Game Show Open Thread

This is an open thread with a game show theme.  The specific game show is Jeopardy!  There is only one category, and there are no prizes, except FUN!

Today’s category is Me Neither!

The answer is: “Me Neither!”  There are a nearly infinite number of possible correct questions for this answer.

Let me offer the first few.

  •  Does anyone remember the first time Bill Schmalfeldt had an original thought?
  •  Can anyone recall Bill Schmalfeldt ever taking a piece of good advice from anyone?
  •  Remember that really good book that Bill Schmalfeldt wrote?

 Comments are open.  Let the game begin!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

75 thoughts on “Game Show Open Thread”

  1. Does anyone think the big bm will ever catch on that Latin legal terms actually mean something; that they're not just fancy labels?

  2. Remember that time yet another humiliating failure caused Bill Schmalfeldt to re-evaluate the choices he makes?

    1. hahahahaha Good one!

      How about the time that the adjudicated stalker and harasser admitted, or maybe even realized his own failure? hahahaha

      Multiple courts in multiple states made legal findings against him but it's not him and his actions causing all of his problems... hahahaha

    1. Do you mean a real apology, without qualifiers and without blaming the object of the apology, and then not repeating the behavior that required an apology?

      Remember, if he ever made a mistake, he'd admit it, so we all know of all the times that happened too, right? hahaha

    1. Remember when the demented cyberstalker was only public with his male "butt stuff" obsession, and hadn't yet publicly indulged his intense over-interest in the ejaculate of his betters?

    1. Paul, you magnificent bastard, I originally wrote it that way, but I changed it in case Bildo was a nice boy growing up (who am I kidding, huh?)

  3. Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt conceded that if you're intent on supporting Lib'tardianism, it's easier to find a "charity" NOT associated with someone who planted bombs around innocent men/women/kids, committed perjury, lied about selling drugs to a vice president, etc. etc?

  4. Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt had retorts more witty than a variant of "I know you are but what am I?"

    Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt shared a heartwarming story about his family?

    Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt unblocked someone on twitter before talking smack?

    Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt quit the Internet entirely to concentrate on his "satire" and was never seen tweeting or blogging again?

    Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt responded to insulting words on the Internet with better and more biting insults, rather than attempting to turn his butthurt into a literal federal case?

    Remember when Bill Schmalfeldt stood alone against the vast right-wing conspiracy, a lone voice of reason and moderation crying out in a fascistic wilderness of Breitbartian horrors?

    1. Remember how all of the zombies or lickspittles knew they'd done nothing wrong, so were polite and helpful during those raids, and how none of them wet themselves like the demented cyberstalker did when law enforcement knocked on his door?

  5. Remember when he practiced the Christian faith he claims to follow?
    Remember when he didn't demean women, blacks and Asians?

  6. Remember when BS would mind his own business?

  7. Remember that time Schmalfeldt's legal analysis was correct?

    1. "It has gotten to where the Court Commissioner will no longer entertain his vexatious attempts to charge me."

      Is Mr. Bill psychic now?

    2. "A vexatious litigant has tried unsuccessfully nearly 400 times to have me charged with violating a peace order he obtained against me."

      Bill Schmalfeldt, LIAR EXTRAORDINAIRE!

      I wonder how many times Bill Schmalfeldt is going to repeat that lie?

      "And every time, the county state's attorney had deemed the charges nolle prosequi."

      Because a merciful WJJ Hoge was amenable to a mediated resolution, the terms of which BILL SCHMALFELDT promptly SHIT ALL OVER, because that's what Bill Schmalfeldt does.

      "It has gotten to where the Court Commissioner will no longer entertain his vexatious attempts to charge me."

      And how would Bill Schmalfeldt know that? Sounds like Bill Schmalfeldt is back to his old delusions that his saying it is so makes it so. Not so.

      "The Maryland Peace Order statute says nothing about contempt."

      Hmm, maybe the relevant law and procedure is found elsewhere? Perhaps a lawyer could fill Bill Schmalfeldt in on the details?

      " If you in fact violated the peace order he can file a Petition for Contempt with the court. upon filing, the court will issue a Show Cause Order requesting your appearance on this matter to explain why you have not violated this order."

