O Rly?


Not a god damn thing, huh?

You know, when I was in my 20s & sowing wild oats, I was sowing them with young professional college graduates like myself. Perhaps if I had dropped out of high school I would have been running with a rougher crowd, partying up with rough-edged biker chicks. Mmm…biker chicks…

But I gave up 14 year old girls when I turned 16. ‘Cause I loved me some high school chicks! Alright, alright, alright!

There were a couple of girls who kicked me to the curb in those days. Amazingly, NOBODY DIED over it.

And because nobody died, I was never in a position to feel the need to set FUCKING BOMBS ALL OVER TOWN!

Don’t get me wrong, I was no angel. But I never sold drugs. Never committed perjury. Never blew a man’s leg off. I’ve never been held legally responsible in a civil case for causing that man’s death.

But I’d like to think I wouldn’t ever have put myself in a situation where those seemed like wise things to do. Because stupidity like that can very easily FOLLOW YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR GODDAMNED LIFE.

And that’s just too bad.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. And I never, EVER looked at a guy who did all that, and continues to run from his legal and moral obligation to make good on the civil verdict, and say to myself, "Self, this guy should be my bestest, "most excellent" friend. I think I'll help him illegally disseminate some sealed court documents."

    (a REALLY bad day)

    1. This unorthodox choice of yours...could it have anything to do with the notion that you have had, and continue to have friends theoughout your life and are familiar with how they behave? And how you should behave around them?


      1. I must confess that I am afflicted with a terminal case of "common human decency".

        And no Bill, you do not get any of that from me, because you are not common, not human and most assuredly NOT decent.

      2. Until and unless Mr. BM decides to mend his ways, he deserves no courtesy, no civility, no sympathy, and NO MERCY.

        I regret that Bill Schmalfeldt is such a revolting creature, but his actions are worthy of far harsher retribution than he has suffered to date.

        Meanwhile, his PD is his own cross to bear. Not our problem, not our fault, not our concern.

  2. Hey, Blob! You're drunk! Get off the intertoobz, you drooling tool!

    I'm tellin' ya... he's greasing The Bomber up for a ride to the courthouse.

    1. I wonder if Bill Schmalfeldt has obtained legal representation yet?

      I suspect not, because when and if Mr. BM manages to corral a lawyer and gets a clear picture of the shitstorm he's put himself into... It's gonna be far fewer tweets and far more Makin' Bigs in the Depends.

      1. We will know if CBBM has obtained a lawyer and if he is heeding the lawyer's advice. His on-line accounts will be closed until after Jan 30.

  3. I've often heard it said that a man grows reflective when he faces prison time, but I never believed it before today.

    Lord, how I make myself giggle!

  4. William the Elder
    But it is telling that @brainsrfood has to lie about the context of what I wrote to get a rise out of his brain dead readers. I win.
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    7:12 PM - 7 Jan 2015

    You win, do you, William?

    We'll see in just 22 days.

    1. Bill Schmalfeldt again displays his self-serving arrogant certainty that he's so much smarter than everyone else.

      What the dumb fuck doesn't care to realize (Because it shits all over his parade) is that WE KNOW THE CONTEXT OF WHAT HE WROTE.

      Meanwhile, Bill Schmalfeldt is such a SOCIOPATH he can't grasp that people are shocked and appalled that anyone, even as fucked in the head as Bill Schmalfeldt, is going to be praising the RESTRAINT of someone who BLEW OFF SOMEONE'S LEG and only avoided MURDERING INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN by random chance!

      When is Bill Schmalfeldt going to come to grips with the fact that BK is a CONVICTED TERRORIST? Was found liable for the DEATH of the man whose leg he BLEW OFF?

      Funny, Bill Schmalfeldt never seems to rebut the questions I ask or the points I make. Oh, he did try a weasel-worded denial regarding his lack of competent legal representation... I wonder if he's too stupid to feel the burn of admitting he needs to find an attorney, after being served (Like I told him was gonna happen!)

