140 Characters…

140 PAGES of #FAIL packed inside. I hardly know where to begin.


Embrace the power of “and” – FAIL

Multitasking – FAIL

Spending remaining days enjoying retirement with his “beloved” who is also terminally ill instead of spending 20 hours a day hunting, stalking, harassing and flaildoxing anyone on the Internet who says a word against him, especially HOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! – FAIL

Keeping his most intimate and personal family details to himself – teh EPIC FAIL!!1!ELEVENTY1!!ONE!!1!11!! ZOMG!



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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    1. The best the mayo'ed one could muster would be contact info to the PR people...I don't think that's going to help. He is still a retard!

    2. Roy,
      Should we visit the black sheep while he's in the hoosegow? We could take him a basket - I hear he likes footlongs and mayo.

  1. The sad thing is that he really and truly believes what he is saying. I just don't know how to deal with that kind of cognitive dissonance. Is it just stupidity? An inability to learn? True psychopathy? Or should I just embrace the power of "and"?

    Aside from all that, the main irritant here for me is that he is conflating things into either-or situations and then broad-brushing over them with faux morality. The sign of someone who is trying to deflect from his bad acts and turn them into someone else's bad acts. Oh lookie there! FAIL!!!!

    1. I believe the underlying problem is spiritual: "...walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart: who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness."

      Encapsulates perfectly Team Kimberlin, and BS in particular, to my mind.

      1. I think I agree with you. That and the fact that true Christians are honest about their hypocrisies, both situational and endemic. Bill cannot bring himselt to take such a scathing inventory of his own soul. It would destroy him.

  2. It's a pity dad isn't still with us.


  3. It's not their catchiest, but it seems appropriate for some reason.


  4. Absolutely correct, per always, Oh Prince of Parody (may FUN be upon you).

    It seems to me that a loving husband has a duty to do whatever he can to stop ongoing harassment of his family. The harassment is not only distracting to him, but it may annoy or upset his wife, and no loving husband would allow that to continue, especially while she's dealing with a serious illness.

    Multiple peace orders and even a recent show cause hearing didn't stop the harassment. Didn't even cause the demented cyberstalker to ask an avvo lawyer to explain "NO CONTACT" to him. That left no choice but to cooperate with the state's attorney in filing criminal charges to stop the harassment, as any loving husband would do to protect his family.

    Maybe the future "roommate" of the multiply adjudicated harasser and stalker will explain it to him in a way he can understand.

    1. Hammer meet nail.

      As a loving AND responsible husband -- John Hoge most certainly has a duty to protect, and an obligation to challenge, the harassment and stalking and threats and abuse that are being heaped upon him and his entire family courtesy of the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt, Jane.

      John is the perfect example of an engaged, diligent, caring husband and provider. The unequivocal truth be told -- John Hoge is the polar opposite of this tincan-dwelling, neglectful, selfish "husband" who continues to ignore the law and what is in the best interest of HIS family in order to be a stalking horse and a rectal mouthpiece for a certain domestic terrorist.

      It's this same demented freak who selfishly believes it is FAR more important to harass, stalk, and threaten a man and his family (who has repeatedly asked to be left alone, and who has engaged our legal system numerous times to help him accomplish as much) than to unplug from the virtual world, spend even a smidgen of time with HIS OWN FAMILY, and ensure those he "claims" to care about and love are sufficiently provided for and content.

      But, noooooo. This delusional loon can't have that now! He believes it is FAR better to risk the financial welfare of HIS family, the health and emotional well-being of HIS "beloved," and his very own personal freedom in order to get his jollies via abusing the object of his diabolical obsessions. It simply boggles the mind. *SMH*

      To quote this demented freak and sociopath: "Sad, sad, sad."

      1. That's just it, Grace. I don't believe he thinks he is risking anything - he has not paid any real price for his actions so far. The system has let him slide. He has no reputation to protect; something like an arrest record or peace/restraining orders don't bother him. Until he finally tries to harass someone that goes and physically kicks the shit out of him, he won't think there is any real cost to what he does.

      2. agiledog, that was true for a long time, but I believe he's terrified of jail now. I also think that's why his twitter is blocked, abject terror.

      3. I disagree, Jane. I believe he thinks jail (or any other punishment of significance) is "unpossible" - he believes he is of a protected class and/or that he can talk his way out of it. History has proven him correct in this regard. "Minor" things like being found to be an adjudicated stalker (something us sane people would alter our behavior to avoid being labeled as such) aren't a problem for him - he doesn't care. Protecting/deleting tweets and blogs are just steps to avoid minor hassles (like the truth being shoved in his face), not a step to avoid consequences.

  5. As to the tweet Bill sent. I think Mr. Hoge is already embracing the power of "and": He is getting the best care for his wife AND putting Bill in jail.


  6. If Bill actually believed that, he can only believe that he is an even worse husband. He has informed us not that his wife has cancer (which may be easily and completely curable, we don't know since John doesn't believe in oversharing, unlike a certain cyberbully), but that she is dying of scleroderma. How dare he spend all this time on line attacking people instead of trying to get her the best care during her remaining days? Obviously he thinks that going after a man and his wife who has a possibly serious illness is more important that taking care of his dying wife. Likewise he is definitely risking his family's financial well being, what with court costs (which will not be IFP'd because they aren't poor by any stretch of the imagination, especially if the step son contributes anything to their expenses, not that that was shown on his IFP filing), and possible penalties.

    So, using Bill's own definition of a "good husband", he is by far the worse of the two. (By any sane person's definition, the space between them is greater than that by orders of magnitude.)

    1. That's if you believe his wife is actually dying of scleroderma. Remember, the Parkinson's is killing him, also.

      Yes, systemic scleroderma can be life-threatening, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is always life-threatening. Maybe she's thin and frail (and looks unhappy all the time) for some other reason?

      He's such a drama queen.

      And, yes, a bad husband. Just like he's a bad father, a bad son, a bad uncle, a bad brother, a bad cousin, and a bad human being.

      1. Assuming for the sake of arguement that Gail's scleroderma has started attacking internal organs and his statements about her prognosis are true, I don't believe that he'll be able to stop his online behaviour. Based on what we've seen the last few years, everything for him has to be about him, and he most likely only really understands her illness as it affects him.

  7. Uh oh... BS changed his twitter profile and background pics.

    Here we go again.....................

  8. You know... if I was from New York state I would screencap that twitter. Then I would get a hold of the copies of the other peace/restraining orders from the several states and also print off a copy of the most recent Maryland contempt summons (http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/inquiry/inquiry-results.jsp?action=Search&d-16544-s=7&filingDate=&filingStart=&courtSystem=B&firstName=&filingEnd=&d-16544-o=1&lastName=SCHMALFELDT&company=N&site=00&partyType=&d-16544-p=1&countyName=&middleName=).

    Then I would find a middling lawyer... not too expensive but not starving either... and wargame with him just what it means when a person with multiple open restraining/peace orders (and contempt summons) for stalking and harassing online and across state lines is "trying to say" by posting a copyrighted picture of you and a picture of your house online.

    I'm sure it would be an interesting conversation with LOTS of possibilities.

    1. He changes his profile and background pictures again. Don't worry... screen capped before the change with date and time! Screen capped after the change with date and time!


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