      But what if Bill Schmalfeldt can't explain why he didn't violate the order... Since his own words show he in fact did, and his prior interactions with the court illustrate that he indeed KNEW he was violating the order.

      "If the court finds that you have violated the order you may be found in contempt."

      Wow! You mean that a court that can issue orders you're legally obligated to comply with can actually ENFORCE those orders? Sounds too much like common sense for Bill Schmalfeldt to comprehend. But... Is being found in contempt a bad thing?

      "... Depending on the complexity of your case, it may be a good idea to hire counsel."

      I'd take that as a "yes."

  8. "A request for my haters."

    If Bill Schmalfeldt is actually asserting they hate him, how does it make sense for him to make requests of them? Is he lying about the hate, or is his sociopathy showing?

    "Say what you want about me."

    We don't need Bill Schmalfeldt's permission to express ourselves.

    "Leave my wife out of it."

    Oh, now we're *requesting*!??! I guess Bill Schmalfeldt was telling the truth when he said he only *asks* one time... then he takes *action*: BEGGING. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    "I will return the gesture."

    Riiiiight. Bill Schmalfeldt has reneged on every "agreement" I'm aware of. Many have given Bill Schmalfeldt the benefit of the doubt, and EVERY ONE HAS HAD REASON TO REGRET IT.

    "Why is @brainsrfood referring to Hoge as 'The Monkey'?"

    Another "I know you are but what am I?" retort. How witty. o.O

    "Remember when @brainsrfood was relevant?"

    For someone who is irrelevant, Bill Schmalfeldt surely spends a lot of time sparring with him ("Sparring?" Really? You wound me. - PK) pounding Krendler's fists with his face. And being utterly humiliated, though Bill Schmalfeldt's incapable of recognizing that fact.

    "What? They were out of Zig Zag?"

    Awww. Look, Dented Dick Head is bonding with Derpy McPot Head. Heartwarming, ain't it?

    "Someone should say something nice to Pat to make him feel better. Pat? Did I say 'Pat'? I meant 'Paul.'"

    I hear that judges really love it when someone they've placed an order against plays stupid little games, pushing the limits and their luck. Yep, judges just love those that demonstrate disrespect for the law and bad faith, especially when those special flowers are too arrogant and stupid to avoid crossing the lines they are foolishly dancing upon

    "My advice? Just block the morons like I did."

    Does Bill Schmalfeldt also advise stalking the "morons" on blogs they've been made unwelcome at, filing complaints with every local, county, state, and federal agency for every butthurt they suffer, and then talking shit about them from behind a twitter block?

    "They have been harassing me for 3 years now"

    Which is why the guy with the peace orders against him is BILL SCHMALFELDT? Which is why the guy who is going to court in a few weeks to show cause why he shouldn't be held in contempt is BILL SCHMALFELDT?

    "Hoge's Penchant for Playing Fast and Loose with English"

    I don't follow links from Bill Schmaldfeldt, but is that "fast and loose" anything like trying to portray a single charge with 367 COUNTS as "almost four hundred" separate actions?

    "So much for whether or not I mailed it."

    Bill Schmalfeldt needs to realize that folks are going to react to a supposedly grown adult shitting in his proverbial hat and pulling it down over his ears with a creepy smile pasted on with some level of... Disbelief. Not to mention, now that Bill Schmalfeldt has pulled the trigger on the legal gun rammed right into his own dick-dented temple, we're more free to LOLZ at the gross errors and idiocies he's committed.

    "I just find it bizarre that these toads feel the need to slime me to people they don't even know!"

    And anyone that's followed Bill Schmalfeldt's insane antics, sociopathic vendettas, and incomprehensibly HILARIOUS Feldtdowns finds it bizarre there's still folks out there that don't know what a nucking futjob Bill Schmalfeldt is.

    "And this is exactly the kind of shit that got Aaron into the jam he's in today."

    Oh, is Aaron living in a tin can, estranged from family, friendless besides dubious characters who merely exploit his mental and physical illness for their own purposes, suffering from a degenerative disease, being dragged out onto the frozen tundra for a court date, facing sanctions for contempt, unable to obtain legal representation and too drain bramaged to follow the advice he can get for free?

