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  1. Been out, but I see Ron Coleman smacked Willy and the Boys on the nose and Willy dutifully rolled over and played dead for him.

    William the Elder

    @RonColeman @sub_aetha I don't know Mr. Coleman, but I applaud the fact that he uses his actual name. He may be wrong, but he's no coward.

    Whooooos the good boy? Yes Willy, YOU ARE!!!

  2. Personally, I wonder if anyone there anally raped their wives. Or Boy Scouts.

  3. "The Big 1340." Wait a minute - is that the radio station owned and operated by Bowel Movement "BM" Schmalfeldt?

  4. As so-called "progessives," BM Schmalfeldt, Wee Willy Ferguson, and Matt Janovic must be so proud. Making fun of Aaron Walker is their bad of courage, instead of calling out and writing about Islamic terrorists who just murdered 12 innocent people.

    ‘What Islamic Terror Attack?’ — A Peek at the Think Progress Home Page Right Now

    Because we all know that butt hurt and horse poop in the mail are worse than being assassinated.

    1. "As so-called “progessives,” BM Schmalfeldt, Wee Willy Ferguson, and Matt Janovic must be so proud. Making fun of Aaron Walker is their bad of courage, instead of calling out and writing about Islamic terrorists who just murdered 12 innocent people."

      And, WHO exactly are the cowards again?

  5. I will ask one more time, is Bill Schmalfeldt a pederast? per Schmalogic and according to the Schmalfeldt manual of journalistic ethics if we don't have an answer by, oh, let's say five pm eastern we'll be forced to conclude that by his silence he admits that he is a threat to middle school locker rooms everywhere.

      1. The imagination boggles, gags, pukes, and then crawls in to a corner to die.

        The remaining reason says, the mind boggles. Then stops talking.

        Really if I wanted to think like that I'd read "Mr Bigs."

    1. I'd say that this is but a mini-Feltdown, perhaps a Category 2.

      But give William time.

  6. Well, all I did was quote "BM" and point out inconsistent statements that evinced, in my view, hypocrisy and/or dishonesty.

    Hmm. Has anyone followed "BM's" wife around in a parking lot, taking photos of her and posting them on a blog? Buehler? Buehler?

    1. I'm never going to be in the situation he was in, but I don't see myself placing a bunch of bombs and blowing someone's leg off... So, yeah: BK did do a god damn thing I would not EVER have done.

      Team Lickspittle hasn't blown off Bill Schmalfeldt's leg, so he can take his false equivalencies and his oh-pity-poor-me bullshit for a long walk off a short pier.

    2. From the avatar, it is nice to know CBBS has been enjoying a recent midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Nice to see the classics being shown in heated, handicapped accessible forums. Because he would not ever go out in this cold snap if he couldn't sue HOOOOoooOOOGgGEEE!!!one!11! and I see no other explanation I care to stomach that describes the avatar.

  7. Hmm. Why did "BM" Schmalfeldt have to leave his job in NYC and move to Nevada? Why did he really have to leave his telework job at NIH? Why was he let go as Editor in Chief of Breitbart Unmasked? Why was he never installed as President of Kimberlin's so-called National Bloggers Club, as he claimed he would be? I'm just asking questions.

      1. That's pretty bad considering you don't get hired for the Examiner, you just have to register. Although Bill always says he was "hired".

        That's a lot of banned emails that Bill had to go through.

    1. "Why was Walker fired? Because he wasn't doing his fucking job."

      Really? How does that jibe with Team Kimberlin's charming thinly veiled fascist "you'd not be suffering if you'd never have messed with us" shtick?

      Why is Bill Schmalfeldt going to suffer #sanctions? "HIS fault!"

  8. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 14m 14 minutes ago
    Nor should you complain when your activities conducted in the workplace are putting your coworkers in danger, like Aaron Walker did.

    So, Brett Kimberlin uses the legal system to find out who Aaron really is, then he and his best buddy Bill Schmalfeldt publicize his name over and over again, yet it was Aaron who put people in danger.

    As Ron Coleman said today concerning the coincidence of his motion going into detail as to the conduct of Schamlfeldt and Kimberlin, and the terrorism today........................

    "Creepy, no?"

    Indeed Ron. Very creepy indeed. Let's see what King Creep says now.

    A no-good, rotten, bad, awful day for Bill and Brett.

    1. Always remember that we owe Ron Coleman a big debt of gratitude for the hard work he's doing to protect critics from the angry pedophile bomber, Brett Kimberlin.

  9. Wow. The domestic terrorist's biggest cheerleader is really shaking his pom poms for The Bomber.

    Blob's gotta get those plugs in for his master. He's needing a ride to the courthouse again here soon, donchaknow.

    He may stroke out at this rate. Heh.

    1. There is no defense for BK to anyone with a shred of morality.

      He set bombs which could well have killed innocent random strangers including children, and one of those bombs blew off a man's leg... A degree of pain and loss that pales into insignificance the PD of Bill Schmalfeldt the weeping cunt, and ended with suicide of the injured man.

      BK's politics, his actions since DO NOT MATTER. There's countless thousands of Lib'tard activists that are out there begging for support and HAVE NEVER BOMBED ANYONE. The fact that BK has failed to own up to and atone for his crimes, let alone attempt to seek honest redemption, is just insult added to injury.

      BK deserves to fade away in quiet obscurity, working some menial job for a meager living... Not exploiting his "celebrity" status as a terrorist.

      1. I wholeheartedly agree with your entire post up to the last sentence, viewfromnl.

        IMNSHO -- BK deserves to be in prison.

      2. Grace: In my opinion Brett deserves even harsher sanctions than just prison ...
        Thankfully, I believe he will finally get what he deserves in the near future: real justice.
        Remember, in truth, if we were to receive the justice we beg for, we would all be condemned.

  10. Bill seems to have an awful lot of interviews owned by Sirius XM up on his page for free. I wonder if his former employer knows that their intellectual property is being given away by a former employee?


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