Oh, What Fresh Brain Damaged, Poop Smeared Madness Is This?


Oh yes, Heaven forbid that a lawyer should try to frame his arguments to take advantage of the tragedies of yesterday!



But hold on a minute… maybe The Big BM wasn’t talking about current events particularly; maybe he was referring to efforts to bash one’s opponents by likening them to terrorists.


Well, damn.

I mean, just…DAMN.

DAMN, but Bill Schmalfeldt is a fucking idiot.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

28 thoughts on “Oh, What Fresh Brain Damaged, Poop Smeared Madness Is This?”

    1. Oh you bad man praying and 'screeching' for poor widdle Bwilly to hurt himself. Oh, forgot you were some kind of bad ass felon. Carry on......

  1. "DAMN, but Bill Schmalfeldt is a fucking idiot."

    This just can't be said enough. In fact,it should be tattooed on Bill's ass (maybe even his forehead).

      1. I was going to suggest that, but I think warning everyone he meets first is more important.

        Of course, with that fat head, there is room to do both.

        1. I think simply having a backwards tattoo on your forehead is probably ample warning in and of itself. Besides, it's not like he leaves his tin can by choice anymore.

      2. Really, I do have original thoughts sometimes... really, I do, I promise!

        I hate when I do that... gotta read through the thread before posting!

    1. I believe the periods of pre- and post - feldtdown will become fewer and much further apart as the days tick by. Be sure to stock up on popcorn and for goodness sake:


  2. Krendler! You were just "powned":

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 7m 7 minutes ago
    Here's a thought, "Krendler." Speak when you're spoken to or about. That's a good little chimp.

    Gosh, he really smacked you, you must be humiliated.

  3. For ratings reasons he took a different name as program director at a radio station? Since when does anybody, much less an Arbitron audience member care who the program director is? Maybe they care about the on-air personalities but the program director? Nah.

    All you have to do is scratch lightly at anything he says and it goes to pieces.

      1. Nah, what he's actually saying is that it was such a pipsqueak station that PD is mostly just the title they gave the only local on-air guy.

  4. "Why would someone who has ordered me to take my own life dozens of times hope that it's -15 on Jan. 30 if he didn't think it would hurt me?"

    First, it wasn't an order. I was merely suggesting you take the cure for the betterment of mankind.
    Second, I want it to hurt you. I want it to hurt you BAD. Painful. Excruciatingly.
    Because that would be fun because it would be FUNNY.

    1. It's gonna be a shame when Blobby tucks tail and locks down his Twitter account and deactivates his blog as he is wont to do everytime he is getting ready to have his ginormous, gelatinous ass handed to him.

      His timeline is a hoot!

      They want it to be cold! They want me permanently harmed! They want me to die!

      LOLOLOL! I hope Blobby chooses to stick around. 🙂


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