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  1. Honesty, for once.



    1. Don't sweat Schmalfeldt. He is an impotent buffoon.

      In the final tally, he will be known as a pathetic douche that went straight from adolescence to worm food. Nothing in between.

  2. This cartoon is NOT funny. Like most jokes, a cartoon must have some connection to the real world. And no one would believe that Witless Willie had enough brains to form a critical mass. An impossible level of suspension of disbelief.

    1. Plus the room he's in looks far too neat and pleasant. For instance, I don't see any bars.

      1. No empty mayo jars. No pictures on the wall of meaty, male glutes. No, a rare failure of the Krendler's genius. Maybe he had a hangover.

  3. Oh the pain of stinging defeat! Remind me, what defeat is he talking about?


    1. Good question. I think Bill is losing it. He THINKS he defeated Krendler, but he's never faced him in court. On the other hand, he issued a sworn statement that Krendler = Patrick Grady. Grady kicked Bill's ass in court twice. Of course both times Bill was too terrified to even show up.

      1. When the hell does Willy think he defeated Krendler? Despite everything, he can't even figure out who he is!


  4. Waiting 4 The Worms @justplainbill15 · 3m 3 minutes ago

    And, this is just me wondering... why do none of Mr. DeLong's many suicide notes NOT mention the bombing? They mention his mistreatment of..

    Oh FFS Bill. Don't. go. there.

    Just don't.


    1. Waiting 4 The Worms @justplainbill15 · 4m 4 minutes ago

      ...his wife, but never the bombing.

      And Bill just bottomed-out. I don't think he could write anything more loathsome or grammatically incorrect.

      1. Oh. He went there. The evil freaking pig went all the way there.

        In the demented freak's quest to defend all things related to his "excellent friend" (the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin) -- while the Evil Pig Schmalfeldt psychoanalyzes a suicide note on Twitter, he purposefully avoids the truth of the Tiny Terrorist and the $1.6M wrongful death judgement.

        Evil Pig Liar Schmalfeldt and his evil pig liar friends always manage to leave this part out when they declare the Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin has paid his debts to society.

        Yep. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has officially scraped the bottom of the barrel. Sick and evil.

    2. Especially since it's been to trial, and adjudicated. The person to raise such an issue was Kimberlin's lawyer, and I'm sure he did.

      Bill really needs to stop.

      1. His current discussion with @stephensheiko is insanity. I can't even begin to understand why he's bringing this up.

      2. The evil pig liar will never stop. He solely exists to inflict his deranged hatred onto others. He is an abhorrent creature who knows no boundaries nor any sense of decency.

      3. Sounds to me like the evil pig liar is alluding to committing suicide in order to have HOOOOOOOGE held accountable in a court of law for wrongful death.

        Seriously. That's what I'm reading. He's even claiming his neurologist would testify.

        Screencap everything.

      4. That's exactly what it is Grace. He's trying to gin up sympathy by planning his suicide, along with suing John posthumously for his death. And he tells all of us that on twitter. Including telling us his physician would say what he wants him to say.

  5. Aaaaaaaaand, it's all about Bill. Apparently he thinks becuase Mrs. Delong got money, his wife could get money if he offs himself.

    Waiting 4 The Worms @justplainbill15 · 2m 2 minutes ago

    @stephensheiko I am every bit, if not moreso, handicapped than Mr. DeLong was. Only, I have no one to blame. And, neither did Mr. DeLong.

    Waiting 4 The Worms @justplainbill15 · 2m 2 minutes ago

    @stephensheiko So, if I kill myself because of Hoge's constant harassment, Gail can get millions?

    No Bill, John isn't responsible for your "handicap", and you would have to find a jury dumb enough to find that butthurt was responsible for your death.

    1. Well, it all depends on the size of the life insurance policy, and Bill's ability to make a suicide look like an accident or natural causes, doesn't it?

    2. Oh, no. He didn't say that!

      Mr. DeLong had a leg blown off, several fingers, and shrapnel embedded all over his body. He was in daily, excruciating pain. Because Brett Kimberlin planted a bomb in a gym bag at a high school football game, and Carl DeLong was a conscientious man who picked it up!

