Even The Doctor Obeys Rule 5!

Since the return of Doctor Who to the BBC in 2005, the Doctor has been graced with an ongoing parade of comely companions. Here they are, in and out of character.

Rose Tyler, companion to the ninth and tenth incarnations:

She was played by model/pop star Billie Piper.

Next came Martha Jones beside Ten.

Played by the lovely Freema Agyeman:

Donna Noble actually first appeared with Ten in a Christmas special prior to Martha, but joined as a regular the following season.

Comedienne Catherine Tate brought Donna to life.

After losing Donna, Ten traveled alone until his song came to an end. After regenerating into his eleventh incarnation, he met Amelia Pond:

After leaving the show, Karen Gillan was cast in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as the villainous sister of Zoe Saldana (note to self: remember to highlight her another time), a role for which she shaved off all that gorgeous red hair.

Not exactly Rule 5 material, that, but a necessary step to the great weakness of the Thinking Man’s Zombie – a really fantastic pixie cut (second note to self – EMMA WATSON):

The shorts are nice, too. But dammit, this is not Viet Nam – there are rules here. This is number 5:

After Amy was lost to the angels, Eleven was joined by The Impossible Girl, Clara Oswald. In her first pass through the Whoniverse she was known as Oswin Oswald, and while she actually looked like this:

…in her mind’s eye she looked like this:

Now that’s a dress! Here’s Jenna Coleman in a bit less:

Now, of special note is the Doctor’s sometime companion, River Song. I’d love to tell you more about her, but…spoilers!
She is worth two pictures, though.

Gotta love a sci-fi chick who can handle a gun! Especially when played by Alex Kingston, who brings a tough sexiness to a time traveler who is every bit a match for the Doctor!




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “Even The Doctor Obeys Rule 5!”

  1. Billie looks a bit chilly. I volunteer to warm her up.

    Used to work with someone who looked quite a bit like Jenna Coleman, right down to her two highest rated assets. Man, if I weren't so professional...

    1. I think I need some red-headed beefcake myself. You boys get the awesome Rule 5 girls. And I appreciate them, don't get me wrong, but a good looking ginger man can't be beat. 😛

  2. Brains,

    I'm a Doc Who fan because of forced watching in my house. I would ask what's this(?), daughter would explain & the only thing I really got was the Daleks. Loved them. Then I started watching from the very beginning. I mean the very beginning. What a great show!

    Yes, some of the women are nice to look at. You have some excellent examples in your blog....BRAVO.

    The new Doctor is simply a dick.

    That's all I really wanted to say.

    1. Yes, he is. But he's supposed to be. One and especially Six were dicks too, and Nine had some in him.

      Twelve has a mission that has not yet been articulated to the audience, and I think he's going to need to be a real dick to get through it.

      1. You're obviously more in tune with The Dr. than I am. Admittedly, I'm missing something.

      2. I agree with your assessment on this. There was a reason why I hated Six with a passion. Because he was a total dick.

        Nine, however, was merely a sarcastic expression of the doctor, not a dick. Not appreciated by everyone to be sure, but not really a dick.

  3. I understand the allure of the ginger, but have always steered wide of anything more than friendships with them. "Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself," Dad said, and it was good advice.

    Frankly, if I were putting together a crew to go a-berzerking, I'd make sure to include an outsized proportion of redheads, 'cause they can be both FUN, and NUCKIN' FUTS!

    1. You may sleep with a blonde. You may even sleep with a brunette; but you will never sleep with a red-head.

      Which is why Mrs. Bailey and I have separate rooms. Well that and my snoring.

  4. If it had really been possible to keep your Doctor if you liked your Doctor, I would have gone with Tom Baker—if he came with the Romana I (Mary Tamm).


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