      Hey, I'm just asking questions here.

      Ha. Ha. And, yes, MOTHERFUCKING HA!

    2. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

      I know what the demented cyberstalking freak won!

      "0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites"

      And isn't that the true story of his entire life?

  5. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 14m 14 minutes ago
    But @brainsrfood is smart enough to know that his followers are even more idiotic than he, so if he takes a single tweet, drops the context,

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 14m 14 minutes ago
    Twists the meaning and presents that as my entire and complete commentary on the subject, his own tiny band of mouth breathers will get all

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 13m 13 minutes ago
    ...whipped up into a frothy outrage over something I didn't say. When you're a dishonest sack of shit like @brainsrfood that's how you roll.

    Oh, I see. Like taking an off-hand, hyperbolic comment like "I have to have the wife check for car bombs" and turning it into you raison d'être.

    Got it.

    (and tomorrow will probably be worse yet, Bill)

    1. As miserable as Bill Schmalfeldt's existence is today, it's as good as it's ever going to be.

      Bill Schmalfeldt has nowhere to go but down. Down to a wheelchair, then to being bedridden, then down to having to eat thickened goo because his swallowing reflex has failed.

      Oh, and down to paying for the costs of a protective order against him... and finally, down to the hoosegow for some quality time with Bubba!

      You set the course... Enjoy the ride, Bill.

  6. "BK didn't do a god damn thing that anyone of you would not have done if you were in his situation."

    *BZZZ* Wrong-o, Blobby.

    Just because the Deranged Cyberstalker and his "excellent" domestic-terrorist friend engage in lies and harassment and illegal behavior... does not mean everyone else is as morally-corrupt and evil as these two sociopaths.

    So, NO. Blob does NOT win. He loses... per always.


  7. Let's see. BK was suing someone and trying to get someone else's information. So that he could publish it. So that he could "out" them because they made fun of Mohammud. So that he could do his best to ruin their life. And kept doing it by trying to get around our legal system. Because HE KNEW BEST.

    If I had been in BK's situation, I would have never taken the sealed information and tried over and over and over and over again to make it public information. Then again, I would have never been a censorious asshat to begin with and let Seth Allen's comments roll off my back like a duck and busied myself with trying to pay off the civil judgement against me and atone for my prior sins.

    But that's just me. So NO, I WOULDN'T have done what BK did in his situation. Not in the slightest.


  8. Seriously, what the fuck is with the pasted-in creep-mouth on the Big BM's twitter pic?

    Sends a shiver up my spine.

  9. https://twitter.com/weltschmerz2015/status/552980154998603777

    Sure. Because those of us who read and comment at TMZ can't manage to figure out how to get to Blob's Twitter timeline, see what else he is carrying on about, and put his blathering into context.

    GAWD! He's such a freaking, lying retard.

  10. Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to a significant bit of information that Bill has left off of his description of the Aaron Worthing saga. Bill says Kimberin was justified in finding out who was helping Seth Allen legally. Not true, but let's give him that for the time being. How do we get from "I wonder who is helping Allen?" to "we have to alert law enforcement and the Muslim community that this guy has a blog that says nasty things about Muslims". It makes absolutely no sense unless the second part was purely punitive in nature.

    Has Bill ever tried to reconcile this discrepancy?

    (Geez Bill, this could last into the weekend. Maybe a few months away will actually be good for you)

    1. Your logick! It burnssssses, it does! Nasty, filthy logick! It must be ignored! Yes, yes, we shall ignores it my precious!

  11. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    Some of my favorite interviews from my days at XM Satellite Radio: Eli Wallach, Mickey Dolenz, two more. http://parkycomic.com/home/blog/i-had-a-life-once … #radio

    hmmm copyright infringement anyone?

  12. William the Elder
    Anybody REALLY think a judge is going to put a wheelchair bound man in jail for linking to someone's blog and WordPress sending an email?
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    9:47 PM - 7 Jan 2015

    Excellent question, William!

