98 thoughts on “Oh, So I'm Grady Again?”

  1. Apparently sympathetic magic is in play. A cartoon ram touches a cartoon wall, and a living cartoon deletes yet another twitter account.

    1. Sorry to mis-inform. The welts are still schmerzing. Twitter.com was telling me there was no such page, for some reason.

  2. Doesn't Grady's peace order/restraining order/do not contact order require Mr. Bill to not write about him? And if Bill is positive that Krendler is Grady, and writes something stating that "fact" or based on that "fact", does that behaviour not break the PO, even when the allegation is false?

    1. He didn't type the full name, so probably not enforceable on this basis. Lazy, rather than clever, I venture.

      1. Definitely lazy, or trying to be cute. He's said much more definite stuff along the lines of "Grady, oops, Krendler, ..." I have to admit I haven't seen that much of it lately, so maybe some of reality as the rest of the world see it has managed to seep in.

    2. I hope you are mistaken...his 1st amendment right allows him to talk ABOUT anyone....if he was told not to, it is just as bad as when the judge told Aaron Walker he couldn't write about TDPK.

      So I think this is a rare case where you mis-spoke, LG. I think what you were trying to say came out wrong.

      Bah! I hate having to play devils advocate for Cabin Boy™

      I retire...8)

      1. Nope. She is right. I read the same thing.


        Page 1, bottom: "A stalking 'course of conduct' includes acts in which you directly, indirectly, or through third parties, by any action, method, device, or means...communicate to or about, a person;"

        Act like a jackass? Lose your rights. Simple.

      2. It's probably not considered prior restraint since the courts actually adjudicated bil to be a stalker. This is the punishment for him and protection for Grady for the duration of the Order.

  3. Speaking of Grady, you need to update this: "An adjudicated harasser who is, as of May 2, 2014, the subject of a Peace Order in his home state of Maryland, and a restraining order in Arizona."

  4. I say, for the new year, we set up an online charity to fund Inspector Jiggles' procedure to remove boot prints from his crank.

  5. According to the "Stalking No Contact Order" Grady was awarded against the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt:

    "The Respondent is ordered to pay the Petitioner's costs... "

    Has The Blob paid up as of yet? If not... is this simply another instance of BS deeming himself above the law?

  6. Riiiiight. Just because the Demented Freak struggles horribly with reading comprehension does not mean others are incapable of determining what he intends to convey via his keyboard droolings.

    BS has asserted far too many times to count that he believes Paul Krendler to be Patrick Grady. Pat = Grady.

    The Blob is clever by half... if even. Idiot.


    1. I see he's still pushing the IL PO order envelope this morning. It's obvious from this that he thinks that PK=PG or else he couldn't claim that Paul's question is "an admission". Though even if PK were to be PG, I'm not sure what sort of "admission against self interest" this statement would be. I could have written exactly the same thing, since I can always DM Grady, just as PK can. I don't think he's decided to claim I'm Paul. Yet.

      1. "It's obvious from this that he thinks that PK=PG or else he couldn't claim that Paul's question is 'an admission.'"

        Schmalfeldtian "logic" rears its ugly, ginormous, dented, demented head once again.


    2. Dammit Grace! That one red-lined my cognizant re-resonator. You can't just drop that much cognizant dissonance on an audience without some kind of warning. Just look at Eric's stack of busted irony meters!

      Maybe if I ran the signal through an anti-Schmalogic filter...

      1. I found the problem. It's this stupid Czech knock-off re-resonator. Cognizant! Oy!

  7. I see he's whining about having to go outside in the cold. What a pussy.

    Parkinson's patients throughout history never stepped outdoors when the temps went below freezing? Never heard of wearing a coat, hat, scarf, and gloves?

    His old man has got to be looking down on him, shaking his head, and wondering how he sired such a huge pussy.

    1. Nature vs Nurture

      Who's to say where it went horribly, horribly wrong in the case of The Blob.

      With that said... being as most of us are familiar with another member of the Schmalfeldt clan, I'd be very hesitant to blame the gene pool entirely.

