In Which They Try to Kill Me (Attempt # EleventyBillionAndThirtySeven)

Oh Woes is Me! I have yet again begun to moan and groan and tally the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that are thrown at me daily from Hoooooggge in Westminster, MD.

Did you know that he has tried THREEHUNDREDANDSIXTYSEVEN TIMES already to get me thrown into jail? THREEHUNDREDSIXTYSEVEN!

Never mind that I made those 367 violations of the restraining order. The point is that HE KEEPS THROWING THEM AT MEEEEEEEE! Or is it because I keep mentioning them? Because that is just such an AWESOME NUMBER! I don’t know that I can ever beat that so I have to keep repeating it because it is just splendidly awesome and I am FULL of awesome sauce. Similar to mayonnaise but, well, you know.

And so I will tantrum. And act out. And keep going over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over it again and again and again and again and again and again on TWITTER (where I made the 367 violations!!!1!!1!) defending myself. Because no one listens to MEEEEEEEE.

And because I need validation. And attention. But we won’t talk about that. I want to talk about HOOOOOOGGGGEEEE!

Because he is DOING IT AGAIN! He is charging me with a violation of the peace order. You know, the one that he LIED to get! I mean, he told me that he wouldn’t seek to get it renewed if I kept to its conditions, but then again I went and did it again (OOPS!) (shut UP Britney!) and he went BEHIND MY BACK and got it renewed. Thats a LIE! A LIE of EPIC PROPORTIONS that I will FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER SHOUT ABOUT ON TEH INTERWEBZ AND TWITTER! Because that always works to get my message out. Because I am right and everyone else is wrong. Nevermind that I have dementia and you should never, EVER take me at my word, because, dementia. You know.

But this time, THIS TIME! I didn’t do it. I didn’t uncheck a checkbox. Me, who have used the WordPress Platform day in and day out for many, many moons, didn’t know that I had to uncheck a checkbox so that WORDPRESS! (those filthy bastards) would not notify Hoge that I was talking about him. Because that’s indirect contact which is against that GOD DAMN PEACE ORDER that he LIED TO GET!!!!


I had nothing to do with it. Absolutely, positively nothing to do with it. Except that I know all about pingbacks. And how to prevent pingbacks. But I just couldn’t resist one poke at Hoge. Because I love the attention from him. He is my one, true, abiding love. I know I love him even more than Gail. I love him SO MUCH that I made a trailer about a full-length movie about how he is tormenting me. Madness and Revenge. Oh yes, so much madness and revenge. Because he doesn’t give me what I want so it builds my madness and my desire for revenge upon him just for existing to ever greater heights. Which is what I’m sure he wants because he needs me just as much too.

But I need him. His man love. His admission that he loves what I do. What I do to him. What I can provide for him. And the the mayonnaise. Oh, we can’t forget that. Because that makes everything taste ever so nice and so smooth. Mmmmmm….

But this is all part of him trying to kill me. Because he wants me held in contempt. Just like the THREEHUNDREDANDSIXTYSEVEN times previously. He wants me in jail so that I can be kept in torment from being unable to seek his love. I will fall down and hit my head in jail and have worse than the rug burn I got when I got startled by awful stench of the tub-o-horseshit (oh wait, was it actually the dog that distracted me? I don’t remember, but anyway…) that I am STILL having investigated by the FBI and other USPSIS organizations. Because I NEED TO KNOW THAT IT WAS HOGE! Because there is proof there somewhere, somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight, that Hoge is thinking of me and loving me tonight….

So we will meet in court again. So that I can court him. And he can court me. And we can do the dance, except this time without the THREEHUNDREDANDSIXTYSEVEN contempt charges. This time it’s just one. ONLY ONE??!?!?!! I’m sure that there were more somewhere that he could have used too. And I think that I’m more upset than anything else that it’s just one thing. But I’ll take what I can get. True love never did run smooth.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

25 thoughts on “In Which They Try to Kill Me (Attempt # EleventyBillionAndThirtySeven)”

  1. "I am now going to open the floor for discussion. It's my Christmas gift. "

    I have a better idea, Shakey...

    1. Tell him I said there's no discussing with box non-unchecking scum like him.

      God I hate non-unchecking scum.

  2. Where Willy admits he went after Hoge because he hurt Willy's feelings:

    William the Elder
    @BillNickless ...rape threat charge. Hoge blogged about me being "some clown" and it showed up on Stranny's timeline.

    "some clown"?


    My God Willy, you even admit you are a complete pussy.

  3. I suggest that people stop arguing with him on Twitter. He is using that as a means of polishing his lies for the judge. In other words, it helps him.

    1. You might have a point with regard to the nitty gritty of all the arguments he is advancing, but even then I am not sure it matters. He violated the PO. Period. None of his evasions do anything to change that.

      With regard to general advice, I am not so worried that will make anything worse, as I explained here: . My advice would be to stay way away from Kimberlin, and his causes and associates, but I have little hope of him seeing the light there.

      Another thought is that ignoring him and leaving him alone will stop rewarding him for acting out. And mostly this is my opinion of how to deal with CBBS when he is not actively victimizing someone.

      All this rambling (sorry) to say, I have thought over your comment and will not talk to him on twitter further, but at the same time I don't worry he will learn anything useful if someone does stick around to talk to him.

    2. he's so screwed he has no idea, nor any way of getting out of it - all 367 previous charges will be in play now - the sheer volume, intensity, that with the child rape fantasies, he will be on the hot seat

      1. Whoa hey now! That's lumping too many things together. CBBS's underage rape fantasy work may not even play in to his contempt hearing.

        It will however be the subject of a completely different set of hearings, from preteial to trial up through sentencing. Hoge does not even need to attend those. Unless the prosecutors need him as a witness. Given there's already enough easily acquired evidence to convict CBBS, I imagine they might not even need to bother Hoge.

      2. Oops, maybe you are right.

        But there is still a bright side for CBBS: by the time he has to answer the CP charges, he will already have some nice firsthand experience in talking to a judge about his decision to produce the CP.

        More free advice to CBBS: do not listen to any advice from Brett Kimberlin about how to discuss underage porn. And if he requests a copy, for goodness sakes, decline. That would be another count right there.

    3. No arguing here. Simply stating simple facts.

      And, it makes no nevermind -- As Blob has never listened, nor will he ever listen.

      And, it wasn't advice that was being handed out on my end, as much as simply clarifying to him that the stove he insisted on touching (again!) was extra, extra hot this time.


    1. Well, he's not gone gone, he's just decided to protect his tweets from everyone except his followers. I guess he can't stand having all the wrongness pointed out to him.

      It will be interesting to see how long that lasts. What with Christmas tomorrow, he might last till Friday before he has to let non-followers see them so he can get the attention he craves.

      1. Funny thing is, when he does this he continues to tweet at people that can't see his protected tweets. He is a coward of the highest order. I'll bet he used to get beat up for lunch money in school and pee himself. He portrays himself as some tough guy, but notice it's always his brothers standing by with baseball bats. I guess even he family knew what a giant pussy he was and had to protect him from the ass beatings.

      2. I keep trying to think of how best to describe the giant pussyness meme of him. "he couldn't be a bigger pussy if his arms were labia" just doesn't do it justice.


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