Let Me See If I Have This

So Mr. Bigs filed a motion dismiss the petition against him.

Then, after consulting the online legal firm of Phrieby, Adviece, Aynworfit, he found a new and improved “fatal flaw” that DOOOOOOOOOOMS!!! the case.

So Mr. Bigs is now filing a NEW MOTION.

Pity Mr. Hoge, if he thought it necessary, couldn’t do the same thing. Hopefully before the weather warms up.

Does that about cover it?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

87 thoughts on “Let Me See If I Have This”

  1. One of the things that John might want to bring to the attention of the court is . . . oh, well, let's go over to the Sooper Seekrit Site. Code word: GIGITTY!

    1. Gulf India Gulf Gulf India Tango Tango Yankee Bang, Acknowledged.

      The bat is in the belfry. Repeat: The bat is in the belfry.

      Purple flowers in scarlet boots. Repeat: Purple flowers in scarlet boots.

      Sooper Sekrit Protocol is now OPERATIVE.

      ^#*^$*@*^*&(&@(*(#@@@@CARRIER LOST

  2. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    He did NOT file a PEACE Order contempt petition. There's a reason the state has the two different documents. And I may be close to, well...

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    An awful lot of mockery and lying, and precious little rebuttal of my claims. How odd. Hoge filed a Protective Order Contempt Petition.

    buh buh bu buh - I DONT Bwaaaaaa sniff sniff - I don't want to go ta jail..........



    child porn
    follower and supporter of pedophiles
    serial adjudicated harasser
    child harasser
    dead baby doxer
    failed author on global scale
    follower and supporter of domestic terrorists

    yeah the wrong form is going to mean soooooooo much

  3. "To Sir, With Love May It Please the Court,

    Hoge is trying to kill me. HOOOOOGGGGGEEEEEE! In fact, everybody's trying to kill me and the police won't do anything about it. A Lickspittle sent horsey-poo to my tin box, which made me bang my head 18 hours before it got to the door. But the Postal Service, the FBI, Interpol and Congress won't do anything about it. I've been declared a dangerous loon by the courts in three states because everybody lies and judges are stupid. I've had criminal charges filed against me 400 times! Did I mention that I'm old and sick? Fat, too.

    But I'm not a crank. WRONG PAPERWORK! Some guy on the Internet said so ... until a Lickspittle (or a Zombie) got to him! I'm surrounded by liars who will kill me! Look at this picture of a play-doh doll getting its head cut off!

    Again, not a crank.

    I want Mommy Judge Hollander.

    Oopsie Poopsie,

    William Schmalfeldt."



    Here are some blog comments. They're mean.

    I hereby certify that I have posted this on Scribd before properly serving it anyone because my respect for this Honorable Court is THAT strong!


    William Schmalfeldt"

    1. "@weltschmerz2015: I am going to post both motions on my blog today (unless any of my friends know of a reason I shouldn't). I want Hoge and his readers..."
      1/11/15, 9:07 AM

      Wait! Whaaaaat?!

      You mean The Big BM didn't have even one of his slew of friends step up to counsel him, and suggest that maybe... just maybe... he may want to wait until the Court and the Plaintiff had received his drivel prior to broadcasting it on the intertubz for public consumption?

      Friends. Whaddaya gonna do? *pfft*

      1. He just wants everybody to watch him climax. This is all part of his masturbatory fantasy of "WATCH MEEEEE!!!!!" Sick sick sick


        Study: Men Who Post Selfies Show Psychopathic Tendencies


        Wow, that explains A LOT!


      3. LOL

        Thanks, Perry. I think we all knew that, despite not receiving funding and other assistance. haha

        Well, we at least are acquainted with one faux-man with multiple psychopathic indicators, who seems to be totally in malignant-narcissistic-love with his own incredibly repulsive image.

  5. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    It's not the lickspittles who will have to pay fines and otherwise suffer if Hoge makes the wrong decision. So, they should zip it.

    Momiieeeeee make em stop please please John drop the complaint pleeease don't let me go to jail where they may not appreciate my career in raping boy scouts in audio fantasies

  6. lookie lookie he's found a sumthin that his new imaginary friend lawyer Baltimore sais that's a contempt orders are not enforceable by a higher court

    annnnd he still is goin to jail, paying fines oh and the discussions with the parent company - a real estate company in Maryland begin this week

    who knows his commute in 2 weeks maybe from the salvation shelter

  7. Also posted at Hogewash!:

    Let's not forget, at the sooper sekrit site we can discuss the many failures (and even more funnies), in the cyberstalking freakshow's pleadings without helping him.

    Also please remember the MTC hasn't actually been filed yet, so can be amended. Let's be very careful to not encourage him to change a single word.