    I do think that if you can't (or won't) pay any fine levied against you for breaching the peace order, I do think you'll be jailed. And being ever so helpful, you'll make it easier for the judge to do it.

    1. Here's to hoping for a hefty, hefty fine -- and, for any consideration of mercy to be shelved this go around.

      Enough is enough... and, it was enough a long time ago.

  13. Unka Biwwy is so much hypocrisy stuffed in a sausage casing.
    He rails against me and my publicly admitted criminal past, a past I have accepted responsibility for, have owned and bear before myself every day. It is the inspiration of my reformation, my redemption.
    I am mocked and denigrated by Bill. I am lied about to my federal probation officer. He and Matt conducted a several month long effort to get my release terminated and to get me returned to prison on the basis of their repeated lies.
    Yet he praises Brett.
    What hypocrisy.
    The good news is 51 days remaining ...

    1. Please don't ruin sausage for me, sir. 😉

      In all seriousness, I remain in awe at the choices you have made, and your commitment to redemption and a Christ-centered path for the rest of your days.

      I, too, am constantly in awe of the gift of Christ's transformative power.

      Congratulations on 51 days and counting, Paul. God bless, my friend... always.

      1. Thanks Grace but it really isn't me that is making the change, it is the grace of God inspiring the change, a grace I clearly do not merit but through Christ's redemptive act on Calvary I am washed clean of my sins. He imparts the grace through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that animates my life.
        May God ever bless you Grace.

  14. Look at the things that have been done to the BM of Elkridge.

    He has been subjected to mockery, which assuming temporarily has been disproportionate to his offenses against common decency is still considerably less drastic than blowing a man's leg off and then suing the maimed man's widow. The mere contemplation of the disparity between mocking words and BK's physical and psychological violence is enough to show the absurdity of the temporary assumption that the mockery was undeserved.

    He has been subjected to numerous peace orders by courts of competent jurisdiction. Perhaps one of those courts might have got things wrong, but all of them? No. Was he heavily fined? No. Was he jailed? No. Rather he was subjected to the indignity of being told to leave certain people, none of whom live close to his trailer, alone. THE HORROR!

    But he is too witless to obey a valid court order. And now he is shocked, shocked I tell you, that any attempt to excuse his failure to obey the order will require him to go out in the cold weather. If you are so sick and feeble that going outside in the cold is a threat to life, perhaps you may need to be scrupulously careful to avoid violating court orders in the winter time.

    There is in fact no amount of mockery sufficient for such a festering mountain of malevolence and self-pity.

  15. And now the giant mangina is tweeting at me from behind a block. Seriously what kind of coward blocks someone that directly @mentions them in tweet after tweet? Oh I know, the giant pussy kind of person.

    Oh, and he says he got the sealed discovery from an anonymous email. So let's use some logic here. Who had access? The judge, Aaron, Aaron's attorney, and Brett. Out of that list, who is the only one that had reason to try and get all that information out there? Even I don't believe Bill is that stupid that he thinks we'll believe his lies about where it came from.

    1. Stupid fat fingers on a tiny keyboard.....

      And now the giant mangina is tweeting at me from behind a block. Seriously what kind of coward blocks someone THEN directly @mentions them in tweet after tweet? Oh I know, the giant pussy kind of person.

    2. Army Vet - no worries, most of us are fluent in typos and also in auto-corrupt, the latter of which I used to translate your post. 😉

      As for your comment, yes, he is stupid enough to expect us to believe him despite his epic, blatant, and #failed lying daily. He's also stupid enough to have been manipulated (also likely daily) by his "excellent friend." Furthermore, he's stupid enough to have not figured out the obvious "source" of the sealed docs, and stupid enough to not be able to follow/understand/accept your clear and simple explication.

      Every time I've thought he couldn't get more stupid, he manages to exceed even his own record stupidity.

