185 thoughts on “A Little Bird Told Me…”

  1. "Not to be confused with East Chillisquaque Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania."

    Oh I fucking HATE when that happens. It just pisses me off to no end!

  2. https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/562279067719049216

    Pardon me ...


    Let's see if I have this straight. A cripple in a tin can, who has to beg to sue for free, is going to pay for identities? With what?

    If nothing else, it should make for an interesting response to a pauper pleading.

    And wasn't William already convinced that he knew who Paul and Howard are?


  3. Defending his reputation

    As a top unsold author
    As a top fired commentator from online liberal magazines
    As a top multistate adjudicated harasser - how many people - not engaged in mass marketing have multiple peace orders against them?
    As a top changer of stories of military engagements
    As the top producer of Audio Child Rape Fantasies in Montgomery Co
    As one of a handful of associates of the Notorious Terrorist and child rapist Brett Kimberlin
    As the top harasser of a grieving mother because she was married to a man he despised

    So much to defend - where on earth to start?

  4. Watch it, Paul. We have a price on our heads.

    Inspector Jiggles is offering some free trial radio station coupons and a slightly used prisoner costume for our capture.

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015

    Unless of course you turn out to BE Krendler or Howie. But if you can prove their real identitie$, I won't reveal you or otherwise harm you.

    nothing sets one up for scrutiny than broadcasting the implied threat to harm people....

    1. Seriously? The Big BM really tweeted that?! So, basically -- If you give me the real identities of Krendler and Howard (whether you know their true identities or not)... I won't HARM YOU?

      Wow. Just wow.

      Here we go, folks. *wheeeee*

  6. How come his mom, wife, sister, stepson, son, daughters, Karoli, Matt, Neal, Brett, Willie, et al ever reviewed any of his material? After many years...


  7. https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/562288584196370432

    Saving for the lulz.

    I give him until 6 pm tomorrow.

  8. Krendler, please indulge me this one time.



    That is all.

      1. Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 2h 2 hours ago
        If you want to go down with the ship, that's an honorable choice. I'm offering lifeboats in return for the following: Perry Mason, Jane,
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        Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015  ·  2h 2 hours ago
        Leroy Schmalfeldt (as if), and of course Krendler and Howard Earl. I already know who "BusPassOffice" is.
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        Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015 · 2h 2 hours ago
        Oh, Grace would be a nice addition to the list as well. I know who Nancy Gilly is as well as several others who may or may not already be...
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        Bill Schmalfeldt @weltschmerz2015  ·  2h 2 hours ago
        ...on the official list of named defendants.
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      1. hahaha

        And we assimilated poor Grace, too, don't forget. And maybe LG too. And for a while, we also had Perry before Paul stole him.

      2. And, Jane is Grace and Grace is Jane.

        I am so limbering up my lulz muscles for this spectacle. *WHEEEEE*

  9. God is far too kind to us.


    "I have just mailed a copy of a federal complaint to the US District Court for the District of Maryland. It should be on file on PACER Tue or"

    Now, did Blob pay the filing fee, or is he going to file In Forma Pauperis and once again demonstrate that he didn't make a dime selling any of his eleventy zillion products last year? I love suspense! It's so much FUN!

  10. Oh look, Grace and Perry! Looks like he's offering reward$ out of his vast fortune for our info too.

    Let's see... adjudicated in three states to be a harasser and/or stalker, files suit against people who've never contacted him claiming "harassment;" and for the "libel" of quoting his own words; making comments in which he's not named; making comments which include the names of others he knows or is related to; comments about his harassment and victimization of others including a grieving mother who'd never had any contact with him; and so on, including comments containing our opinions of a cybertalking freakshow and his various vile activities.

    Oh, and I almost forgot the intentional infliction of the emotional distress of forcing him to seek out and read our comments at websites where he's not allowed to participate. How distressing that we don't communicate with him directly.

    I'm sure any judge will be very sympathetic considering his stage eleventy PD and his admitted dementia. No doubt any judge would ignore the various physical challenges faced by his victims because none have stage eleventy PD, and dementia, which is all that counts. Cos that's worked out so well for him so far.