    1. Thanks, Jane, I'm glad we have the sooper seekrit site. It saved me reading all 80 pages for something so simple.

  8. dumass don't realize dat da judge he dun do this before and he has descretions

    someone can face the either - hire a lawyer - or pay somew rather large price because all these tweets have already been sent to the clerk.

    And they are watching

    whoopsie oopsie poopsies

  9. new google search poopsie, debenched, hots, judges, batshitcrazylitigant, pedo worshiper

    returns hero of July 21.

  10. I wonder why his comments on the replies he received at http://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/vexatious-litigant-has-failed-nearly-400-times--ac-2017932.html seem to have disappeared.

    They haven't disappeared from http://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/man-says-he-is-not-going-to-press-his-appeal-for-a-1861496.html

    On the same page one of the attorneys makes this comment: "In a previous question where I was skeptical shall we say our asker opined that i was probably fun at parties hehe" So he's even getting a rep there.

    1. For the first time Bill makes a true statment on AVVO...

      "I am this guys b*tch, and I guess I just have to get used to it."

  11. "William the Elder ‏@weltschmerz2015 · 1h1 hour ago
    Just uploaded Motion to Cancel https://www.scribd.com/doc/252398279/Motion-to-Cancel … #ScribdDocs This is the accurate copy, not the one on Hoge's blog."

    So, the first one is "inaccurate"?

    Why should we expect this one to be "accurate" when it has been produced by the same crappy writer under the same incompetent and negligent conditions?

    Why don't you just hold off until you finally get to the version you have filed with the court and are ready to stand (or wheelchair) behind?

    Show us the one you are ready to bust a hip for.

    1. I'm guessing that if the judge were to see this tweet below based on his filing, he probably chuckled and said, "What a dumbass!"


      1. Its a natural automatic interpretation for your brain to make especially considering the source.

        There's your brain seeing a word that doesn't exist and struggling to put a meaning to it that is most likely to fit in the current context, "Schmalfedlt?" says your brain, "hmm the only thing that fits is "debauched", lets cram that in there and see what happens".

        This is why we eat brains. They make stupid decisions.

        Now how could such an experienced something-or-other who considers himself a writer use such a fucked up non-word as "debenched" when anyone with any vocabulary skills at all knows that judges are impeached and/or removed from the bench. People don't use stupid words like debench because its stupid. The bench is not part of the judge. It cannot be removed from him. He sits upon the bench or is part of the "abstract" bench and he may be removed from them not vice versa (mind you its probably easier to remove a chair from Dumbass than vice versa so I can understand where he gets the idea "Gail! get over here and dechair me!").

        fucking maroon who can't handle abstract thought.

      2. MJ - none of my business of course, so please feel free to ignore this, or if you do choose to reply, please consider doing so at the sooper sekrit FUPP - do you post at Popehat sometimes, or at a left-leaning legal blog run by nice person with first initial J? (Blog name withheld so as to not send a certain cyberstalker there to harass those nice people.)

        Just curious because I enjoy that MJ's comments too. 🙂

      3. Glad to read it, MJ! 😀

        TO ALL:
        If anyone is not already reading at the sooper sekrit FUPP, I highly recommend you also ask to join. It's worth your time if you take more than a passing interest in all that's going on.

        Please don't be offended if it takes some time to be approved. It wouldn't be sooper sekrit for long if anyone who posted at TMZ or Hogewash! a couple of times were allowed to join immediately. Just try again at a later date. The last thing anyone wants is to accidentally allow some dirty sock in to stink up the joint. (SWIDT?)

        You'd be surprised at some of the people who haven't been approved (yet!), or that it took a while for them to be approved. (I'm guessing out-of-state-checks taking extra time to clear - joking!)

  12. "@weltschmerz2015: And Hoge has to bear at least a little of the blame for willfully posting the e-mail WordPress sent him on his blog. Or is that too complex?"
    1/12/15, 12:28 PM

    The list of issues and concepts far too complex for The Big BM is immense.



    Damn. The Big BM is just dumb, dumb, dumb. *SMH*

    1. it was an accidents - pleeease someone for the love of the almighty stoop hooooge from sending me to jail where copies of my child rape fantasies are already being distributed in advance.....

      I am ZOG BOW BEFORE ME>>> pleaaaseee......


    2. I only mailed the letter. He has to bear at least a little of the blame for opening it.

      I only stole the copyrighted blog post and put it in a book without permission. He has to bear at least a little of the blame for reading it.

      I only dialed the phone. He has to bear at least a little of the blame for picking it up when it rang.

      I only threw the punch. He has to bear a little of the blame for not moving his face out of the way.

      I only caught the Boy Scout. He has to bear at least a little of the blame for not being faster than me.

      Have I accurately reproduced his argument?

