Justice Takes Its Course


Well, if Bill Intends to tell the truth (never gonna happen) and let Justice take its course, he better bring a toothbrush and a BIG tube of toothpaste.

And if he wants Justice to take its course uh…smoothly, he better pack a big tube of something else as well.

Just a suggestion.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

114 thoughts on “Justice Takes Its Course”

  1. Yup, Bill. It is a perfect time, when you are trying to explain to a judge why he shouldn't hold you in contempt, to bring up other restraining orders against you.

    1. Cos if the judge was at all hesitant to put the demented freak in jail, those other restraining orders should tip the balance and/or add to the length of his stay at the county lockup.

  2. Even the average jailhouse Bubba has -some- standards regarding what he penetrates, so I don't believe Bill will need any lubricant. He should stock up on individual packets of jelly and syrup, though. No guessing what each of his new friends are likely to prefer.

    1. Tis been entertaining as can be!

      #TeamZombieHorde #TeamLickspittle

      #TeamLULZ #TeamLOL <-- BM loves the LOL!

  3. I posted the link for this over at Hogewash. This all sounds so ... so FAMILIAR somehow...

    "think so, Brain. If you’re pondering the fact that the Court of Appeals has adjourned until the 17th without a decision on Bill Schmalfeldt’s motion to reconsider his motion to stay his peace order pending an appeal, making it necessary for Bill to have to trundle his ass into a car to be transported to Westminster, and he’s in a wheelchair because he blew out a hamstring just from standing up today, and this is caused by his tendons tightening because of the Parkinson’s disease, the progression of which was exacerbated by WJJ Hoge III’s constant threats of jail and arrest and new criminal charges, and the fact that he is now completely unable to walk, added to the fact that he almost choked to death on a glass of water last night, and he blames Hoge for the increased rate of progression of his illness and his wife blames Hoge for the increased rate of progression of his illness and his neurologist blames Hoge for Bill’s increased rate of progression of his illness, and that unless Hoge drops his stupid, useless, doomed-to-fail peace order, Bill is going to put Hoge under oath, point out his lies under oath already stated, draw out new lies under oath for Hoge to try to get away with, making an utter fool of Hoge and ruining his reputation forever as he prepares for his being sued by Brett Kimberlin."


  4. Oh, my! Bunny Boy is getting some comeuppance!

    1. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

      [ Matt Osborne promised I would "regret ever mentioning #stoprush in a tweet"

      So I just took away the MattOsborne.com domain for the rest of his life.

      Sorry, Asshat. Does this count as "regret?" ]

      Do these Team Kimberlin freaks ever get tired of their FAIL? *smh*

    2. Looks like @osbornelink is suspended. Perhaps BG has taken that as well.

  5. "...I even asked permission which he has not refused to grant."

    So that's how permission works in your world eh?

    Well, I'm gonna take you car from the courthouse parking lot on the 30th and drive it to Tampa. That's cool with you right?


  6. You know, if the demented freakshow wanted to avoid violating the peace order, but not disable pingbacks, he could always try not linking to Hogewash!.

    What I am saying? hahahaha What else could he possibly write about? hahahaha

  7. hahahahahaha Now he's having fantasies that "state, local, national media" are going to have the slightest bit of interest in a repeatedly adjudicated cyberstalking freak violating one of multiple peace/restraining orders against him from multiple states. hahahahahaha

    Newsflash: The trailerpark newsletter won't care either. hahahaha

    1. Trailer Park Newsletter. LOL!

      Yeah. Same old Blobby song-and-dance. He's pulled the "state, local, and national media" card before. One time he was screeching he was going to wheelchair himself onto television and in front of any microphone he could find because... HOOOOOOOOOOGE!


      1. Now I'm picturing a newsletter published by J-Rock, edited by Bubbles, sports column by Ricky and of course an advice column by Julian [ghost-written by Corey and Trevor, natch].