      Mommy issues? Daddy issues? Definitely, definitely ISSUES.

      1. Both his brother Joe, and I, and all my offspring, have been successful in life.

        Cousin Bill made a choice to be a failure, which makes it all the worse.

        Even Bill's children have done far better than he, which has to chap his ass.

        It's not the genes...

      2. I think it's both nature and nurture. He's much too far off for it to be only personality disorders, mommy/daddy issues (clearly!), other mental issues, etc. in the nurture department. I am confident there is some physical anomaly contributing, though he seems to be a walking textbook exhibit of numerous mental disorders. I mean, have you ever heard of anyone being so co-dependent and without their own personality that it would occur to them to even use a phrase like, "calibrate our urine streams," much less insist he actually did it. *shudder*

        While the gene pool has obviously provided successful stock, we can't be sure exactly in which pool(s) those successful genes originated. Perhaps the other parent contributed the defective genes, or the combination of the two brought about a defect in some of their offspring, while substituting a different mother prevents it.

        Although appearance alone can't bring a definitive diagnosis in most case, SchmalFAIL even looks like one with defective genes, kwim? There are many genetic abnormalities, that may be in play in the cyberstalking freakshow in addition to the obvious mental/emotional issues. For example, check out what wiki has to say about Prader-Willi Syndrome.

        A few excerpts may pique your interest in a genetic contribution to the total failure, and also explain why the SchmalFOOL is such a weeping vagina:

        "...low muscle tone, short stature, incomplete sexual development, cognitive disabilities, problem behaviors, and a chronic feeling of hunger that can lead to excessive eating and life-threatening obesity.


        For the genes affected in PWS, it is the maternal copy that is usually imprinted (and thus is silenced), while the mutated paternal copy is not functional..."

  8. I wonder how many doctor appointments the cyberstalking freakshow will have over the next two months... Oh, but that's different, I'm sure.

    How absolutely desperate and terrified must he be to come up with something so patently stupid as insisting that Mr. Hoge would have any liability at all, including contributory, if he's injured going anywhere? hahahaha

    1. Can't wait for him to sue the grocery store because he got hungry.

      Heard he's suing the dog because he when tried to pet it. Dog ran away from home because he thought the terms of the suit were "ruff".

  9. Geez... what a doofus. I mean, we all know he can't ever come up with an original thought but when he's copying his betters he really should look up what the words mean. There are several free dictionaries and other resources available online.

  10. Speaking of an "admission against self interest": 'I don't believe I said you were anyone named "Grady" lately' is an implicit admission he has done so in the past. And unless he can demonstrate where he has officially denied that he thinks PK is PG since claiming they are the same in the past, his position must still be that they are the same, and he is then clearly and intentionally violating Mr. Grady's PO.

    Logic. As foreign to Bill as being sanitary is.

    (BTW, Mr. Bill: just how DID you dispose of that horse manure? If it was the toxic waste you claimed it was, I hope you called in a hazmat team. 'Cause you didn't just throw it out in the trash, did you? Or put it in a garden, like it was intended? Because dumping toxic waste is a crime, don't you know?)

    1. And he totally refuses to admit, even to himself, that ending the "bullshit" is entirely in his hands. He just has to leave John Hoge alone. I doubt any lawyer, especially a competent one, is going to tell him anything else.
      #Fail #Legalinfofail

      1. gmta, LG, exactly the thoughts I tried to convey.

        Geeeeeez... if we could arrange a zombie meet-up, and know that the adjudicated cyberstalker was going to have a lawyer, who could resist that kind of 3fer?

        Clearly, the meet-up would be FUN. On top of that, we'd get to see and hear the judge verbally chastise the defendant and even get to see him remanded into custody. (Oh, we must, must, must figure out a way to get pictures of that!!) And the third prong of the 3fer, we'd get to see his new lawyer rip him a new one just like his last one did! hahahaha

        Hard to resist that kind of 3fer.

        Sadly, his accountant already complained about the cost of his upkeep in his birthday card so is unlikely to approve the allocation of funds to a loser with a losing case. If he'd just followed the advice he got before, he wouldn't be in this mess now. (Why on earth would she pay for the same advice that he'll continue to not follow?)

