Earworm Wednesday!

This is a strange little British tune that I encountered some years ago, and like all good Earworms, the infectious beat popped back into my head yesterday.

There’s a line in the song (actually, there may be several) where you will hear and read the lyric and say “That’s absolutely right…but not always.”

I trust you’ll know it as it goes by…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

One thought on “Earworm Wednesday!”

  1. Well, isn't that special.

    And just my $0.02: The Beatles were not "just a band". They were 4 over-rated, moderate talent punks that came to believe the hype about themselves. And John Lennon, may he RIP, can not be forgiven for bringing us Yoko Ono, who would have faded into blessed complete obscurity without him.


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