    Oh, and in addition to the dementia and the various adjudications, let's not forget his own admission that his words can't be trusted. That's also really going to add to his credibility.

    Boy, he just can't get enough of Streisand, can he? Four adjudications in three states just isn't enough. He wants MORE. See Legal Note: Brett Kimberlin is an Adjudicated Pedophile

    Can the headline, "Not Satisfied Being An Adjudicated Stalker and Harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt Adds Several More Adjudications - Immediately Files Suit Against the Judge" be far away?



    1. Hey, let's all pretended I didn't forget the close tag on italicizing the word "adjudications" - deal? Before you agree, be warned that may result in RICO charges against us... hahahahaha

    2. I did make the cut! I had asked Perry above if I was included.

      I'd wager this is not going to work out the way the Blob intends.

      1. What ever does? Seriously, if you've been watching this for even a few months, you have a gloomy conviction that, no matter what he tries, it always circles 'round to bite him.

  11. Awww, left this morning for an on-site job, came back and Schmalfeldt's Twitter feed is protected. Why do I miss all the fun?

      1. Doubtful - I don't comment enough. Also, my online mask is also so paper-thin that anyone could "dox" me. (That's actually intentional, for a variety of reasons.)

  12. Here's the last five minutes of Bill's Twitter feed before his Noon Deadline of Doom. He must have been going to the bathroom or something.


  13. "Dear Mommy Judge Hollander,

    It's Bill again! Miss me? I missed you.

    Anyhow, I'm back to sue all of the shenannygoats and dim, dim girls. You know, again. I promise not to withdraw my insane, frivolous and vexatious suit after two days this time. I might wait three days, even four if I'm not drained by Stage 43 Parkinsons. Or if Gail makes me cry. It's not her fault, though. She gets so frustrated by my being demented and useless. I dropped my ridiculous complaint last spring because my doctor told me I'd die if I didn't, but you shouldn't pay that no nevermind. I don't, at least not until I do. My reputation is just that important to me. Sometimes.

    I also said that I would die after the hearing with Hoge (HOOOGGGGGGEEEEE!), but I'm a liar. Check Google if you don't believe me, which you shouldn't. Google is full of RWNJs (RIGHT WING NUT JOBS) and I'm going after them next. As a Clinton appointee, I'm sure you understand. Anyway, I just got through telling a Carroll County judge that I never published a peace order application that I absolutely did. And I did it during a show cause hearing for contempt. I'm a naughty, naughty boy. Oopsie poopsie.

    Mommy Your Honor, I don't like to toot my own horn about this, but I'm a national treasure. Like Chris Kyle, but not a RWNJ. Did you know that I was involved in the Great Beirut Landing of '76? I also planted Old Glory in Okinawa, if you know what I mean and I think you do! What does a disabled veteran have to do to get a little respect around here?

    It's obvious that "Krendler" (KRENNDDDLEEEEERRRRR!) and his gang of miscreants are intentionally inflicting emotional distress (Thanks AVVO!) on me for FUN, and not because I've been doing it to others for as long as there has been an Internet. Some of them even got my horrible slut of an ex-wife involved.

    That segues nicely into my next point, Mommy Judge Hollander. Supporting two whores and innumerable little bastards that my friends (and, to be fair, a few truckers and Mexican drifters) drilled into them has left me without a pot to piss in or a pot to throw it out of. Sure, I never held a job long enough to qualify for a pension or build a 410K, but it's mostly the whores and bastards. Did I mention that one's a lesbian, and I don't even mind? Surely a Clinton appointee will appreciate how progressive I am and let me win, even though my joke of a lawsuit (which is actually is dead fucking serious) is utterly without merit, possibility of success and proof-reading.

    So I need you to tell Uncle Sucker and Joe Taxpayer to finance the settling of my schoolyard grudges. I'm from Iowa, which means that I'm used to the federal government paying me for things like ethanol subsidies and vexatious lawsuits.

