of his wonderful self, a tragedy that he is too humane to impose on the rest of us. You must admit that it is hard to imagine anyone who provides more hilarity without charging for it. Remember the paragraph in the complaint explaining that the little skits involving sex with boy scouts were nothing for the judge to worry about. Comedy gold.

  3. I hope you four are happy. Now William will have no sweaty-palmed placed to go whilst incarcerated!

    He'll be all alone with his thoughts. Y'know, when he's not being beaten for being a mouthy turd.

      1. You know.... ol' BS might be getting all kinds of legal bad news over the next 60 days or so.

        Sad that.

        Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

  4. The judge basically was hinting that Bill should pay the outstanding $1,400 and change that Gail skated on.

    That's a whole lotta truck stop action.

    And her cocksucker cramp has already progressed so far.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  5. But .. but Hoge was supposed to turn on Krendler, who was then going to give William all of ur ISPs so that he could sue the dickens out of us throughout eternity.

    That was what William was so giddy about, right?

    1. hahahahaha.............

      On the other hand Team Cuckold will be turning on each other soon enough.

      It's a surprise!


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