  8. Poll -

    Is the demented cyberstalking freakshow funniest when

    1. He's blustering and threatening
    2. He's having fantasies of being a journalist
    3. He's having fantasies of being a radio mogul
    4. He's dying at his own pity party
    5. He thinks he's Oliver Wendell Jones

    1. Or is the demented cyberstalking freakshow funniest when


      6. He thinks anyone sees him as anything but an object of ridicule

  9. Can't read.
    Can't do math.
    Can't control bodily functions.
    Good thing he's not travelling to Europe or they'd take him aside at the Customs Control euthanasia station.


  10. And it's continuing today.

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015
    · 24m 24 minutes ago
    Some say I would not be harassed if I didn't read Hoge's website? Hoge wouldn't have had the pingback in his post IF HE HADN'T APPROVED IT!

    Is BM ever going to admit that the problem wasn't that Hoge approved it to be published, but that he received it in the first place? The contact was the email from WP which BM caused to be sent by putting the link in his blog in the first place. It didn't miraculously only become contact because Hoge posted it.

    By this reasoning, we could all send BM unwanted emails, and they would only become contact if he a) read them and b) posted them on his blog or on twitter.

    I think we can all look forward to hours of lulz if he tries to explain why it requires approval and publication to become contact when he is on the causation end, but not if he receives it.

    His inability to understand causation, and to throw tantrums when the world doesn't bend to his will puts most toddlers to shame.

    I also invite him to come to my local subvets for lunch or dinner someday, and call me a whore to my face, in front of my husband and other current and retired Navy men and women. I doubt his PD or his age would save him.

    1. I can't believe how often I'm doing this lately - channeling a post that's being written as I write mine.

      Maybe I'm not a plagiarist; maybe I'm psychic! hahaha

    2. And let's not forget to address his false premise - NO ONE IS HARASSING THE DEMENTED CYBERSTALKING FREAKSHOW..

      He's banned from these blogs. He's been told in no uncertain terms he's not welcome. Something he's no doubt been told many, many times throughout his miserable caricature of a life.

      Very, very few actually contact him, and are generally blocked when they reply to his @mentions of them. It's not harassment if no one contacts him. hahaha He soooooooooo wants to be a pitiful victim. I guess he has to try something, since he's totally failed in any attempt to be a man. #SchmalFAIL #SchmalFOOL

    3. Excellent commentary, LG. But, as we all know -- all of the logic and rationale therein is going to go right over Blobby's ginormous, dented, demented head. Good. Let him share his view of the situation and his "logic" with the judge. I am sure much hilarity will ensue.

      And, not that BM Schmalfeldt would ever take you up on your invitation as that would require him to actually have to leave his tincan (Oh. And, the fact he's a raging drama queen and all-around, seeping sissy), but it would be priceless none-the-less to witness BS address many of us the way he does in front of our spouses and real-life friends.

      Bottomline: He wouldn't dare because he's nothing but a cowardly, little bitch.

  11. Oh, let's start the day with some repeatedly debunked Schmalfeldt-super-stupid, shall we? hahahaha


    How willfully, deliberately stupid must one be to not grasp the very, very simple fact that whether or not the pingback was approved, the fact there was something to approve is contact. The notification is contact. hahahaha

    But he'll keep beating that poor horse. Probably how he got some of the dents in his demented head. hahahaha

    1. Still laughing at the super-stupid. hahahaha He will never understand the difference between "to" and "about" will he? hahahaha

      The pingback or the pingback notification went to Hogewash! -- John didn't seek it out. It was delivered to John, and it was delivered in violation of a court order.

      I imagine he'll soon be trying to convince himself that wordpress sent the email to John. hahaha Doesn't the entire internet get that exact same email from wordpress every week, asking us to confirm signing up for SchmalFAIL's pitiful email list? hahahaha

      Now there is his cause of action - wordpress setting him up that way... LOL LOL LOL

  12. William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Here's a question. How does one reconcile calling himself a defender of free speech with his efforts to jail someone for posting a link?

    Let me help you out, Bill.