    I'm also being bullied, except for all the times that I'm bullying others, which is clearly JOURNALISM! and doesn't count. Remember that time Jason Robards told Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford to have Tricia Nixon taken away if Tricky Dick didn't spill the beans? Neither do I, but the same principle applies.

    The fact is that I'm being bullied, just like children are. Why are children so frigging special? I shit my pants, too. As a matter of fact, I just did. Ooopsie poopsie.

    The Hogeists are going to try to tell you that I'm a public figure, which is just more Lickspittle lying. Yes, I'm an award-winning journalist and someone who cranks out three books a month and a new radio station every three weeks, but those are about very private things; such as my childish vendettas, the resulting restraining orders against me, my whore ex-wives, the Parkinsons that is literally KILLING ME, and my bathroom habits. Just because I share doesn't make me a public figure. It makes me a good Christian, not like the Hogeists.

    They'll also try to tell you that I don't qualify for pauper status because I put a bounty on the ones I can't dox, which is almost all of them. They'll show you tweets where I say that I'll be "generou$" and "graciou$" for information that leads to their "identitie$." I also promised not harm Hogeists that went all Judas, which sounds an awful lot like extortion, but don't worry about that. I'm lying. I'm a liar, but I'm a poor liar. A poor, poor liar with Parkinsons.

    You'll probably want to laugh when you see that I'm filing under RICO, but don't. Brett told me that it would like a charm. He filed over a hundred lawsuits, so he should know. I just wish I thought to ask how many of them he actually won. Oopsie Poopsie.

    See you soon! I'll have my name on my clothes in case you don't recognize me!

    William M. Schmalfeldt,(I spelled it right that time. Whew!)
    Elkridge, Maryland"

      1. I know, right? LOL!

        I still can't believe Blob offered reward money for the identity of certain members of the Zombie Horde. And, one would think that by now The Big BM would understand deactivating his Twitter account, and destroying evidence on the intertoobz, does not work -- not even close.

        I'd wager this will not end well for the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt.

    1. "Why are children so frigging special? I shit my pants, too. As a matter of fact, I just did. Ooopsie poopsie."


  14. "Dear Mommy Judge Hollander,

    Me again!

    I was so proud of the letter I just sent to you that I showed it to my most excellent friend, Brett. After hitting me on the nose with a newspaper, he pointed out that I should't have admitted to lying half a dozen times in a letter to a federal judge, and especially about stating in court that I didn't publish the Grady peace order during the contempt hearing. Live and learn!

    The truth is that I forgot. In fact, In the hour since my last letter to you, my Parkinsons has graduated to Stage 52. The dementia makes it so you can't trust a word I say, which ended my career as an online sleuth and journalist for the better part of a weekend. It's also really hard to keep your stories straight when you delete your tweets and blogs as often as I do. As a Clinton appointee, I'm sure you understand.

    So, I forgot. I wasn't lying. Forget that I ever said that I was. I already have!

    Anyway, I have to run. Brett's wondering how much fertilizer and fuel oil it would take to get rid of 320 pounds of neckless human waste, and I said I'd Google it for him. I wonder if I still have the fertilizer the Lickspittles sent?


    William M. Schmalfeldt,
    Elkridge, Maryland."

    1. Oh, man. Too funny.

      Sadly, the mental state that Bill displays in this "letter" is probably several degrees above where he falls on the intelligence scale.

  15. So, now we know why Cousin Bill wanted my address.

    Mook. Stupid mook. Like I haven't "dealt" with deranged cyberstalkers, before.

    Cousin Bill, have you no shame?

  16. WARNING -

    The latest attempts by the adjudicated stalker to gain even more internet infamy will no doubt test the strength of even the most well conditioned lulz muscles.

    To avoid possible debilitating injury, be sure to limber your lulz muscles frequently!

  17. ICYMI - I got a kick out of this, particularly in light of our t-shirt comments yesterday:


  18. I got tangled up in legal hassles with the Cabin Boy™, and this t-shirt resulted:


      1. Before you ask:

        One for me.

        One for the big, scary lawyer that I've had on retainer for years, to defend me against lawsuits.

