44 thoughts on “Don't Go Away Mad, Bill”

  1. So, instead of playing Pop Goes The Feeble, he deleted his account? Or did he just rename it?

    Or... did twitter finally decide to enforce TOS and kick him off again?

    Pool is now open.

    1. More likely trying to hide the incriminating spew. He'll be back, like any fungus not properly eliminated.

      "Death threat!eleventy!" isn't present or implied, even if he admits to being a fungus. 😉

      1. If I had functioning legs and a non-functioning conscience, as well as a completely broken moral compass, you might be right.

        But since none of the above are true, fatboy is gonna have to merely feel threatened, rather than actually be threatened.

  2. For those of you who missed it, Bill found (by no doubt googling his name yet again) a post from a young woman who had his name, picture, and something like "as you know I was bullied, so I wish him death". He had sadz. Introspective Bill made a short appearance. To no avail.

    I'll see if I still have the website in cache.

      1. You know, that is truly powerful. That is the bed Bill has made for himself. Someone unconnected with John Hoge, Brett Kimberlin, Stranahan, Team Lickspittle, the list goes on, encounters BS on the Internet and then posts something like that. Nobody else did that to him- he did it to himself.

      2. D.Edgren - importantly, imo, the author at least leans left, and may be a progressive. That makes it even stronger, imo. Someone so young and with similar political leanings saw clearly who and what he is - even if he refuses to see it himself.

    1. So he got that blog deleted by wordpress? What, for putting his ugly face on it? I mean, I can understand wp deciding that image was too grotesque and horrifying, but since it's allowed other places, seems unfair to delete hers.

      He's just too stupid to understand the whole concept of the internet being FOREVER, isn't he?

    2. He seems to think that someone being a "liberal" means that they give other "liberals" a pass for dastardly behavior. Hrm. I don't know about you, but I prefer to call people out on their assholish behavior no matter what side of the aisle they are one. It seems this young lady feels the same. Go figure!

      1. He seems to think that someone being a “liberal” means that they give other “liberals” a pass for dastardly behavior.

        They do. See: Clinton, Bill. Also, that silence you hear? That's their (and the media's) outrage at Oregon's crooked soon-to-be-former governor. Note that it's about 1/10000000000th of what you heard about VA's Bob O'Donnell.

    1. Good catch you two!

      If you are in the midst of numerous legal issues surrounding your internet presence, the LAST thing you want to do is (attempt to) delete everything you've written.

      1. With BK trying to reopen his lawsuit against poor Lynn Thomas, and BS bragging about getting KU's twitter suspended, to a reasonable person BS is up the top of his head in "tampering with evidence".

  3. http://www.mwl-law.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/spoliation-of-laws-in-all-50-states.pdf

    SANCTIONS: Maryland courts have condoned discovery sanctions as remedies for spoliation of evidence. See Klupt v. Krongard, 728 A.2d 727, 738 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. 1999). The ultimate sanction of dismissal or default when spoliation may be imposed when the spoliation involves: (1) a deliberate act of destruction; (2) discoverability of the evidence; (3) an intent to destroy the evidence; (4) occurrence of the act at a time after suit has been filed, or, if before, at a time when filing is fairly perceived as imminent. White v. Office of the Public Defender, 170 F.R.D. 138, 147 (D. Md. 1997). One court noted that the greatest of sanctions is appropriate when the conduct demonstrates willful or contemptuous behavior, or a deliberate attempt to hinder or prevent effective presentation of defenses or counterclaims. Manzano v. Southern Md. Hosp., Inc., 698 A.2d 531, 537 (Md.

    1. Yes, exactly, both of you. All normal people and all decent people can see clearly what the adjudicated stalker and adjudicated harasser is and does. That he denies the findings of multiple courts in multiples states just makes him look even worse, and as having even less understanding of reality as perceived by everyone else.

      His few handlers occasionally claim to agree with him - but they're lying.

    2. Considering that his own family can't stand him, should it surprise anyone that all of humanity finds him contemptible?

