28 thoughts on “Why Ruin A Perfect Record?”

  1. So is he planning on sending more emails threatening people with visits from the authorities and attempts to ruin their reputation by sending stuff to local media unless they give up the perpetrator? He wants it all, Doug!

    He has absolutely no right to demand "exculpatory evidence" from anyone, and since he isn't an officer of the law or of the courts, no one is required to even talk to him, never mind tell him the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    1. Oopsie Poopsy! You used LMAO. Who, besides a 12 year old writes like that? Now it's time for my nappy-bye.

  2. The authorities must be delighted in getting multiple communications from Elkridge Slim that say, "It's this one! No, it's that one. On fifty-third thought ... HHHHOOOOOGGGGEEEE!" I've dealt with certified lunatics before, and it's not without it's charm for the first few minutes. After that it becomes tedious. So I sympathize with the good men and women of the Howard County Police.

    I also see that William stopped scraping content from this blog. I wonder if he found it to be not as fun as expected or if he's merely satisfied with violating his civil settlement with John Hoge.

    Let's just say that I foresee a hysterically brilliant counterclaim in the near future because Paragraph 83 seems to be begging for more litigation.

    Poor, poor Gail.

  3. This must be the Kimberlin meltdown as their pearless pedo, failed to respond timely = I don't think the judge is going to be happy that he waited until the last minute of the last hour of an order that he asked for.

    The spinning wildly of the jackass and the manure has created such a void that there is coming his way a slew of new things in the mail - and the only smell will be the vacating when he reads these summons.

  4. Everytime he goes into extra innings of vapidity - his military exploits grow... Be prepared to have him working at the pentagon in the war room while bandaging a big toe

  5. My Irony Meter just ripped itself off the wall waddled over here saw the howardcountyexaminer and just - well - he didn't wave with the whole hand

    1. There isn't going to be a report, FBI or otherwise.

      I'm sure that someone has poked around looking for similar stories, and I can almost guarantee you that there's never been a prosecution for this in the United States.

      And, as I mentioned above, Elkridge Slim is seemingly looking for new ways to look ridiculous. By my count, he's sent the coppers no fewer than four emails changing both his story and his suspects.

      William went to a website teeming with attorneys and, to a person, they told him to put his big girl drawers on (and Christ, they must be enormous), so he decided that their advice didn't count.

      He seems to see this as an opportunity to re-litigate past "injustices" done unto him, mostly by John and Paul, but I have a strong feeling it isn't going to work out that way. As for his contention that calling employers is within his rights, William's experience with Patrick Grady should instruct him otherwise.

      Jeepers, this is going to be fun to watch!

  6. His remarkable confidence and lack of self-awareness with each deductive proclamation shouldn't shock me anymore given his frequency. And yet, here I am, dumbfounded at finding someone so dumb.

  7. I simply love his shtick of "If you don't deny it, I DEEM you guilty."

    There is much nonsense packed into that thought. No one is obliged to respond to his questions. That his accusations are mere unsupported guesses AT BEST is shown by their constant shifting. He has convinced no one that he does not know already who did it because he did it himself. He fails to comprehend that he looks asinine in monkey dance mode over a trivial matter that he himself made public. And finally, he has this delusion that ANYONE cares about his assertions on ANY topic, let alone who literally gave him shit.

  8. Indeed you have, and without relying on him being fool enough to publicize it.

    I am willing to bet that you are religiously read in certain offices in Howard County that try diligently to be polite to the public generally and to local voters specifically.

    Although I have not devoted more than a few passing thoughts to the matter, you and Hoge seem highly unlikely candidates because you and he have repeatedly demonstrated such complete intellectual and verbal superiority over BS that it would simply not occur to you that a physical object was necessary to humiliate him. And of course BS has utterly failed to realize how many have motive to give him shit, literally and figuratively. I'd not be surprised if that list was in the hundreds when you add up all those whom he has annoyed on the Internet plus those he has annoyed among his fellow workers at NIH, his neighbors, and law enforcement.

    1. He's obviously decided to try and goad Hoge into taking action.

      And then he'll stick his little Willy into a toaster.


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