My Promise To You All

When the Feds visit me to ask

Was it you
Sent the poo
To the fat tub of goo?
Or someone you

I will absolutely report here first.

I hope any of you who are similarly visited will leave a comment here on this thread. And for now, leave this thread alone for that purpose alone, thanks.


One thought on “My Promise To You All”

  1. I tell you now good federal sirs
    all that I know without avers
    I do not know him, not at all
    I would not know him in the hall
    I do not know him, not with a fox (have you seen his wife? rrow)
    I do not know him, not in a box
    I do not know him here or there
    I have not seen him anywhere
    and if the end of your search should come to pass
    I suggest you ask the huge Dumb Ass.


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