        No doubt he's desperately seeking pro-bono counsel, but the odds of that happening are less than zero. No competent lawyer wants to embarrass themselves in front of a judge they'll have to see again and again. And once they found out about the multiple restraining orders issued in multiple states, they'd hang up the phone. hahahahaha

        Oh, and if he leaves that part out... hahahahaha the attorney would be furious and no doubt bill him full rate for the time wasted.

    2. Too, too, tooooo funny! hahahaha

      The point of the peace order is to stop the bullshit! Wow - is there any boundary or limit to his total self-awareness #FAIL?? hahahaha


      He should get a lawyer and this time he should follow his lawyer's advice. No doubt a new lawyer would give the same advice his former lawyer did - paraphrased - "Stop or you will go to jail."

      In fact, as I heard it, his former lawyer's advice could be paraphrased as, "Just forget that Mr. Hoge (and now all of his other adjudicated victims too) even exists and you'll be happier and no one will be ordering you to pay fines, and/or ordering you to go to jail."


      1. That's twice I've echoed you in the last few minutes! haha I think that means I owe you a coca-cola at the zombie meet-up. 😀

      2. So it's your fault I/we can't play bridge? haha

        Wait, wait, wait, if it's your fault, then you must be HOOOOOGGGEEE and KRENDLER!

        And Grady. And that guy in WI. And that lady in Oregon. hahahaha

      3. Maybe he could try to hire Zoe Barnes as his lawyer?

        Seems to work on this judge, right? According to Bill at least...

      4. The power to end this all has always rested in Bill's hands. He just chooses not to grasp it and use it. It's much too easy to just follow his impulses and continue to be a 60-year-old child. But some day you have to grow up. When will Billy-boy?

        I hope his legal representation is competent. I truly do.

  11. Bill, your attorney is going to be THRILLED at you inability to tell the truth:

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 1h 1 hour ago

    Finally got served. Seeking legal representation. This bullshit must end.

    Seeking? But, but.........

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    @ViewFromNL Who said I don't have a lawyer?

    12:03 PM - 4 Jan 2015

  12. Maybe he can try a fundraiser again. After all, it worked to well for him before....


  13. Oh my goodness! If you haven't seen the cyberstalking freakshow's twitter lately, take a look. More hilarious feldtdown. Now the restrictions imposed on him by the court are not because he is an adjudicated stalker and harasser. Noooooo...

    Those restrictions are because of John, somehow. hahahaha I guess John should have tried harder to escape the bildo's notice, or like too many before him, allowed him to get away with stalking and harassing.

    Back in reality, his own behavior in harassing and cyberstalking John and his own refusal to stop when asked, and his own decision to ignore a written demand to stop contacting John is what caused the court order. His willful refusal to abide by the order caused extensions. His continued refusal has now resulted in a pending show cause hearing.

    Oh, and he's also going on about how John didn't have to allow the contact to post. hahahaha How stupid must one be to not be able to grasp that it's totally irrelevant whether or not John allowed the contact to post. hahahaha He was better off with his ridiculous SOWPDI theory. (Some Other WordPress Did It)

    Contact is contact, whether or not John allows others to see it. The cyberstalking freak was court ordered to not contact John. Sadly, the order doesn't say he's not allowed to contact Hogewash! readers.

    Could he be more stupid? Before you answer, remember he always proves the answer to that question is a resounding YES. hahahaha

  14. Do we have a pool yet on how many times the cybertalking freakshow will have to be sent to jail before he figures out the restrictions are because the judge said so?

  15. Speaking of admissions against interest:


    It's sadistic to not allow him to contact John? LOL hahahahahaha

    1. Y'know, years ago, I fell out with someone. She asked that I not contact her. I never have, since then.

      I can't remember her last name, any more. I have no idea where she is, or what she's doing. It's not that hard! You just don't contact that person any more!

      What you *don't* do is obsessively stalk every utterance of that person, his associates, or even random strangers who left a pleasant comment on a blog, or FB page.