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 3m 3 minutes ago
    Here's a question. How does one reconcile calling himself a defender of free speech with his efforts to jail someone who has a restraining order against him for posting a link?

    1. Again with the willful, deliberate stupid. There is no conflict between supporting free speech and also supporting anti-stalking laws.

      If he put half the effort he puts into being willfully stupid into something productive, he may actually not totally FAIL for the first time in his life.

  13. Oh, he's on a roll of willful deliberate stupid this morning:


    So until he's stalked each of us to the degree of judicial intervention, we should all ignore his actions. I wonder how far that plays out? Until the thief robs our homes, we shouldn't call for him to be jailed?

    1. heck no. Them goalposts are always motorized and on wheels.
      ...until the thief breaks in
      ...until the thief loads up on stuff.
      ...until the thief has entered the furthest possible recess that you can retreat to.
      ...until the thief directly menaces you.
      ...until the thief has actually done you physical harm. (corollary: what kind of man can't take a little beating. that's no reason to kill somebody.)
      ...but he only used a blunt weapon or knife! why did you pull a pistol and use non-commensurate force?
      ..but he was leaving why did you shoot him?

      the desired end result from their perspective is that you do no harm or hindrance to the thief or whatever flavor of criminal you encounter and mutley absorb whatever damage or loss he feels like handing out.

      Schmalfeldt comes from the same ideological background and his "logic" and "abstract thought" and sensibilities are just as fucked up and self-centered. He is a Dumbass among a sea of Dumbasses, just louder.

    1. At the risk of someone coming to my home and breaking BOTH of my hips, I still couldn't resist letting you know, Howard, that your "and he does the bouncy thing" comment made me hysterically laugh out loud! As in LOLOLOL!

      And, Blobby can just suck it. The image that popped into my head when I read that comment was hilarious!

      And, before BM Schmalfeldt strokes out from reading my comment...

      I'd wager people rarely (if ever) become "PERMANENTLY HARMED ELEVENTY!!1!!1!" -- or "DIE!!! OMAGERD!!1!!1" -- from bouncing.

  14. Now the big BM is telling us that he can't be held in contempt of court during a peace order hearing because it isn't mentioned in the PO statute. What does BM call being found to be in breach of a court order? Since the summons is for a show cause hearing relating to being in contempt, you'd think the court would know what the correct terms are.

    1. Hamlet:
      There's letters seal'd, and my two schoolfellows,
      Whom I will trust as I will adders fang'd—
      They bear the mandate, they must sweep my way
      And marshal me to knavery. Let it work;
      For 'tis the sport to have the enginer
      Hoist with his own petard, an't shall go hard
      But I will delve one yard below their mines
      And blow them at the moon.
      Hamlet Act 3, scene 4, 202–209


  15. Quick question for zombies and Hogewash! fans -

    Have any of you ever seen or heard Mr. Hoge indicate he wants the demented cyberstalking freakshow to be put in jail? Cos a certain Elkridge imbecile insists that happened sometime, somewhere. Yeah, I know, that's good evidence it never happened, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, ya' know? hahaha What am I saying? We all know SchmalFOOL is much more useless than a broken clock.

    The only thing Mr. Hoge wants from SchmalFAIL is compliance with the court's order. How the court chooses to enforce its order will be up to the judge. If the judge decides a fine, or jail, or loss of access to the internet, or a combination of any or all of those things are appropriate, that's what will happen.

    Let's emphasize that for the stage-eleventy-stupid people that are reading where they are not welcome:

    1. The court will determine the appropriate manner to enforce its order.

    2. Mr. Hoge has not indicated what steps he prefers to the court to take to enforce the court's own order.

    3. The only thing Mr. Hoge wants from the big BM is compliance with the court's order which means no contact from the cyberstalking bildo, either directly or indirectly; NO CONTACT at all.

    To once again paraphrase language even the blob should be able to minimally process, since he originally wrote the admission-against-interest, "If super-stupid would just forget Mr. Hoge, Hogewash!, other adjudicated victims, other victims yet to be adjudicated, and their various websites existed, he'd be a lot happier and no show-cause hearing would be pending."