  13. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015

    ...since he knows he has outworn his welcome at he State's Attorney's office and the Court Commissioner. Whom by the way, I have written to.

    Hoge gains a cowardly, dishonest, uncontested victory. And instead of being satisfied with THAT, he is goaded into filing a CONTEMPT charge

    THAT would have been honorable. THAT would have been honest. I take my chances, win or lose. Instead, Hoge lies, I stay home because of it.

    wait you were at the doctors? except you were not because inquiries were made.....

    You stayed at home so you ran away like with Grady

    And this time you are going to not be able to run away

    Also your activities with child porn are going to be reported

    Results both criminal and civil are coming.......

    1. One would expect a "writer" to adhere to the archaic rule about avoiding ending a sentence with a preposition.

      Whom by the way, I have written to.


      Once again, bil, is pushing my cheap Czech knockoff re-resonator to the red-line with his cognitive dissonance. No contact means NO CONTACT. Now go to jail and let us be bored.

  14. I have phones Mr Grote and mentioned none of the letter from Mr Schmalfeldt was true and was a clear case of a crime.

  15. I am not surprised that he said he wrote a letter to the SA.

    Letter writing is one of the phases he goes through in his Feldtdown before a court date.

  16. That letter was full of more lies and misleading statements then Bill's tale of the Christmas Eve clerk and storming the beaches of Beirut put together.

  17. I hope the State's Attorney is like our local SA.

    Our SA likes to post on local websites just to stir the pots of people like BS.

  18. http://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/this-is-a-simple-one-that-i-can-t-seem-to-find-a-d-2018277.html

    Lots of amusing stuff on the "avvo" site, if you have some google-fu...

    "If a person requests a peace order and is denied, he has the right to take that denial and appeal it to the Circuit Court here in Maryland. And as history has shown, the Circuit Courts in this particular county are much more agreeable to issuing peace orders than the District Courts. If a person appeals his denial of a PO in the District Court, only to have it granted by the Circuit Court in a de novo appeal, does that mean the Circuit Court that granted the appeal now has exclusive jurisdiction over all actions related to that PO, or does the law that says Peace Orders are the sole jurisdiction of the District Court apply? Very confusing."

    1. http://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/is-a-law-being-broken-by-people-using-the-internet-1934926.html

      Oh my there is gold in them there hills LMAO

      1. "Asker
        Posted 3 months ago.
        Why do I need psychological help? I am not the one making threats or demanding I take my life. I'm a writer, comedian, a person with Parkinson's disease and for some reason my success in these endeavors enrages these people. Thank you for your concern, Bruce, but you did not answer the question. Is there anything illegal in using the internet to suggest that a person kill himself. I would appreciate folks sticking to the actual question. Thank you."

        It's inexplicable why everyone dislikes Cousin Bill, don't you think?

        Ha! Got that one completely typed in *before* I snorted and laughed...I am a man of iron will!!!

      2. Oh, man! Breathe, Grace, breathe. I definitely sprained a lulz muscle on this one! Gotta love this poor attorney wasting his time diligently explaining to Blob -- OF ALL PEOPLE -- the intricacies of a Peace Order! LOL!

        "You should consider obtaining a Peace Order (special type of protective order wherein the court can order a person to not harass or abuse you, not call or communicate with you in any manner)."

        IN. ANY. MANNER! Got that, ya big, dumb dope?

      3. Bruce Ward BainPRO
        Litigation Lawyer - Houston, TX
        Contributor Level 16
        Contact answerer
        EmailVisit website
        Lawyers agree
        Answered 3 months ago.

        Well killing yourself is out of the question. Delete the social media site and get on with your life. Block those that threaten you to hurt yourself. Get some serious psychological help.

      4. Writing. Comedy. Parkinson's. He's had success at exactly one of those "endeavors". Well, Parky Bill, you can have that success!

    2. Except, that's not quite what the law says. As always, reading to the actual end of the text, instead of just to the end of the part you like, is more likely to give you the correct understanding.

  19. "If I have a camera filming my property and it is able to view the sidewalk immediately in front of my house, can if be sued?
    Hypothetically, if someone tries to vandalize my home and does it from the sidewalk and my camera isn't able to see that far, then I'm going to miss the evidence I need to pursue legal action. I obviously will not have it, my camera, be capable of viewing any of the other residents on my street as that violates the recording a private property."


    1. Hmmm...what's the over and under that here are some boy scouts living close to Bill that he wants to keep an "eye" on?

    2. So glad I peeked in and saw your posts, Roy. Too, too funny and it gets even better:

      Additional information

      WOW! I asked such a difficult question, not even one answer! I'll reword it. To boil it down further (in the hopes of getting an answer) can a Circuit Court in Maryland grant a peace order on appeal from a denial in District Court? If so, can it enforce the peace order? All my searching on the subject fails to find a definitive answer.