      That fucker. That toe-rag, deranged, ranting, foam-flecked, wicked, hideous creature. He has officially left the ranks of humanity.

  6. Waiting 4 The Worms @justplainbill15 · 3m 3 minutes ago

    @stephensheiko Thanks for the idea, Stephen. Talk to you later. Work to do.

    Yea Bill, except for the fact that you have documented your entire scheme on twitter for everyone to see, you moron.

  7. I don't recall Mr. Hoge exploding a bomb at a high school football game, injuring Bill. If Bill Schmalfeldt kills himself, Bill will leave a note blaming everyone for hounding him to his death. He will hope that someone buys into the notion that he is a victim. Anyone think that's gonna fly? MMMmmm? Beuller? Anyone?

    1. It won't fly due to the existence of screenshots, lots and lots of screenshots:

      Waiting 4 The Worms @justplainbill15 · 41m 41 minutes ago

      @stephensheiko So, if I kill myself because of Hoge's constant harassment, Gail can get millions?

      Premeditation? Why yes, yes it is.

      God he's such a moron.

      1. Not to mention there are additional screenshots to go with these of the evil pig liar discussing pretty much the same thing awhile back.

        He has tweeted in the past that he has given his Captive Nurse instructions that after he dies she is to sue HOOOOOOOGE for wrongful death.

        The only thing different this time is the evil pig liar is talking suicide. But as we all know... he's nothing but a raging, impotent coward.

    2. BTW Dave,

      You know you can take that string of tweets from today before a judge tomorrow morning and get your state's version of a restraining order with little or no resistance. Provide copies of other open PO/ROs and who knows? You might even manage criminal charges.

  8. In case anyone missed the demented freak Bill Schmalfeldt's droolings right before protecting his Twitter account -- After numerous tweets discussing Mr. DeLong's suicide, and declaring his "excellent friend" Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin free of any responsibility (per always), Blob stated the following:

    "So, if I kill myself because of Hoge's constant harassment, Gail can get millions?"

    "I am every bit, if not moreso, handicapped as Mr. DeLong was."

    "I can barely walk, am in constant pain, offered to help my enemy's wife and am being punished for that... so, if I decided..."

    "My disability was worsened by the constant harassment of Hoge."

    "Say... that's a great idea. My neurologist would gladly testify to that."

    "Thanks for the idea, Stephen. Talk to you later. Work to do."

    Once again we are witness to Schmalogic -- he declares the Tiny Terrorist is not responsible for Mr. DeLong's suicide, but Hoge would definitely be responsible for Blob's suicide. Unreal.

    Anyhoo -- maybe an individual as unstable and unhinged as Bill Schmalfeldt openly contemplating on Twitter committing suicide -- would be well served by a wellness check and/or a 5150 hold.


    1. Yep. And, he's threatening Dave again -- telling him to keep his head down, and basically telling Dave that if Dave goes after a Peace Order (because BS won't stop contacting him), Bill's going after Dave's employer and Internet activity via a judge's subpoena.

      Blob sure loves himself some threats and extortion.

      1. What are your states laws re: demented cyberstalkers? Do they extradite? Is it cold there?

  9. DeLong was physically injured by an act of Kimberlin's that was not only tortious, but also criminal.

    Witless Willie has not been physically injured by any act of Hoge's that was a tort, let alone a crime, as Willies latest failure in court so amply proved for the world to see.

    Circumstances alter cases.

    I can hear the dialogue now.

    W: Hey, Doc, I may off myself because I am so frightened of going to jail for violating that peace order.

    D: Good.

    W: Did you just say "good."

    Brief pause on other end of line.

    D: Yes. Don't you see that then you could then certainly win a wrongful death suit against Hoge. And think how happy you will feel after that?

    W: Brilliant. Even my lawyer over at Acme never thought of that. But you will testify that I would have lived forever if I had not overdosed on mayonnaise, won't your?

    D: Absolutely. I can't wait.

      1. Yep. I'm sure his neurologist would love to know that Bill is claiming he would use his position as a specialist to participate in unethical and illegal behavior.


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