        One for the even scarier, but physically tiny and wizened, pitbull of a lawyer that I've used for suing people and corporations for decades. Dude reminds me of Mr. Burns...

        Bring it, Cuz. Bring. It.

        Be prepared for the paper blizzard.

  19. Roy wrote: "Bring it, Cuz. Bring. It."

    Aside from the overall inanity of Blob filing a lolsuit, I find myself laughing the most over his utter cluelessness as to who he claims to be going after.

    The Big BM has no clue as to the real-life identities of most Zombies/Lickspittles -- so therefore, has even less of a clue as to the resources many may (or, may not) possess.

    Two words come to mind... Rude. Awakening.

    1. He really doesn't know much about those he does have names and addresses for either.

      He has no clue to the resources I can access for defense, nor the number and quality of lawyers I count as friends. Nor the financial and legal assistance I can count on from family.

      He may think he knows the true financial and legal situation of everyone he names in his suits, but does he really want to bet all his worldly goods on that?

      1. Very much agreed, all.

        And he thought he'd been humiliated before... throughout his entire miserable life, no doubt. Just wait - that lifelong debasement may seem like something to brag about in comparison. hahaha

        This latest abject failure will not only be in the public record and preserved for all time, it's likely to end up costing him quite a bit. As I've mentioned, I've personally seen a stack of court orders for Social Security Disability payments to be garnished to pay a debt that wasn't related to punishing the debtor for misusing the legal process. Anyone that doubts it should take a moment to contact the SSA - ssa.gov - and ask them if they regularly do just that.

        Just because some income isn't taxed (unless there is sufficient other income), doesn't mean court ordered payments won't be withheld and forwarded to the ordered recipient. IIRC, federal law allows up to 50% to be garnished; 55% if it involves alimony, child support, or certain other court ordered payments. Can you imagine the feldtdown when an order like that is rendered? hahahaha

      2. Lest anyone misunderstand:
        According to the adjudicated stalker and harasser he has already initiated suit. The above comments are the result of some of us relishing the thought, and laughing at the fresh hell he has brought upon himself, just like always. hahahaha

        1. William said it would be today or Wednesday.

          I only wish I had children to read it to.

      3. "...does he really want to bet all his worldly goods on that?"

        What? Some econo-sized jars of mayo, a freezer full of foot-longs, an iMac that supposedly doesn't exist, various soiled drawstring pants (shudder), and an oversized tin can that has been marinating in dogs and excreta for years.

        It ain't exactly the final round of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

      4. Re: the Duke's assessment of the Schmalfaildt estate.

        I've never been anywhere near that poor, but I imagine that when that's all you've got, and you have absolutely no prospect of getting anything better, it would be terrifying to risk it.

        You know, if you were both bright and sane enough to correctly evaluate risk.

        Dunning-Kruger effect, anyone?

  20. Schmalfeldt is famous for not thinking through the consequences of his actions, so watching what I'm sure will be a swift and merciless legal counter-offensive is going to be delight to witness. I have a sense that, unlike Mr. Hoge, the likely defendants in this action probably won't be extending many courtesies to the plaintiff.

    One would think that he would have learned by now, but the fact that he hasn't is why I love him. He's already made one enormous mistake that is going to make his life miserable for the foreseeable future, and nothing has even been posted yet.

    I'm sure that others will follow.

    1. Merciless.

      Yep. That purdy much sums it up, Neal.

      Of course this is all speculation having nothing but the liar BS's words to go off of at this point (and, I won't speak for those who may become my co-defendants) -- just suffice it to say if one minute of my time, one ounce of my energy, and/or one penny of my resources are forced to be directed toward Bill Schmalfeldt and his bullshit... he will become very, very familiar with the word "MERCILESS."

      Again... Blob has NO idea as to who he is dealing with, and NO idea as to what he is signing himself up for in the long run. Blobby Boy may have nothing but time, however... there are quite a few people in this world who have nothing but time AND money. Money can go a looooong way toward ruthlessly defending one's self against vexatious suits, and can go a long, long, long way toward successful countersuit(s).