    Wow, must suck to be Bill Schmalf... um... Aaron. Yeah. Aaron.

    "Three words to consider: Cost. Benefit. Analysis."

    Cost of heaping ridicule on Bill Schmalfeldt: Zero.

    Benefit: FUN!

    Analysis: That which Bill Schmalfeldt has proven himself incapable of, time and time again.

  9. Remember when the BM was 'investigating' Lee Stranahan, but totally left the Stranahan family out of it?

  10. Excellent and amusing comments/questions throughout, everyone, but special thanks for outstanding flogging and humiliating a demented, cyberstalking freakshow to viewfromnl. Have you applied to FUPP yet? Hope to see you there.

    1. Not that I have the slightest clue what FUPP is but...

      Esyay, I'veway otgay accessway otay ethay oopersay ekritsay
      itesay! Eesay ayay erethay!

      1. Jane! I'm disappointed. I would have guessed you to be a natural speaker. (granted, reading is harder than verbal)

    1. I can't get past the shock of him taking responsibility and ownership of it to even contemplate a downside. " falling down and [my] killing myself..."

      1. No later than 22 January. A solid week's worth. Then on the eve of having to venture out of his hovel, he will proclaim that since there can be NO punishment, he will allow Hoge to have this "ill-gotten" win.

  11. Remember all the times he thought he might not prevail in a legal dispute?

    Look, William, we all know that your years of shortbus schooling make you far smarter than all the judges that keep telling you what to do. But this time is serious, m'lad. You yourself have pointed out that this judge just doesn't like the cut of jib.

    So you should ask yourself, "What if I'm wrong?"

    Do you really know what jail is about, Billy? Things get real in there! You're crazy, but in a despicable, yet mostly just annoying way. There are guys in there who are violently fucking nuts, William. Chances are that they're young and strong, whereas you're old, fat and weak.

    I'll wager that the fat gives you nice soft skin, though. That's my roundabout way of saying that they're going to fuck you, William. You'll say the wrong thing to the wrong person, and before you know it, he'll have taken your wheely-walker away from you, broken your knees with it, and started fucking you. Hard. And it won't be a comedy routine. Well, at least not for you.

    I've heard stories about prison rapes where the rapist stabs his victim in the neck while he's fucking him! They like seeing the dark red spray out of the jugular just as their seed pumps into their new girlfriend. It makes them think about the circle of life.

    What if you're wrong?

  12. Can anyone remember seeing anyone run on the Price Is Right with a more deliciously faggoty grace than the great BM? The little leg flick at the end of his gavotte was so exquisitely gay.

  13. "I don't know how much longer I'm going to have her."

    Remember when Bill took those words seriously, and set himself to making his wife's remaining days as happy as possible, instead of bothering people with different political views?


    Did William just tacitly admit to prank-calling people's homes? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  15. "@weltschmerz2015: @juicyjoe101 Die."
    1/14/15, 2:03 PM

    From the same demented freak who incessantly whines and bitches and cries like a freaking drama queen when someone types the words: "The Cure."

    Hypocritical POS.

  16. Gee. Ya think?

    "@WhoIsNumberNone: @weltschmerz2015 Well, as I just said in some other tweets, it could be that someone wanted you to think it was Hoggy Jr... "

    These Team Kimberlin nutters are freaking geenyuses, aren't they? /sarc

    The Big BM's "excellent friends" just wind him up and watch him spin, and Blobby never, ever fails to deliver. *SMH*

  17. I was ordered about by Dumbass and it didn't have any effect on me whatsoever.

    I was doxxed by Dumbass and he wasn't even close to my location or name but that only encouraged his certainty that he had me definitely identified.

    I encouraged him to send me a letter at the address he doxxed me too. Golly, nothing in the mailbox yet.

    @WhoisNumberNone was calling Dumbass a coward for blocking people. Take a number and get in line Noney.

  18. Remember the time he got a lawyer, like he was advised to do by the free online legal advice he loves so much?


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