Monkey Dance Update

It’s not as though I think I have to incite monkey dancing every day; in fact, the shift of his attention and monkey dancing from me to legal niceties has been both FUN and a nice break. My compliments to the Zombie Horde for continuing to keep the monkey wound up:


But I feel like I am falling behind in my responsibilities.

Back to work.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Monkey Dance Update”

  1. I just want to work something out in my head here by typing it out. He really does seem to have no idea. It's not an act.

    Bill. Dude, listen. We're -laughing- at you. It's almost all jokes. At your expense, you dummy. No one ever really thought your blubbery crippled ass was going to jail. Your sad, useless, wasted -life- is your jail, and you put yourself there long before you ever heard of John Hoge. As I hinted in an earlier comment: you're guilty, and you're going to be found guilty, of acting in contempt of the court's order. The only question is, what action will the court take to remediate your contempt, since you can't un-ring the bell of contact. Will you have your internet access restricted? Will the computer you pretended to give away be confiscated? The court will act, but how much mercy will it show?

    Oh, there is another question; one I've been pondering. How the everloving fuck did you -happen-? What mad alchemist pieced you together of what foul leavings and excretae, and what foul incantation did he whisper in your ear to give you the stuttering semblance of life? Your excellent friend may have found you, but I don't believe he is the evil wizard that -made- you. Think on it, if you retain the capacity.

    1. If only someone had had the courtesy to tell Bill Schmalfeldt that he's just another asshole on the Internet, and that we're free to lie to him and LAUGH.

      HA. HA. And, yes, MOTHERFUCKING HA.

      When Bill Schmalfeldt decides he's going to quit TRYING to fuck with people, people will stop fucking with him.

      1. When Bill starts thinking he may actually succeed at something, I like to remind him of how much he sucks at everything he does. Originally I was going to list all of his failures in life(at least the ones I knew of) for him to see, after he called John a loser in some tweets. I soon realized that not only would it be way too long to post at hogewash, it was possibly too long for the internet to be able to handle. Because, I didn't want to risk destroying Al Gore's magical creation and it was easier and faster to type, I shortened it to Bill sucks at life.

  2. Nothing that we can do or say is worse than what Cousin Bill has done to himself.

    I suspect that's why my presence upsets him so much; we are of the same blood, started in the same place at the time, with the same opportunities, yet his life clearly sucks wind, by comparison.

    You know it's true, Bill.

    1. I'm sure you are elated that your family's bloodline won't end with your cousin's fruity offspring. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

      Except the whole fruity thing.

      It must be a relief beyond words, Roy.

  3. William the Elder
    @creativemuggle My advice? Just block the morons like I did. They have been harassing me for 3 years now. Best Wishes.
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    1:34 PM - 13 Jan 2015

    "Now I just monitor every word they say on the Internet. Sometimes I try doxxing them, but I invariably get it wrong and have restraining orders issued against me. So I'm obviously the guy to advice about this sort of thing from."

  4. "William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 28m 28 minutes ago

    Too bad for Krendler that mockery is not admissible evidence in court."

    It seems to me that about a third of William's self-described "gut punch" was comments stolen from here and Hogewash, so it appears that mockery is admissible evidence in court.

    And no, William isn't pretending. He actually is this deluded and dumb.


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