      Furthermore, even if the big, dumb (dump) dope opted not to include me in his lolsuit, I can -- without question -- be counted on to mercilessly engage with anyone he drags into his butthurt, bullshit suit.

      To quote The Big BM -- I don't make threats. I make promises.

      Merciless. NO quarter.

      1. I have zero doubt, Grace. Many of us know that anyone who pushes you, or attempts to inflict any harm, will very soon regret that choice.

  21. http://www.amazon.com/2016-Race-Odyssey-Bill-Schmalfeldt/dp/B00P4XYQS0/ref=sr_1_4?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1419549048&sr=1-4&keywords=Schmalfeldt

    I wonder if a certain presidential candidate know that her image is being used commercially by an adjudicated stalker and harasser.

      1. If she went after every trailer-park loser who ever maligned her name, she wouldn't have time for -anything- else, never mind running for office.

  22. William has stated on several occasions that Gail controls the family finances.

    It would be a pity were she a named respondent in any counter-claim.

    1. Not to mention that he has admitted at least once that his mental competence may be at question due to Parkinson's induced dementia. It would only be prudent to include his caregiver until it is established that he has the requisite mental capacity to be a party in the suit. I feel a bit dirty stealing a trick from DPBK's handbook, but I didn't hear any complaining from (the lesser) Mr. Schmalfeldt when he tried it.

      1. William publicly stated that his lulzsuit of last May was withdrawn at Gail's behest and urging, which goes to her influence on his actions. If she was behind the withdrawal of that suit, one can assume that approved the filing of the present one. Given his stated financial position, one could further extrapolate that she's bankrolling her husband's bounties and filings.

        That should be enough to convince a court that she's worth bringing to the party. Hell of a way for a couple to spend their final months and years together, but that appears to be the way they want it.

    1. I have long considered the possibility that Gail has played some role in her tincan mate's nonsense and lawlessness.

      If The Big BM heads down the road he has claimed... questions and suspicions will eventually and undoubtedly be answered and cleared up once and for all.

      You play. You pay. -- A very, very simple concept, indeed.

      Neal N. Bob wrote: "Hell of a way for a couple to spend their final months and years together, but that appears to be the way they want it."


      Blobby Boy has been advised to drop his bullshit, and simply move on, far too many times to count.

      I, for one, will have zero sympathy for their plight.

      1. And just think of all the fun depositions could be!

        I'd love to see those. Luckily, they tend to be recorded.

  23. Perhaps the RICO suit against TK should actually focus on BS as the capo? Remember that one mafioso that pretended to be suffering from dementia for years to throw off the trail? Could be like that. I mean, BK is physically his servant. Perhaps the entourage is really in support of BS. BK is the consigliere.

    Good news is that all of the work on how to properly allege things in a RICO suit has already been done. There is plenty of specificity.

    I wonder if that whole crew is prepared for that.

    1. THIS

      The puny plaintiff is clearly servant to the adjudicated stalker and harasser. And who knows? We may find he's been paying tribute too. hahahaha

  24. What Bill doesn't know will cost him.

    He should consider how little we fear him, how much we despise him, and how much we might be willing to legally spend to make him even more miserable.

    It doesn't stop at $16 worth of horseshit...

    (Hi, Cousin Bill. Consider carefully, and be well.)

      1. I wonder if a judgement can be attached to a life insurance policy? If one of them dies before the other, you can leave the surviving Schmalfeldt fighting with Shiloh over the Alpo.

        Too bad that ram has already touched the wall, huh?

      2. Oh, it very much can, Mr. Bob. Even a piddly-ass Colonial Penn infomercial policy is an asset of the estate. Such as it is.

        [since you don't live in the US: Colonial Penn is a no medical exam required insure that specializes in over-charging the elderly for just enough insurance to inter the corpse]

    1. I'm with Grace - or I am Grace, same thing - can't give enough thumbs up to Roy and the rest of you.

      I have very good reason to believe that Roy isn't the only one willing to spend more than he'll recover, just for the FUN of taking every possible nickel he can.