      Some here don't believe he's as stupid as he appears. I've considered whether it's a persona he adopts for whatever motive, or that his abject stupidity is a tool he uses to punk people, and other things along the line of him not being a drooling dolt. Sadly, the only conclusion one can reach is that he really is that stupid; possibly even more stupid than we know.

      Consider there has never been any denouement wherein his unexpected brilliance wins the day. How many times must his stupidity lead to his actions blowing up in his stupid face before we accept the fact that his stupidity is not some clever ruse, but a fact? Also, consider how dangerous he'd be if he weren't so stupid and incompetent.

      He is the combination of stupidity, malignant evil, and narcissism embodied in one disgusting, demented, depraved dunce.

    3. I just posted darn near exactly that over at Hogewash! in response to one of your comments, Army Vet.

      Bill Schmalfeldt lies with abandon. He cares not if others believe him. The morally-corrupt POS despises the truth.

      BS knows the sawed-off, domestic terrorist emailed the sealed court documents to him. And, BS knows anyone paying attention knows the sawed-off, domestic terrorist emailed the sealed court documents to him.

      Yet, BS still lies... because evil.

  16. Speaking of breaking his own records, what can one say about the weeping vagina* who compares the mockery he brings upon himself, in fact actually seeks out, to the suffering of the victims of Brett Kimberlin?

    All I can add to Krendler's excellent, so very well stated post above, is that if the malignant, narcissistic* freakshow would stay out of our yard, he'd have no idea we were mocking him.

    His entire being is offensive to the nth degree, but no more so when he compares the "suffering" he solicits and seeks out to the victimization of innocents, including children, and including causing death, perpetrated by his "excellent friend" some of which is now adjudicated to not have defamed him by discussing.

    *With apologies to weeping vaginas and malignant narcissists - I realize he's much worse than you.

    1. If he stayed out of our yard, most if not all of us would cease mocking him. He's done it before, managed to stay away for a whole week, and I think howard and maybe one other were the only ones who mentioned him after the first day. He found this so awful that he had to start attacking people who hadn't mentioned him by name or even vague reference in days. And then he wondered why he started getting "attacks" which were completely "unprovoked".

      I don't think he's stupid, in the usual sense, even if he isn't Mensa material. But he does indeed have no common sense, a lack or loss in executive function.

    2. Exactly, LG. Most of us have better things to do, at least most of the time. Any three of us don't spend as much time at this as he alone does. Maybe any 30.

      And if we don't reply to his blog or twitter filth, then he starts @mentioning more and more people until he does get the attention he craves, since he doesn't have friends or family from whom he gets attention. He's alienated virtually all who've ever suffered any contact with him, including his own children. Without the attention he gets here, he'd be all alone almost all of the time. And he doesn't like his own company any more than anyone else.

  17. Kimberlin sent the sealed documents to Schmalfeldt with instructions to release them.

    Schmalfeldt released the documents hoping to bring physical harm to Aaron.

    Period. End of story.

      1. Wee Willy is now claiming that he is the one thats published the sealed documents? That's funny because in the past bill has actually bragged that it was him that did it on numerous different occasions. This group can't even keep their lies straight.

      2. BM tweet today: "nobody paid me to publish those. I have first amendment right to do so. I made sure they were legit, had news value"

        Both taking credit now?

        ".... has the right to remain silent, but lacks the wisdom to so..." I think I recall this be said somewhere before.

      3. "... I made sure they were legit, ..."
        How exactly does one make sure that a document is legitimate when:
        a - its a sealed court document and therefore you can't check it against the official copy, and
        b- you said it came to you under a fake email address. You can't interrogate the source for their credibility and the fake address itself contaminates the document.

        Either you are flat out lying (quelle surprise!) or you are jumping to your usual Dumbass conclusions using that diseased thing you call logic and the rest of the world calls WTF?.

    1. Indeed, Howard!

      Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt wanted Aaron Walker to be physically injured and/or killed.

      And, these two spawns of Satan tried their damnedest to make it happen.