    1. Yeah. The Big BM struggles horribly with the truth.

      Just like him insisting that HOOOOOOOGE!!! is dragging him out of his tincan on January 30th for a court hearing.

      As a Lickspittle, I'm well aware of the fact the Almighty Hoge controls much of the Universe, but I highly doubt he is responsible for setting the hearing schedule for the court.

    2. Blob wants Hoge jailed. Deep at the bottom of the black pit of his rage, he wants that more than anything. Thus, it's what Hoge wants for him. Blob doesn't think very well, but his projection skillz put the folks at Cinemark to shame.

    3. No, Mr. Hoge has never expressed any desire to see Shaky in jail, in fact, Mr. Hoge has shown the complete opposite to be true. Mr. Hoge has shown the freak nothing but respect and kindness, and his Christian values are the only thing that have kept the P.O.S. out of jail. Shaky, on the other hand, has made it very clear he not only would love to see John in prison, he is willing do whatever it takes to put him there. Shaky, you claim to be a Christian, so how about answering your own question for us? I doubt you will since you're hypocritical twice cuckold, wife beating coward, who at the end of their wasted life has no one (not even own kids) that love them, with no balls.

  16. Nothing is more beautiful and spectacular than William's habit of beginning legal research after he's filed his responses. Nothing!

    William the Elder @weltschmerz2015 · 2h 2 hours ago
    I guess Hoge is attempting an end run around the state's attorney and court commissioner this time.

    1. LOL

      Nor is anything more pathetically funny.

      So glad you're making time for us today, Neal. I was beginning to suspect you'd taken up with a younger, blonder, zombie blog. I apologize for doubting your fealty, even for a moment.

  17. It just came up over at Hogewash! about contemnors being jailed until they purge the contempt by paying the fee, fine, or other judgment.

    Totally unrelated, does anyone know if SchmalFAIL has paid Grady* yet?

    *Ladies, we really should get about the business of assimilating him too. Let's put it on our "to do assimilate" list. 😀

  18. A very important fact has been revealed. A fact that will render Hoge's case impotent! What is that fact? That some frogs bear live young? That not all ginger cats are male? That Nintendo made playing cards in the late 1800s? That Bill is an extraterrestrial diplomat and is therefore immune to US law? Who knows! I am sure it will be worth the wait.

    Whatever. I am not sure that Search Engine Optimization will fly as a legitimate excuse for violating a PO.

    1. How does a case become impotent? Does this mean that if it meets a nice case of the opposite sex it can't start making little cases? It needs a script for little blue pills first?

      1. I just have to drop in here briefly and note while I am working hard on a new, long post that you zombies are stealing all my bits!

        I don't know whether to be proud or pissed!

      2. Just dropped by in the middle of working on a new post to find you Zombies are pre-emptively stealing some good lines.

        I don't whether to be proud or pissed.

  19. Oh goodie! Judges just love when pro-se morons file numerous frivolous pleadings! LOL LOL

    They especially love it when it's done in a demented attempt to obfuscate a clear violation of a clear and very simple no-contact order.


  20. Jane/Grace/Mrs. Peel is correct - WJJH has never stated that he wants BS jailed or fined. He wants to be left alone.

    Given the "impotent" and "Papa" Hoge comments, plus his behavior over the past two years, plus his admitted dementia and occasional suicidal musings, I vote for a psych eval.

  21. William the Elder
    Well, turns out Papa Hoge wasn't home for the delivery. That's OK. I'm mailing another one on Monday.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    Matt Janovic
    3:51 PM - 10 Jan 2015

    I'm genuinely curious, exactly how many responses to a show cause order do American courts accept? William seems to believe that he can keep sending them until he gets it right. If he's correct, you people are even more savage than I thought. No civilized society litigates that way, even if one of the parties' is five-eighths retarded.

