Checking Bona Fides For The Sooper Sekrit Site

Got requests from WordPress users “shamandin” and “teh13thdoctor” today.

Not the first time for shamandin.

Can anyone step up and vouch for, or identify themselves as, these folks?



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Checking Bona Fides For The Sooper Sekrit Site”

    1. A.B., as you might imagine, I am being exceedingly careful about new followers just now. How many followers do you have on your Twitter account?

  1. Shamandin is not a sock. Just a lurker with infrequent postings. I've been following Aaron Walker's saga for a couple of years now, and reading Mr. Hoge's stories since the time of the first peace order renewal.

    There's not much up, but my blog is at I've got an earlier incarnation of the same content at I moved because I like the WordPress interface better than Blogger's. Prior to than I was active at the as the user Chaos Manager (

  2. There's a post giving my history in moderation due to multiple links to my current blog (and past blogs). Here's some of the information again, with additional details.

    Not so short and sweet - I'm not a sock puppet. I'm just someone who's been lurking, reading Aaron Walker's work since he was fighting with BK's first attempt to silence him. In fact, my first reading of Aaron's work was his WoT reporting the attempt to frame him for assault. I started reading over at Hogewash shortly after that. I don't post much, due to a strong impulse to not say anything if what I've got to say has already been said. With all of the fine folks who comment both here and at Hogewash, it's difficult to find something to say that hasn't already been said. So, I lurk a lot.

    The cases and tactics are important to for me to follow as one with a strong desire to protect the 1st and 2nd Amendments and our other freedoms. I come from a military background, with multiple generations serving - Both grandfather's in WWII (one ended up as an 0-6 in the Alabama National Guard), my father retiring after 20 years served in the US Army and my brother who was medically discharged from the VA National Guard. I worked with a government contractor for 17 years, before being laid off due to lack of contracts I qualified to work under with the company.

    At my JoeUser blog (now defunct since I moved to Blogger and later WordPress due to liking the interface at WordPress better), I have a post up about why I do what I do. Due to medical issues, I was not able to serve, but dearly wanted to serve. Instead, I worked to give the guys who are serving the best tools I could to make sure that they could do their job.

    If you nice folks think that I'm still a sock puppet for someone, so be it. It won't stop me from lurking, but it will make me reluctant to post (even moreso than the reluctance I have to repeat others). Though, obviously, I'm not above repeating myself ... alot.

    As for Twitter, I've got less than 100 tweets total, and the accounts been active for several years. Mostly, I have it so that I can follow some folks easier (Aaron Walker being one that I enjoy reading). I have a whopping total of 4 followers (which is why I don't poke at BS for the number of twitter followers he has - I don't like being a hypocrite.)

    Anyways, enough of the wall of text. Mr. Krendler (HZIC) has the post with supporting links awaiting moderation. If he likes, he can release it so that everyone can follow the links.

    1. shamandin,

      It took me a while to find your moderated comment - it went to Spam with about 150 other mass-marketing pieces of robo-crap.

      Long story short - I've done my research and I'm satisfied. Welcome!


      1. Shamandin,
        Welcome and thanks for sticking around this long - your support dates to before my time.

        By now you probably realize that fixing the problems caused by Brett and his crew will take a lot of time and effort. Hope you'll be around for that, too.

  3. To no one in particular -

    Anyone who should have access to the other site will most certainly understand and encourage a slow, careful (even to the point of possible unfairness or unreasonableness), process, so that no one, even themselves, is allowed access unless the entire group is comfortable each individual is not only who they claim to be, but is unlikely to be the sort who may compromise the project.

    Access isn't restricted if any and all can get it.

    As I've written in the past, most would be surprised at some who have NOT been allowed access (yet), and how long it took before some others, even prolific and popular commenters, were allowed.

    FTR - Despite my (as of now ended) efforts to make others aware, I do not have an all access pass. And I'm very glad about that fact.

    1. Jane,

      I understand what you're saying. I even agree with it. In my case, I can even understand Mr. Krendler's (and others) reluctance. Because of the folks that we are discussing, and who THEY are associated with, caution is well warranted.

      I wrote that wall of text above to provide some insight into someone who primarily lurks but supports the efforts to defend our freedoms from ANY incursion. As such, while I would be disappointed if I am determined to be a sock puppet or otherwise undesirable, I can understand the decision.

      -- shamandin

      1. Erm, by my standards, yes, it is a wall. It's not quite a BearWall ( or quite up to your standards. I'm one of the "strong silent types" according to my wife. While I can rant, any thing longer than a paragraph or two reminds me that I might lose myself much less my readers. 🙂

      2. I don't speak for Paul. (<---- notice that period there?)

        I don't speak for the rest of the zombies and/or lickspittles. (<--- look, another one!)

        It's my impression that it's not a matter of determining beyond a reasonable doubt that someone is a sock puppet, but not being sure enough they're going to be a good fit.

        Although I'm confident it feels that way (personal experience), no one is judging you or any other delayed request. At least not to the degree that anyone is "good" or "not good" or whether they're fun. (Remember, all we have is FUN!)

        Besides, once everyone finds out pretty much all we do there is post recipes, knitting/crochet patterns, photos of old cars, and discuss same along with the latest in Dr. Who (mostly translating that accent for each other or otherwise guessing what he said in the latest episode), then all of the mysteriousness will be gone.

      3. I understand that. My "undesirable" comment was more of a "doesn't fit our group" or "we're not quite sure yet". Having sat through the DoD's security clearance process more than once ... thorough evaluations are not new.

        As for periods, I know what they are. I think. They're those thinks that make long sentences shorter, right? I tend to type stream-of-consciousness style. My brain thinks in long, winding sentences. 😉


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