14 thoughts on “Hey, Look Who Un-Left Twitter FOREVAH! Again.”

  1. The remarkable thing is that he has 40 followers.

    Why do I suspect that a number of those are actually on Team Lickspittle?

    1. As I recall, a good 25-30 of them are auto-followbacks from online radio providers, plus 5-7 more TK members, which leaves 5-10 other assorted näifs and idiots.

  2. Zero self-control. Zero.

    No matter how many times he thoroughly and irredeemably humiliates himself, he just can't stop.

    It's all he has; it's all he is; and all he'll ever be.

    Pathetic freak.

  3. The Big BM's inability to see this as a bed of his own making continues to amaze. "I'm a victim! I'm a victim!"

    Then I went back and was reading some of the old stuff he wrote - the sort of stuff that got him kicked off Breitbart-funded Daily Kos (oh, wait)...and reminded myself, "Yes, he is that crazy. No, you're not."

    1. Wasn't it awesome how the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt was so benevolent with his offer to assist the Hoges (a couple of dot gov websites and a random person's phone number that is available to everyone), and was soooooo concerned for their plight?

      Well, until he realized that John wanted none of his "help" (and, moreso wanted Blob to follow the NO CONTACT element of the Peace Order) -- then Typical Raging and Evil Bill emerged once again. Now it's all screw the Hoges, and the Hoges are lying, blah, blah, blah.

      He truly cannot leave that sweaty-palmed, happy place of his for long at all.

      1. As Glenn Reynolds often notes "everything comes with an expiration date."

        At that time benevolence and compassion served a purpose (full what though we don't know). Now it no longer serves a purpose and he (they) move on to other things (or return to old ones).

      2. Of course we can't know for sure (because who the heck can make any sense out of what that demented freak is thinking), but I believe one of the purposes of Blob's "benevolence and compassion" was to get out from under his LOLsuit with John.

        Blob was probably thrilled when he heard the terrible news of the cancer because (Well, first-and-foremost because he's evil.) he figured he now had a face-saving way of dropping John from the suit because Blob is such a kind, caring, helpful, compassionate guy, blah, blah, blah. (Eew. I almost threw up in my mouth a little just typing that sentence.)

        Blob knows this LOLsuit is going nowhere where John is concerned.

        But, John didn't respond the way the Blob wanted him to respond. John ruined Blobby's grand plan. John didn't trip all over himself to accept Blob's "offer of help" which then royally pissed Blob off -- so even though his LOLsuit against John is dead in the water, it matters not... because The Big BM is mad so Hoge will now suffer and pay good. *eyeroll*

  4. "Who knows what evil Oedipal-ness lurks in the hearts of trolls and terrorists? The Dark Web knows!"
    Excerpt from one dark web site:

    Studies have shown the Troll Oedipal phase as an implicit triangular relationship between troll and terrorist with the appearance of phallic-Oedipal pedophilic urges. The triangular relationship between troll and terrorist shares a commonality based on shared cockholdry and mayonnaise slathered footlongs. With in this framework, triangularity and Oedipal-ness can be considered inseparable qualities of the same pedophilic phenomenon, and each of the sine qua non of the other. The developmental unfolding of the Troll Oedipal phrase is also marked by a shared interest between troll and terrorist in committing acts of necrophilia.

    F5 Bill, F5!


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