      There is at least one other zombie with counsel on retainer, so it wouldn't really cost anything to file a thousand enforcement motions to collect every cent of the eventual judgment. It also wouldn't cost anything but recording fees to put a lien on all property, and force a sheriff's sale/auction of everything not absolutely necessary for life.

      Could you imagine seeing what used to be your few meager possessions, a pitiful payment for a full life's work, on a law enforcement auction website?

      The Baltimore County Police Department utilizes the services of Propertyroom.com to auction off all of our abandoned, stolen, lawfully seized, or unclaimed property.

      (Emphasis added>

  25. 13th Duke of Wybourne
    February 3, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    “…does he really want to bet all his worldly goods on that?”

    What? Some econo-sized jars of mayo, a freezer full of foot-longs, an iMac that supposedly doesn’t exist, various soiled drawstring pants (shudder), and an oversized tin can that has been marinating in dogs and excreta for years.

    It ain’t exactly the final round of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


    No. No, it's not.

    But, no matter how little anyone may have to lose... EVERYone has something to lose.

    And, lose they will.

    I cannot say it enough -- This will not end well for the Deranged Cyberstalker.

  26. I have put my junkie skank wife on notice that she may need to curb her addiction somewhat so I can funnel the funds to defend myself.

  27. How difficult is it to run a law suit from jail? Between trouble in the showers, losing a hand in a number plate press, and constantly begging for your life, it doesn't leave a lot of time for legal work.

    Just askin' for a friend.

    1. Hmm, he wouldn't LIE, would he?

      Reminds me of how he used to bluster at the other kids, then run for home when his bluff was called, and it became clear he was about to experience some street justice from another kid his age.

      Who could have predicted Cousin Bill would make an empty threat?

    2. it takes time to stop laughing, passing it around the office, and to scan the 87.43 pages

        1. Involving someone who doesn't appear to be all that shy this time.

          Does anyone know what they call restraining orders in Oregon?

      1. Indeed.
        Yes, dipshit, by all means go after a guy who makes a hobby out of a way-smarter-than-you lolsuit and internet troll. Because nobody else in the woooorrrld ever took an interest in Deb Frisch.

        You are the dumbest of dumbfucks ever banned from the xmfan forums.

    1. Was Blobby really banned from the xmfan forums?

      Sheesh! The dude manages to make friends everywhere he goes, doesn't he? /sarc

  28. Well, I've arrived!

    Massive faildox!

    Drinks all around! On me! Barkeep, the good stuff!

    (Hi, Cousin Bill! A swing, and a complete miss...but don't listen to me, keep harassing Dan Foreman, please, and see what it gets you...)

    1. https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/562811690975522816

      Why would he, when it's so much more FUN to watch you stomp on your crank again... and again... and AGAIN...

      And remember, all we have is FUN!

  29. Jesus this friggin' guy has really got winter cabin fever. I mean I would too if I lived in a 10 x 36 tin can that smelled like dog sh*t, moldy bread, preparation H and gay sex. Springtime cannot get here fast enough.... that way Ol' Billy Boy can get back to sitting near the windows with the blinds partially opened and watching the young children walking by. You don't want to imagine what is going on behind those blinds but calling it "slapping a dead fish against pudding" would not be too far off.

    Bill I hope everyone names Gail in their suits as your caretaker since you continually complain of mental degradation. It would only be fair that you are REPRESENTED by someone competent and who obviously has your best interests at heart. Likewise I hope you lose so badly that your reduced to sifting trash behind the local Goodwill -- well maybe Gail will. You will probably end up in a nice building full of padded walls and happy medication.

    Maybe we can add BK to it also since you two are connected at the hip (usually with a prebubescent girl between you). I mean lord knows every time you waddle your way in to court as the Fat Rat King your jester is not far behind you. Discovery should be awesome on that point. And pauper status? Lordy lordy lordy.... that WILL be a fun bit of filling before the court.