      Yeah, that was it, the difficulty of the question. It just couldn't be because that website is starting to get as repulsed by him as virtual all who've ever suffered contact with him. hahaha

      So, he finally gets a single reply:

      Scott R. Scherr
      Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Lutherville, MD
      Contributor Level 19

      Answered January 12, 2015 05:59. The Circuit Court can grant a Peace Order and should be able to enforce it if there is a violation.

      1. Oopsie Poopsie.

        *BZZZ* Wrong answer, Mr. Scherr.

        Therefore, The Big BM will entirely ignore it, and continue pushing his ILL-GOTTEN ELEVENTY!!1!!1! theory for all it's worth.

        Dig on, Blobby.

    3. I'm sure property surveillance cameras are less expensive than they used to be, but I would think them still out of the price range of the "indigent".

  20. "In Maryland, the law says District Courts have sole jurisdiction over peace orders. So, why is a Circuit Court hearing a case?
    A person filed a peace order petition in District Court. They found no statutory basis for relief. He went to the Circuit Court where they generally give this guy whatever he asks for, and did this time as well. Now, he's filed a contempt petition with the circuit court saying I've violated the PO. Other issues aside (such as he filed using incorrect forms, he's not charging in the correct venue), isn't it true that once a circuit court rules on the appeal of a denied peace order, the case is then remanded to the District Court for enforcement purposes? Thank you.

    Elkridge, MD - about 7 hours ago


      1. Oh my. It's been a long time since I've seen that acronym, but it fits perfectly inasmuch as Krendler et al. are firmly ensconced inside that loop.


        Granted bil usually leaves off at least one if not both 'O's and jumps straight to the D&A.

    1. So, I'm guessing that single reply was what prompted asking the same question again. And guess what? He got another answer:

      Scott R. Scherr
      Scott R. Scherr
      Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Lutherville, MD
      Contributor Level 19

      Lawyers agree

      Answered January 12, 2015 06:07. An appeal from the District Court on a Peace Order goes to the Circuit Court. It is a trial de novo which means that it is a new trial and the Circuit Court makes its own finding. There is no remand involved. If there is a breach of the Circuit Court Peace Order, the hearing should be held at the Circuit Court since they made the original finding.

      Give it time... maybe there are some other lawyers who aren't familiar with him yet who will chime in with the Exact. Same. Answer. hahahaha

      When trying to determine whom is more likely correct, always go with the quantum mechanic with a reputation for honesty and general decency over a repeatedly adjudicated cyberstalking freakshow who is well known as a lying liar, and complete imbecile. hahahaha

      1. He just doesn't want to hear any answer other then what Acme Law told him...

        Scott R. Scherr
        Answered about 7 hours ago. The Circuit Court can grant a Peace Order and should be able to enforce it if there is a violation.

        Posted about 7 hours ago.
        Still, the state does not provide a form for people to file contempt petitions for peace orders in the Circuit Court. They do for PROTECTIVE orders, but not Peace orders.

        Scott R. Scherr
        Posted about 7 hours ago.
        It doesn't matter. The allegation is that you are in contempt for violating a Circuit Court order. It should go back to the Circuit Court judge that is issued the Peace Order.

      2. I don't know why he's messing around with those clowns over at avvo.

        I know a couple of those guys, and, first, they are mediocre lawyers who are, second, only there for the LULZ.

        Only the Midnight Clerk knows the TRUTH!

      1. The next chose is the "Who's On First" defense.

  21. This looks familiar...

    1. And more legal advice-seeking.


  22. "You should consult an attorney. But, it will be expensive."
    "You should seek the advice of an attorney. But, it will be costly."
    "You really should hire an attorney. But, be prepared to pay a lot of money."

    The same advice, suggestions, and truthfulness over and over and over again.

    So, how bad do you think The Big BM is kicking himself right about now for all of the poor decisions he has made throughout his entire pathetic life that have left him indigent, and unable to retain competent legal assistance for all of his self-created tribulations?

    Being a Deranged Cyberstalker is serious and expensive business, boy.

  23. I finally read the MTC. Wow. Hard to believe it, but it's even funnier er... more ridiculous better than yesterday's movement. I do wish it had been a bit loooooonger though... you know, included a bit more detail, and more issues/points.

    It was over too soon.


  24. More good advice for Schmalfeldt:


    Cliff notes version: "Hire a lawyer."

    1. That, and "stay completely away (from Hoge)." He doesn't like to mention what the 367 charges are for, but the avvo folks seem to have sussed it out.

  25. Remember, bil, you can write ABOUT Mr. Hoge all day long, assuming you can avoid libel; and nobody can do anything to you about it.

    Careful, that sentence is a minefield.


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