  16. It's so sad that BS has to examine all aspects of his life to be sure that he does not violate a Peace Order.

    Who is the head of the pity party committee? Can we have just one combined shindig for both BS and the Harvard faculty? It saves some time, you know.

    1. NO!

      I'm laughing hard enough at each of them, I don't need a party to laugh at both at the same time!

      I saw the original "The Naked Gun!" in theaters. I started a belly laugh a minute in. It ended a half hour after the movie ended. I had bruised ribs and difficulty breathing for three days.

      Are you trying to kill me? (Sorry, that sounded like Bill, scratch that last bit...)

  17. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 9m 9 minutes ago
    For myself, as the Parkinson's causes my brain to deteriorate, I find myself becoming more bitter and angry at injustice.

    What? Bill has Parkinson's?

    Anybody know about this?

    1. All I can say is that he must really hate himself by now. Imagine if he were to become more bitter and angry.

      Zombies would have more FUN! but no one else would.

    2. I guess my question would be: Why the hell would it take Parkinson's Disease for one to become bitter and angry at INJUSTICE?

      I suppose I just assumed that was simply how most normal, morally-centered, good, and decent people's brains reacted in the face of injustice.

      Injustice should make us angry. Damn. Even Jesus Christ flipped tables.

      1. Ahhh! The crux is that only Bill defines what is injustice. ANYTHING against Bill's universe of delusion is injustice. ANYTHING that makes him anything other than his own inflated and megalomaniac idee fixé of himself is injustice, etcetera, etcetera, as nauseum

    1. Oh hell, what did I do now?!

      I wish you hens would quit clucking.

      (did I say that out loud?......ooops.)

  18. Bill whines, "Because Hoge says so, I must disable an important function of WordPress SEO because if I link to him today then turn PBs back on in a month"



    Cut and paste text, or paraphrase!

    What part of NO DIRECT OR INDIRECT CONTACT is too complex for his demented mind to grasp?

    Bill begs for cites, "I can't find a SINGLE EXAMPLE of ANYONE ever being found in contempt of a peace order because of a pingback. If you know of such a case..."

    Bill Schmalfeldt needs to ask his lawyer. Maybe he should have listened to the one who told him that if he didn't knock that shit off, he'd end up in jail?

    Bill rails, "And these free speech lovers are trying to put me in jail for 90 days..."

    Bill Schmalfeldt was warned. By the court, by Hoge, by EVERYONE including myself and his former attorney. HE DID NOT LISTEN. (Imagine this in the voice of the Emperor from Star Wars) NOW, HE SHALL PAY THE FUCKING PRICE FOR HIS LACK OF VISION!

    Bill fumes, "For myself, as the Parkinson's causes my brain to deteriorate, I find myself becoming more bitter and angry at injustice."

    For myself, as the steely grip of JUSTICE squeezes the bloated pustule that is Bill Schmalfeldt, I find myself becoming more amused and cheered at the sheer FUN!

    Bill protests, "You didn't send me a god damn thing Col Cocksucker!"

    Maybe he lied. I recall reminding Bill Schmalfeldt that we have no duty or obligation to him; he is just another asshole on the Internet. We can lie to him, and LAUGH. HA. HA. And yes, MOTHERFUCKING HA!

    1. Dude, Jedi just got at least 10% cooler just from your post. And that's after watching RLM's review of the "prequels."

      Oh, and obvious blather like "Disable that SEO optimization ONLY IF AND WHEN you link to HOOOGGGEEE!!!!eleventy!!! (Sorry, Wrath of Khan, SF overload) then re-enable it when you link to other folks, the vast majority of whom you still do not have court mandated no-contact orders for. But hey, it's 2015, a new year, and I'm sure those no contact orders will just start rolling in!

      Well, I think the Acme Law response to that is "HYPERTECHNICAL!"

      1. The law is hyper-technical. That's why smart folk consult experts before placing their figurative wiener in a figurative meat-grinder!