    So stop flailing wildly trying to dox random people in a pathetic attempt to feel important. Go back to violating your pudding snack packs and watching Justin Bieber music videos. You and BK can enjoy quiet nights parked in highway rest stops doing what you do best and some do for $20. Winter is almost over and you can go back to doing what you do best -- leering at children like a disgusting wanker.

    1. You know whats hilarious about this??

      If Bill names you as one of the defendants in his suit.

      Forever and ever and ever and ever there will be a permanent court record of "Bill Schmalfeldt loves NAMBLA." The court room will wait with baited breath as the judge calls for "Bill Schmalfeldt loves NAMBLA." Bill will have to stand there and say from his own blubbery lips "Bill Schmalfeldt loves NAMBLA."

      My god man you are a genius!

    2. Wow! Huge applause!

      Here's some material for the next time you decide to call out the adjudicated stalker:

  30. "You've been found, Don. The pattern is just too similar. Your harassment of Frisch is identical to the way you've been harassing me."

    Hey, Bill, I'll give a big, big clue:

    "Sniff my taint!"

    1. So...based on "the pattern is just too similar," you must be Don.

      But based on "the pattern is just too similar," the letter he wrote, signed and sent to HOOOOOOOOGE!!! must be a forgery?


  31. https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/562813401119080450

    A single correlation defines a pattern. I can't decide whether the universe he lives in is a joyous cartoon carnival or a raging hell.

  32. "Prove it, Don."

    Do yer own damn homework, Cousin Bill.

    Besides, why should I spoil the FUN of watching you get it wrong, again?

    That reminds me, I need to order MOAR of that fine Slovakian Horseshit!

    Sniff my taint, Cousin Bill!

      1. Tried to sue Ken White, that one. Come to think of it, Ken has also linked to debfrischtimeline.net

        Wonder if he likes to troll the trolls via sockpuppet, from time to time?

      1. Same here, Krendler.

        The Big BM would be wise (I know. I know.) to take some time to educate himself with regard to Frisch. That sociopath's life and lawless harassing and stalking behavior (Sound familiar?) should be taken as an example to avoid... not a template to live by as Blobby appears to be hellbent on mimicking.

  33. I have just noticed the Schmalfeldt and Ferguson have the same number letters in their names. It is a definite pattern! They are absolutley the same person! My Schmalfeldtian Logikz are acute and unprovifiable!

  34. If we could just understand the topology transforms that take place to get that much stupid into that skull puddle we could probably modify the process and increase our battery energy storage density ten-fold. I'll bet those brain wires he had installed weren't for PD stimulation but for research telemetry feeds.

  35. You know, this list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elkridge,_Maryland#Notable_people is missing a name.

    1. What a big baby. And coward. And fool.

      What did he think was going to happen when he tweeted out all that twaddle? Surely he's not so stupid that he even had the very slimmest hope we'd do anything other than LOL at him?

      It's not the first, or fiftieth, time the freakshow has decided to dazzle us with his (anti)brilliance only to stand helpless as his evil intent blows up in his smug and ugly face. How many times must he burn his own hand before he figures out when the burner is red, it's HOT, don't touch it? When he thinks he's done something clever, he hasn't, he will only harm himself. hahahaha

    2. It's amazing how much you can miss while involved with real life. Less than 5 hours saw the unprotecting and protecting of a twitter feed, two fail doxs, and much general merriment.

      I can see that Grace and I will have much to discuss over coffee.

  36. Anybody else amused by how suddenly important my link to Debfrisch dot com became?

    I've been using that link for years (as anyone could) as I skulk about the web, but it not significant to Bill until today...

    "Dick dents"? Hmmm...

    (Hi, Cousin Bill! Bet you toss and turn tonight!)

    1. It's suddenly important because the "Investigative Journamalist" just noticed it, by golly!

      He's an observant one that Bill Schmalfeldt.

    2. Sorry, not nearly as amused by him connecting those hallucinated dots as I am by him once again running away, skirts flapping, when he started to realize he had again humiliated himself.

    3. You know, the adjudicated stalker, Bill Schmalfeldt, did bring up her name... We could have a whole 'nother kind of FUN to be watching soon. If you tweet her name three times she appears, right?


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