16 thoughts on “Demented Morrie”

  1. Let me tell you about my day. I usually don't bore ya'll with such mundane crap,,but there's a point to this.

    I had an appointment with my doctor this morning. Just a routine checkup. After this my wonderful wife Kelly and I had a nice lunch, followed by a bit of shopping around town. Then a quick stop at the pharmacy and returned home.

    It has been between 10 F and 15 F all day, with snow, starting as flurries and getting pretty heavy,

    Here's the point -- despite 26 years with Parkinson's disease, I SURVIVED this arctic nightmare!

    I will admit, I was assisted by state-of-the-art technology - a warm coat and a car heater. But I DID NOT DIE! At one point, the accumulated snow prompted Kelley to offer to drag the folding wheelchair from the trunk, but since it wasn't icy or slippery, I just shuffled along as usual.

    All in all, a pleasant day. Yeah, I'd have preferred 70s and sunshine, but I found NO worsening of my PD symptoms/condition. ZERO

    But then, I wasn't going to a court that could imprison me. THAT might have mattered. But the cold? Meh.

    1. I may have mentioned before, my hubby has more than one degenerative disease that is quite debilitating and makes walking interesting. He very rarely needs the wheel chair(when doped up fom a procedure) and would just use a cane if Parkinson's were his only problem, so crutches it is :). Just had to throw in my 2cents. I'm not sure if he's just a tough cookie or if he's just incredibly stubborn....or as The Great Zombie always says...embrace the power of AND!

      1. There is zero doubt Rick is a tough cookie -- with a heavy dose of incredibly stubborn tossed in to boot, I'm sure. 😉

        Not to mention, Kelly, that you made a very, very wise decision years ago... to marry a REAL MAN.

        Unlike a certain captive nurse in a tincan in Maryland who has made very poor choices in her life, and has to take care of two vaginas.

      2. There is also zero doubt that Schmalfeldt is a mewling pussy with all the ferocity of a demented, neutered Yorkie. All the noise, too.

      3. Where is my damn infinite like button?
        Grace: Excellent comment that I agree with wholeheartedly.
        Pablo: That is very defamatory of Yorkies. He reminds me more of a screaming goat, with the same social skills, odor and dulcet tones.

      4. A goat huh? Can we pack him off to the middle east? I'm sure he'd make someone a lovely bride.


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