  18. "By their understanding of the law, wouldn't he have to PROVE he's not a Furry, and a gay one at that?"

    This from an asshole who's always convicting others solely on the fact that they do not deny his accusations. You can't make this shit up.

    Hey, Schmalfeldt. Marilynn should have swallowed.

    1. Oh goodie! Now we get to assimilate you, Howard! haha I mean, since I totally repeated what you just posted, you must be one of us. 😉

    2. And, the walking, talking bowel movement BM Schmalfeldt once again demonstrates that he holds homosexuals in contempt. BS is always using the word "gay" in the most disparaging of ways against people he hates.

      Doesn't he have a child (or, children) who engages in such a lifestyle? How lovely that Blob holds them in contempt, and despises them for being homosexuals.

      Makes no nevermind, I suppose, as all of his children hate him, as well.

    3. Be precise. Dumbass convicts people of his malformed accusations if they don't respond by his ridiculous deadlines. Are we now suppsed to convict people for made up shit because they think Dumbass is a supercilious prick that doesn't deserve the time of day much less a response?
      There's no way he's a gay Furry. Those guys are pillars of the community compared to him.

  19. Looks like a certain pedophile has taken time out to wind up his dolt today. I wonder if it has anything to do with all of those new responses? hahahaha

    Oh, and I'm sure their current target is all torn up by the projection of the pedo, the bunny-boy, and the demented dunce freakshow. Can you imagine someone with a rabbit avi (and fetish), accusing someone else of being a "furry" as being anything other than projection/admission? hahaha

  20. Army Vet wrote: "Wee Willy is now claiming that he is the one thats published the sealed documents? That’s funny because in the past bill has actually bragged that it was him that did it on numerous different occasions. This group can’t even keep their lies straight."

    Oh, really? So, Wee Willy is now claiming that he was a contributor to "Breitbart Unmasked?"


  21. Where BM Schmalfeldt the "Comedian" tries desperately to get someone/anyone to comment on and/or laugh at his "joke" for a SECOND time.


    Damn, he's pathetic.

  22. I'm starting to believe this Bill fellow is a few cards short of a full deck. About 50 or 51 cards short, I'd guess. But that happens when you play every possible victim card. A true Hero of the Stupid.

    1. Are you familiar with cosplay in general - people who go to fan conventions dressed as movie characters, comic characters, etc.?

      Furries are basically the same cosplay concept applied to animals. Maybe furries take their fanaticism a couple floors higher than standard cosplay.

      1. The ones with the costumes are just the most obvious. Furries are people who derive pleasure [especially sexual] from pretending to be anthropomorphic animals.

    2. IMNSHO, the difference between Aaron as a Furry and Brett as a pedophile is that while Aaron knows he is not a Furry and doesn't care who you tell, Brett is very concerned about who finds out he's pedophile.

      Doesn't take much imagination to figure out why.

  23. Thanks for the scoop on "Furries." Pretty funny that Team K, with its fixation on rabbits and cats, are mocking anyone for that.

  24. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    Laff of the day from WJJ Hoge: "It’s good to know that the smart people are on my side." Coffee shot out my nose.

    sure it was the nose?

  25. William the Elder ‏@weltschmerz2015 Yes, let's use the Charlie Hebdo tragedy to bash Brett Kimberlin. Disgusting.

    Gee, I don't recall seeing BM claim that BK's attempt to tie or compare the effects of the actions of the defendants in his state law suit to the suicide of Robin Williams was "disgusting".

    1. I thought he felt it was more karmic justice than a tragedy. The deaths were tragedy. The event was terrorism. ISLAMIC terrorism. BK is a fan of the islamists yes/no? BK is a fan of ISLAMIST violence yes/no? BM is a big fan of BK yes/no? BM is hopeful that ISLAMIST violence will find its way to AW. ergo BM is a moron with no, zero, zilch, nunc, null, 1/∞ self awareness.

      p.s. I'm an engineer, not a mathematician nor a theoretical physicist.


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