        "To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee" seems to be Bill Schmalfeldt's mindset. When he's not begging for mercy in his ass-backwards way, that is.

        Not a prescription for a peaceful retirement, though.

      2. “I can’t find a SINGLE EXAMPLE of ANYONE ever being found in contempt of a peace order because of a pingback."

        There's a first time for everything. That is more commonly known as a "precedent", Admiral Asinine.

        You are going to be in the legal journals. Well done,you fucking psycho.

        WELL DONE!

      3. Unless you consider three hots and a cot while trying to avoid a 6'6" fellow with the weightlifters build from showing you what the 'butt-stuff' really is ...
        Remember Bill, I'm a convicted felon, a convicted con-man and bank fraudster and I spent three years behind bars. You are only a few months older than me and I know for a fact you cannot survive incarcerated. If you die there, no one but yourself is to blame. I hd/have no one to blame for my crimes and bad behavior but myself. The same is true for you too Bill, you have made your bed by your behaviors and acts, now comes the time to lay upon that bed. Man up, made amends (and mean it), confess to Almighty God your crimes and sins against others as well as against God, seek His absolution and begin the lifelong road to redemption. Do not go to you death unconfessed and unreconciled with God. You cannot lie about that because it will be evident in your writing. You'll slip as I have because we are human and humans are fallen and sinful by nature and only through Christ and His salvific act on Calvary can we even hope of eternal life with God. That is impossible (or as Kimby says, unpossible) without Christ and His sacrifice. Otherwise, we are all doomed to the fires of Gehenna.
        Repent, Reform and seek Redemption from the Lord.
        Else, eternal damnation. All through your own willfulness.

    2. "What part of NO DIRECT OR INDIRECT CONTACT is too complex for his demented mind to grasp?"

      That whole "NO DIRECT OR INDIRECT CONTACT" part. It's just ambiguous and confusing.

  19. howardearl wrote: "That’s because you are both Grace."

    Grace abounds! In many different, attractive, and intelligent voices.

    I/we apparently can't play Bridge for shit, but... *PFFT*

    We rock! Go, Lady Zombies! LOL!

    P.S. Aside from all the poking of fun at BS believing some of us are simply socks in the same drawer... life is good when lumped into the same persona as these smart, sassy, and say-it-like-it-is Lady Zombies/Lickspittles. 🙂

  20. ,a href="http://hogewash.com/2015/01/05/in-re-rico-madness-27/">Hogewash! has posted Ron Coleman's latest. No doubt he'll be getting sued soon too. hahahaha Yes, it's that good. So good, it explains why the tiny pedo took an interest in his idiot today. hahahaha

    1. He also explicitly calls Brett Coleman Kimberlin a swatter.

      Even more compelling – or, perhaps more accurate, nauseating – is the letter, available on the Internet,that Kimberlin sent to public authorities by which he engineered Mr. Walker's dismissal from his employment as well as a de facto slow-motion “swatting”
      of him, pretending concern for Mr. Walker's physical safety by virtue of the disclosure of Mr. Walker's identity a disclosure procured entirely by Kimberlin, and entirely for the purpose of extrajudicial punishment of Walker for his commentary

      That goooooood stuff right there.

  21. viewfromnl wrote: "I thank you, and the Emperor thanks you as well."

    Is this where I say, "May the Force Be With You?" *hahahahahaha*

    Really. I have no idea. *blush* LOL!

  22. William, you're being such a worry-wart about your three months in the hoosegow. You should be thankful that it'll be in Carroll County. I imagine they have a nicer class of criminal there. If you whimper loud enough, perhaps they'll let you bunk with the paedophiles. Won't that be FUN, William! You're comedy will be so much more detailed in the future.

    Maybe you're worried about Gail. I wouldn't be. I'm sure Howard will drop in to check on her while you're gone. He seems like such a nice man!

    Isn't this a fun, fun game? Why so serious? .

    1. Don't fret, Inspector Jiggles. It's not like it is a real jail like Maricopa County. You'll probably get heat and pillows and everything.

      And yes, Neal. Shakey's incarceration could accelerate that fateful rendezvous.


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