    Although, I'm becoming more enamoured with his schizophrenia every day. It seems like it was but 14 hours ago that William put up a blog post acknowledging that he's prison bound. This morning, he thinks that he's Clarence Darrowed his way out of everything.

    Of course, this is the same fellow who declares #WAR, but when it's time to put his combat footsies on, complains that it's cold outside.

    He really does deserve his own sitcom.

    1. In a case like this, one without leave of the court.
      I hope someone tells him that Hoge is not his papa.

  22. William the Elder
    Ask me why I'm smiling.
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    4:25 PM - 10 Jan 2015

    Brain damage? Untreated mental illness? Are you drunk? Make a big in your diaper?

  23. William the Elder
    Ask me why I'm smiling.
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    4:25 PM - 10 Jan 2015

    Stroking what's left of Gail's neck and thinking of the good old days?

  24. Ummm. Because you just made warm bigs in your Depends?


      1. LOL

        It's impossible to educate SchmalFAIL the SchmalFOOL -- many have tried and he has always managed to FAIL in spectacular fashion.

      2. Jane, you're right... But I'm still restraining myself mightily, because we all know one of the reasons he floats his legal "theories" in public is the hope that we'll help him polish his case.

        I believe a very wise person noted that you can't polish a turd.

        I will say that Bill Schmalfeldt is setting records for [utter lack of] reading comprehension, that's for sure.

        I thought he was going to obtain legal representation. Firing off documents is going to be yet another strike against prospective client Schmalefeldt. The Cray is another big but not insurmountable strike against someone agreeing to represent him.

        I suspect the insurmountable obstacle is that Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't control over two nickels to rub together, let along enough to convince a lawyer his (LITERAL) shit is worth dealing with. I can't imagine he'd be able to attract pro-bono assistance, given his history of biting hands attempting to help him... and the fact that he's creepier than a cubic light-year of millipedes.

      3. LOL

        Neal! You scamp. You really should join us elsewhere, iykwimaittyd.

        It's a dilemma, for sure, how far to go in making sure he's in a constant pool of fear pee, without giving too much away.

        In this instance, however, I really can't see any miracle that could possibly save him from himself. Oliver Wendell Jones couldn't get him out of the mess he's made for himself yet again.

        It's very simple, and the court will undoubtedly keep it that way. "Was he ordered to not contact Mr. Hoge?" Yes. "Did he contact Mr. Hoge?" Yes. "Does he have a valid reason for contacting Mr. Hoge?" No. Sentence and next case. Boom. Done. I highly doubt the court will allow any time for silly excuses or attempts to blame wordpress engineers. LOL

        Judges have seen all sorts of too-clever-by-half attempts to get around their no contact orders. Look around the web and I'm sure you'll find some idiot whining about his ex-gf trying to get him put in jail just for sending her flowers or similar other (not) clever ways the violators come up with to get around no contact orders. Judges don't have any patience with "accidental" contacts, or "I didn't know this would count" excuses. No direct or indirect contact is simple enough for any imbecile to understand, except for the one in Elkridge, of course. LOL

        I believe the idiot deliberately initiated the contacts as a "screw you" to the kind and gentle Mr. Hoge, and/or in an attempt to manufacture some sort of reverse contact for whatever that will prove to the voices in his head.

        SchmalFOOL seems to believe the dispute is between himself and Mr. Hoge. I hope he keeps that belief alive.

        The rest of us know the issue now is between SchmalFAIL and the judge John is more like a witness than a party at this point. He reported the violation, but it's the judge's order that's been violated. It's the judge's authority, not John's, that's been scorned.

        The Elkridge idiot may feel all big BM and tuff and like he's saying "Hooooooooge can't tell me what to do!" when he's trying to figure out ways to contact John. But the judge won't see it the same way, and the judge can tell the bildo what to do. The longer it takes him to figure that out, the more FUN for us! LOL

        Gosh, I hope that new post is up so I can stop rambling!