  4. Maybe the latest dox has him convinced to turn over a new leaf, find God, be a good husband and father...

    Or take the cure. Either one works for me.

  5. As a follow up to what was discussed in this thread here is the latest:

    Bill says he contacted the young lady and she did not write the posts at Hogewash or make that WP site. WhoisnumberNone was quick to start calling it identity theft by Hoge or a Lickspittle.

    The meme is that someone posting on Hogewash who is new and a left leaning person will automatically be doxed by Bill because Hoge is forcing him too....or something like that

  6. Over at Blob's latest filth blog he's once again asserting that the news of the cancer is a lie. First of all -- unfortunately and very sadly, it's not. (Besides, who gives a rat's ass what the demented freak believes anyhoo?) Secondly, even if it was a lie -- who the hell is Blob to think he deserves anyone to be truthful with him? No one is under any obligation to be honest with the Lying Liar of all Liars. Anyone and everyone is most certainly free to lie to him if they so choose. The Big BM should be used to it by now considering his handlers have made an art out it.

    If he's out there stalking and d0xing and causing people pain over "lies" -- that's 100% on him, and his utter lack of self-control and human decency. Furthermore, I'd bet a bunch of money that John didn't make that blog post and share this horribly sad news for Blob nor for Blob's benefit. Screw the self-inflated, self-important, narcissistic piece of shit.

    And, it appears that he's getting ready to start digging deep (read: d0xing) and harassing John's Facebook friends. It will be a joyous day when he is eventually jailed for his abusive behavior and threats, legally denied access to the Internet, or just plain old ceases to exist. At least when he does finally rolly-walker himself off this mortal coil no one will ever again have to listen to his incessant "It's cooooooold!" rantings.

    And, apparently the raving loon believes that everyone obsessively uses the Internet like he does, and everyone should by all means use Every. Single. Social-Media. Platform. Ever. Invented. ELEVENTY!!1!!1!.

    "Connie doesn't seem to have a Twitter profile." (Says the Deranged Cyberstalker)

    EGADS! *eyeroll* What a demented freak he is. He also writes how Connie, John, and John IV don't use their Facebook accounts. Holy Moly! How dare they?! How can he possibly stalk their Facebook posts if they're not making any Facebook posts? Furthermore, the Over-Sharer Extraordinaire apparently doesn't understand that many people opt NOT to share EverySingleAspectOfTheirLives on social media, and may just think that sharing difficult news (such as... let's say... a cancer diagnosis) is better left to other avenues of communication. Just because he chooses to use the www as his ONLY interaction with the world... normal people pretty much have very real and fruitful lives offline with like friends, and family (that actually want something to do with them), and stuff.

    Now THIS comment knocked me off my chair with laughter:

    "Does Papa Hoge control her access to the world, the information she receives?" (Says the Control Freak)

    Let's start here: Has Blob ever considered, for even a moment in that mushy head of his, that Connie may actually be one of the Lickspittles? *sshhh*

    Yes. Let's talk about husbands who control their wives' access to the world, shall we? Where is Gail's Facebook account? Where is Gail's Twitter account? Instagram? Pinterest? Where are all of the comments she makes on all of the various blogs she visits? Where are all of her comments on the gajillion blogs Blob has created? Does he even allow her to answer the phone? Is she allowed to even make phone calls? Or, is all the access she has to the world when the fat lump of waste forces her to shag her poor butt down to get the mail for his lazy ass -- that his lazy ass then has her open for him? Interesting questions, huh?

    Gail doesn't appear to have much of an Internet footprint at all. Funny that, huh? I suppose there is always the possibility that she's just too damn dumb to operate a computer to begin with... after all, she did marry the Deranged Cyberstalker. Doesn't quite scream Mensa member now does it?

    Sheesh. Wall of text, eh?

    TL/DR: Bill Schmalfeldt sucks.

    1. http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll224/SmokeJumperFirearms/SMILEYS/APPLAUSE-1.gif

      Worth taking the time to read every word, Grace, thanks.


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