  25. My comment disappeared, so here goes again:
    Grace/Jane/mrs. Peel is correct - WJJH has stated many times that he does not want BS in jail, he just wants to be left alone.
    I vote for a psych eval given BS's admiited dementia, occasional suicidal musings, harassing behavior and confusion over his parentage. Hoge is not his "papa" or "daddy."

    1. America sends the mentally ill to prison all the time. What makes William so special?

      Besides, his being in jail would be funny. All of the guards and other inmates would look at one another and ask who this "HOOOOOGGGGEEEEEEEEEE!" that William keeps screaming at himself is.

      Then they'd rape him and take his shoes.

      1. Very true, Neal, but jail would only last a few months, at best. A psychological evaluation could result in him having supervised care in today's equivalent to an asylum for the rest of his miserable existence.

        1. I somehow doubt it. How long do you think it would be before William tried to "educate" the wrong person behind bars? Twenty, maybe thirty minutes? Then he'd be clubbed to death like a baby seal. Problem solved.

      2. You raise an excellent point, Neal. How many times can we view the security camera footage of the clubbing (and prior assaults from other prisoners) before even it becomes old?

        Much better to have years of entertainment video from the asylum assaults, imnsho.

        1. What I want to see is William in his cell after a particularly violent rape, muttering "I'll show them" whilst squeezing an entire tube of Crazy Glue into his rectum.

    2. And there's the little matter of him being a danger not only to himself, but to others. How many threats of violence has he made over the last year? Wasn't he dreaming of hiring someone to assault Grace just a few days ago?

      I do hope Mr. Hoge considers suggesting it to the court, and presenting a case for an eval.

      With any luck, he'd get some inpatient treatment for a few years. Well, it would certainly be lucky for anyone who has to deal with him, such as his caretaker. For the others at the facility, not so much.

      1. I don't know about the "hiring" part as BM Schmalfeldt likes to claim he is INDIGENT ELEVENTY!!1!!1! (when it's convenient), but yes... Blobby was musing about someone breaking my bones.

        @weltschmerz2015: @sub_aetha If Grace really wants me to fall and break my hip perhaps she should share her address so someone can break HERS if I break mine.
        1/9/15, 2:40 PM

        I suppose I will have to wait for much warmer weather for that "someone" to be BS himself. Heh.

      2. Well, if not "hiring" then getting a favor from the vast network of friends and followers he enjoys. Wait... what? No friends, no followers? Not a one? Alienated even his own children?

        Well, then, in my best Emily Litella voice, "Nevermind."

      1. BOOM!

        Like View and Nil have said, don't educate him, folks. Yes, he doesn't listen, but there could be a first time. This latest cluster is so brilliantly wrong even for him that I may have to make a trip to Maryland January 30.

      2. It seems in the US now that in order for a judge to actually come down someone being vexatious or just plain batshit crazy, the judge has to provoked to the point where he feels HIS authority is being flouted, rather than just the apparently irrelevant rights of the little people.

        Not the way it's supposed to work, or the way it should work... But at least it seems Bill Schmalfeldt is bound and determined to go FULL RETARD, so we've hope we'll get a "right" outcome even if for the "wrong" reasons.


      3. Exactly, A Reader #1 - if things keep playing out as they are, we should definitely try to get a meet up going. The transcripts won't be able to convey the full invective from the judge, nor the contempt in the judge's voice; and it will be a sight none of us should miss.

  26. *refreshing TMZ*

    *tap foot*

    *look at watch* (Ok, check time on computer again.)

    *look outside*

    Repeat as needed until new post is up.

      1. Can you please delete the above beg for forgiveness comment? Or remove that tee shirt #fail pic in your epic post.

  27. Booya? *pfft*

    BM Schmalfeldt's obnoxious (pre-game) victory laps, and his astonishing hubris, are what always makes his crow consumption that much more delicious to witness.

    1. So very true. And. He. Never. Ever. Ever. Never. Learns.

      The more certain he is that he will win, the more epic is his defeat, EVERY TIME. LOL LOL


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